When Republicans Say Job Creator They Really Mean Poverty Creator


Around the globe there is a feeling that America is the land of unlimited opportunity where anyone can prosper in the richest country in the history of the world. There was never unlimited opportunity in America, but ambition, hard work, and perseverance could earn anyone a good life and a semblance of security in their old age. However, since the 1980s, conservatives have chipped away at the so-called American Dream and slowly transformed America into a land where the wealthy absorbed the nation’s riches at the expense of the rest of the population, and after over 30 years are on pace to achieve their goal of universal poverty in the land of opportunity. The increasing poverty numbers in America seem to be a badge of honor for Republicans whose economic agenda is founded on providing the richest Americans with as much wealth as they can drain from the peasants as a sacrificial offering to earn the favor of the wealthy elite.

In the fall, new census figures for 2011 will tell Americans what many already know; poverty is growing at an alarming rate and there is little hope for any improvement in this Republican economy. In fact, looking back over the past couple of years, it is apparent that the increase in poverty is the result of a concerted effort by Republicans to finish the job they started when Reagan was president. That is another article.


As poverty spreads across the country as a result of underemployment, lower wages, cutbacks in assistance, and outsourcing, economic experts cite specific causes that just so happen to be the heart and soul of the Republican economic agenda proposed by Paul Ryan and Willard Romney and supported by every Republican in Congress. What makes matters worse is that for millions of Americans at or near poverty, the prospect of falling through the cracks and ending up destitute are guaranteed if Republicans slash unemployment benefits, Medicaid, wages, public sector jobs, public assistance, and particularly food stamps. However, diminishing public benefits is not the only culprit and as economist Peter Edelman, director of Georgetown Center on Poverty Inequality and Public Policy noted, outsourcing, automation, and less unionization is pushing most median household incomes lower adding to the number of Americans in poverty. Analysts’ estimates are that at least 47 million Americans lived in poverty last year with the old number of 22% of children living in poverty increasing drastically, and they expect the numbers to rise until at least 2014. If Republicans are successful slashing food stamps, housing and heating assistance, Medicaid, and other public assistance programs, there is little hope that millions more Americans will not live in poverty for the foreseeable future.

The Republican economic agenda of cutting food stamps, wages, Medicare and Medicaid, public sector jobs, and breaking unions is not about reducing the deficit or balancing  the budget, it is about funding tax cuts for the wealthy, and if millions more Americans slip into poverty, then as John Boehner says, so be it. It appears Republicans are finally within reach of creating poverty levels reminiscent of the 1960s that prompted then-President Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty that created Medicaid, Medicare, and many other social welfare programs.  Those programs are favorite targets of Republicans who are promising to eliminate or drastically reduce if they gain control of Congress and the White House in what they call fiscal responsibility. It’s not news that the Ryan and Romney budgets will blow up the deficit with unrealistic tax cuts for the wealthy, but deficit reduction is an oft-repeated canard for creating more wealth at the top at the expense of 98% of the population.

The American people overwhelmingly oppose cuts to anti-poverty programs, and 79% correctly cite the ever-widening income gap between rich and poor as the cause of growing destitution in the population. In a Public Religion Research Institute survey last November, over 67% oppose cutting federal funding for social programs that help the poor as a means of deficit reduction, and yet the only deficit reduction plans from Republicans are Draconian cuts to food stamps, public assistance programs, Medicare, Social Security, and public sector jobs. For the past three years, Republicans have perpetuated high poverty numbers by refusing to fund infrastructure projects or pass any of the President’s jobs plans because they claim the country is broke, but they have had no problems pushing for more tax cuts for the wealthy or reducing tax rates for corporations that are posting record profits as they outsource jobs, reduce wages, and hide money in offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes.

The GOP caused the economic recession that helped send millions of Americans into poverty, and they are attempting to take the country back to the same situation that nearly crashed the world economy with deregulation, unfunded tax cuts for the rich, and two unfunded wars.  Their austerity program for 98% of the nation will send poverty levels skyrocketing and analysts predict that the numbers coming out in September may indicate that child poverty increased to a point that America will finally achieve Republicans’ coveted number one rating for the highest percentage of children living in poverty in the world. At present, America is number two. Willard Romney’s proposed tax plan will eliminate tax credits and food stamps that keep working-poor families from dire poverty, as well as send many middle class families precariously close to poverty level existence. Romney said he doesn’t worry about the very poor and proves it by promising to eliminate social safety nets to make room for tax cuts for the one percent.

The conservative think tank, Heritage Foundation, believes that America’s social safety nets have outlived their usefulness and that it is time to bring them to an end. Robert Rector, a senior research fellow, says he is worried that news of increased poverty will  cause advocates for the poor to use rising poverty rates to justify additional spending on the poor that he claims live in houses, drive cars, own microwave ovens, and have a television. The Heritage Foundation authored the Ryan Path to Prosperity budget that if enacted, will guarantee that the poor live on the streets, go hungry, and lose those storied symbols of wealth and prosperity; microwave ovens and televisions. It is a sick, twisted mindset that sees poverty rates rivaling third world countries as proof that social safety nets have worked their magic and need to be eliminated to make room for more tax cuts for the wealthy and their corporations. But that is the conservative mindset that every bit of the wealth in America is rightly owed to the richest 1% and if it means rising poverty, homelessness, child hunger, and a population without healthcare, then so be it.

Republicans have abandoned any precept of caring for the American people who are not the wealthy elite. Their economic malfeasance is solely responsible for the economic stagnation the nation is suffering, and their persistent attempts at cutting social safety nets will ensure that whatever the poverty numbers reveal in September, they will not be high enough to stop the slash and burn economic agenda to provide the rich with what little wealth 98% of the population still holds. There was a time when the American Dream was attainable for every American willing to work hard, follow the rules, and persevere, but the dream vanished when Republicans began their march toward plutocracy that culminated in the Great Recession of 2008-2009. It is difficult to comprehend, but Republicans are deliberately sabotaging any chance of any American ever achieving a decent life and as they cut wages, reduce the public workforce, eliminate social safety nets, and hand the wealthy more tax cuts, it is obvious that they revel in the news that America’s poverty rates are extraordinarily high for the richest country in the world, and if they are successful, America will finally be the nation of peasants they have worked tirelessly to create for over thirty years.



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  1. As a small business owner whose business did well with middle, upper-middle, uber-rich clientele, (up untill the 2008 election), I’m completely de-spirited knowing that there are no outlets left for my business unless I cater exclusively to the uber-wealthy…and I won’t do…nope. Can’t.

    I’ve tried, but since Obama was elected, these “clients” have acted out in my presence, in bitter, vengeful unprovoked tongue-lashing; they look at with nothing but disdain as they pointed their finger in accusatory gestures stating, “YOU voted for Obama!” (It reminds of the Pod-People point out the humans to the rest of the aliens…)

    Most of these “clients” have rid their property of white-middle-class small business they’ve used for years because THEY CAN’T LOOK US IN THE FACE! They would rather hire illegals and complain about the help with their rest of their lily-white friends and show off their spending clout than help middle class business owners.

    I have no incentives to “work harder” in order to grow business these days knowing that the ceiling has already been nailed down over the 99%.

  2. Inequality is not the means, but the end, to the plutonomists. If you want an explanation, have a look at the Ajay/Citibank memo; Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine”; our dearly beloved Ayn Rand. They hate us “youpeople” and want us weak, so they can control, manipulate, and (at need) eliminate us. What are they? Mean pipsqueaks, whose only hope of importance is humbling truly better people to below what they secretly know is their own level. They have forfeited their humanity to live for success; their driving ambition is to make it impossible for anyone to succeed in living.

  3. I suspect they’re trying to reduce the population in this country. When they cut the programs that people need to survive, people will rebel. Then they’d have the excuse to mow us all down (and confiscate what little we have left).

    Don’t think that the military would do it? The Military Religious Freedom Foundation doesn’t exist without reason.

    The police? Don’t make me laugh. They already abuse the poor… their treatment of the homeless and very poor is often horrific. (They’ve been ordered to make life for the homeless so miserable that they’ll leave – self-deportation so to speak.)

  4. What’s even most astonishing is that the lower and remaining middle class whites will vote republican not realizing that they are the real people responsible for the country going down the tubes. They are voting for their self destruction because the republicans control the media narrative and they are too lazy to find out the truth. It’s much easier to sit their fat asses on the couch and be told by Fox that Obama and the Democrats want to take away their guns and have death panels in the affordable care act. While those same republicans will be taking their social security and medicare money and giving it to wall street to gamble in exchange for them funding their campaigns. How do you get though to these people and not insult them?

  5. One in ten jobs pays less than $10/hr. Let’s name them “Mitt Jobs” after the low wage jobs his work with Staples “created.”

  6. The sad thing is that for a lot of poor people, $10 an hour looks really good.

    A job where you get paid breaks and a paid lunch (half) hour has good benefits.

    In some cases even having company-provided transportation, tools, or equipment is considered generous!

    (A really crappy job – not permitted to sit while working when sitting might be more effective, and the bathrooms and air conditioned offices are locked or verboten.)

  7. Kimbutgar – There’s no getting through to them, so may as well as insult them with extreme prejudice. It epitomizes the adage “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.” Unfortunately, we’re dealing with beings that lack the mental capacity of a horse.

  8. What I don’t get is how people don’t understand what they mean by “reduce taxes on job creators and broaden the tax base.”

    “Reduce taxes on job creators” = cut taxes for the wealthy who haven’t and will not create jobs with no strings attached.

    “Broaden the tax base” = tax people who earn less than $9,500 a year and are currently exempt from paying taxes.

    Before people get their panties in a wad about someone not paying taxes on earnings, they can try to live on $9,400 a year for a year, then explain why the government will benefit by taking 25% of that income from them, AND how they intend to eat without government assistance.

  9. If you look closely, there appears to be a method to the madness here. I’m reminded of the words of Martin Niemoller, but instead of doing nothing until they come for us, we’re doing nothing until we’re left behind… in poverty. They’ve been moving manufacturing overseas for years while convincing labor to disdain unions. Now with labor’s influence weakened and with little economic activity regarding labor remaining to justify organizing, their next steps are to do away with unemployment insurance, universal healthcare, public schools and libraries, food stamps, heating assistance, child labor laws, and the minimum wage. If they can keep people ignorant, they’ll be able to easily control them with religion. Once they finally succeed, the jobs will come back. This is because then our country will be awash with uneducated, mindless fools who will watch Fox News and work for less than feudal serfs.

  10. GOP Translator

    “Family” = The war on Gays

    “Pro-Life” = Pro-War, Pro-Gun, Pro-Death Penalty, and Pro We Coose For You

    “Religiuos Freedom” = Freedom to spread Christianity

    “War on Religion” = It’s unacceptable that our laws and culture are not based solely on my interpretation of the bible

    “Capitalism” = A Market economy that’s rigged towards the “Job Creators”

    “Job Creators” = The source of lobbying funds that keep the system rigged

    “Class Warfare” = Stop pointing out that the system is rigged.

    “Elitist” = Educated

    “Liberal Bias” = The facts don’t fit our narrative

  11. When I was in business, I was present in a few shops who closed their doors on the day I was there repairing equipment. In a couple of cases, the business owners were quite nasty towards their employees… in one case (quote) “Why should I pay you jerks $10 an hour (back when minimum wage was around $3.30 an hour) when I can have the work done in Mexico for a couple of dollars a DAY!”. That was in the late 80s. Yet the employees from that shop were still anti-union when I encountered them elsewhere. They also got their final paycheck and had to take their tools -or loose them- when they left. (I’ve heard of employees loosing thousands of dollars worth of tools in such situations, and have talked to a couple who lost hundreds of dollars worth.)

    I wonder how used they were to that sort of thing. I do know that when a company closed its doors and shipped the equipment out of the country, I started sweating because I’ve lost a lot of money in unpaid bills when that happened and in one case, lost equipment I’d left there. (I was returning a couple of days later to do more work, and learned a lesson. I never recovered the test equipment, which I heard was also shipped to Mexico).

    You also learn when that happens that the legal system in this country is worthless when trying to get your money from the rich.

    I think they have people scared and that makes them easier to control and manipulate.

  12. Too bad you couldn’t turn that into a program or add-on for a browser.

    Click on the button and it translates Republican-speak into normal language.

  13. Rmuse…Great piece! If only more authors were writing on this horror that’s slowly creping across America.

    On comments from wapo…I’m reading: “And we’re coming for your Pensions too!”. This is getting seriously dangerous.

    Great link, http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2012/07/23/how_republicans_sabotaged_the_recovery
    Thanks, 1Voice1Vote.

    I don’t trust this Supreme Court…
    Even Astrologer’s are suspecting another undecided Election result.

    This time…we need to be prepared!

  14. The rich are not “job creators,” investors are not job creators, small businesses are not job creators.

    CUSTOMERS are the job creators, and the largest group of customers must be the middle-class. If you owned a restaurant, would your rather sell 100, ten dollar meals or 1, hundred dollar meal?

    If you are an investor, would you invest in a company that did not have enough customers to pay back your investment, with interest?

    Without a large middle-class, with money to spend in their pockets, the economy will never recover.

  15. This article is certainly right on the money (get it?)just like when they say “follow the money” on those detective shows (check your local listings).
    Yes–we are in the era of the uber rich buying the government they want; just ask the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson and their agenda: flat tax, lower corporate tax, slashing public spending, no infrastructure spending, cutting government benefits, slashing “red tape.” etc.,etc.
    America and the middle class are going down just like Kodak. You see those pictures of the decaying industrial plants in Detroit and Buffalo? Welcome to our world.
    But there is the saddest part of all. The middle class “votes” for its own demise! The tea partiers and conservatives have convinced many Americans that the hyper focus should be on “deficit reduction” in order to save our nation. How do we do that? Not by cutting defense which is the largest single budget item, not by “increasing” revenue like finally letting the Bush “temporary” tax cuts expire, but by cutting “entitlements” that benefit the poor and middle class–slashing “job killing” regulations like enviromental and consumer protections–and signing a pledge from an unelected hot air partisan Grover Norquist to “starve the beast.”
    The middle class has been sold a bill of goods by the 1%: “you have to lose in global capitalism, that is just the way it is. The world is structured that way–so let us one percenters win the game and we’ll cut what few benefits you have just to finish the job.”

    The answer is simple: Don’t vote for your own austerity.

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