The War Agenda of the Dark NeoCon Army Behind Mitt Romney

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Ready for another war? Since the beginning of Bush’s horrific war against Iraq, Americans have by and large ignored the real results of the war. Everyone needs to stop ignoring it and wake up before it’s too late.

Mitt Romney’s foreign policy advisers are made up of 70% Bush Cheney regime war hawks. Romney is beating war drums against Iran right now on his overseas “I’m not a foreign policy novice and I’ll prove it by refusing to discuss my foreign policy but instead, bashing the President” tour. Oh, and he added insulting Britain to his UK charm offensive.

Listen to Chris Matthews and his panel (Charles Blow and Joan Walsh) discuss the Bush Cheney regime behind Romney and tell me you’re not breaking out into a cold sweat:

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Chris Matthews: Look at the army of the night riding behind the presumptive Republican nominee. It’s an army of neocons for lack of a better word. They bring war with them in every election. An agenda of a country they want us to fight. People voted for W, they got Iraq. Why? Because the army poised behind the uninformed ill-read W knew what he didn’t. When 9/11 struck, they struck. This time it’s Iran.

But don’t think they’re going to end it there. These old cold warriors haven’t been happy since the Berlin wall fell. Listen to Romney’s words. He didn’t write them himself. He’ll say what it takes to get the right wing behind him. But the right wing will follow him right to the White House. They will grab the levers of military power like Rumsfeld and Cheney before them. And they will use them. You can bet on that…

They have nothing else to do but get jobs in a new Republican administration every ten years or so, or 12 years in which they can push for their latest war agenda. They are absolutely consistent. Here’s the question. Who wins if Obama loses? Let’s start with Mitt Romney and his foreign policy team including noted neocon John Bolton. Willing to fight on every front. He was Romney speaking yesterday in unapologetic terms. That’s a phrase they love.

Mitt Romney: I am an unapologetic believer in the greatness of America. I am not ashamed of American power, and I am guided by one overwhelming conviction and passion. This century must be an American century.

Chris Matthews: He’s talking a bunch of former warriors. He’s talking about making it an American century through military power. What is going on here? Is this a scene from “Gone with the Wind” with the Southern rebels? Are these people nuts? Are he nuts for believing in that cause? Your thoughts.

Joan Walsh: The big winner in this is going to be Dick Cheney.

Chris Matthews: He’s back.

Joan Walsh: .. And Cheney is, you know, holding fundraisers for Mitt Romney. Mitt called him a person of judgment and wisdom. So you’re going to see Dick Cheney playing a role. John Bolton is going to have a huge role. He gets floated as national security adviser or even secretary of state, whom I think, is preposterous. And that whole phrase, the American century, goes back to the project for a new American century. Which was the blueprint for the Bush foreign policy and for the war with Iraq. So we’ve got those same people again. It’s something like 70% of his named foreign policy advisers come from the Bush/ Cheney regime.

Chris Matthews: The smartest in that crowd intellectually is bill Kristal and he’s been holding back. Maybe there’s a bit of a fear if you show too much face in this they’ll actually see you coming.

Charles Blow: Yeah. I mean, the problem is that most of America is exhausted by war. And that’s why it rarely comes up. It didn’t come up much in the midterms. It won’t come up much in this presidential cycle because we are just exhausted by it. And part of that exhaustion is a wanting to turn away. Part of it is that the people who fight the wars for America are not necessarily — that’s the different 1%.

..This is the 1% we like to ignore, we like to pretend we can go about our business and eat our fast food and live our lives out and not pay attention to the devastating effect it is having on our soldiers and America. We turn a blind eye to that. I think when people start to beat the drums of war as the Republicans are doing in this cycle that starts to scare some people.

When you hear the phrase this is going to be “an American century” you need to beware. Note, when you voted for W, you got Iraq. See, they do tell us in their own way that they have their sights set on a new war. They won’t come out and say “I’m going to find any reason I can to invade this country” – they couch it in phrases like “a new American century” and “we don’t apologize for America”, and then top it off with some reliable fear-mongering (insert whatever works). But for the most part, while they feed the exceptionalism to the base, they try to keep the war talk off of Main Street.

If you’re not hearing much about it it’s because they don’t want you to. Romney said “real Americans” don’t care what his Afghanistan policy is. Clearly Mitt Romney doesn’t talk to our troops much, but he’s friends with the owners of our corporate vigilantes, who stand to make much profit off of yet another war.

Republicans like to pretend they’re the party of the “troops”, but I talk to our troops often. Let me clarify, I talk to real people fighting these wars. I don’t just talk to the Generals. And they’re proud to fight for this country, but they’re damn tired. They want out of Afghanistan. Sure, this is a general statement – not a poll. But it’s a common theme. They tell me with grim faces, “I hope the President sticks to his withdrawal plan.”

There are a lot of reasons for their exhaustion, not the least of which is a decade of war – but some of it is being in this kind of war; a war you can’t “win” – a war that goes on and on. A war in which you are fighting children sometimes.

Republicans want another war. There will be one for certain if Romney is elected, and it doesn’t matter how they have to concoct it — they already got away with basing an invasion of a sovereign nation on one huge lie. They weren’t shamed or even embarrassed by that. They’ve never even apologized for it. They’ve never been held accountable for it; so they will do it again, only worse. That is the way of the authoritarian neocon.

How will Romney pay for the war after cutting taxes on the rich yet again? That is irrelevant. Remember, Bush kept the wars off of the budget. He left that clean up job to fiscally responsible President Obama.

Romney doesn’t need to pay for the war; he just needs to start it. Romney criticizes this President’s approach to Iran, but he doesn’t give us any specifics about what he would do differently. Let’s review: Under President Obama’s leadership, the United States gained the support of China, Russia, and other nations to pass the most comprehensive international sanctions regime that Iran has ever faced. The President also worked with Congress to pass the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions and Divestment Act, and signed additional sanctions hitting Iran’s central bank and oil revenues, targeting Iran’s entire financial system for the first time. These are stiffer sanctions than Bush used against Iran.

Does Romney tell us what exactly he would do differently? Exactly when would he order the first military action against Iran?

Don’t be fooled again. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for war with Iran, and you can kiss that withdrawal from Afghanistan goodbye.

24 Replies to “The War Agenda of the Dark NeoCon Army Behind Mitt Romney”

  1. I think a reasonable question would be – is there ANY reason to vote for Romney?

    I can think of a few that THEY might give.

    War (the one you’ve just exposed).
    Maybe we should through Death, Famine, and Pestilence into the offing as well.

  2. The Neo-cons love nothing more than war. They’re just not willing to pay for it with taxes. They want to do it all on credit and leave it to future generations to repay, with interest. Fiscal conservatives my ass!!!

  3. Remember – It’s a volunteer military. The GOP is stopping any sort of jobs program, or healthcare program so the proles HAVE to join the military to survive.

    That simple.

  4. Just remembered – a huge part of the breakdown of the Soviet Union came when graves of THEIR Afghanistan debacle were inscribed with
    “Died in the service of International Communism.”

    Went over like a lead balloon with grieving families.

    “Died for Corporate America” isn’t a winner, either.

  5. Damned straight. And then they’re making military benefits increasiingly sparse and hard to get so the recruits go straight from there to places like Blackwater.

  6. If Cheney is there..they’re planning another war for CHhney’s private contractor buddies who let our solders get electrocuted..killed innocent Iraquis and both made millions. But thats okay…they’re republicans..real Amuricans who like to let AMERICANS DIE FOR THEIR PRIVATE CONTRACTORS and people still send the murderers money…both Cheney and Bush.I will never understand people who know bush lied and therefore their loved ones died for his lies.

  7. Here’s Liz Cheney talking-up War:

    It was déjà vu all over again, Cheney style, on the Hannity show last night as – get this – Sean Hannity and Liz Cheney theorized that Weapons of Mass Destruction in Syria had been sent there by Saddam Hussein in advance of our Iraq invasion. And since that military action worked out so well, the two went on to suggest we ought to do it again in Syria. Cheney, perhaps ogling a cabinet position in a Romney presidency, went on to blow the now-familiar Romney-campaign dog whistle of characterizing President Obama as anti-American, this time for not being more bellicose.

    In the video…watch how Liz says ‘al-Qaeda’. Just like her father, the Dick…out the right-side of her mouth.
    Add Liz Cheney to the “The Dark NeoCon Army”!

  8. What, little miss haliburton’s daddy didn’t share enough of his war profiteering with the underprivileged Liz?

    Liz Cheney and the Republicans want our sons and daughters to die in Syria/Iran… to pad her&their bank account(s) with profits from military contracts?

    Liz Cheney’s lying mouth is a WMD for our military families.

    2012 Republicans are the War Mongering Party

  9. I’ve said this, but not that many hear me. You’ve said it here and they’ve said it at Loonwatch, but for the most part that’s preaching to the choir. But Chris Matthews has a BIG MOUTH, a BIG MEGAPHONE, and a BIG AUDIENCE, and now that he has said it, this could be a HUGE BLESSING.

  10. I disagree “Americans have by and large ignored the real results of the war”

    We dont see them. During vietnam we saw every night stark scenes of people shot out of helicopters, Jets dropping napalm, dead Americans and North Vietnamese

    Becuase we have no media today, we see stock footage of the same images through out the war when they decide to mention it.

    Romney will not talk about war and Obama wont bring it up. Romney has already told us we will have less taxes and far more military spending. That aught to give people something to fear. Someone has to pay for the wars and it wont be the pious rich. Cheney is a mass murderer and the rest of them want to be

  11. If any of these deferred children of rich fathers had actually served their country in a war, I don’t think they’d be so quick to send other people’s kids to die in foreign countries that haven’t provoked us in any other way than words.

    Now that Britain has insulted Romney with words, we gonna fight them too? Na, they haven’t any oil. It’s just the oil countries oil barons like Cheney want to send our kids to occupy.

  12. Americans are in the crosshairs of terrorists worldwide purely due to Washington’s policy in the Muslim world, not because there is an Islamic enemy whose only aim is to kill Americans for their freedoms and lifestyle, insists a former CIA officer. Historian Michael Scheuer, an author of “Through our enemies’ eyes”, who worked for the agency for over 20 years till 2004 and at one time was the chief of the CIA’s ‘Bin Laden unit’, says America’s greatest enemy — radical Islam — never existed: neither when Bin Laden was alive, nor now.

  13. What this country will look like under mitty. More blood, death destruction. The repugs who are pro-life love to slaughter innocent men women childern.Huge tax cuts for the 1%. Tax increases for the middle class.Massive cuts to safty nets that will result in people dying. They will finish the destruction started by the bush/cheney war regime.

  14. Well unfortunately, Obama is going to have a little problem campaigning against someone who “might” start a war when he’s been extending the war in Afghanistan for four years. More have died in Afghanistan under Obama than under G Dub/Cheney, so politically, what you are all talking about, although 100% true, is going to be a non-starter in the run up to the election. Next subject . . . ?

  15. The Bin Ladin family (the transcription they originally used, but don’t be fooled-same people) and the Bush family were quite close. When all other flights were grounded after 911, the Bin Ladins were flown out of the U.S. on a special flight before the FBI could interview them. When Bin Ladin was almost cornered several times, either no backup forces were supplied or the ones on the ground were suddenly redepployed. Funny, isn’t it?

  16. Shiva,

    Who flew the “planes” into those buildings?

    I think the first step would be to try W, Cheney, and Rumsfeld as War Criminals and ask them.

  17. There are those that have called for trying the Cheney/Bush cabal as War Criminals but few Americans seem interested in pursing that. I think more people would listen if the Cheney gang were presented as War Profiteers. Which they are. HUGE profiteers.

  18. Why can’t everyone write in Ron Paul on the presidential ballot? Would this not serve our nation the best at this time?

    What is the technicalities of this? Would this even work if enough people would do this?

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