Romney’s War With Iran Rhetoric Jeopardizes Both Israel and the United States

If there is one thing nations of the world understand with impeccable clarity, it is that the United States of America stands by its allies. If there is one thing Willard Romney fails to comprehend, it is that America is Israel’s staunchest ally in the world, and his contention that President Obama “threw Israel under the bus” is a recurring claim with no basis in fact, but then again, Willard is renowned for making fallacious claims for political expediency and campaign donations. There are several reasons for Romney’s alleged “special relationship” with Israel, but regardless the motives, he certainly is not looking out for America’s best interests and by extension, jeopardizes Israel’s security every time he talks about war with Iran.

As Willard proceeds on his “fundraising world tour” after insulting the British people, he meets with his old pal Benjamin Netanyahu to plot a course for war with Iran if he wins the White House in November. It may seem curious for a cowardly draft-dodger to pant for another war in the Middle East, but there are ulterior motives other than just being Israel’s protector. Romney has impugned President Obama for not supporting Israel for some time, but the facts tell a different story. On Friday, the President signed a bill enhancing the U.S.-Israeli military partnership that “underscores our unshakeable commitment to Israel,” and announced an additional $70 million in military aid to support the expansion of Israel’s short-range rocket defense system, Iron Dome. The President  said Iron Dome “is a program that has been tested, and prevented missile strikes inside Israel, and is critical in terms of providing security and safety for Israeli families.” Still, it is not enough for Romney because it does not start the war with Iran his Bush foreign policy advisors are planning. But that is another story.

Romney’s allegiance to Israel has a deep connection to his cult’s history that states Hebrews traveled to America 2600 years ago to build a civilization. The Mormon ties to Israelites include the founding of New Jerusalem in “the land of Missouri” that was “appointed and consecrated for the gathering of the saints.” Mormon literature contends that Independence Missouri was established as the “center place” because “the Lord spoke of gathering together upon the land of Zion, and upon her stakes.” Now, fantasy notwithstanding, if New Jerusalem and the center of Zion are in Missouri, why is Romney so intent on “protecting Israel” by attacking Iran? As with all things Romney and neo-conservatives, it is money and warmongering.

Last week, Dick Cheney hosted a fundraiser for Willard shortly before traveling to Washington to warn Republicans defense cuts resulting from their refusal to take a balanced approach to deficit reduction will be an epic disaster. Cheney’s company, Halliburton stands to lose hefty contracts with the DOD as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars come to an end, and Romney has pledged to increase defense spending despite the drain on the economy and winding down two wars, but if there is one thing conservatives have figured out, it’s that the quickest way to engender support for increased defense spending is starting another war against Islam under the guise of defending Israel. Besides profits for the corporations Romney is beholden to, his philosophy mirrors George W. Bush’s belief that America’s military might is the source of diplomacy, and imposing America’s will on Muslim countries is an inherent duty. However, America has a duty to its own people that is as foreign to Willard Romney as the absurd notion that Israelites founded a civilization in America 2600 years ago is to reasonable human beings.

America will always defend Israel, and one would think that providing Israel with at least $8.2 million each day in military aid is very generous, especially when social safety net spending is facing more horrendous cuts. President Obama has provided aid and support to Israel throughout his term, and yet Romney and Congressional Republicans have spent no small amount of energy decrying the President’s abandonment of “our closest ally.” There are Americans who wonder exactly what Israel provides America for all its military largesse and it is a valid question that engenders accusations of anti-Semitism any time it is brought up. It is also curious that America funds 18% of Israel’s military budget at the same time funding Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Iraq’s military while 46-million American children, seniors, and disabled citizens face drastic cuts to food assistance programs. Again, that is another story.

Romney will surely have better success in Israel than he did in the United Kingdom because he will fellowship with his old friend and real Israeli Netanyahu along with his new best-friend Sheldon Adelson who is probably happy to escape questions about violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in a bid to get approval for projects in Macau, a special administrative region in China. However, Willard will be right at home demeaning President Obama in spite of increasing military aid to Israel, and bemoan his reluctance to pre-emptively strike Iran that Romney’s war council guarantees will “start a very substantial war throughout the region.” Many pundits think conservatives pant to wage war in the Middle East for oil, and to a great extent that is true, but another, more worrisome reason is a Christian crusade against Islam. Once again, that is another story.

For Netanyahu, Romney’s visit is an opportunity to help raise funds to install a lap-dog in the White House to do Israel’s bidding in the Middle East. Last year when Netanyahu visited Washington, he treated the President like a petulant child when Obama followed Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggestion that Israel use pre-1967 borders in a land swap to finally achieve peace in the region. One would think that for all the wealth America heaps on the nation of Israel, they could make a concession to give Palestinians a homeland that the rest of the world provided for Israel, but apparently being “chosen people” precludes making concessions, especially when the United States funds 18% of their military and guarantees to come to their aid if they attack Iran.

Israel knows full well that America will always be their staunchest (and maybe only) ally and will defend them at great cost to the American people, so does Willard Romney; and yet he travels the nation claiming the President abandoned Israel. However, more than anything, Willard will be with real Israeli’s instead of neo-Israelites entrenched in Mormonism awaiting New Jerusalem’s founding in Missouri, but just like the fallacy he is British because he likes Downton Abbey, he is still a wealthy elitist liar who will do anything to win the White House to start a war with Iran, create wealth for the oil industry, enrich the military-industrial complex, and begin installing his cult’s long-awaited theocracy.

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  1. The man is not even the official nominee, yet is constantly butting in & putting our foreign relations at risk, is he trying to start a war?

    Can he just shut up

  2. If Americans put this man in the White House, he will send American son and daughters off to a war we cannot win.

    Iran is more technological advanced and more hateful of this country, given what happened in the 50’s with the CIA overthrowing an elected Government, and installing the Shah.

  3. N. Korea can get away with pretty much anything cause they don’t have oil as a natural resource. That’s our real interest in the middle east. USA wants to be to the M. E. What Brit is to Africa.

  4. His attitude towards Israel is funny, as (as it has been mentioned before) Mormons believe that they are the Real Jews (and they call Jews “gentiles” in Utah). But then, dominionists also tend to believe the same thing (“grafted onto the vine”) and they just view Israel as cannon fodder – as in targets destroyed in war as compared to the usual usage (foot soldiers).

    IMO, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Romney’s motivation may be primary religious (“Lying for the Lord” brought to mind), and his plans fall right in line with the elites, who want greater profits from oil and war. Of course, he’s one of those elites too… and I wonder just how much he’d personally profit from a war with Iran.

    The thing that really worries me is the fallout to the Jewish people. Like those in Iran, just because the politicians and government has one stance, doesn’t mean that the people agree – and that could be said about America too. Innocent lives will be thrown away if they succeed.

  5. To go back to the pre 1967 borders would be suicidal for Israel. Palestinians could easily bomb Israel from the Golan Heights. They do NOT need to hand THAT land over. Israel has repeatedly made generous offers to Palestinians that they continue to refuse. They don’t want anything short of Israel’s destruction, and the Israelis are smart not to hand over pre 1967 land.

  6. almost every president for the last 20 years has advised going back to the pre-1967 borders. Even Herr Bush did.

    However I have said forever that the Israelis should not give that land back and if the Palestinians don’t like it then maybe they should get an education and make the best of what they’ve got.

    On the bright side I blame both sides equally. Is really makes repeated offers but continues to build settlements. What do they expect, someone to lay roses on their door?

  7. The plain answer to your question is absolutely and the photo at the top of Rmuse’s article captures that truth as clear as can be.

  8. I’m confused, if Jerusalem in in Missery why is Romney in Israel? For spelling nat-zies yes I know.

  9. The US policy has always been a two state solution “based on” the 1967 border. It doesn’t mean the actual border in place in 1967.

    It has always been the extremists in the right wing Israeli political spectrum that has pushed a false picture of an emasculated Israel within the 1967 border.

  10. I thought Bush ’43 took the prize for ignorant, ill informed and arrogant beyond measure when it came to policy but I now think that the Mitt is in the running for frontrunner.

  11. In fact, the idea appears to be to spook Iran into committing a hostile act and thus creating a casus belli the present administration must respond to, like it or not. It is actually ties into the accusations that the Mooslamic brotherhood has infiltrated the government, even though the Shia ranis would hardly be acting in concert with Sunni radicals. One of those same congresscritters howling for an inquisition against Mooslamic infiltration has claimed that Iran was responsible for the incident in Burgas, even though the Bulgarian government is still conducting forensics. A whole cadre is whipping up anti-Iran rhetoric, not only, I suspect, to justify a war should Mitt be installed in the White House, but to provoke one beforehand, if possible. To coin a portmanteau, this cadre is insangerous.

  12. Joyce,

    What are these “repeated generous offers” of which you speak? I must have missed them somewhere over the last 40 years. Do they include the right of return? On which side of the apartheid wall do these generous offers reside?

  13. Nothing like a bit of saber-rattling to get the war mongers of the conservative movement all moist in the loins.

    Romney’s foreign policy commentaries have all of the authenticity, nuance, and sophistication that one would expect from someone whose foreign affairs expertise is limited to knowing the best locations to hide his wealth.

  14. There’s one thing that I imagine Romney doesn’t know along with all of the other things he’s demonstrated that he doesn’t know. A recent poll showed that the Israeli people are not as gung ho for going to war with Iran as Romney and Netanyahu.
    “Oh, and guess what? The Israeli public is far from gung-ho. According to a poll released last month by the Israeli Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University, 63% of Israelis oppose a unilateral Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. An earlier poll, for the University of Maryland in February, revealed only a fifth of Israelis favoured a strike on Iran without the support of the United States.”

    Wonkette had a post today that shows that Romney lied about his relationship with Netanyahu. He described it as “close,” but Netanyahyu only said that he knows him and implied that the relationship Romney described doesn’t really exist. Romney is dangerous because he’ll say/do anything to make himself appear strong and competent, but he fails to consider the very real consequences of his words and actions. If either Romney or Netanyahu think that PBO is going to allow either one of them to push him around, they had better think again. I think the tension that exists between PBO and Netanyahu exists because PBO has not allowed Netanyahu to push him around. Romney is already on the record saying that when it comes to U.S.-Israeli relations, he’ll allow Netanyahu to lead. This sounds like something someone who calls himself a strong leader would do.*

  15. To Whom It May Concern:

    Last night I was watching the War Room with Jennifer Granholm and it was said on the show that according to Benjamin Netanyahu, he and Romney at not friends. He remembers seiing Romney once or twice, but they were never friends. If Jennifer Granholm has a site the exact BN quotes should be there. Thank you.



  16. Sorry, I meant to say that Netanyahu and Romney are not friends (according to Netanyahu). All the articles that I’ve read have referred to them as such.

  17. I’m convinced Romney would blunder into a new war which would throw the middle east into a wider war, not to mention the oil markets of the world would be in turmoil,we in fact would be in a world war, god knows what Russia would do. The draft dodger in chief would have no qualms about killing more young americans.

  18. Agreed, these generous offer are only in Joyce’s universe. Israel’s our staunchest ally. I agree we must help her, but seems all the sacrifice comes financially and militarily from us not the other way around. Why does Israel come first before our American people

  19. Exactly, with Rmoney at the helm US would be Israel’s b!tch. we’d be slaves or Adelson, Bibi & israel. Americans don’t want to be anybody’s b!th.
    We don’t get strong leadership with Rmoney, just lapdog status..

  20. With all this warmonger talk, I guess we will again have to see gas prices take a leap.Romney has already wimped out in Israel, he had an appointment with the opposition leader, Netanyahu, always the bully told Romney not to meet with him and Romney went ahead and snubbed the man.He has no class and no thought about other people.

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