GOP Poverty Creators Plan to Increase Taxes on 22.9 Million Poor and Middle Class Families

The concept of a society and its communal character takes decades to develop into its current state, and any digression or progress is normally slow in coming. America is no different, and over 60 years this country became the envy of the world because the government worked for nearly all the people and it engendered shared sacrifice for the good of every citizen and the nation itself. For the past three years, Republicans have attempted to convert the government into a plutocracy, and if successful, Reagan’s claim that government is inherently bad will reach fruition. It has taken 30 years, but if Republicans have their way, then government is the enemy.

For the past four months this column warned that Romney’s economic agenda decimates the poor with Draconian cuts to critical safety nets, and that the middle class was on the chopping block as well. Pundits claimed Romney’s tax plan lacked details, but he implied that to give the wealthy trillions in tax cuts, the poor would pay higher taxes and education, safety nets, police and fire protection, and construction will suffer deep cuts, if not elimination. This week, Senate Republicans proposed a tax plan incorporating Romney’s ideas, and coupled with deep cuts to social programs, transforms America into a nation of peasants to enrich the wealthy.

Senator Orin Hatch and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell proposed raising taxes on working families by $11 billion to make room for tax cuts for the wealthy. The two main increases affect poor and moderate income families by eliminating the child tax credit and Earned Income Credit that combined, affect 22.9 million families in 2013 alone. McConnell has complained for weeks that the wealthiest one-percent are unduly punished, and that 98% of the population has to pick up the slack in the Republican version of shared sacrifice. At a time when an overwhelming majority of Americans believe the wealthy should pay higher taxes, Republicans are taking the opposite approach and burdening middle-America to help the 2%.

The Republican plan increases the threshold for working families earning $13,300 annually to receive a child tax credit of $1,000, and will deny 8.9 million working-poor families, and 16.4 million children, $7.6 billion in assistance for 2013. The federal poverty level for a family of four is $23,050 annually so the GOP plan is a significant tax increase on every family living under the poverty level. The Earned Income tax credit is for working Americans, and those who qualify have at least one child. President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus) increased the EIC specifically for families with three or more children from 40 percent to 45 percent of their qualifying income, and the Republican plan eliminates them affecting 6.5 million families, and 15.9 million children, for a loss of $3.4 billion in 2013. For the record, these tax increases affect families with children earning less than $50,000 annually, and hit tens-of-millions of working families.

In a related assault on the poor, the House Farm bill slashes $16.5 billion in SNAP (food stamps) and will result in 3 million people losing all of their benefits, including 300,000 children going without school lunch, and 500,000 households losing $90 in monthly grocery money. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), most people who receive SNAP benefits are households earning about $8,800 per year on average, and SNAP provided $4.30 per person per day for food, and boosted gross monthly income by 39% for all households and 45% for households with children. Any family who avoided dire poverty with SNAP benefits will fall below the threshold of extreme poverty without food assistance. Although these figures are staggering and demonstrate the Draconian measures Republicans are taking to provide the wealthiest 2% with relief, they are nothing compared to the Romney or Ryan budget proposals.

One need not be an economic expert to know Republicans’ refusal to pass job creation plans is driving unemployment and under-employment, or that declining wages and rising costs are sending millions of Americans into poverty, but the sentiment among Republicans is that government assistance is a waste of money better served as tax cuts for wealthy. Ohio House representative Jim Jordan recently said, “This is harmful for a culture and a country, when you have one in seven people thinking it’s OK for someone else to feed them. We need to reform that, and we need to scale it back.” Jordan’s remarks parrot a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation who said “America’s social safety nets have outlived their usefulness, and that it is time to bring them to an end” because he claims the poor are not really poor if they “live in houses, own microwave ovens, or a television.”

Apparently, Republicans are unaware what it means to live at or below the poverty level or struggle to make ends meet, but they have access to the same data as every American so their policy serves no purpose but assaulting the 98% to enrich the wealthy.  What is frightening is that Romney intends on sending more Americans into the poverty level by laying off teachers, police and fire fighters, and public sector workers and raise their taxes to help the rich. However, it makes sense for Romney to fire public sector employees because he considers $19,000 a good middle class income regardless it is less than the federal poverty line, and it is an outrage that the cuts make room for tax cuts to “unburden the wealthiest Americans” Republicans claim are suffering. Their argument to maintain the Bush tax cuts for people earning over $1-million is that small businesses will suffer and they will not begin hiring, but only 2% of businesses earn over $1-million annually, and they still are not hiring despite 12 years of reduced rates.

Republicans are waging class war for the wealthy, and they are using the government and tax increases to drive more Americans into poverty. Increased taxes coupled with eliminating health care and housing and heating assistance for seniors, disabled Americans, and children will doom tens-of-millions to a life of dire poverty if the poor can even survive. However, maybe that is their plan; kill off the poor through starvation and ill-health to make room for middle class families they are sending into poverty to repeat the cycle until only the wealthy remain. It is the ultimate expression of death by government under Republican leadership and it is the end of the America that was the envy of the world and a source of pride for all Americans. It is also evil. Pure unadulterated evil for the people’s representatives to deliberately drive as many Americans into poverty just to enrich the two-percent with lower taxes to relieve their burden. And worse, they are unburdening the one-percent that hides trillions of dollars in offshore tax havens to avoid paying any taxes on their investment income.

What is astounding is the number of poor and middle class Americans supporting Republican policies that will be their death knell, and it is down to their racist hatred of President Obama. There have been volumes written about the lunacy of people voting against their own self-interest, and despite knowledge they will suffer the effects of Republican policies, they still support giving everything to the rich. Much of the blame falls on the media who are remiss to inform the voters of the consequences of government by Republicans, but they are wholly owned and operated by the wealthiest corporations in the world so their malfeasance is borne of greed and self-preservation.

Whether Reagan knew when he preached that government is the people’s enemy that his party would fulfill his mantra is unknown, but government controlled by Republicans is the problem and source of all of America’s woes. They oppose healthcare, food assistance, education, public sector employees, women, seniors, children, environmental and consumer protections, fire and police protection, and equal rights laws that benefit all Americans at the same time they legislate religion and perpetual war for oil and profit. Now, they are making no secret that they intend to raise taxes on 98% of the population to help the poor rich people who, as McConnell puts it, are under a severe burden and will create jobs if Americans give them everything they have. It is difficult to quantify evil, but if there is a face of evil, it is the GOP and they will not finish until 98% of the population is at or near poverty and the wealthy get subsidies for being wealthy. That is the America Republicans and Romney intend to create if they control Congress and the White House, and if that eventuality comes to pass, then Reagan was right; government will be the problem that condemns 98% of the people to poverty, despair, and eventually death. It is the Republican version of the American Dream for a few and a nightmare for the rest.



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  1. And people will still vote to have their own heads cut off. Im sorry little jimmy, you have to starve so the rich can get richer.

    There is not a single republican representing all the people of their states and districts. And a few dems as well.

  2. What is shocking is that in this country, we give subsidies TO OIL COMPANIES, and tax breaks to companies who send jobs to India and China.

    If Romney wins, the UK will laugh and mock us.

    And will call those English muffins “freedom muffins.”

  3. Why are these people not behind bars? They forget that their main voting bloc, white, un-educated, easily deluded males, and there are more of them in the south. If we cut govt spending to the bone, cutting state funding to all states getting more than they pay in, should be in order. This affects the South more than blue states. The gop will do anything to keep the money flowing to the top. A revolution may be in order. And wait till they roll out their tax plan described on Friday.

  4. This is sick. I spend a lot of my time talking to people giving them facts. Maybe I say too much but it is hard to soften the view of a repugnant future.
    Sarah Paling was right about DEATH PANELS but wrong about who is ushering them in. I will not go quietly into the night.

  5. So it looks like those middle class families building shelters and stocking them with food and other supplies are right, except the the threat of Armagedon is not from a meteor, super volcanoe, or nuclear attack, it is from the god fearing christian right corporate evangelical republicans. Do you think a two year supply of dried assorted legums and canned goods will be enough, before the implosion?

  6. Apparently you failed to read the article. The great majority who get aid already work. The rest are elderly. Your comment verifies the meanness and lack of compassion typical of the right. Thank you for putting a face on mean-spiritedness.

  7. So, you’re one of those totally self-sufficient types who want to pay their own way, no strings attached? The rest of the taxpayers will need a little information form you in order to send your bill:
    A: When and where did you attend school grades 1-12 (if you dropped out to marry your pregnant cousin, you may list the total years attended, including years/grade levels repeated due to educational deficiencies)
    B: If male, what year did you register with Selective Service? If a male or female Veteran or current member of the Armed Forces, please list the year of enlistment and total years of service. Please include any Veterans’ Benefits or Educational Assistance received under the GI Bill.
    C: Please list your primary address for 911 Emergency Services subsidies not covered by telecommunications carrier tariffs.
    D: Please list the year of your birth, to assess your portion of expenses incurred by the United States Census and Social Security Administration.
    E: In order to determine your portion of the cost-of-use of following local services, please estimate the following: Public roads use, amount of food or related items subsidized by SPLOST taxes, National Weather Service Alerts in your area during since birth, Public Broadcasting services and any local Health Department Services (please include school vaccinations, public health screenings and infectious disease testing).
    F: Please estimate the total amount of public sanitation and water resources used (in gallons).

    This is only a partial listing of the publicly-funded services used by most citizens, your actual usage may be greater.

    In other words: go live in a hut somewhere other than the United States, troll.

  8. My hope is still that we can enact change in our government peacefully, but sometimes i fear that words will not be enough. If in a nightmare visionm, the gop(guarding one percenters) gain total control of the congress and president, and people find out just what they are up to, that is when i fear violence will be used by the people to overthrow a fascist corporate dictatorship

  9. I am certain that the violence will start before then.

    If they win, the dominionists will see that as a green light to start repressing the people they hate (Muslims, Atheists, LGBT folks, Minorities who don’t assimilate, academics, etc. – people NOT their type of “Christian”). Either they’ll start murdering people or people will start using force to defend themselves, for instance from mandatory church attendance.

    If they loose, they may rebel and try to take over the country by force.

    I too hope we can stave off violence. I don’t think it’s possible now, unless a big miracle happens (and if it did, it would be something the dominionists wouldn’t like).

  10. Well,the only*”Death Panels”*have turned out to be THE ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY! Lord,WHAT are people THINKING??? There is not much we can do,if people are crazy enough to vote for a single one of them,little lone that idiot&doofus,Mitt Romney! We HAVE a President NOW,whether some people like him,or not,or are racist or not,that DOES actually CARE ABOUT US,THE MIDDLE CLASS AND THE POOR.There is NO doubt about that! President Obama wants a decent America for his OWN two girls,and likewise for us,our children&grandchildren.For him and The First Lady,it will not hurt THEM,if he doesn’t win! Then they can go home to the house he loves,in Chicago,and return to somewhat of a normal life! He wants to stay President for all of US,because he WAS RAISED RGHT,AND HE BELIEVES IN,he probably has more Religion and kindness,in his little finger,than all the Repubs of today have,put Together! If Romney gets in(and they may STEAL THE ELECTION,to get him in,as we know was done to us once before),but #one,Romney is actually NOT very smart,and will have NO IDEA HOW TO PROTECT US;and “HE DOESN’T CARE!’ The Repubs will only get that one 4 years,and there may well BE some sort of Revolution! The ONLY “sort of” “funny” thing about a Romney President,will be that,when it comes down to it,not ONLY DOES ROMNEY&WIFE,think they are TOO GOOD FOR US,THEY WILL ALSO BELIEVE THEY ARE TOO GOOD FOR ALL THE REPUBS TOO,AND ONCE HE IS IN,NOT A ONE OF THEM WILL BE ABLE TO CONTROL HIM! He will be A LOOSE CANNON,WAY WORSE THAN EVEN SARAH PALIN&that’s. saying a LOT! Everyone who wants to actually live ANY kind of life,had best. DIG IN THEIR POCKETS,DO WITHOUT ONE OR TWO THINGS,AND SEND OBAMA FOR AMERICA THE $$.That’s the only reason my hubby hasn’t retired,so we can help Pres.Obama first,and as many Dems for Congress and Senate as we can ,after that.I have told our children”THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF MY LIFETIME,AND YOURS,SO GET WITH IT!” God Bless All.Lets GET THIS DONE SO WE CAN ALL LIVE,EVEN THE STUPID&SILLY ONES,WHO DON’T”GET IT”,YET,BUT WHO WILL VOTE OUR LIVES AWAY ALONG WITH THEIRS!

  11. So you actually believe that people don’t support Obama just because he is racist? This may be true for some but please do not generalize. Some people just have a different view on Economics, and how the government should interact with the people. Please don’t accuse me of racism just because my views on economic policy differ from Obama.

    Also, you actually believe that Mitt is so bad that if he wins things will turn violent? That is a very big surprise to me, and makes me a bit sad that you would think that.

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