Mitt Romney Melts Down in Israel and Embraces Being a Wimp

New Romney campaign slogan: I am not a wimp!

The narrative that Mitt Romney is a wimp is gaining steam. Even Newsweek is on board, with an upcoming Romney cover reading, “The Wimp Factor: Is He Just Too Insecure to Be President?” Asked about the cover on CBS Face the Nation, Romney said he doesn’t worry about what the media says, if he did he’d never sleep and he sleeps just fine. Perhaps he ought to rethink his Nixonian approach to the media, as it doesn’t seem to be going very well so far.

Watch the Face the Nation segment here:

Romney, claiming not to have seen the Newsweek cover, had a ready answer, “They tried that on George Herbert Walker Bush, he was a pretty great President.” But in reality, that narrative did hurt the first Bush. Romney denied that anyone has ever suggested this about him before, but I find that hard to believe. Not only do his flip flops lend that narrative credence, but Romney is that quintessential prototype of the bully/wimp. The worst bullies are also the biggest wimps – their hatred of their own powerlessness/weakness and obsequious catering to power is, in fact, why they are bullies. We saw this psychological complex brought to international fruition under W.

What’s making Romney look like a wimp? Well, there was the “Mitt the Twit” disaster of London, wherein he was compared unfavorably to Sarah Palin by the British press. There’s his obvious and rather stunning lack of preparedness to do the most basic diplomatic duties like issuing a few supportive, banal words about the Olympics. And then there’s the constant flip flops.

Here are the Israel trip flip flops so far:

Fist, foreign policy adviser Dan Senor previewed Romney’s “foreign policy” speech slated for today, saying that Romney would “respect” Israel in a decision to use military force against Iran, and hours later Romney walks those comments back saying he’s using his own words, but unintentionally quoting President Obama’s stance.

Adding to the cluster that is a Romney trying to prove he can be a good leader is the desperate attempt to block the press from his fundraiser, announced yesterday. And guess what? Today he backtracked on that, as well. When will Romney learn that this is not Nixon’s age, and he can’t run from the press all of the time, and that blocking the press because he’s afraid of them is only making things worse. Has he learned nothing from Sarah Palin’s 2008 epic disaster?

Here’s a preview from Romney’s upcoming Bushian speech, “Make no mistake: The ayatollahs in Tehran are testing our moral defenses. They want to know who will object, and who will look the other way.” Could he be any cheaper? How exactly has the Obama administration looked the other way, and could Romney have evoked the horrors of the past any plainer?

Backtracking on his aide’s announcement of full support for military action against Iran under Romney — specifically he was asked if he was “giving the green light to bomb Iran” — the presumed Republican nominee said, “I’ll use my own words and that is I respect the right of Israel to defend itself and we stand with Israel. We’re two nations that come together in peace and that want to see Iran being dissuaded from its nuclear folly.”

Watch here on CBS Face the Nation:

Those are not actually Romney’s words, those are Barack Obama’s words. Obama has repeatedly said that he respects the right of Israel to defend itself. To be fair, many people say those words, but the point is that Romney claimed he was the “opposite” of Obama on Israel, and yet Mitt Romney can’t even come up with his own words on the spot. Perhaps this means he would not have signed the $70 million in aide on Friday that the President did, or that he wouldn’t have bothered with the toughest sanctions against Iran yet.

Romney has tried to define his foreign policy as the opposite of Barack Obama, so using Obama’s own words to state his position is indicative that Romney doesn’t have a policy he can talk about.

Romney said prior to the trip that he wouldn’t criticize the President on foreign soil, although he already did, in both Britain and in Israel via an interview for a paper owned by his donor Sheldon Adelson. But even this was done in the same cowardly way as his campaign told British press that Obama didn’t appreciate the “Anglo Saxon” heritage of Britain like Romney did, and the sneaky way Romney tried to use the Australian foreign minister to attack the President by proxy.

Romney used not attacking the President on foreign soil as an excuse as to why he would not be articulating his own foreign policy, as if he can’t tell the difference from criticizing someone else and stating his own position. If that’s true, Romney is admitting that he can’t even take step one of a diplomat.

Senor said Romney’s policy is that preventing Iran from nuclear capacity is our “highest national security priority.” Those are war drums you’re hearing. But you’re not supposed to hear them.

President Obama has agreed that “all options on the table” while implementing the strongest sanctions yet against Iran.

All of this has Mitt Romney telling the press, I don’t care if you call me a foreign policy wimp, which evokes Nixon’s I am not a crook line in its transparent lack of truth. This is the man who had to walk back his Olympic comments after being smacked down by Prime Minister Cameron, got slammed by Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr for putting words in his mouth, and is now using Obama’s own words to define how his foreign policy is “opposite” of Obama.

Mitt Romney’s optics problem is that whereas George W Bush was a swaggering faux cowboy appealing to the Right’s authoritarian fantasies of themselves as independent alpha males taking on the world, Romney says the same things as Bush but then backtracks, bows down, fawns over, and makes a general fool of himself trying to right the Titanic that is his foreign policy tour (we are Britain because we love Downton Abbey was a real low). Romney’s word is worth nothing.

Add to this the way Romney lets foreign leaders kick him into backtracking on his stupidity, and he appears weak. The Right was trying to defend Romney’s Olympic gaffe by saying he had the courage to tell the truth, but that defense dies out of the gate, for obvious reasons, but seeing this through the lens of the Right, it falls flat on its face when he backtracks hours later. Romney appears to be the worst of W without the false illusion of strength.

Romney has the wimpiness of H.W., the secrecy of Nixon, and the epic fail of Palin. This is not a strong leader; this is an insecure, delicate man who can’t even handle the press at the Olympics and responds to that disaster by trying to hide from the press.

America does not like wimpy presidents, and one thing President Obama will never be painted as is a wimp.

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  1. This “wimp” would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the American Embassy to Jerusalem setting the stage for a another possible Israeli-Arab war. This “wimp” is another warmonger like most of the advisers that he hired from the Bush Administration.

  2. Why, yes: he is most bold to go to war with other people’s blood, treasure, sons, daughters, and hopes for the future, as he always has been. Age hasn’t dulled him, has it?

  3. I know someone in his campaign received the Newsweek cover because I tweeted it to them. More than likely, one of them showed it to Romney or at least mentioned it to him. Another example of Romney’s failure as a leader and a diplomat was written about in Haazareth today. According to the paper, Romney had an appointment for a meeting with one of Netanyahu’s opponents, a Mr. Yacimovich. After meeting with Bibi, Romney canceled the meeting and blamed it on “protocol.” He canceled the meeting a mere two hours before it was supposed to take place. The fact is that Bibi didn’t want Romney to meet with Mr. Yacimovich, so he didn’t. This is an example of caving to a foreign leader. If he can’t stand on his own two feet and tell Bibi that he made a promise and he planned to keep it, how will he stand up to Chavez, Raul Castro, or Ahmadinejad and tell them anything? He should have stayed out of Israeli politics. He should have met with Mr. Yacimovich and looked at it as another opportunity to meet a high level Israeli politician, but he wasn’t brave enough to stand up to Bibi, and he didn’t mind offending Mr. Yacimovich. Sad. Romney’s supporters can continue to prop him up, but it’s becoming clearer as time goes by that Romney is a wimp. One writer at the Guardian wrote that Romney lacks the skills and a real desire to be successful in politics. I agree. I think he wants to be POTUS because as he and his wife admitted in a recent interview, “It’s our turn.” This is a sorry reason to want to be the most powerful person on the planet without possessing the skills necessary for the job. We have already seen what happens when a person who should have stuck to baseball ended up in the WH, and it wasn’t pretty.

  4. It’s apparent this man who has little to offer this country as being in the topgun position, should not be hired for the top position in the white house. He should stick to what he knows best, and that’s taking over troubled companies, and outsourcing. Clearly there is a difference in running a business and running the country. If there has been any indication that the two jobs are different, Romney has proven this point.

  5. As a non US citizen who gazes upon the US scene from abroad, all this international stupidity that is so typical of the US right wing overwhelms me with fear. With George W. it was exactly the same and yet the US electorate put him up on a pedestal and as a result the world got messier. I find it outrageous that although we don’t have a say in US domestic politics (and we shouldn’t) yet we have to face the consequences of the US right wing theocratic fantasies. You aptly put it: Mitt is the worst of Nixon, George W., and Palin, and yet I’m so scared that your fellow US-ans might slap the whole world on our face sending him to the White House, just as they did the second time George W won the presidency (the first time, he stole it, so the electorate are not responsible, but the second time the US clearly told us that they want as their leader a moron who loves to pull the trigger at whim). PLEASE, RE-ELECT OBAMA. PLEASE, PLEASE.

  6. George W. Bush destroyed our economy, started 2 wars, implemented a torture policy and was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, but like Mitt Romney, he too has no trouble sleeping at night.

  7. George W. Bush was re-elected by *half* the US electorate. Never forget that, please. It’s just a frightening to the people in the other half here.

  8. President Obama should be re-elected to keep this soft centered empty suit off of the global stage.

    White guys don’t want him and the bigots are going to vote against him as a matter of course.

    It is a good thing he has so many wonderful people to rely on. I believe there are enough of us, but it would be so nice to have a fair representation of all segments of our population; including white guys.

  9. thank you Alvin… agreed about W… but increasingly it looks like the 04 election was stolen also.. 8 years lies

  10. I honestly cannot explain the GWB years. After 9/11, our country was staggering from shock and grief. GWB and his administration used that time to rule by fear. The public and press got a daily doses of “If you don’t support us, you support terrorism” and “You don’t love America if you argue with us”. Bush and his cronies were the classroom bullies in Congress and the press. Voting against them was a waste of time as they had their tentacles in everything. The eight long years of Bush W. were the darkest years of my life. When Obama won, I truly felt like I had been released from a windowless prison.
    I want you to know that there are many Americans who are aware of how America appeared to the rest of the world during those years. We are still reeling. And as much as I hope Obama wins another election, I am not hopeful. We have a broken electoral process that is too easily corrupted by those with money. I love my country but it is run by greedy individuals who would ruin us to line their pockets.
    So, I apologize to my friends abroad and hope they know we share their concerns.

  11. Talk is cheap. As far as I’m concerned, Romney’s refusal to let the American public see who he is (by releasing various records from his past) reduces everything else he says to pointless blabbing. His opinions will count once we’re allowed to see the man who’s making those comments and not before.

  12. Willard Romney is full of bombast, bluster, and bravado, like a lot of other weak men who hide behind those things in order to make up for what they are truly lacking. His privileged life has given him a sense of entitlement that causes him to be indignant when he is questioned or challenged about anything. His weakness of character is also manifested by his constant flip-flopping and walking back on stupid things he has said. I don’t find him funny at all, but immensely frightening in his block-headed stupidity and willingness to be a tool for the likes of the Koch brothers and Grover Norquist, among other misanthropists. I also find it frightening that anyone, anywhere, in this country still thinks he’s presidential material. I know the reasons they do, and they are disquieting.

  13. ROBO-GOP.”What’s mine, is mine. What’s yours is negotiable”. How many of his one or two percent are believing that his economics are going to directly affect you?? Click those ruby red slippers; you’ll have a better chance!

  14. ” The worst bullies are also the biggest wimps – their hatred of their own powerlessness/weakness and obsequious catering to power is, in fact, why they are bullies.”

    Having a hard time not envisioning Romney in his private school days holding down the younger and “different” student to cut off his hair…

    And that poor dog on the roof of the car…

  15. The thing people are missing here are Romney’s religious beliefs: Mormon’s believe that Zion, THEIR ZION is in Missouri, USA; that Jesus walked in America long before white settlers came to her shores, and that he’ll return to Earth to bring His Brethren together – in a Mormon Zion located in Missouri.

    He doesn’t give a rats-ass what happens to the Middle East: “They killed Jesus” the first time around. I spent my high school years in Utah; this IS what they seriously believe. You can google it all.

    Bottom-line: war is good for the GOP… and Mitt’s Zion? Well, it would be safe irregardless… because Mitt’s Zion is in MISSOURI.

  16. We are slowly winding down two unwanted wars that have cost us unmeasurable blood and treasure.
    Our right wing goons are now itching for a fight with Iran. Big Big mistake if that happens.
    The attack on Lebanon by Israel a few years back was basically a dress rehearsal of an attack on Iran, and if you remember, it was a disaster. Hamas and Hezbollah both kicked Israels ass back to Israel. Yes, there were some victories, but the fact was both Israel and the US looked at this invasion as what would happen if Israel invaded or attacked Iran.
    It is a logistical nightmare to attack Iran, and Israel would need our assets in order to carry out any sustained attack. This would put our troops in harms way AGAIN, with staggering costs just as our “financial cliff” took effect, cutting billions from the defense budget.
    Our country needs a complete shift to the left of center in order to get us out of the fix we are in now. We need our assets and wealth to be put into this country. We need an infusion of government capital in order to get this economy back on it’s feet and we need to rid ourselves of the GOP. Don’t know when that’s going to happen, but the sooner, the better.
    If Romney is elected, and the GOP gains control of both houses, this country is going to need a last will and testament, for we, as a FREE nation, are doomed.

  17. As a Canadian by birth, stuck in the US probably indefinitely not of my own choosing, I agree. I am ashamed to even live here. The stupidity, ignorance, and arrogance of the majority of the population is absolutely mind-melting to comprehend if one dwells on it overlong. Mittens is a stuffed shirt with all the worst qualities of this society rolled into one. For the love of every deity ever worshiped, do not allow this robo-clown anywhere near the White House.

  18. you cannot trust a man who walks like a spoiled 3 year old child carrying a load in his diaper…then makes that dam face…oh sorr i s#%$ on you …again! that’s romney in a nutshell. please try to walk like a man!

  19. Please know that an intelligent community of moderates, progressives and liberals tried to prevent the re-election (and many of us, the initial election!) of George Bush. We truly cannot comprehend how millions of voters from the poorest, most backward states continually vote for the party which runs on a platform which would make them even more poor and less-educated if it could only grasp enough control of our government. Fortunately our system for the most part prevents any one political party from wielding that much power, but it’s a continually see-sawing system. I for one was embarrassed that George Bush was president of my country, and now must live with the terrible economic consequences of his poor governance. No human could fix the dire mess Bush left in his wake in only 4 years, and I and many others are trying to realize the re-election of President Obama, seeing this as our only hope out of the economic mire we’re in. Willard Romney is, if anything, even worse than George Bush, and his little trip around the world is only high-lighting his weak character, his aloof, snobby personality, and what we refer to as his constant “flip-flopping” on any issues of importance.

  20. After his gaffes in England he claimed to be british.
    Will he claim to be a jew – did you see his headgear
    at the wailing wall?


  21. Well it seems Iran is the boogeyman to replace the death of Usama Bin Laden in this cycle. All we can hope is the electorate wake up and take the racial blinders off. Anytime you hear that nervous little laugh, you know the question has hit a nerve, Just like he did when Neil Cavuto interviewed him, watch it on youtube. I have noticed the laugh several times during the debates. So when she asked if he were a wimp and the laugh came in, it almost told me that he knew we were onto him.

  22. I support the right for Israel to defend itself…
    What if Israel strikes first? Does he defend Iran’s right to defend itself? This is why Obama is pursuing PEACEFUL talks and compromise……. I applaud that position.

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