Chick-fil-A Boycotters are Winning as Fox News Attacks the Boycott as Un-American

As a new survey reveals that the Chick-Fil-A boycott is causing the brand to nosedive, Fox News is attacking the boycotters as un-American.

Here is the video from Fox News:

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Fox and Friends asked are the Chick-fil-a boycotts un-American then let Christian conservative comedian, Brad Stine defend the company.


GRETCHEN CARLSON: DC Mayor Vincent Gray adding his name to the list now of mayors refusing to allow any new Chick-fil-A restaurants after the company’s CEO said that he does not support gay marriage.

STEVE DOOCY: Mayor Gray even went so far as to call it, “hate chicken,” but isn’t that hypocritical since Dan Cathy was just exercising his right to freedom of speech?

(Morning chit chat crosstalk)

CARLSON: Let’s talk about Chick-fil-A. What do make of these mayors who come out and say we’re gonna ban and boycott Chick-fil-A?

BRAD STINE: You know what I love, they say it’s not Chicago’s values, and I didn’t realize that the First Amendment wasn’t Chicago’s values, but perhaps I shouldn’t get into that. It bothers me because the Cathy family are beautiful people. Christian people, like me, I support them. And by the way, have you ever had one of their sandwiches? They are the greatest chicken sandwich of all time. You would buy anything they wanted. If Liberace ate one of their sandwiches, he would say I’m with him. (Doocy interrupted because he didn’t get the joke.)

But to me it’s really about words, and the idea of marriage. You know, they call it traditional marriage now. You know what? We used to have a word for it. We called it marriage. It was just marriage. You know what it was? One man and one woman trying to get along without killing each other. That’s what it was. Let’s just leave it at that. Gay, you’re going have to come up with your own thing. Get your own word. Get your own thing. We haven’t figured this thing out in 5,000 years. Give us a chance yet, but even gay. Even gay used to be everybody’s word. It used to be whimsical and fun. Let’s be gay. Are you gay today? No, I was gay yesterday, but not today. I want to be gay next week.

BRIAN KILMEADE: It was on the opening jingle of The Flintstones, gay old time.

STINE: Let’s have a gay old time. Now it means homosexual. I didn’t get to vote on that. You can’t just take people’s words. So you know, I think what is really important here, and it truly is seriously is that the man has an absolute right to his conscience. That’s what the First Amendment was given to us for. Government has no right to intervene at all.

CARLSON: Well do you think some people got the message, because at least one of the mayors took back their original pledge…In Boston, oopsie, they saw maybe this would not be a good thing down the road.

STINE: Yeah, and it surprises me because usually they are so much more courageous. But they did take it back, and I think hopefully even the liberal mayors are objective enough to understand that this is a First Amendment right. He does not hate gays. Nobody hates gays, but their are certain values that he stands for as a religious person, and he has a right to that.

Fox News deeply distorted what Dan Cathy said. His actual comment on gay marriage was, “We’re inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage. And I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude that thinks we have the audacity to redefine what marriage is all about.”

The reality is that the boycott is working. A new YouGov Brand Index Survey has found that the consumer perception of Chick-fil-A has taken a nosedive in all regions of the country. Chick-fil-A’s brand score has gone from 65, which was 19 points above average on a scale of 100, to 39 last Wednesday. Their brand has plunged from a score of 80 before Cathy’s comments to 44. The brand has dropped most in the Northeast, where it has gone from a 76 to a 35.

Nobody hates gays, but Stine and Fox News accused gays of stealing their words and trying to steal marriage. While Dan Cathy does have a right to his opinion, the boycotters also have a First Amendment right to voice their opinion by not eating at Chick-fil-A. This is just the latest example of conservatives loving the free market until it is used against them. The boycotters are simply utilizing their power as free market consumers to not eat at Chick-fil-A.

If Americans have to choose between siding with people like these two Alaska secessionist yahoos,

and the idea that marriage is for everyone and gay people don’t have to “get their own thing,” the vast majority of Americans are going to choose to support the boycott.

The un-American line has been used with zero success against the ALEC, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh boycotts.

When the right starts screaming un-American, that means the boycotters are winning.

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63 Replies to “Chick-fil-A Boycotters are Winning as Fox News Attacks the Boycott as Un-American”

  1. I think any sensible person agrees that Cathy and his CFA management team has the right to say and believe anything they want. If it stopped right there, I might still get a CFA sandwich on occasion. They have never barred gays, they happily take everybody’s money. Where I have drawn the line is the fact that Cathy and CFA have donated money to groups that back (buy) anti-gay legislation. I am not comfortable allowing my money to “trickle down” to groups that support oppression.

  2. They always descend into this weird Orwellian inversion about what’s at stake:

    their are certain values that he stands for as a religious person, and he has a right to that.

    I haven’t heard anyone dispute the fact that Cathy has a right to his opinions. What we’re asserting is that we have the right to our own opinions about his opinions, and that we further have a right to refuse to do business with Mr. Cathy if we find his opinions seriously obnoxious.

    It’s ridiculous to claim that choosing not to do business with people you disapprove of is un-American.

    Admittedly government officials banning restaurants is more questionable, and I’d prefer that that wasn’t happening — a fall in business caused purely by customers turning away would drive home the message far more cleanly — but just imagine if a businessman had expressed similar prejudice against blacks or Jews, and you can see it’s not unambiguously wrong for government to take a stand in such cases.

  3. I really can’t believe that their supporters and this media outlet alike are ignoring the larger issue which has people upset. Of course Dan Cathy has his first amendment rights like every other American — no one is denying that! It’s another issue altogether when a company funds political lobbies which seek to deny a segment of Americans of equal rights, and THAT’s what people are responding to. Just like Fox media to steer its audience away from the real issues.

  4. It’s almost hilarious to see Fox News complain about “free speech” when they didn’t come to the defense of the Dixie Chicks for exercising their constitutional right to “free speech” by saying that they were sorry that George W. Bush was from Texas.

    Bill O’Reilly even stated that the Dixie Chicks should be ‘slapped around’.

    Conservative republicans are the worst hypocrites that I’ve seen in my 61 years on this earth.

  5. What people are failing to understand that for most of us boycotting, it is NOT about free speech. We could care less what Mr. Cathy believes. It is about money. I do not want any of MY money spent at an establishment that then contributes the money to “hate” groups that are actively working to take away the rights of any group of people. BTW, I am not gay. I just believe in “Live and let Live.” No one should be denied the right to live their life the way they want to.

  6. Exactly what I’ve been saying all along, Clif. Supporters on their facebook page, for instance, are COMPLETELY ignoring this fact. I spoke up there very respectfully to point it out, and you know what? They banned me from the page. Censorship is alive and well at Chick-Fil-A.

  7. No. Eat collards, those even-tempered, uncomplaining brassicas that grow with little fuss everywhere from upper Florida to (these days) coastal Greenland with little fuss and few requirements except enough water. Collards are good for you.

  8. I believe it’s absolutely Cathy’s right to speak on whatever issue he wishes, good for him. It’s equally my right as a consumer to boycott whatever products I wish.

    This is just another example of it’s Constitutional for me, but not for you…

  9. The boycott is as American as apple pie and the 14th Amendment. Faux News is run by an alien Australian who is a fascist, religionist asshole who will do and say anything to keep his media empire going in this country because it has fallen apart everywhere else because of his lack of ethics. Unfortunately, the people that watch Fox News have just as much morality and ethics as Murdoch.

  10. I’ve been refusing to eat anything from CFA for several years now, after finding out that part of their profits were being plowed back into “evangelism” and “Good Christian” causes. Their support of hate groups has been known for some years… and I’m glad something is finally being done about them.

    Hobby Lobby is another that I will never do business with, even if it means doing without. They’re owned by the Assemblies of God, and I think most of you know how bad that is (their profits also go for proselytizing).

  11. Boycotts are unAmerican according to Fox, huh? Am I the only one that remembers when O’Reilly boycotted the entire country of France?
    The must have meant they’re unAmerican for anyone except them.

  12. First of all, the mayor of Boston didn’t take back anything. He simply clarified that he doesn’t have a legal right to deny the business but he feels that his constituents have no intention of supporting it so it wouldn’t make sense for them to pursue a location there.
    Second of all, it’s not about free speech. I’m so sick of that tired ass argument. It’s about freedom to choose where your money goes.
    Third of all, I believe equality is everyone’s fight. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, female, black, or Jewish (or just love someone who is). Supporting oppression is unconstitutional. All “men” are created equal.

  13. The hypocrisy! It stings! I seem to recall that the RWNJs boycotted JC Penney, but when the tables are turned, they cry foul! IOKIYAR is their motto for everything, but if “libruls” do anything, cry me a river, the RWNJs claim they are being persecuted! Especially if they are RWJNs (right-wing Jesus Nuts!

  14. How true. What about those (nowhere near that many) Million Moms boycotting anything & everything they suspect may be gay? Wasn’t some religious or “family” group recently talking about boycotting Google? Nothing like “do what I say, not what I do.”

  15. I think its quite apparent that according to Fox News the only people with first amendment rights are the rich who can buy our country with free speech and say anything they want. We do not have the right to our own personal opinions nor the expression of such

  16. I agree with you. For me, it’s about not wanting the profits I provide to a company being used to deny people equal rights. And I really object when the money is transferred into a foundation (before taxes are paid?)…and then is used in a fight against equality. Gosh, kinda sounds like what a certain religion has done in the fight against gay rights.

  17. Fox is a pathetic excuse for a news orgaization. With Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy dishing out the “news” is one thing, but when they start their inane ramblings about the subjects and on issues they seem too dimwitted to know about, it is Sarah Palin’s word salad redux.

    Throwing in Brad Stine would not have been a bad idea if he had something of real substance to add, but he began to ramble from the beginning and could not get on track at all afterwards. His defense of Dan Cathy was totally absurd on it’s face. It really doesn’t matter if his facility serves the best food if he presents himself and his opinions in an unappetizing manner.

    The boycott of Chick-Fil-A is Dan Cathy’s doing. So is the reason for the nosedive.

  18. Wow, it is interesting how Fox News reacts when the tables are turned. If it’s unamerican to boycott CFA then it is REALLY unamerican to boycott Nabisco and Google and JC Penney and all the other companies that NOM is boycotting. Where’s the outrage over an organization that is boycotting so many companies that their members are lucky they can get out of bed without violating one of their boycotts.

  19. Here’s something of which nobody has even mentioned. Mr. Cathy cites The Holy Bible as his reference for what is traditional marriage (which of course varies from marrying a virgin or she is stoned to death on wedding night) to marrying 12 year olds. What he doesn’t mention is that God finds animal cruelty one of the most henius of sins. Factory farming, especially of chickens, is the cruelest of cruel behavior towards animals and yes, Mr. Cathy A SIN. But of course you have a private pipeline to God which gives you permission to pick the sins (of which you don’t profit). My bad.

  20. Thanks for enlightening me on that one. I am an artist and I was getting some of my supplies from Hobby Lobby cuz they sometimes have really good sales. No more! Jerry’s Artarama and Dick Blick for me!

  21. Wow, I must be the only person on this site who has no problems with Mr. Cathy or Chick fil A! I have no problem with his comments, he has a right to them. I also have no problem with how he spends HIS money. It’s not my place or anyone else’s to tell someone how they should spend the money they’ve earned. I guess I am just a dinosaur on here. I have old fashioned values and believe that a person has the right to speak their opinions and earn/spend their own money as they choose. I’m not sure what “hate” groups Mr. Cathy donates too, but if you go to church and tithe, you’re probably supporting the same beliefs as Mr. Cathy. So, you can all go on and call me an idiot and archaic but these are my opinions… so, cast the first stone because I won’t do it!

  22. Your not an idiot and you are welcome to your opinion.

    However so is every one else.

    Some people think that rights are extended to the rights of gays to get married under the pursuit of happiness quote. They also have the right to not like how the chicken spends his money causing others pain.

  23. How is the boycott “unAmerican”, other than Faux News abusing that term for anything they do not like?

    Are Americans supposed to be forced to spend their hard earned money at businesses who support political causes they disagree with? Am I supposed to be forced to eat sandwiches at places that attack gay rights? Should I also be forced to eat at places that hate Jews or blacks?

    I am choosing not to spend my money at a place that has insulted me. Chick-fil-a can spend its profits on whatever it wants, but I should not be forced to subsidize their hateful causes.

  24. against my better judgement, i would like to lead with *you’re
    also thank you for the citation to the declaration of independence. unfortunately it holds no legal value as it is not a legislative document.
    a clause that DOES however fit is this situation is the first and fourteenth amendment rights to freedom of and from religion, as the prohibition of same-sex marriage is a religious institution and holds no other reason for being.

  25. Ok so your a spelling nazi and Ive had a long day of breaking in new steel toed shoes. The pursuit of happiness doesnt have to have a legal value. It is what it is

  26. Go Chick-Fil-A! Dan Cathy is not afraid to say “the emperor has no clothes, and niether am I. Nobody hating gays. They are simply stating what they believe. Relax! Take a pill! Not everyone is going to think your choice of behavior is fabulous.

  27. I’d suggest you do some reading about Chic-Fil-A and the things they support… they have been discussed a few times on Talk2Action and the things they support tend to hurt people directly or indirectly. I wouldn’t call that very Christian, unless you mean “Good Christian” (as in the usual sanctimonious fundamentalist-leaning hypocrite).

    You’re right about freedom of speech, but we also are free not to support that speech. Freedom of speech includes the right to denounce the speech and speaker, for instance, as racist or homophobic, and to resist their goals. It includes the right to ignore the speech, and there are limits to that speech. For instance, it is against the law to put racist hate graffiti on someone else’s property – as the saying goes your freedom ends where my nose begins. Advocating the use of force to overthrow the US constitution also is not acceptable in this country (some of the dominionist – “Good Christian” – leaders have done just that). Our refusal to do business with companies like that is an exercise of our free speech.

    As far as earning and spending money… well, if you earn money like Romney has been doing (by hurting innocent people), then by rights you should be held responsible for the harm your greed does to those others. If you spend, or donate money, to support something that harms innocent people (and you know it), you directly share in the responsibility for the harm done. If you support something that harms others but you don’t know what you’re supporting, granted, the responsibility is less but it’s still there.

    Conservatives (especially “Good Christians”) like to prattle about personal responsibility and use it as a club to hurt and heap blame on poor people (who are usually not really responsible for their suffering), but they ignore the very real responsibility they incur when they harm others.

    What about THAT responsibility, hmmm??? Since corporations have been declared people, shouldn’t they also accept responsibility for their actions???

  28. Hmmm. I wonder if this dude ever considered the possibility that God may not want bad comedians in heaven. I mean, I wouldn’t let the dude in, it just wouldn’t work. This is truly punishable humor, which means that our some-day-to-be-deceased funny guy will find open arms after a very long elevator ride– down.

  29. I just got into a huge debate on facebook with a few family members over this. They support CFA, claiming the same free speech meme. I agree, Mr. Cathy has a right to express his views, but like everyone else here, realize the difference between just speaking your mind and using your money to support hate groups. It’s that second part I have an issue with. I tried to explain this to my family members, but they just don’t get it. They are all planning to go there all the time, blah blah blah. I have to admit, my attempt at explaining this was a futile one. You just can’t fix stupid. Oh well.

  30. Oh, really???

    Hmmm… most of my gay and lesbian friends are and have been in long-time permanent relationships, and some have lasted as long or longer than our marriage (going on 30 years – can most “Good Christians” make the same claim?). They aren’t promiscuous, they just want to be treated as people. Their relationships are loving, and no different than a straight couple. Yet they are persecuted and experience hate on a regular basis (as liberals and members of a racial minority in a “Good Christian” area, we also experience that hate – and it IS hate – on a regular basis).

    When I denounce the hypocrisy and cruelty of the “Good Christians, they tell the world I’m expressing hate. Funny, but why is it OK for them to denounce behaviors that they don’t even observe and relationships they don’t understand, but it’s not right for me to denounce the hatred, lies, and even violence that I see? It’s not right for me to speak truth (truth which is backed by science and research), but it’s OK for them to spread lies and false stereotypes because they claim they got them from “God” (what sort of “God” promotes lies anyway)?

    Chic-Fil-A supports not only homophobic causes, but also racist ones – and if you scratch most of the “Good Christians” that they’re known to support, you’ll draw bigotry.

    I might add that if you think “Good Christians” aren’t violent, find out what they did to Darla Kay Wynne (she makes a good example, but there are a great many others). Talk to members of the LGBT community – in this county, they sometimes refer to being “burned out”… “Good Christians” burned down their homes because of hate. Indeed, two of my closest friends (not together) fled this county because of the hate and threats they experienced. Talk to Pagans. Talk to atheists. Talk to minorities. Even talk to liberal Christians… we’re demonized by the “Good Christians” as much as anyone.

    No, it’s not telling the Emperor he has no clothes. It’s vile hate speech and based on lies and false stereotypes, and exposes the “truth” of the religious ideology behind it.

  31. [Politicus, get a load of this, spied it on the net.]

    The Anti-Chick-fil-A Jihad !

    (This sinister jihad is part of the end-time “days of Lot” – coordinated worldwide by powerful unseen beings – that Jesus predicted in Luke 17. To see if you are part of this soul-damning craze, read on!)

    Google “Zombietime” and click on “Up Your Alley Fair.” After recovering, Yahoo “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up” on the “ucmpage” listing (even Jesus told Judas to hurry up – John 13:27). Also Yahoo “Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right.”
    Read this before the predicted California earthquake happens a la Rev.16:19 (“the cities of the nations fell”) – and before hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts and other disasters occur! The fast-moving goal of Gaydom is to quietly sneak its depravity on to every Main Street on earth while normal folks stay asleep and do nothing. I wonder how soon San Francisco’s underground saint – San Andreas – will get a big jolt out of the public gay porn that goes on over his head in “Madam” Nancy Pelosi’s brothel district in front of children! Not one to mince words, Jesus said in Mark 9:42 that anyone hurting a child in any way deserves to be hanged and have his body thrown into the ocean!
    It’s far from coincidental that the more America elevates gays and senseless violence (see the predicted “days” of “Lot” and “Noah” in Luke 17), the more the cost of gas, food etc. goes up! If America is smart, it will pick up the big dust-covered book everyone owns and almost never reads – no, not the Sears catalog – and find out that the One who made the universe has some rights too! (Also Google “Obama Fulfilling the Bible.”)
    Gays like to say that Jesus didn’t explicitly mention homosexuality. Well, when gays are about to have a birthday, they don’t talk about all the things they don’t want. Instead they speak positively about what they’d like to receive. In the same manner Jesus, instead of negatively listing every sexual variation and perversion that He knew mankind would invent, avoided an endless list of “thou-shall-nots” and positively stated that marriage was created for only one man and one woman. BTW, by fulfilling the same “days of Lot,” gays are actually hurrying up the return of Christ as Judge and helping to make the Bible even more believable!

    (Obama and his porn-protecting California friends – including Brown and Pelosi – did NOT approve of this message.)

  32. LOL A comedian joined the other three comedians and said he was glad they were doing full body shots because he felt like a side show show on his other show? Then came off with a rather gay comment to the Screecher something about him wearing a skirt? I have news for him, he was in a real side show at Fox and Freaks.

  33. Speaking of being a spelling nazi…. Did you notice he used the word ‘is’ when he meant to use the word ‘in’? I find it hilarious when someone makes a spelling mistake while pointing out a spelling mistake.

  34. @ A Walkaway- Thank you very much! I have read so many posts about this whole stinkin’ chicken MESS and yours was truly the most succinct, direct, honest, intelligent, compassionate clearly written I have yet to see. I hope to see more of your writing now and again. I’m sure it will be a bright spot in what will surely be an ocean of darkness and beyond comprehendible hypocritical silliness.

  35. Chic-fil-A is junk food anyway it is not healthy so who cares if no one eats it most Americans are too fat. All it is Grease, sugar and chemicals. Nothing is healthy about eating at Chic-fil-A.

  36. The days of Lot? They’ve taken a reference to a time long before Jesus (as in the days of Lot – clear reference to a past situation) and turned it into some sort of prophesy?

    SIGH. I’ve heard some crazy scripture-twisting, but that really is out there. They don’t even pay attention to the wording any more… although granted, at least they’re trying to pay attention to Jesus’ words rather than ignoring him and spouting from the OT or Paul.

    We’re seeing this stuff, believe it or not, because of a lack of true scholarship on the Bible. They don’t know better (although I wouldn’t be surprised if their teachers or the bosses of their teachers did).

    If they’d stop just reading the Bible and truly start studying it (including history, language difficulties, etc.) then the problems we have with the “Good Christians” would largely vanish. They’d realize most of what has been put out in the name of Christianity (in recent times) is just pure BS!

  37. Unions spend their members’ dues to support politicians and promote legislation that their members don’t support and most unions do not permit their members to direct their dues to groups they support. How is this any different from a company supporting who they believe in. Are you going to boycott union companies because of their oppression? The pendulum swings both ways. I for one will be supporting Chick-Fil-A on Wednesday, August 1, 2012. They have the right to free speach. Chick-Fil-A donating money to groups that support causes the company believes in is free speach just as the unions backing democrats is free speach.

  38. Speaking of Boycots, Fox News.

    Are there any Cable, or Satalite providers that allow consumers to build their selection of media outlets, why can’t I as a consumer dump News Corp products from my monthly bill without loosing access to content from other news providers that I trust? (smartly or not)

    As far as I can tell american cable providers operate like OPEC – industry wide fixed prices, and product options.

    Personally, I don’t see why consumers just accept providers forced bundling of media. why should I be forced to pay for my cable providers ability to offer content I don’t have use for,or support the goals of.

    Seriously, we had an active debate this last year with one side taking the stance that the federal government didn’t have the right to streamline health insurence for all, based on the idea that Americans have the right to choose what products they will or will not purchase. If these people thought it wasn’t legal for the Feds to mandate health coverage for all, why are they okay with an industry, ie – cable/content providers ability to do so? This industry is mandating consumers purchase all or nothing when it comes to content. It would be one thing if this policy wasn’t a industry standard, leaving consumers with options, but it is not.

    As it stands now, consumers are left choosing to pay for content from providers they don’t support, or unable to access content at all.

    I would love to boycot Fox among other media outlets, but as far as I can tell I don’t have that option.

  39. I agree that doing business with a company that supports groups that are against your own beliefs or opinions doesn’t seem right. But, if you are to look at this from a Christian prospective, then Chick-fil-a is supporting what they believe will reduce those spending a life in Hell. 1 Corinthians 6:9 (New Testament)gives a specific list of people that will not go to Heaven (sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor drunkards…)

    So, my point is that if he believes that any people group will spend an eternity in Hell, and he does nothing to change that then I would have a problem with him. So, in my opinion, he has a very solid logic within his faith for his actions. Just something else to consider…

  40. Sure — he has a right to believe that. But the confusion seems to come in where a defense of his right to believe that and put his money behind it equates to other people having to eat there or not boycotting. That is the part of “Christian logic” that fails. Just because you think he’s right and think he has a right to say what he believes does not mean that others lost their right to do the same.

    He has a right to put his money behind whatever he chooses. Consumers have a right to put their money where they choose. If they wish to boycott him for putting his money (their money, if they spend it there) into something that deeply offends them morally (viewed as hate speech against a segment of the population), that is their right.

    Let me put it in context for you: Would you eat at a restaurant that said all Christians were sinners who were headed for Hell and that put their money into trying to deny Christians the right to marry on the basis that Christians were sinners? Would you and your family give that organization your money? I ask because there is freedom of religion here, and no one religion is entitled to deferential treatment nor are they entitled to deny rights to other citizens.

  41. But these people are just so well informed. Money is speech- don’t you know? So hey speak to me. Buying my book so you could eat cheap at home would be me hearing you. — Eating on $1 — on amazon.

  42. I have a lot more respect for Chick-fil-a now. Good for them and I support them all the way. People have no problem sticking up for a lifestyle that is not right. Why is saying “gays are wrong” wrong? Supporting gays is like supporting murderers… Both are wrong

  43. So is supporting taking rights away from Americans. Lets face it, you are a lot like a murderer

  44. I also support Chick-fil-A. Mr. Cathy , more people are behind you and your organization than all of you may realize!

  45. Let me describe two groups of people to you.

    One is very dedicated to God. They insist on obedience to God. They say that God has a perfect plan for everyone.

    They then decide what that plan is for people, and try to make it reality (and the desires of the person are not considered important – if not a hindrance and “sin”). They insist that people should have no pride or belief in themselves (“Pride goeth before a fall”, “The whole head of man is sick!”, etc. etc. etc.) If things don’t go right, they point to “hidden sin” as the cause of the misery (btw… they had been working behind the scenes to CAUSE the misery) and if a slap on the forehead doesn’t fix it, they accuse the individual of holding onto sin. If someone is poor, they preach at them and then tell them “God bless you!” (and turn their backs). In fact, a more extreme example of this type of person is a man who said it was better to preach at someone who is dying of hunger, in the hope that they might “find Jesus” at the point of death, then feed them and risk them “turning their backs on God”. I’ve heard similar sentiments, including as a reason to fight the ACA.

    Those are the “Good Christians” as I’ve experienced them… and I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the evil they’ve done to us and around us.

    Then let’s look at the other group. They’re highly diverse, but that doesn’t matter to them. They insist that you not only treat others as you would want to be treated, but they also insist that you treat yourself humanely. They don’t care what you think or believe, but look at how you treat people. They don’t judge people based on factors beyond their control, and they accept people who treat them humanely and with respect. They’re generally kind, caring, and willing to show it. They prefer to speak the truth. In every way they’re the opposite of the “Good Christians”… and yes, they’re LGBT folks, the pagans, the atheists… those that have experienced hate at the hands of those “Good Christians”.

    That being the case, the question is: Who is the more Christ-Like?

    I tell you plainly – the second group, those rejected by the modern-day Pharisees, are more likely to see heaven than the “Good Christians”.

    I will also tell you this… people who talk as you have written have driven far more people away from Christianity than were attracted. I’ve met people who were so badly harmed that they couldn’t continue to believe in God, because of the hell “Good Christians” had put them through and the horrific damage done to their souls, their person. My wife and I spend a lot of time trying to help people who have been harmed by the “Good Christian” churches.

    Is driving people away from God Christ-like? Rather than replying or ranting, please THINK about it.

  46. Boycott not only was a bust(check out massive lines all over country), but it has produced a massive backlash. News flash…boycotts only work when you have a majority on your side. Never boycott against the majority, or they may just tell you where to put it. This boycott will be seen as a huge political miscalculation by the left. You just woke a sleeping Giant, the middle class, who are proving they will stand in line to pay for chicken and to vote!!! The gay marriage issue was dead. Middle class had accepted it, didn’t like it but accepted it, but, that wasn’t good enough!!!! No you liberals had to crucify anyone who didn’t believe in it! When will you get it…you can’t force people to think what you want short of Facism!!!! Bummer….you lost….big time!

  47. true wisdom Ricky d ,
    This is America ,and people should not be afraid to say what they believe. The huge turn out to support Chick -fil-a’s right to Free Speach shows that the vast majority of Americans believe this is still the Land of the Free and the home of the BRAVE !

  48. Let’s put this in perspective,,,,,,Pastor Huckabee,making far too much money to run for President of the country he loves is a Marketing Genius who makes Donald Trump look like a Piker.

    The created from somewhere Contraversy is nothing more than Marketing “Creationism” – that has given them lots of free advertising. Heck,,, Fellow Pastor Phelps has a stronger view on Gays,,,,maybe Huckabee can help him open up the $avior $upply Depot.

  49. Yes really! What you exposed was the intolerance of the left to the massive middle class. No one was ever refused service or employment at chick-fil-a. I’m fact the whimsy kiss in participants, the few who showed, we’re offered free food and drink. No, you showed your hate towards people who don’t agree with you. No one believes you anymore….no matter how many times you use the word hate….they don’t believe you. You liberals have cried wolf one too many times. Now people will simply ignore your protests and view you as throwing adult ‘fits’ when you don’t get your way(see the Adam smith video). Big miscalculation here, could cost you the election!

  50. I love Chic-fil-a’s product but not the fact that they would use the revenue from that business to support an agenda that discrimiates against many of my fellow Americans. They have the right to express their views. I and my family will express ours by never patronizing their businesses again

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