Those Aren’t Gaffes That’s the Real Mitt Romney

After eight years of the Bush administration sullying this country’s reputation around the world, President Obama faced a Herculean task of convincing the world that the days of American arrogance and domineering were over. Indeed, ending cowboy diplomacy and American pretentiousness earned the President respect and admiration America deserves as a world leader in the community of nations. In the race for the White House, presumptive Republican nominee Willard Romney is proving to the world, and America, that he will continue the arrogance characterized by George W. Bush that portrayed all Americans negatively.

In 1958, a political novel and subsequent 1963 movie portrayed the innate arrogance and pretentiousness Romney is displaying on his world fundraising tour, and unfortunately, the American people are suffering same behavior as Willard defines himself as The Ugly American at home. In the novel, a foreign journalist says, “A mysterious change seems to come over Americans when they go to a foreign land. They are pretentious, they’re loud and ostentatious.” Romney certainly lived up to the Ugly American portrayal during his visit to England, and although the level of arrogance was embarrassing to America, it is the real Romney that the American people have come to know over the past six months. Obviously, not all wealthy elitist Americans stoop to Romney’s level of condescension and preeminence, but his actions are borne of arrogance associated with his wealth, religious upbringing, sense of entitlement, and apparent feeling of superiority.

By now, Romney’s embarrassing behavior is well-known and apparently knows no end. After insulting the British people, he blasted London Mayor Boris Johnson as “an eccentric, odd fellow” whose public attack on Romney was characterized as “unbecoming and an indication of his bias towards President Obama.” Whether or not Mr. Johnson is biased toward the President is of no consequence, because he was reacting to Romney’s arrogance and disregard for the British people. As it turns out, there is an international bias towards President Obama and it is his foreign policy acumen that earns high marks throughout the world. Romney is fond of portraying the President as “angering America’s allies and emboldening its enemies,” but a Pew Research poll tells a different story altogether.

The Pew Foundation released results of a global survey in June after soliciting opinions from several countries around the world. The survey asked if the countries have “some” or a “great deal of” trust in President Obama, and the numbers were overwhelmingly positive. For example, in Britain, 80% of people trust President Obama compared with 16% who trusted George W. Bush and in fact, all countries surveyed have much higher approval ratings of America in 2012 than they did in 2008, when Bush president. In some countries like China, Russia, and Arab countries, the President’s approval dropped indicating that he is not emboldening America’s enemies, and Arab countries complained the President has not been fair dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian issue, and that he uses drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan to go after terrorists. In direct contrast to Romney’s assertions, President Obama lost some of his global popularity for being too pro-Israeli and too hawkish.

However, the President’s popularity aside, it is Romney’s arrogance that causes him trouble on the world stage and at home. The disregard Romney displayed toward the British is typical of his attitude toward 98% of Americans who are not members of the wealthy elite class. His proposals exemplify that disregard for portraying average Americans as odd and eccentric for expecting government to work for them, and not against them, and it is not just Romney’s policies, it is his sense of entitlement to special advantages average Americans are prohibited from enjoying because they are not in the same income class as Willard.

His refusal to release his tax returns are because they are toxic to his candidacy, but his wife’s comments epitomize arrogance and superiority Romney is notorious for. In remarks during an interview with ABC News, Mrs. Willard said, “we’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how we live our life,” and the phrase “you people” characterizes Romney’s arrogant superiority toward the average American who will suffer under a Romney presidency. For the wealthy though, Romney’s attitude is entirely different and he proves it with a tax plan providing $6.5 trillion in tax cuts for the 1%, with the lion’s share going to the top 1/10th of the 1%. The stunning aspect of Romney’s attitude is that he cannot comprehend why average Americans might feel put-upon for being asked to pay higher taxes to support the wealthy, or that they think the wealthy should pay the same tax rate as the middle class.

A recent poll confirmed that Americans overwhelmingly think President Obama understands Americans better than Willard 60% to 30%, and it is down to his concern for all the American people. David Axelrod, the President’s chief political strategist said the people like President Obama because he is “accessible to me, someone who understands me, and someone I can relate to.” The President has spent his entire term working for Americans at every income level despite Republican obstruction, and Romney makes no secret that his only priority is helping the richest Americans at the expense of the rest of the population. This election will not be a popularity contest by any means, but the ability to relate to, and attempt to help, average Americans struggling through the Republican-caused economic malaise gives the President an advantage.

For the past few days, pundits and media-types have enjoyed what they call “Romney’s gaffes” as if they are aberrations, but they are not gaffes, or mistakes, or miscues; they are the real Romney. His penchant for lying, secrecy, pretentiousness, and arrogance are who the man is and one thing is certain; whether he is visiting foreign countries or running for the presidency at home, Willard Romney is The Ugly American.



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  1. So very correct!
    Wrongney’s worst enemy this election is himself.
    Goes to show you that money can’t everything. Especially when you are lacking a decent character and personality. It will be so easy to portray Wrongney for the snobby disconnected elitist.
    When Obama wins the re-election the political analysts and pundits will have a heck of a time discussing the factors that made him un-electable.
    This election is extremely symbolic and a poetic tale of the struggle of this country to expect more from itself versus getting fatter as we lazily sucking off the oil teat.

  2. Yeah, I remember”The Ugly American”, all right, but that character was just an innocent blowhard compared to this PNAC purveyor of an American Raj.

  3. I very much understand where the journalist who complained about Americans comes from. I’ve seen rich Americans when I was out of the country (and while in Puerto Rico where they acted like they were out of the country)… and they ARE arrogant, loud, obnoxious assholes with no kindness towards working locals. They tend to piss people off towards Americans in general, and it takes hard work from those who aren’t rich to overcome the bad taste they leave everywhere they go.

    Romney is typical “Ugly American”, and I’m glad I don’t have to go anywhere near the bully. He lacks respect for anyone not like him, and it shows. I shudder to think what his kids are like… from my observation, the kids of the rich are usually as bad, as spoiled as their parents and don’t have a clue what real life is like.

    There is probably an entire team following behind him, trying to straighten out the messes he leaves (expecting others to live in them or clean them up themselves). I pity them.

  4. Romney is not transparent now. The same will be carried forward. If he were to be the President, his administration would definitely not be transparent. If you think his flip-flopping is bad now, we would be getting nothing but doublespeak if he were elected.

  5. Romney: “There are a few things that were disconcerting. The stories about the private security firm not having enough people…”


    “Suggesting that Olympic security is not sufficient is pure American arrogance!!!!”

    -Random girl who was able to easily sneak onto the Olympic field and walk with the Indian delegation

  6. Erin: Re “private security forces”–as was pointed out in British media, under its austerity programme, England FIRED all of the highly experienced and long-term government security teams and instead hired private firms at much lower wages, AND it turns out–quality and work ethic.

    That’s what happens when you trade what government is supposed to do and trained to do and meant to do and instead think “private enterprise” can do it better.

  7. Romney’s mental apparatus is becoming clearer and clearer: he has a rigid grid by which he judges others: hierarchy of race, ethnicity, religion, but most of all their WEALTH.

    But he has zero tact.

    Israelis have been offended by Romney’s remark: from today’s DailyKos: “[…]] Said Abraham Diskin, a political science professor at the Inter-Disciplinary Center outside of Tel Aviv. But “you can understand this remark in several ways,” he added. “You can say it’s anti-Semitic. `Jews and money.'”.

    I’m sure this criticism could NEVER penetrate his rather thick skull, aren’t you?

  8. If it were not such a scary thought – Mr. Bendyboots (RePUBIC-Clown in Chief) being the next occupant of the White House, all of his ignorance and stupidity would be amusing. What makes it even more scary is the fact that so many people who are supposedly intelligent would even consider giving him the honor of their vote!

  9. Does he really have a mental apparatus? It has never really been apparent to anyone with a brain behind their eyes. Perhaps it is what he sits upon!

  10. Good article, but diminished by the use of “Willard”. Using a version of his name that he’s not (like calling Obama “Barry”), is stooping. Further, you’re using the name to paint him as a blue-blood—which he so obviously is. My middle name happens to be WIllard, from my grandfather who was very blue collar.

    What I find amazing is how Romney can manage to be both pandering and arrogant at the same time.

  11. Yep, the persona known as Willard Mitt Romney is a f***ing Gaffe.

    That’s just one part of his narcissistic personality that boasts sociopathic tendencies with a whole side of pathological LIAR.

    And, those who support this are either braindead, hyper-greedy non patriots, & billionaires whose only allegiance is to Israel or all three.

  12. Sorry, Willard is Romney’s first name and I think he can be called that without stooping. Romeney is the one who Stoops to Lying.

  13. David, using Willard, as I have done for over four years, has nothing to do with his “blue-blood” or derogatory, it is his name. I would never refer to the President as Barry, it is a nickname like Mitt. BTW, in my home the President is Barack.

  14. @ Dan, dumb as the people who bought bricks to build the buildings in SLC Utah before the olympics. That sadly were bought in China, with a granite mountain just a few miles away in Granite, Utah. I read you could by one for 100 bucks and have your name engraved in it.

  15. Fail. The “random girl” wasn’t random at all. She was a performer in the opening ceremonies; therefore, she had full security clearance beforehand.

    Facts, as they say, can be difficult things.

  16. Let me further my point, if I may, Romney has presented himself as “Mitt” for as long as I’ve seen him on the political scene (since ~2007). I think it is only right for people (us) to use the name that people ask us to use in formal discourse. It’s a matter of self-definition and self-determination.

    Again, I would vote for a turnip before him, but at least let him choose his nom de guerre.

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