Rush Limbaugh Cracks Up and Claims the Olympic Opening Ceremony Was an Obama Conspiracy

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh claimed that the tribute to the NHS during the Olympic opening ceremony was part of a conspiracy to help Obama win reelection.

Transcript via Rush Limbaugh:

LIMBAUGH: Now, the guy who put together the opening ceremony, Danny Boyle, who did Slumdog Millionaire, the movie, he’s a big leftist. They made no secret of this. They actually pulled working nurses out of the hospitals to have ’em participate in the opening ceremony. They honored the Industrial Revolution. They honored unions. This guy decided, okay, we’re gonna put an opening ceremony together of what is good and righteous about the United Kingdom. And, as we’re watching this, and I’m watching this re-creation of the Industrial Revolution, they had these giant smokestacks that came out of the ground. Ah, here we go, global warming, pollution. I started nudging Kathryn, I said, “Here we go. We’re gonna get preached to by a bunch of commie collectivists and so forth.” She said, “Shshshsh, no politics, no politics.”

So I dialed it back, and then the National Health Service thing came. Of all the things that you want to honor. I mean, the people of Great Britain don’t even like the National Health Service! And then it hit me, and then it hit me. It was actually done on behalf of President Kardashian. They did it for Obama. Nobody will convince me otherwise. I mean, they had the cover of doing this and honoring Great Britain, the opening ceremony, but we got a presidential election coming up, three checks away for you welfare recipients, and they honor the National Health Service, and we’re in the midst of a giant controversy. Here, listen to Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira, who they got back out of mothballs for this to help coanchor with Matt Lauer. Here they are as the National Health Service is being honored. This is how NBC covered it.

LAUER: Back in the States you might be saying, wait a second. We’re locked in this kind of partisan debate over the future of health care in our own country. Here, they feel so strongly about their health care system, they’re actually celebrating it as part of the Olympic open ceremony.

VIEIRA: These folks that you’re seeing here, the doctors and nurses, they really are doctors and nurses from the National Health Service, dedicating their lives to helping others. That has to be a great moment of pride.

LIMBAUGH: I’m watching this, and I was in stunned disbelief until I realized what the purpose of this was. No, there wasn’t a whole lot of recognition of World War II. There was maybe a little bit of the First World War, World War I, but no, not much. There was nothing about colonialism, obviously. (laughing) The Queen was there, and they cut to the Queen a couple times. She looked like she was clueless. She looked like she didn’t know what was going on.

Rush Limbaugh believes that the tribute to the National Health Service was done intentionally for the political benefit of Barack Obama, because apparently nobody else in the world watches the Olympic opening ceremonies, but Great Britain and the United States.

Limbaugh also claimed that the British hate the National Health Service, which according to a new poll released today isn’t true. The percentage of respondents who said that the NHS works well and only needs minor changes has increased by six points since October 2011, but if people don’t actually hate the NHS, his whole conspiracy falls apart.

Poor Rush was looking for any excuse he could think of to cover up Mitt Romney’s disastrous foreign tour. Limbaugh was trying to sell his listeners on the idea that the British were out to get Romney because they are in the bag for Obama.

It looks like the continued success of the advertiser boycott is causing Rush Limbaugh’s desperation to increase. Either Limbaugh has lost his mind, or he is desperately trying anything to keep himself relevant as advertisers flee.

How hard must it be to be a mentally deranged conservative and see conspiracies against everywhere you go? People like Limbaugh can’t even watch television without their paranoia getting the best of them.

While Mitt Romney disintegrates before our very eyes, Rush Limbaugh is cracking up. In 99 days voters will chose between sanity and a return to the bad acid trip that is Republican leadership.

45 Replies to “Rush Limbaugh Cracks Up and Claims the Olympic Opening Ceremony Was an Obama Conspiracy”

  1. Kathryn Limbaugh: “Shshshsh, no politics, no politics.”

    His own wife doesn’t want to hear his rants, and he’s so clueless that he lets his listeners know that little tidbit. He might as well start his show by saying, “Hey, the little miss won’t listen to this crap, so I’m gonna blather on into this here microphone and hope someone’s out there to bob their head.”


  2. And romney praised the Israeli healthe care syste3m which is much like the ACE, inlcluding the mandate. Hey Ruch, the torth smoke stacks did not come out of the ground. They were raised from a flat position to a 90% angle by some sort of wench and cam system. No wonder your wife says ‘no politics’ to you. Why did you not shut her up with the back of your hand, you sexist pig?

  3. And romney praised the Israeli health care system which is much like the ACA, including the mandate. Hey Rush, the torch smoke stacks did not come out of the ground. They were raised from a flat position to a 90% angle by some sort of wench and cam system. No wonder your wife says ‘no politics’ to you. Why did you not shut her up with the back of your hand, you sexist pig?

  4. The only people who are greater morons than Limbaugh are the people listen and believe his tripe.

  5. “winch and cam”? ;-) I guess there could have been wenches around somewhere, as well. Rush might have liked it better that way.

  6. Wow Rush…the level of stupidity on your part rises to even more epic levels than I thought possible. If you had stayed in college rather than flunking out and having your first of many experimental flings…you would have learned about Sigmund Freud and what he had to say directly to you…”sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”. What’s your next amazing trick…convince us that Willard can open his lips without telling a lie?

  7. It sounds like the opening ceremony moved him to his very bowels. Meanwhile, there is far less reason to impute senility to the Queen of England than to the King of the Mountain, there (and it isn’t made out of rock).

  8. Could care less what Rush thinks. But England loves its healthcare. Rush just cant get enough lies in during a day

  9. My husband, roommate and myself were watching the opening ceremonies and all wondered right then who would be the first to call it an Obama conspiracy. They are so easy to read, just like a toddler, you know what their next move will be before they do. A bloated, lying, retard.

  10. American thinks it is all about them? Rush is no different from various commentators I have read or NBC for that matter. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  11. where does this end?
    when does this idiocy stop? is there no limit with the RW GOP?
    when are the constituents of the RW GOP LYING MACHINE GOING TO STAND UP AND SAY I AM NOT AN IDIOT–stopy lying and lying and lying about every single thing that has to do with this president!

  12. A good Butcher knows the cuts of choice meat their preferred customers like to eat, and so does Rush Limbaugh.

  13. He praised the Zionist Entity’s health service? Doesn’t he know that the WHO rated the Entity’s health service one place above that of Morocco, a developing country?

  14. “It was actually done on behalf of President Kardashian. They did it for Obama.”

    Did he really say President “Kardashian”?

    Does that have some hidden meaning that I don’t know about, other than famous for being famous?

  15. Talk about a blithering idiot! Limbaugh needs to go to the looney bin. His rants are so for out in RIGHT field it’s ridiculous. Is he back on dope? Just a dope? What’s wrong with him? Do they have a name for what is wrong with him? Who’s paying this guy to look this stupid? Why is he so racist and why does he belittle women so much? Maybe the radio stations just need to get rid of him all together. He’s nearly as crazy as Ted Nugent.

  16. And I’m sure he promised to leave if Obama was elected, because his gosh durn taxes were going to go up. How are those tax cuts working for you Rush?

  17. I figure in another 6-12 months, she won’t have to — the prenup will have kicked in and she can leave with a nice lump sum payment . . .

  18. LOL Rush is on to us folks. He knows that they started planning these things 6 years ago, befor Obama was president. They somehow knew he would be running for re-election . and oddly knew he would be running on a healthcare bill. They also had the forethought to know that Romney would come over and verbally bash them, so this was planned for Obama 6 years ago. He borrowed Mitt’s time machime and retroactively went back in tha time space comtiuum and saw this.

  19. -I mean, the people of Great Britain don’t even like the National Health Service!-

    This is the biggest lie ever told. Someone should inform Guinness.

  20. That’s because the people in Costa Rica actually have some sense. BTW, isn’t it one of the happiest nations to live in in the Western Hemisphere? Maybe because Rush isn’t allowed in there.

  21. I am a Brit and occasionally check what Mr Limbaugh is saying for a lunch time laugh with my work colleagues. He is the same pantheon as Berlusconi and Gadaffi for good quotes. We really don’t have an equivalent of him over here, even the most right wing commentators would appear socialist to him. I am not sure if he really can believe what he says or he says it for a reaction. I thought he might say this about the ceremony so i felt i ought to comment.

    The ceremony has gone down a treat in the UK, with the general public and left and right wing press which is frankly unheard of. There was a bit of a worry it would all be red buses, knights in armour, pomp and troops with bear skin hats or any other cliché about what Britain used to be like 100 years ago when it still had an empire. So it was a pleasant surprise to see it presenting things that most people outside the UK wouldn’t know much about, but culturally means a lot to us. You might not have got it all but hopefully it might have been thought provoking. The consensus was the country couldn’t compete with the Beijing so there was no point trying.

    Well we like supporting American endeavours and wars but I think Rush is taking it a bit far when he says we put it on to support Obama. In fact we all fell about laughing at work. He is just pandering to his own listeners.

    Look it’s a fact everyone in the UK except real right wingers loves the NHS although we moan about it like everything else as that’s our national trait. There is a mantra in the UK, it may not be perfect but you with mess with the NHS or the military at your peril. When support for politicians is at its lowest as it is now the Monarchy and the NHS is one of the only institutions that binds the country together. Its workers get treated with the same reverence as our troops do.

    It is not perfect but all those scare stories about death panels etc i read in one of his rants are just rubbish. I bust my shoulder and it was fixed with pioneering pinning surgery one week after I did it, I was monitored for a year with physio to make sure it was a success. Both my kids were born in NHS hospitals and the care was brilliant even after my wife had complications. My eldest had suspect meningitis; we were in A&E being seen within 20mins of reporting it and she was monitored for three days until she was ok. My grandmother just died in hospital of old age and the care she got for her last few days was excellent, they made her death as comfortable as possible for her and our family. These are the reasons it was featured. Most of us Brits are proud of it.

    He funnily enough misses a few other points on why it was included. The NHS was founded at the end of the 2nd world war when the country was on its knees and at the same time as London last hosted the Olympics. JM Barrie who wrote Peter Pan funds the Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital out of his posthumous royalties. All the kids on the beds were real patients from the hospital with real nurses. Part of the winning bid for the Olympics was it supposedly being for the ‘people’ (although with the amount of corporate sponsorship and empty seats you would think otherwise) hence the ceremony was largely made from the general public.

    When Mr Romney put his foot in it saying the Olympics might not being a success he mentioned the UK press had said the same. He obviously was not well informed by his advisors on our national trait, we love a good moan and being depreciating about everything, it is a national pastime. We moan about everything, even good things.
    He did well to upset a right of centre Prime Minster and Mayor on his first visit when they really should be allies. I look forward to his string of gaffes if he becomes president.

    So here is hoping Brazil does something other than a carnival with a beach atmosphere!

  22. As a former resident of the Uk I can truly say that
    we love our NHS, without it my husband would not be alive today, I have so many American friends who have decided to retire in the UK simply because of the NHS, whether you are rich or poor you are cared for as though you were rich, the name of the game is HEAL THE SICK not MAKE A PROFIT!
    Simple as that.

  23. I don’t believe she was even there! I think he “nudged” blow-up doll; the wife has been long gone living her own life in some remote track-mansion where he can’t get his hands around her neck to keep her from talking…(and yes, she’s waiting for the pre-nup to kick in).

    No woman in her right mind sits around “cozy” on the couch next to “Jabba the Hut” unless they were chained…

    Please. It’s a “conspiracy” to believe he has a real woman, a wife who hangs out with him; NO one is that stupid!

  24. But healing the sick is not one of the “christian” ideals for which Mitt, Rush and the Republican party stands.

    I guess caring for one’s neighbor is immoral and therefore leftist and communist.

    I’m just saying.

  25. Comment from today’s Daily Telegraph in the UK –

    “Limbaugh is a shock jock who gets paid vast amounts of money to invent the most outlandish claims without the necessity of insight or intellect. “

  26. Very good!

    And, of course, if he could go back in his “time machine” he would have told the people of England AFTER WWII, who had very little, that they could not have such nonsense as a world-class health care system run by the government; that future generations would be in ruins if they “socialized” medical care! Certainly, his “nudging” them would have put a stop to it…Super-Rrrrushbo to the rescue!

  27. “but we got a presidential election coming up, three checks away for you welfare recipients”

    What a moron, make sure to denigrate the poor while your at it.
    Is that supposed to be funny?
    I HATE that fat blowhard.
    I sure would like to meet him someday.
    Course he has to be on my side of the street, because I’m not crossing the street to meet his fat behind.

  28. Isn’t that Rush’s fourth wife? How long before he rails on about the attack on traditional marriage again?

    This guy is a total buffoon. Postures for an illusion of Republican values, but is really a drug abusing, draft-dodging man whore. Which is typical finger-pointing BS.

  29. The best part of working on educating Rush’s sponsors comes from educating myself. I’d never listened to his program until March, right after he called a sophisticated woman from Washington, D.C. a slut and a prostitute. Fortunately, there are dozens of people who are listening to Rush Limbaugh for me. I know that AAMCO advertises on his show. That is why I am asking people to sign

  30. Republican leadership is an oxymoron. For the Tea Party folks (I might have spelled that last word wrong), it’s an oxymoran.

  31. Wow.

    Reading the comments, it gives me a bit of hope that the masses aren’t falling for this bullshit.

    Rush is completely psycho. He’s grabbing at straws here. honestly at this point it’s not even politics, the guy is just completely off his rocker.

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