Harry Reid’s Coy Maneuver Paints Romney into a Corner on Tax Returns


With one the utterance of one sentence accusing the Republican nominee of not paying taxes for ten years, Harry Reid dropped a bombshell on Mitt Romney and switched the national discussion back to Romney’s tax returns.

HuffPo reported on their interview with the Senate Majority Leader,

Saying he had “no problem with somebody being really, really wealthy,” Reid sat up in his chair a bit before stirring the pot further. A month or so ago, he said, a person who had invested with Bain Capital called his office.

“Harry, he didn’t pay any taxes for 10 years,” Reid recounted the person as saying.

“He didn’t pay taxes for 10 years! Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain,” said Reid. “But obviously he can’t release those tax returns. How would it look?

“You guys have said his wealth is $250 million,” Reid went on. “Not a chance in the world. It’s a lot more than that. I mean, you do pretty well if you don’t pay taxes for 10 years when you’re making millions and millions of dollars.”


Notice that Reid goes out of his way to say that he doesn’t know if the allegation is true or not. This is an important hint of the intention behind the claim. Sen. Reid’s statement was not really about the question of how many years Romney paid taxes. His point was to put Mitt Romney’s tax returns back into the spotlight.

By suggesting that the Republican nominee did not any taxes for a period of time, Harry Reid changed the political discussion in this country. By not releasing his tax returns, Mitt Romney has turned a bit of gossip that someone heard and passed along into a national news story. The story of Mitt Romney’s tax return secrecy is so explosive that it can return to the top of the news cycle at a moment’s notice.

What Harry Reid did was a brilliant piece of political strategy. He has placed the Romney campaign back on the defensive. The media will once again start asking questions about Romney’s tax returns, and the only way that the Republican nominee can satisfactorily answer these questions is by releasing his tax returns.

There was some chatter earlier today that Romney might try to use the Olympics, his running mate selection, and the Republican convention to play out the clock and avoid releasing his tax returns. As long as Democrats can revive the issue at will, Romney be facing scrutiny about his decision not to release his tax returns from now until November.

To the dismay of many Republicans, it looks like Mitt Romney is willing to lose a presidential election if that is what it takes to keep his tax return secrets buried.

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  1. He’s probably more afraid of letting his church know how much money he didn’t tithe on, than he is of the American people.

  2. I wish the writer would let me proofread his or her work. It distracts and annoys me when there are errors in a document, column, book or blog.

  3. Absolutely fantastic!
    The great part is Mittens will still refuse to show his taxes. So–more speculation. So its kind of like he’s between a rock and a moat full of alligators.

  4. Until Romney releases these tax returns, it is not possible to know what the most damaging thing in the returns will be; and to some extent it doesn’t matter if there is any one specific thing that is very damaging.

    It is, however, a certainty that Romney’s tax returns will continue to tell the story of Romney as an extraordinarily wealthy man whose financial life is very different from those of ordinary Americans and who has engaged in the kinds of wealthy person financial shenanigans which, while not illegal, will raise more questions about Romney and his wealth.

    In any event, Mitt Romney needs to release his tax returns and let the voters decide what they think about his record. He likes to talk about his record, and paint the narrative himself, but he doesn’t seem to trust the people enough to give us the facts and let us decide.

  5. Mitt will not release his tax returns under any conditions that I can think. Therefore he will be dodging this question through the fall up to the election. Sweet!! One point for the good guys.

  6. This is the republican gambit and Im glad he is using it. Say something whether or not its true. Romney has been doing it for several years, and the GOP congress does it daily

  7. That’s what you get out of this article?

    Condescending people annoy me.

    Start your own blog if you can do better.

  8. Mittens is in the position of trying to answer the old question: So, tell me, when did you stop beating your wife?

  9. The RWNJ’s have been harping on the Birther non-issue for over 4 years now, and still haven’t shut their cake-holes- even 2 years *after* he produced his official Hawaii state Long Form Birth Certificate. So, uh, nope- I don’t think this issue is going away any time soon.

    They can dish it out but, boy they sure can’t take it- I think something I’m seeing this election cycle that I haven’t seen before is the willingness for we progressives to skin our knuckles a little bit. We need to keep this issue right up front, mainly as a character issue. Seriously, I’m not Obama’s biggest fan, but IMO he’s the best man for the job. I believe he sincerely wants to make our country great and respected again, and he doesn’t have million$ stashed offshore to avoid taxes…

    Mitt Romney is the personification of the hubris of the Privileged Class, and their disdain for “you people”

  10. Well Mitt for brains actually said he’d be “happy” to go back and look at his returns. Oh, wait, what? He backed down in the next sentence? By tomorrow he should be saying that he didn’t say he’d be happy to look at his returns. What happened to whatever it was I said, I stand by it?

  11. However, I think some Bain guy did call Harry and Why, is a story in itself. But, Reid definitely stated he did not know if it were true.

    Harry Reid has a reputation for being a cautious man so there’s speculation that he didn’t put this out there without some inside scoop. Time will tell us more but for now it’s a hellava good way to get the talk back on willard’s hiding his tax returns like he hides everything else.

  12. i heard someone say that they overheard Romney say ” I will release those tax returns when Mr. Obama releases his ORIGINAL birth certificate.” I can’t really quote the exact source but somebody said they heard somebody say they heard Mitt say it.

  13. Rumor has it that Mitt Romney owns a string of Abortion Clinics…

    Could be wrong, but…

    We’ll never know unless Romney releases at least 10 years of complete Tax returns.

  14. Thats BS and you know it. DOnt be so transparent when you try to be coy. Obama did release his ” ORIGINAL birth certificate” as it is released BY the state of Hawaii. Sorry, you have to try harder.

  15. I have been waiting on the tax returns for months. is he having trouble finding them…maybe the got lost in the shaft of his elevator he built in his basement which you could get off of any floor including the garage. I think this man needs to just come back to earth , release those forms and quit trying to treat the American people like we have no clue to what is hiding.

  16. You are right about that Fritz, I think. Recently his wife Ann got aggravated about the question of his tax returns not being released and stated, “He pays his tithes to the church; he’s good about that…”. In my head I thought, what does that have to do with anything, especially since he would be barred from the Mormon temple if he failed to pay his tithes. That wouldn’t do at all, if the public found out. Still, it has nothing to do with paying taxes. He wrote $77,000 for a horse on one of the two he reveal. Can you imagine what he wrote off in his taxes before he knew he was going to run for president?

  17. Is that offer open to any writer, Romare? Want to proof mine. I usually write a couple of articles a day and good editing is hard to come by. Of course I get paid peanuts, so I can’t pay you, but if you are any good, I’d let you do it for free.

  18. If Romney chooses to lose the election rather than to release his tax returns, it must be pretty explosive stuff.

    I would just sit back and enjoy the fun, but for the nagging worry that somehow a sufficient number of voters will become zombies and elect him.

  19. I discovered today that Romney declared the dressage horse to be a business, for tax purposes. There is no extent to Romney’s greed for amassing huge sums of money.

  20. I believe there’s something to this story. In the last article “The Boston Globe” wrote about Romney, the information included in it that confirmed that Romney was deeply involved in operations at Bain after 1999 was revealed by anonymous sources who had actually worked with Romney at Bain after 1999. I think Senator Reid didn’t reveal the name of his source for the same reason. There are people who know things about Romney who are willing to speak “off the record,” and I can understand why. They know that if their identities are revealed, it could affect their ability to continue working in the financial industry. There are a lot of members of the financial industry backing Romney, and I wouldn’t put it past them to destroy anyone who they view as a threat to his campaign.

  21. The standard Democratic statement should be, Mitt Romney did not pay taxes for ten years, How could he be President by not paying taxes, like all other Americans have to? This should be the talking point of every Democratic talking head, The only way the narrative will change is if he Releases his past ten years of returns.

  22. Robme has been running for President for years, it should have been obvious to him that he would have to release his tax returns as his Dad did if he had a brain & plan accordingly.

    Sr. Romney, paid his taxes & didn’t take advantage of any tax loopholes that he could have. Even Cheney did the same thing, releasing 11 years of his returns. But no, Willard is too greedy & too arrogant not to take advantage of every loophole & even make some up. He has to get more money, more money, never enough money. He arrogantly figures he’s so far above us all, all he has to do is refuse to divulge anything – about his plans, his policies, his game plan for a new war, his cult of a religion & their plans for a Mormon Theocracy, and his tax records. After all, if he divulges any of those things, no one will vote for him. He said it, he lives it.

    Does he believe he already is a God on this planet and can do anything he wants? He’s acting like it as is Queen Annie. Does she realize she’ll only be one of many on his planet?

  23. It’s probably a combination of paying extremely low to no taxes during some of those years and not ponying up a full 10% tithe to LDS. I just wonder which he’s more worried about being made public!

  24. Senator Harry Reid claims that Mitt Romney did not pay any taxes over a 10 year period. Apparently a phone call to him from an unnamed person was sufficient for Reid to make that claim in public. If that is a sufficient basis for claims of that sort, here is another: Many years ago a woman called my office to claim that Reid had an affair with the wife of an animal act owner and performer in Las Vegas. The caller gave me the woman’s name; the name of the girlfriend who went along as the “beard” and who knew the details; and additional information related to the woman’s later divorce, which Reid handled as her attorney. Is this claim true? I have no idea…but apparently all that is required now is to report phone calls.

  25. He certainly cannot release his 2008 return. It would probably show voter fraud. Nobody will believe that he lived in the unfinished basement at his son’s house during that year.

  26. VOTER FRAUD???
    Can you imagine how Republican Voter’s would react to that?
    Pubs are brainwashed into a Frenzy over Vote Fraud!
    What will happen to these poor/misinformed FOX Viewers when they see Obama win a second Term?
    Will we see Tea Party people jumping out of buildings?

  27. Mr Romney may just feel like WE all owe him because he saved the Olympics, while doing so all those “partners” became so much richer than he….. Oh poor envious Mr Romney

  28. McCain saw his returns when he was considering him as a running mate… They chose Palin instead! …just saying

  29. He’s probably more afraid that the American people will learn that he faithfully tithes significantly more to his church than he pays in taxes.

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  31. most people that have studied him dont need tax returns to know who he is but for idiots who think they are rich and have less than 100 million think they are rich and should have blind faith in the party of the rich need tax returns to believe that the romney fairy tale prince is just another frog.

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