Romney Spokesperson Loses It. Tells Press to “Kiss My Ass” and “Shove it”

Romney campaign to our allegedly free press: Kiss my ass, this is a holy site!

So, the Romney world tour of gaffes is complete, it seems. It ends in Poland with the Romney campaign blaming the press for the candidate’s horrific media coverage, from Mitt the Twit in London to Racist Romney in Israel. Romney’s press secretary told American journalists to “kiss my ass” and “shove it” today.

Romney is now in Poland, playing up “freedom” and “liberty” while ignoring that it was the labor union Solidarity movement that fought against Communist rule (someone really ought to tell Fox News that). In fact, the Solidarity movement distanced themselves from Romney due to his attacks on unions here in the U.S., in spite of his invite from former Solidarity leader, Lech Walesa.

After Romney visited Warsaw’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the press tried to ask a few questions, and you know how dismayed Republicans are over our semi- free press. No more, for the liberty! Things boiled over for the campaign when Rick Gorka, Romney’s travelling press secretary, lashed out when asked by reporters from CNN, WaPo, and the NYT about Romney’s many mishaps and gaffes.

A CNN reporter asked, “Governor Romney, are you concerned about some of the mishaps of your trip.”

Gorka said, “Kiss my ass. This is a holy site for the Polish people.”

Oh, so holy, Mr. Gorka! At least he didn’t say fu*king holy site, right?

Mr. Gorka went Sarah Palin 2008 and demanded that the press “show some respect” for Romney, which translates to “do not ask questions he doesn’t want to answer.”

Mr. Gorka saved his final insult for Politico, when he told a Politico reporter to “shove it”.

Just like the candidate he represents, Mr. Gorka later tried to reverse his outburst, retroactively taking it back with an apology.

Etch-a-sketch it, Gorka, and we’ll all believe.

Here’s Mitt Romney meeting former Polish President Lech Walesa:

Overshadowing his visit to Poland is the outrage Romney left boiling behind him in Israel, with Jewish leaders joining Palestinians in calling Romney a racist over his remarks noting the “the dramatic, stark difference in economic vitality” between the Jewish and Palestinian cultures, which many feel he attributed to an innate superiority of Jews. That’s okay for Romney as the more he insults the Palestinians the better it is for him with his base and his donor Sheldon Adelson, but what he may not have intended to do was insult the Jewish people.

“You can understand this remark in several ways,” political science professor Abraham Diskin at the Inter-Disciplinary Center outside of Tel Aviv told the Associated Press. “You can say it’s anti-Semitic. ‘Jews and money.'”

Hey, Associated Press, kiss Romney’s ass! He won’t be answering any of your questions until you ask the questions he wants to answer — for the liberty.

What you’re seeing here is the result of a very insecure candidate after a week of relentlessly negative press, during what was meant to be Romney’s soft debut onto the world stage.

Romney can blame the press all he wants, but a real leader should be able to handle the press, and a real leader should certainly be able to handle saying a few supportive words about the Olympics and refrain from racist comments while visiting an exceptionally sensitive area. If Romney thinks he can use the press for photo ops while ignoring questions he should have expected about his Insult the World tour, then he doesn’t really understand the job of President.

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  1. I know MM it’s so irritating that some people hate Obama so much that they would rather have this guy, who is politic’s answer to Leslie Nielsen’s character Lt. Frank Drebin as their President. I don’t get it.

  2. True, it’s not that close. Wait until Willard has to answer for his lies, and he will if he shows up for debates.

  3. Dragonpuff, I would like to hear more. Really, you posted quite a teaser… please share what you base this comment on. I don’t know about it. Is Obama getting more support than the polls indicate?

  4. I totally agree with MM and Bruce. Do people really believe that “anyone” is better than President Obama? I guess the bar is set pretty low to except him as a viable option. Mitt absolutely scares the life out of me and what will happen to this country if he is elected.

  5. Perhaps you’re right. I have been thinking this whole election is shaping up to be one of the biggest con jobs for the 1%.

    The whole “If I am elected, I will repeal healthcare” first made me suspicious, because it is quite unlikely that Romney, even if elected, could actually overturn ACA. And what would he do the day after anyway?
    So I wondered also why he would keep saying it? Simple answer. He is milking the super wealthy. The corporations, the insurance industry, the health care corporations. The whole GOP must be in on it.

    If the figures showed (what is likely the true state of things) that Obama is comfortably in the lead, then less money would be thrown down the Willard rathole. Also, the chief benefactor of the Citizens United decision are broadcasters who profit from all this increased advertising spending. They certainly do not want to kill their own golden goose by informing the 1% that Romper room Romney hasn’t an ice cube’s chance in Iowa.

    There’s a darker scenario, of course. They have to lie about the poll numbers to make it look close when they steal the election. That’s too frightening to think about.

  6. Have you heard anything about any debates? I can’t imagine how THAT would go..but it should be very entertaining. I can imagine how the rehearsals are going even now..
    “Gee whiz, guys. You really mean I cannot do what Sarah did and answer MY questions instead of theirs? Next you’ll be telling I can’t wink and blow kisses at my wife in the audience! Gosh-dang it!”

  7. “Kiss my ass!” That’s Republican diplomacy, folks. That’s the Republican message to “you people”, AKA we the 99%

  8. Frankly, that comment is inexcusable. I suppose the end result will be another failed test of Romney’s ability to lead when he doesn’t ask for his spokesman’s resignation.

    I thought it was a joke when I read the headline. But it wasn’t. But the whole Romney campaign is the actual joke.

  9. Romney isn’t fit to be a dog catcher, why would any one vote for this creep to be president of the USA! I’m not in love with Obama, but I trust him more than this Big liar whom hide his tax return and money overseas, also makeup,lie after lie this idot would cause the Usa to be attack with his dumb ideal he can’t leave the USA with out embarrassing us making racist and offensive remarks to our friends oversea.

  10. MM please keep in mind that a large part of the white American voting population are still trying to make up their mind whether they want to TRUST Barack Obama with four more years of “driving the American Bus into the future”. In their hearts they know a great reward awaits this nation if they stick with Obama; but they have to win the argument with the other demon in their mind that says, “enough of this black guy, does he really know what he’s doing?” It simply comes down to a holy battle between conventional American racism and inspirational righteousness.

    I deeeply believe that this is the choice that GOD is placing before white American voters in November. GOD’s question to this population is this – can they leave the baggage of 18th, 19th, and 20th century racism behind as the American nation moves through the magnificant new world of the 21st century? As recent events have clearly shown the forces assembled against the President are beyond imagination. Over a trillion dollars raised in opposition,voter suppression legislation paseed in over 30 states designed to deny the vote to those people who would normally support the President,and even worse computerized voting equipment that is faulty, obsolete, and easily subject to tampering.

    Mitt Romney is not so much a candidate as he is merely “an empty suit” who is just standing by waiting to win the election by default as the Republicans throw the kitchen sink at Obama’s re-election bid.

    If you want to see Romney’s candidacy go up in smoke, start asking Romney about the company he owned in 1999 thru 2002 named STERICYCLE….

  11. Now, isn’t that a little like, “Goddamn it, shut your shitty mouth and show some respect, can’t you see you’re in a fucking church?”

  12. Wait, a republican blaming the press?

    Tell you what. Along with dumping the entire congress lets dump the entire media compliment as well.

  13. Indeed, Stericycle is a time bomb.

    The funniest thing about the whole Stericycle problem is that it opens up two problems at the same time: the questions of his real commitment to pro-life issues and the question whether he was actually working at Bain Capital after 1999.

    One source of information about Stericycle- which Romney might easily have touted as a private sector solution to a public need- was an organization called Repent America!

    Their campaign Campaign to Stop Stericycle (CSS) is chock full of details about Stericycle. (Strangely, while CSS gives lots of info about investors in Stericycle, Bain Capital is never listed.)

    For more information:

    The Christian pro-lifer church leaders who have already endorsed Romney as THE pro-life candidate must know they have been duped and are now keeping a very low profile. Of course they ought to be apologizing to the supporters and retracting their support.

  14. You’re right about it not being as close as “some would have us believe”; unfortunately, you’re mistaken about the direction in which the misleading goes. Don’t believe me? That’s fine, but I would have your review the debates from 1980 which candidate Reagan so handily “won” by all reports (save mine alone, near as I could discover).

    Seeing the sense of them in retrospect might save you a nasty shock come election day in November.I am not kidding in the least, and you’re wrong to think me a fool; I do live in “Red America” and I don’t consort with swells… bubble-free I live, if you will.

    I do realize the notion defies credulity, but I’ll leave the last word in this matter to George Carlin: “Think of how stupid the average person is… and then remember half the people are stupider than that.”

  15. May I add, to the extent which folks’ stupidity won’t cover Mittens’ unfeather’d rump their native venality will suffice.

  16. The trend is appearing to be that the American voting public will tell Willard to kiss their collective ass and get lost, come November…

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