Right Wing Billionaires Shudder as PolitiFact Confirms Bernie Sanders Speaks the Truth

Sen. Bernie Sanders has seen his statements about wealth inequality come under vicious attack from the right. Today, PolitiFact confirmed that Sen. Sanders’ statement about the Walton family having more wealth than the bottom 40% is true.

A little over a week ago Sen. Bernie Sanders tweeted that, “Today the Walton family of Walmart own more wealth than the bottom 40 percent of America.” Sanders also made this statement during his recent congressional testimony on Citizens United.

Even though Sen. Sanders has been discussing the issues of wealth inequality and fighting for middle class and working Americans for years, it was his recent report about the impact of Citizens United and the 26 billionaires who are trying to buy the 2012 election that has raised the ire of the right.

The Vermont senator’s recent statements about the Walton family caught the attention of PolitiFact, and the Pulitzer Prize winner fact checkers analyzed Sanders’ tweet.

PolitiFact concluded that, “The statistic correctly compares the combined net worth of the bottom 41.5 percent of American families with the six Walton family members. We think the additional points — that many people with a negative net worth are not necessarily poor and that percentages about wealth distribution can be deceiving — are important and interesting. Nevertheless, Sanders’ claim is solid. We rate it True.”

The right has been trying various tactics to undermine the message of Sen. Sanders. Their favorite one seems to be to complain that Sanders only goes after conservative billionaires. They frequently ask why Sanders doesn’t go after the liberal billionaires who are buying elections. The answer to that question is that liberal billionaires aren’t holding secret conferences to fundraise and strategize about how to purchase our elections.

The answer is that left isn’t engaging in the same behavior to the same degree that the right is. There is a reason why Democrats support efforts to overturn Citizens United, and Republicans are opposed. The conservative billionaires have become the lifeblood of the Republican Party. They pick the candidates. The right wing billionaires buy the ads, and when their candidates are elected, they pass the legislation. Conservative billionaires own and operate the Republican Party.

Bernie Sanders is dangerous to the interests of these billionaires, because as PolitiFact confirmed, he is telling the truth about their activities. In a political system where incumbents have been terrorized into silence by Citizens United empowered billionaires, Sen. Bernie Sanders stands alone.

The only way that the billionaires will be defeated is if the American people stand together against wealth inequality, and demand their country back. Sen. Sanders has the message that can put the tools of our representative democracy back into the people’s hands.

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  1. I don’t begrudge the Walton’s their success, but geezzz why can’t they start paying their employees, the biggest contributors to their success, a decent living wage????!

  2. Here’s the supreme irony — that bottom 40%, that the Waltons have MORE MONEY THAN, mostly WORK FOR THE WALTONS!


  3. Three words regarding the fallacy that liberal billionaires don’t buy elections: Mayor Mike Bloomberg

  4. What further infuriates me is that the taxpayers are subsidizing Walmart. We are doing so via their workers– because they are paid poverty level wages on which they cannot subsist– in the form of food stamps, SSI, and other aid. It is time to demand that corporations that reap huge profits pay their employees a living wage and decent benefits. It is time to end corporate welfare and grow the middle class.

  5. Yes, liberal billionaires are buying elections. That’s why Republicans are so solid in their opposition to Citizens United. And Sam isn’t spinning in his grave. He taught them how to do this.

  6. “The only way that the billionaires will defeated is if the American people stand together against wealth inequality, and demand their country back.”

    —Much as I love and respect Bernie, that’s a fantasy. We can stand and demand all we want but the best we can hope to get back is a burnt out shell.

    “Yeah, we got your country back right here, hold on a sec…there ya go.”

  7. The truth is clear, the reason the Waltons are the richest is consumerism, not producing anything or making the country better. They simple supply cheap goods made from overseas child labor and sell it to us. They are the reason so many small family businesses are gone, they have infected this country with low wage jobs and cheap krap. Greedy bastards all.

  8. I do. If the success is gained through exploiting and causing suffering for others, then they don’t deserve it.

  9. I don’t know If Walmart still does it but they used to have employee meetings telling their employees how to get government benefits as you’ve described. It’s just sick that people that wealthy can’t pay their people enough to live on.

  10. Walton’s are so rich because they externalize EVERYTHING. The workers that manufacture their crap are all in Southeast Asia, China or Mexico and their employees all here in the US (except management, all make minimum wage or barely above, without insurance or any other benefits worth speaking of and drain on our tax dollars in the form of food stamps, medicade and the likes. On top of that, they probably pay hardly any taxes on their earnings.

    I don’t begrudge anyone for making a success out of themselves, but ffs, when you do it at the rest of the country’s expense, I have issue.

  11. I have to admit, I always hated Walmart. I was a UFCW union employee at a union shop. I knew that they were bad. I could not STAND walking into their stores, regardless of how they treated their employees. In the Northern affluent states, do you realize how piss poor you have to be to choose to shop at a Walmart in Oregon?

    Fast forward to North Carolina. Do you realize how many fucking Walmarts there are? It’s white bread an Velveeta all the way down here, baby. It makes me want to cry. You can not even imagine how bad the lack of culture is down here. If you go to a restaurant and order the spicy food, that means they have salt AND pepper.

    Don’t even let me get started.

  12. In this case, divide and conquer is a good strategy. When you divide the 99% against the 1% how could that be bad?

  13. Sam Walton built his company, and his children inherited his lifelong work. The Walton family did not pay estate taxes, since they did not receive assets, they received trusts that allow them to leverage money they can not control (trusts) into capital gains they can control. The GOP Congress set up a generation of American nobility by lowering capital gains taxes and estate taxes.

    All of the work Rough Rider Teddy did to break up monopolies has been undone. It will take another collapse of our markets to wipe out the leverage capabilities of the 1%. It really does take money to make money. Of course, if the markets collapse again, banks will have to lower all mortgages and the cost of living will drop dramatically. This is the last thing the banks want, because a mortgage is how a wage earner gets trapped into “workin’ for the man.”

  14. bloomburg isn’t a liberal, he is a moderate republican. it’s a sad state when the right is calling republicans liberal. i guess in a few more news cycles trump or palin might be called liberal. the right wing is so ignorant.

  15. The Wal-mart system works in places that are under-educated and in need of jobs and economic stimulus. They are very big in areas of extreme poverty where people do not have access to other or more quality opportunities and selection. Many minority and Native American people work for and place a huge amount of their purchasing power in the Wal-mart brand because they have no understanding of how badly they are being exploited by first world standards. The politics that Wal-mart owners support are atrocious and many poor people know this but have no voice economically to stand against this corruption. This to me is an interesting parallel between economic gain and politics that should be studied further.

  16. They have tried to unionize at walmart many times. Walmart prevents it from happening by “promoting” people to so called management positions, cutting hours so there aren’t enough full timers and shuffling employees between stores so there aren’t enough in any one store to form a union.

  17. Bloomberg is no more republican John Kennedy was. Considering his anti-gun, anti-self defense policies, his attempts to make everyone healthy by banning large sodas, and a million other things, he can hardly be called republican. Not sure I would call him democrat either. I think it would be better to describe Bloomberg as an ignorant, wannabe dictator.

  18. Let’s not forget that walmart gets many local tax breaks also. Typically when they build new stores they require tax breaks from local municipalities because of the promise to employ xxx people. They continue to require those tax breaks year after year after year by threatening to close their doors and put people out of work.

  19. I personally hate walmrt. Only shop there when it’s the last resort. But, let’s not single them out when it comes to greed, tax breaks, etc.
    Oil companies are one of the worst. They net hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Way more than walmart. Yet they also pay little to no taxes AND receive hundreds of millions in tax payer money in the form of subsidies. General Electric, considered one of the largest corporations in the world, same thing.
    As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to billionaires buying elections, both democrat and republican are guilty of that. Both parties are in the hip pocket of billionaires and billion dollar corporations. BOTH PARTIES! Our country should be renamed to “The United Corporate States of America”

  20. The difference between a liberal billionaire and a republican billionaire “buying elections” is that the motives of the repubs are more profit based and less about investing in new industries and technologies.
    The liberal billionaires do not stand to profit directly from all contributions made as they are more interested in providing for the greater good. These benefactors seek a government that is smart with business but safe as well. The other side is only concerned with making money and usually that money is made at the expense of others.

  21. Republicans do not care what the majority of us think, believe, or desire. No amount of signatures or petitions will change that. The Republicans only concern are their billionaire handlers and owners. I do not believe, for one minute, that Republican give a damn about anything else besides furthering the agendas of their wealthy and powerful benefactors.

  22. Paying their employees better wages and benefits would cut into their profits, which would reduce their private fortunes. I hate their commercials with smiling, loyal, grateful employees because I know they are getting screwed financially.

  23. this attack on the wealthy is utter nonsance and if the drmocrats hadn’t done all this wealth distribution we wouldn’t be in the mess were in. as far as walmart goes AMERICA IS A FREE MARKETR SYSTEM and you can’t blame walmart for the wages…
    the people that got those jobs had a choice to work for they were offered. if the pay wasn;t right rhen don;t take the job….common sence.

    by raising the tax an the wealthly the country will bring in 85billion a year and we pay 85 billion a day in intweerest on the debt…this is a mute point so why do it…

  24. Not only the employees but the American people, because many of the employees need Medicaid and Snap just to survive.

  25. LOL Fox News? There hasnt been any wealth distribution!


    Why do it? Because every little bit helps.

  26. wow, So not working and starving or get under paid at Walmart. That is an awesome choice!

    the tax is not a moot point it is still 85billion.

  27. I have been, for over a year, changing the Grand Old Party, the Republicans to GET OUR PROFITS…No concern for the employee on low wages, efforts at Union busting, and dance to the music of millions of dollars donated by puppeteers. They pull the strings and the elected offical dances to their tune. Bernie Sanders tells the truth. More Americans need to listen! Just watched hours of testimony on the spending sprees of the GSA, despite edicts from the President to curtail those excesses.Watch what goes on in the government, despite Obama’s forceful rules, they seem to have been ignored. Can we continue to blame him for deficits?

  28. I agree, but the idea of having a multitide of commodities in one location is a great attraction for shoppers. Especially the ones that sell meat, produce and lawn mowers at the same store. I do not patronize one.

  29. You do realize that it’s not “raising” tax on the wealthy, it’s NOT allowing an extension of Bush tax cuts. They had 10 years of cuts plus loopholes, time to go back to the way it was now, no one gets recess forever.

  30. When a corp will only hire the majority of their employees to just under full time then, instruct them how to get food stamps … That’s WRONG!

    Walmart also has most of their employees rely on local government subsidized (we all pay) healthcare. That’s wrong!

  31. The post by Erika has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. Go figure its filled with spelling errors and looks like it was written by a 5 year old. This is proof that not all Conservatives are stupid (i.e., the billionaires that have duped you into thinking its in your interest to vote for them), but most stupid people (i.e., Erika) are Conservative.

    The Democrats haven’t done any “wealth distribution”, they haven’t been permitted to raise taxes on the wealthy because the Republicans have blocked every attempt to do so…and its idiots like you who are paying the price for it. What person in their right mind would think that in a country with three hundred million people, that one family could own 40 per cent of the wealth…That’s not democracy, its not freedom, its not what the US was founded upon, its archaic medieval European feudalism and nothing more. Socialism for the rich, free market for poor saps like you who can’t think for yourself.

  32. Hi David,

    Must agree with your comment about Erica’s contribution being utter drivel. However, I believe I am far from dumb and consider myself a conservative inasmuch as I have a way of life to conserve.

    I would not call the current philosophy of the RePUBIC-clown party to be truly conservative but selective conservatism in that it seems they believe in conserving only the continuance of the overindulgent lifestyle of the super-rich at the expense of the rest of America.

    How right you are when you say the Democrats have not done any wealth distribution to the majority for the simple reason their every attempt has been thwarted by the greed of the extremists who are the Republican party of the present.

  33. Virtually all of the Walton’s family fortune came directly out of the pockets of poor uneducated whites, and poorer uneducated blacks. What if only 1 or 2% of those profits went back into improving education in those areas where Walmart thrives? Well, that would naturally reduce the ideal customer base. Why would wealthy people voluntarily jeopardize their income stream? It’s not logical.

    “If a million illiterate rednecks made me rich, then TWO million illiterate rednecks will make me even richer!” This has become the mantra of Conservatives today, and their advertising outlets like Fox, working 24/7 to produce cripplingly misinformed people in ever greater numbers.

    The sad truth is that NO ONE opposes the redistribution of wealth. The only argument is who gets to be on the receiving end . . . weather it should be distributed up or down.

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