It’s a Big F**king Deal: Free Preventive Care for 47 Million Women Kicks in Today

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Today is the start of free preventive care for women courtesy of President Obama and the Democrats in Congress. It includes among other things free preventive care for moms and babies. Naturally, Republicans tried to block this portion of the Affordable Care Act from kicking in today because healthy women, moms and babies are not a conservative priority.

This portion of the Affordable Care Act, which grants preventive health care services without co-pays or additional out-of-pocket costs, impacts 47 million women. National Organization for Women President Terry O’Neill said, “No longer will women be compelled to forego or delay needed preventive care due to economic hard times.”

Republicans stuck their toe out to try to repeal it yesterday (hiding their repeal in a cybersecurity bill like the stealthy dark lords of death they are):

After Harry Reid praised the new preventive benefits for women in the Affordable Care Act which take effect tomorrow, Mitch McConnell took the floor of the Senate and called for another repeal vote by attaching it as an amendment to the cybersecurity bill.

We should be grateful that the Republicans have made it absolutely clear what will happen if we elect them in November. People who are sick will be in danger of losing their coverage to predatory insurance companies. Women will be denied preventive healthcare by insurance providers with profit as their only motive.

Watch the Ed Show break down the Republicans attempt to block you from free preventative care:

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NOW notes:

These guidelines also require insurers to cover mammograms, pap tests and other critical preventive services. Breast and cervical cancer are leading causes of death among women, and early detection is key. According to the National Cancer Institute, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and when it is detected early, the five-year survival rate is 98 percent. That’s why it’s so important that the Affordable Care Act gives women access to an annual health exam without any co-pays.

Other preventive services include screening for gestational diabetes; domestic violence screening and counseling; breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling; HPV testing; screening for sexually transmitted infections and counseling for sexually-active women; and HIV screening and counseling. And beginning in 2014, women can no longer be charged more than men for the same health plans and can no longer be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions.

The ACA also covers such pro-life preventive care as maternity and well-baby care. What do Republicans have against babies and pregnant women?

O’Neill cautioned that even as we celebrate the freedom of accessible preventive health care, Republicans (also known as extremists now) are gunning to take these benefits away, “As we celebrate today, we know there is much work to do. Extremists in Congress are bent on repealing the Affordable Care Act, and Mitt Romney has pledged to do just that if he is elected president. NOW will work to defeat these politicians and to ensure that all the women of this country have access to affordable health care.”

The Republicans in Congress have been actively working to take rights away from women, from birth control to domestic violence protection. It’s hard to champion the party of “liberty” when they work so hard to steal liberty from the majority of American citizens. Furthermore, preventive medicine saves lives and money. It’s good fiscal sense and it’s civilized. Some of us actually care about babies’ health, no matter their station in life.

Perhaps that’s why Republicans are so opposed to it. It seems Republicans like nothing so much as expensive, unpaid for and unfunded policies that threaten the lives of American citizens (wars, no healthcare, their on-going in spite of its futility repeal-healthcare-circus show etc).

The CBO concluded that repealing ObamaCare would increase the deficit over the next decade by $109 billion. Increase the deficit. Hmmm. Sounds perfect for the Republican Party. No wonder they’re working so hard to repeal it that they have wasted $50 million doing so while accomplishing little else for the last two years.

As we reported on July 11, “CBS notes that Republicans have taken up at least 80 hours, that’s two weeks, of time trying to repeal the ACA, knowing it won’t go anywhere. They also point out that while critical deadlines loom over important issues like the Bush tax cut expiration, House Republicans instead waste time on a repeal vote to nowhere.”

Many women who would not have had access to life-saving preventative care prior to today will now have access. Pregnant women now have access to preventive care. Republicans tried to block this yesterday.

It’s almost as if Republicans are telling women and babies they don’t value the lives of the poor and even middle class who can’t afford the copay, let alone the costs of these tests without insurance. Pro-life Republicans? Not so much.

12 Replies to “It’s a Big F**king Deal: Free Preventive Care for 47 Million Women Kicks in Today”

  1. For those of you who don’t care about women’s right because you are evil women haters, maybe you’ll care about the fact that free preventative care, AND contraception costs society far less that the consequences of not having these. I explain this in mywhy abortion should be easily available, and free for any woman that wants one. It’s at my YouTube channel Zarrakan, and here’s the name:

    2011 11 29 ZOC Abortion

    Watch it, share it, and join the fight against the evil anti-abortionists.

  2. I feel that republican women need to deny themselves this coverage in the vein of personal responsibility. You dont want this coverage, you really dont deserve it.

    But we know they will use it, and their republican husbands will be happy they do.All the while complaining it should be abolished

  3. This monumental part of the ACA is a strike against the anti-women movement in America. It also defines the nature of compassion we’ve come to expect from our President. Conversely, the GOP’s opposition informs the contempt Republicans have for women. Get ready for a new round of assaults from the ChrisoFascists. The war on women just entered a new phase and it will not be pretty because if there’s one thing they will not tolerate, it’s healthy women; even their own.

  4. Everyone knows the purpose of pregnancy, childbirth, and babies is to punish women for having sex, including rape, which is in turn their punishment for having vulvas. “Gahd” said so, after all, and we can’t thwart the will of “Gahd” by enabling women and their sin-born spawn to evade “His” will, can we?

  5. I sincerely hope that during the 3-month window between today and the November 6th election, more than enough women will have benefited enough to swing the election toward Barack Obama. This is what Willard wants to dismantle, and his callousness should be remembered and used against him to keep him out of the White House.

  6. Exactly what I referred to below, isn’t it? Religious freedom is, to them, the freedom to do what the “Gahd” they made in their image “told” them to do, and they really know they made “him” up.

  7. Why do those of a socialist persuasion always talk about free programs? These health care benefits may be a good thing, but they most certainly are not free. One way or another someone will be paying for them.

  8. I can’t but help think that a large portion of the Right Wing criminalization of uteruseses (uteri?) has to do with their disingenuous avoidance of their own hypocrisy. By forcing women to have kids they can’t afford, they don’t have to address the idea that children are the responsibility of the entire society. If that’s true, then the Dominionists are honor-bound by their worship of Jesus to care for all of those who can’t care for themselves. That means that citizens of any nation must not only pay taxes to support the infrastructure, they must do whatever possible to keep children, the disabled, and everyone else out of poverty and homelessness.

    That’s what terrifies the One Percent and its Fundie allies and mind-controlled fans- not just the majority of our federal politicians and the candidates who are millionaires (at minimum). “To their ability to pay” effectively negates any reason to pay billions of dollars to get their candidate elected, when almost half the country is living below poverty levels and most of those children don’t eat full meals everyday. Allowing women access to birth control and cancer screenings only helps the country manage its resources in such a way as to remain competitive with the rest of the planet. Population densities, morbidity statistics- those are major factors in ensuring the fate of the human species.

  9. That is obvious, but then again you have to go beyond the rhetoric. It is free for women at the point of use, but is paid for by all the premiums people pay. That includes women

    You dont have to be socialist to think this way. After all Pbamacare did come direct from the GOP think tank the Heritage Foundation and was pushed by the GOP until Obama used it.

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