A Terrified Fox News Trots Out Sarah Palin to Attack Elizabeth Warren

Fox News is feeling so threatened by Elizabeth Warren that they called on Sarah Palin to attack the Massachusetts Senate candidate and call her a Marxist.

Video courtesy of Media Matters:

Eric Bolling asked Palin why the Romney campaign didn’t give her a high profile speaking spot at the Republican convention.

Palin unleashed a classic bit of bizarro bitter,

Well, I know speaking personally there is no hatchet to bury, or olive branch that needs to be passed between Mitt Romney and myself. We have a great relationship, and I have great respect for Mitt, and I am so thankful that the GOP has a strong candidate who understands the private sector, and what it takes to get the economy roaring again. That he will be our candidate. So I can’t speak for their strategy and who it is that they will choose to be participants in the convention.

I will tell you though. It’s crackin’ me up watching what the Democrats totally, this idiotic strategy of theirs to have Elizabeth Warren who has almost confessed to her Marxist views. These views that replicate failed European countries about redistribution of wealth and all these failed policies, and she is going to be the face of that message in the convention. I think it is very risky of the Democrats, because there are a lot of good working Democrats, a lot of blue collar, hardworking, working class Democrats, Blue Dogs, who don’t want to see that type of message being reflective of their entire platform, because it is a ridiculous and failed plank in a platform. These Marxists…

Jealousy is the reason behind Palin’s comments about Elizabeth Warren. Sarah Palin is jealous because Warren has been given a showcase slot at the Democratic convention. While Sarah Palin is being tossed out like the failure that she is, Elizabeth Warren is a rising star. By the way anytime that someone says they have a great relationship with someone in their own party, as Palin did with Romney, that means there is no relationship.

The Romney campaign has made it abundantly clear that they think Sarah Palin was a disastrous mistake, and they don’t want her anywhere near their convention. The Romney people have not forgotten her trashing of their candidate during the primaries, and it will snow in hell before Sarah Palin gets a high profile speaking slot at the Republican convention.

Sarah Palin claimed that working class people wouldn’t like Elizabeth Warren’s policies which are specifically targeted toward protecting working class Americans. According to Palin, what working class people really want are policies that raise their taxes while giving tax cuts to the “job creators.”

Fox News and the right are scared to death of Elizabeth Warren. They are afraid of her message. This is why Palin was enlisted to spread the fear with the blue haired Fox News crowd by chanting Marxist at them for two minutes. They have to do everything in their power to keep people from hearing Warren’s message that we can regulate these corporate interests and put power back into the hands of the people.

In bizzaro Palinland, advocating for the 95% of America who will see their taxes increase under Mitt Romney is idiotic. Sarah Palin may have put on her smart girl glasses, but she is no Elizabeth Warren.

Fox News trembles at the thought of what Elizabeth Warren could champion as a US Senator, but Sarah Palin isn’t even a credible speed bump on her path to the Senate.

If Sarah Palin is their big gun, Fox News and Scott Brown are in a whole lot of trouble.

52 Replies to “A Terrified Fox News Trots Out Sarah Palin to Attack Elizabeth Warren”

  1. The funniest part of Palin’s talk was the way she called Marxist, then stumbled, unable to describe exactly what “Marxist” is, settling on, “redistribution of wealth”.

    How long does her Faux contract last for, anyway? Not even Roger Ailes can stand her any more.

  2. Marxist is on of the key hate words designed to spark the hate in their followers. Its a conditioned response. Just as liberal, Muslim, socialist and all the others. You can see it work. If the middle class people want their taxes raised and cut for “job creators”. If this concept is true, where are all the jobs. George W Bush said the same thing. The true results of this destructive policy can be seen in 2008. Millions of LOST jobs and the worst economic meltdown since the great depression. If the middle class believes this, its because their brainwashed to believe it! The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting different results. A vote for Mitt and a republican congress is a perfect example of insanity!!

  3. I don’t know why Palin is even being spoken to by her local TV reporters, let alone nationally.
    Regarding Elizabeth Warren, she is attractive to the Democrats because she is running against an incumbent Republican in a Democratic state. She’s essentially an unknown who’s gotten a LOT of out of state money. And I’m not clear as to whether she’d work well with Republicans…having a die hard democrat who will follow the party line to the letter and whom I suspect will not work across the aisle isn’t what the country needs.
    But Palin, really, should just go home.

  4. Reminds me of the time that the GOP decided to counter President Obama’s first State of the Union address by rolling out Bobby Jindal as their counter-dark-meat (he did prove to be jerky)

  5. It was the only obvious choice to confront Warren with Palin. Because, after all, they both have vaginas, so, there you are.

    What other options were there?

  6. “Marxists” yeah right. Tell me you dumb air bag for a head dipshit…which European countries are implementing “failed” policies? Do you mean Northern Europe where the quality of life is super high? Where the unemployment rate is low? Where high quality health care is accessible to everyone? Where the free market flourishes with some of the most profitable businesses in the world?

    Gawd I swear, these tools can say up is down and black is white on Faux News, without ever being challenged.

  7. Warren is smart, accomplished, popular, and attractive (not that the last matters to rational people). Palin is none of these things.

    Palin doesn’t give a rat’s patootie what Warren’s views are on anything. The only thing that matters is that people are paying attention to Warren and honoring Warren and no cares in the slightest what Palin does.

    This is intolerable to Palin and clearly Warren’s fault. Hence this particular Palin hatefest.

  8. I almost wish the Republiscum would have put Palin up for election, at least if she got elected we know she would quit half way through. She’s a twit, just like the Mad Hatter of Minnesota…

  9. Sarah Palin attacking Elizabeth Warren is like a rabid chihuahua attacking a pitbull. Amusing but ultimately pointless.

  10. At this point there is very little difference between the two parties except for when it comes to womens rights. Due to Elizabeth Warrens aggressive pursuit of the banksters that collapsed our economy, I’d proudly call her a true Progressive.

  11. Warren reminds us of the commonweal, the basis of society. We all contribute to the common good. Now, this requires taxes, not something the Republicans can say with self destructing. Of course, that would be redundant for Sarah Palin. Palin uses words like thugs use bullets. She just sprays them forth without aiming to cause chaos. Aiming is not necessary or even possible for her. The words have no meaning, they are just explosive to her kind.

  12. Reminds me of the drunken Senator in Manchurian Candidate who says at the press conference” There are …pause…looks at ketchup bottle…57 card-carrying Communists in the White House!!!!

    She’s a joke. But I thank her because every time she speaks she galvanizes apathetic Dems into action and donations. She is the most powerful fundraising tool the Dems have: Sarah “Caribou Barbie” Palin.

  13. Warren isn’t just going to follow the party line. She’s going to define the party line. Even Obama is using her rhetoric now.

    She’s not afraid of giving Republicans hell and that’s what scares them the most. The person who is least afraid of their bullying might be right there in Washington beating them over the head for the next 6 years.

  14. I think all Americans should have learned something by watching what has happened since the Tea Party increased its representation in the House in 2010. The TP politicians have adamantly refused to work with democrats and the president. They have also refused to listen to Boehner. The problem in Congress isn’t with the democrats, it’s with republican obstruction and intransigence. I’m not worried about Elizabeth Warren working across the aisle. I’m worried about her wanting to work with republicans to get something done and being rebuffed, just as they’ve been rebuffing the democrats and the president since January 21, 2009. Two republican members of the House have announced they’re not running for election, and the reason they both provided was that the republicans aren’t interested in governing. Olympia Snowe said the same thing when she announced that she wouldn’t be running for re-election earlier this year. So, if there are republicans who are criticizing republicans’ unwillingness to work across the aisle, I think your focus is on members of the wrong political party.

  15. the only people who listen to Sarah Palin are comedians looking for moron material… and , of course, people of equal stupidity.

  16. One reason I contribute to Liz Warren is because C-Span will be that much more interesting. When she gets up to bat, I want a shot of the Republican reaction as they steel themselves for a facts-based opening of a can of whoop-ass followed by an embarrassing “pants-ing” regarding their stupid “fiscal conservative” policies.

    Finally there will be a firebrand advocating for the middle class and poor in DC!


  17. So Kathy, just where do you think Scott Brown’s money comes from? This “out of state” thing cuts both ways, you know.

  18. Of course. The right is so desperate to hang on to the levers of power, so they can continue to run our nation, and its economy, into the ground.

    Only in their alternate reality would Sarah Palin, one of the biggest narcissists in the nation, be considered “an authority on Marxism.” She probably thinks Groucho, Zeppo, Harpo, etc. when she hears that term.

  19. Notice that the Whore of Babble-On invoked the sainted Ronald Wilson Reagan yet again…

    As She said recently (paraphrasing, of course): Who is like unto the Beast? Who is able to make war with him? Rev 13:4

  20. Steph M.
    It might seem like there is little difference between the two major parties, but ideologically they might as well be on separate planets. One is strictly for the Market; the other is primarily for the common good of the people.

    The influx of lobbyists has been one of the determining factors in giving the illusion of “oneness or sameness.” The other major factor is the necessity of raising money to “stay in office.”

    Things are not always what they seem.

  21. Another meme-spouting troll.

    The two parties aren’t even close to being similar, and that is a lie!

    Next you’re going to ask us to throw away our votes and freedom on Ron Paul, right? Well, we know better.

  22. If Palin and her ilk are so terrified of Marxists, maybe we need to look at Marxism more closely.

    We’re used to it as a pejorative, but anything the GOP is that scared of is worth talking about.

  23. Perhaps Hillary should have first go. Then Elizabeth Warren after her. No way could or should they run against each other. Mainly ‘coz they wouldn’t want to.

  24. at this point even roger ailes should be so embarrassed by her blatant, in your face ignorance that he should consider buying out her contract and letting her and tadd keep the studio to make alasky reality shows.

  25. The women in our household are certainly on board. My granddaughter gave her first political contribution to Elizabeth Warren.

  26. OOOO the crazy lady said crazy things again. This vapid non-factor idiot is full shit. Now she is trying to make nicey because maybe, finally she gets NOBODY wants her opinion except faux news.

    she is an uneducated uncouth ignoramus who’s opinion isn’t even worth gop’s response.

    No wonder that troll isn’t invited to the clown show. she was old news 4 years ago.

  27. I would hope Ms. Warren would push dems’ policies, I thank God that she is.

    she has talked about “liberal” bills, such as, repairing infastructure, helping the poor, sick, women and children, etc. Yeah those are liberal policies. (rolling eyes)

    The gop is and has been redistributing the wealth for over 12 years away from the middle class and unto their pockets It hasn’t help the middle class or the poor one bit.

    She is smart enough to work with her constituents and not for the obstructionist gop.

    There is no reason for you to be so ignorant. Expect liberal views from a liberal blog.

  28. “…and all these failed policies…” I keep hearing that phrase over and over and over. WHAT failed policies?

  29. “having a die hard democrat who will follow the party line to the letter and whom I suspect will not work across the aisle isn’t what the country needs.”

    Replace “democrat” with “teabagger republican” in the above statement — and that’s exactly what we’ve had for the past two years.

    You see how well that’s worked out . . .


  30. In some ways I get from your statement that you think only old, blue haired, white women watch Faux News and support Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to the female sex! The woman knows nothing and I will not say how I think she rose in politics to where she actually got to although she could not even complete the term she did win. You are so very wrong about the old blue haired women statement. I do not have white hair or blue hair but you could say I am old since I am 63. I do not have one drop of respect for this women and as for Fox News they should have been run off the air waves years ago. They only report what their warped minds have thought up since the last days garbage they put out for those who follow them to lap up. That being said you will find that there are many young people and people of all ages who follow their lies and half truths just because they are Republican. I voted for Barack Obama in the last election and I will vote for him in this one. I helped with campaigns in my local area/state then and I am now. I contributed to his campaign then and I have now. I would not walk over to my neighbor’s yard to hear a word Mitt Romney has to say. Anyone who has hard drives destroyed when he exits the Governor’s mansion is without a doubt a crook of some sorts and has lots to hide. Not sure why any news reporters have not had the guts to question all of that though???? So please do not lump older people with Fox because there are a whole lot of us out here who still have a few brain cells enough to know Romney would spell “DOOM” for this country.

  31. Sarah, who? I don’t watch Fox it up news. The ideathat they are paying this loser to comment on any intelligent person is dispicable. Load up your assault rifle and shoot a moose.

  32. Sure would be nice if Sara Palin would realy know what a Marxist is.Not misused Comunism. originally actually a real Christian Way. I know since I come from a city where he was born and lived.Yes, Wealthy people are responsible for their workers,who work hard so they become wealthy, treated in a Christian way, decent wages health insurance etc. But HOW MANY WEALTHY RENEG ON THAT?That is called a SOCIAL CONSCIENCE.They “ride the Merry go around” of GREED.

  33. So true, I’m even older and can’t believe that the GOP’s lies “are swallwed so easily” by the SMART young generation.

  34. There are probably enough republican voters who have not lost their brains to amnesia and completely wiped out the memory of George W’s ignorance, and greed of the wall street gang, and the mortgage schemes of the largest banks and the total disregard for the average American’s well-being and safety….democrats will hopefully become a giant block party of woe to the republican challengers and we Americans can try to make America practice what we preach to the world…today,what America promises to the rest of the world and the reality of that promise wins a gold medal of HYPOCRACY.

  35. Here’s to Palin getting so ticked off at the cold shoulder the GOP establishment is giving her that she runs on the Constitution Party ticket in 2016. It wouldn’t be the first time she’s been associated with them, as the Alaska Independence Party is an affiliate of theirs.

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