American Women are Under Assault from Christian Republicans

Throughout recorded history, religion has been responsible for most of the atrocities perpetrated against human beings, and it is why nations governed by theocracy are suppressive, regressive, and by all accounts, destructive to freedom. This nation’s founders attempted to assuage the likelihood of governance by religion with the Separation Clause in the Constitution, and it worked fairly well for over two-hundred years. Republicans have spent a major portion of the 112th Congress attempting to impose Old Testament edicts in their war against women’s reproductive health, and despite the upcoming general election, they are still attempting to control women as the Christian holy book directs. Americans were appalled at the Taliban’s treatment of women in Afghanistan, but America women are one election away from forced birth and burkas if Republicans are victorious in November.

The good news for America’s women is that starting August 1, they will no longer be charged a co-pay for contraception, plus they receive free preventative care, cancer screenings, and myriad other benefits including maternity and well-baby care as a result of provisions in the Affordable Care Act. However, the good news should be tempered with trepidation because Republicans have not abandoned their war on women to control when they have children, when they have sex, or if they perish from cancer, and it is being done in god’s name. One Republican, Representative Mike Kelly compared the new healthcare benefits with Pearl Harbor and the terror attacks on 9/11, or as Kelly explained it, “the day the terrorists attacked.” He continued, “I want you to remember Aug. 1, 2012, the attack on our religious freedom. That is a day that will live in infamy, along with those other dates.” First, Kelly just accused the United States Congress, the President, and Supreme Court of a terror attack on America, so if any American thinks these religious sycophants are not serious, they are deluded.

Kelly was not alone assailing the health law’s benefits for women because over a dozen House Republicans held a press conference to assail the law as an attack on religious freedom. Another GOP representative said, “Americans are going to be forced to act against the principles of their faith; this coercion by president must stop and it must come to end now.” Other Republicans joined in the “death of religious freedom” meme with comments such as; “thinly veiled religious bigotry,” “the day religious freedom died in America,” “we’re not the land of the free anymore,” “the largest assault we’ve seen on first amendment rights in the history of our country,” “unprecedented government coercion in health care,” and “that President Obama has such a low opinion of the first amendment that he would trample on these rights.” With all the Republican assertions that the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court stripped religious freedom from Americans, it is important to consider what religious liberty means to Republicans, pro-life fanatics, and religious extremists like the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

First and foremost, the provisions that went into effect yesterday do not force Mr. Kelly or any religious Republican to use birth control pills, inter-uterine devices, or submit to screenings for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or accept maternity and well-baby care. However, Kelly and the religious freedom defenders are attempting to enforce their religious dogma in what is conservative Christian-imposition by legislation. One anti-choice Republican, James Sensenbrenner proposed a new bill allowing any employer to refuse to provide coverage based on personal or religious reasons.  In Republican parlance, the concept of religious freedom means the freedom of Christians to force women to submit to bible edicts and subsequently, lose their First Amendment right to freedom of religion.

Apparently, Republicans demand the right to dictate to women when they give birth and by extension, when they are sexually active. According to Republicans, a woman can have sex if she intends on becoming pregnant, although even that does not take into account their wild opposition to cancer screening or preventative medicine. The ACA’s provisions that went into effect are much more than contraception coverage so it begs the question; does Republican religious freedom give them the right to condemn women to death by eliminating cancer screenings?  Of course it does. Part and parcel of the Christian faith is that women are duty-bound to submit to a man’s will regardless the issue. One thing is certain, Republicans will not say their religious freedom means forcing women to submit to their will, so they decry the loss of their religious liberty which is nothing more than loss of patriarchal domination over every women under cover of the Christian bible.

If Republicans are going full-bore to enforce bible laws on women in the middle of an election year and when they do not control Congress and the White House, women should shudder at the prospect of a Romney presidency with Republican majorities in both houses of Congress. The past two years should give all Americans pause at what conservative Christians in control of the government means to real religious freedom that will consist of forced obedience to Dominionists’ dictates, and forced birth for women. In state after state, Republicans are taking their cues from congressional Republicans who are reviving extreme attacks on women’s health and freedom that were blocked by the Senate earlier in the 112th Congress, so this war is not restricted to federal laws.

The “national crusade” against women is beyond abortion rights, and it is manifest in a new Republican spending proposal barring Planned Parenthood from receiving federal money, eliminating Title X, and preventing implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Although the Republican plan is shelved until after November, it portends harsh consequences for women, and especially since House Republicans’ regressive policies are espoused by Willard Romney; it provides a glimpse of the effects of a Republican victory in November.

American women are under assault from Christian Republicans, and although the majority of women use contraception and will benefit from newly implemented ACA provisions, the GOP’s perception of religious freedom gives them authority to enforce bible law on every woman in America. They (Republicans) also believe women are not worthy of equal pay or anti-violence protections, and their perpetual ACA repeal efforts means they oppose women paying the same rate for healthcare insurance as men. Romney has made “getting rid of Obamacare” one of the hallmarks of his campaign and his anti-woman agenda foretells a dark time for women should he be elected.

A few months ago several women opined that they were confident they would never be threatened with Taliban-like existence in America, but after learning Republicans were still intent on imposing Old Testament edicts in an election year, they were not so sure. One woman said if the election goes terribly wrong, the subsequent Christian inquisition meant returning to Dark Ages and American women in burkas. Sadly, her assessment of a theocracy is not far off, and the very real threat of government by religious fanatics is as close as a Republican sweep in November. There is hope though, women are weary of the non-stop assault on their rights regardless if it is equal pay or their ability to acquire contraception, and if Republicans think they will not turn out in November to make a statement that they have had enough, they are incredibly naïve. Women’s organizations have been mobilizing to evict Republicans who supported the Blunt Amendment, forced vaginal ultra-sounds, and attempts to ban contraception. Groups like NARAL, NOW, and many others are mobilizing to defeat Republicans who have made attacking women’s rights their main priority throughout the 112th Congress, and news of new attempts to restrict their rights has engendered mass rage that will reach fruition in November.

There is a fight to preserve religious liberty in America, but it has nothing to do with contraception or women’s rights. It is a battle to prevent one group of religious fanatics from imposing bible dogmata on every man, woman, and child in America and it will culminate in either sustaining the Constitution’s guarantee of religious freedom, or revisiting the Inquisition and Crusades. Dominionists and the religious right have spent twenty years infiltrating the highest levels of government, and a Republican victory in November means a theocracy in 2013. The only question left after a Republican sweep is will it be a Christian theocracy, or a Mormon theocracy, and either way it spells doom and gloom for America’s women and the Founders’ concept of religious freedom.


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  1. Don’t call them Christians, call them Christianists! Time to call these people out for the hypocrites they are. They have nothing to do with Jesus and his teachings!

  2. I see America not paying attention to what the Republican agenda is, I fear that most Americans do not have any idea what is going on, if they did, the Republican party would have fallen apart already. The fact that President Obama is tied even with Mitt Romney in the polls shows that at least half of America, either likes Romney or have no idea what he wants to bring to America. If people really don’t start paying attention, they may wake up one day in a Republican-led nightmare.

  3. “Keep ’em Barefoot & Pregnant & under your thumb”…a quote old as the HILLS. THIS, my dear Christians of all denominations, is the WHOLE POINT of the Bible from the Garden of Eden…WOMAN is to BLAME for ALL. THIS should be you FIRST CLUE that the Bible was written BY MEN, FOR MEN at the behest of MEN~ ALL ‘Bibled’ RELIGION oppresses women.

  4. ALL religion oppresses women..started with Eve & the serpent…even the Jesus part oppresses women, they simply don’t mention them.

  5. Actually, one of the first clues that an intending ruler means to declass all the men in the population they mean to subjugate is that they incite them to turn on their women. This both alienates their suport system and gives them the consolation that no matter how badly they lose status under the new regime, they’re still automatically better than half the human population.

  6. In a sense you have a point, but it fails on this fact.

    Our culture (my tribe) is matriarchal in structure, although that is a little known fact. Our women have the final say in everything, and it used to be even more so (some of our folks have been infected with aspects of patriarchy to the sorrow of some of the more traditional people).

    At the same time, we’ve known Teyose, or Jesus, before the white man came along (and this did NOT come from the Mormons). Our ancestors also didn’t proselytize… the idea was just too foreign. My spiritual leaders have said that we follow a form of Christianity, but one foreign to that brought from Europe – and I believe them.

    In my view, the problem isn’t religion, as much as it is the spread of patriarchy throughout the “Old World”. It’s infected cultures everywhere… there is good evidence that many of the cultures known today were more matriarchal until patriarchy spread throughout those continents (or islands). In Africa there are cultures that still have remnants of matriarchal thought in them, although they’re now Islamic (and there is some conflict in thinking there). There is also linguistic evidence that Ireland and other European societies were far more matriarchal in the past, than they are today. From what I’ve read, the earliest patriarchal societies were probably in China, and spread from there (several thousand years ago).

    It’s been spread in the “New World” since Columbus, and dominionists are doing their best to spread and deepen the patriarchy today.

    Patriarchal thought exists in cultures that aren’t even remotely connected with the Bible. Indeed, it seems to have spread separate from religion.

  7. Subjugation, whether it by rule, sexism, or anything, is just stupid! If you kill off all your subjects, there is nothing left to rule. You want more productive citizens, then keep them happy!
    Apparently happiness never occurred in any of the Semitic-based faiths. If it did, it never lasted for very long.
    Simply put, it’s their hell they are trying to avoid, so they can burn in it. Just let the rest of us enjoy what we have, and that includes our own bodies and all the wonderful things we can do with them.

  8. Are there Christian Republicans? I am familiar with Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians, but they have nothing in common with Jesus’ teaching or behavior.

  9. My understanding, from linguistic and some archaeological evidence, is that patriarchy, or at least patriliny, arose just north of the Caspian prior to the dispersion of proto-Indo-European peoples. William Irwin Thompson thought it likely that herdsmen discovered physical paternity through observing their flocks, and these Kurgan peoples indeed had probably shifted from being nomadic steppe hunters to being herders rather early. That is not to say the same process didn’t occur separately in Chna. Lao-Tse looks back with longing on a time when women ruled and writing was done with knotted cords.

  10. “Throughout recorded history, religion has been responsible for most of the atrocities perpetrated against human beings”

    uh-huh. I guess if you ignore the hundreds of millions murdered by atheist leftist regimes then this could be true.

    Aside from that, can you please explain how forcing a religion to buy other people’s birth control constitutes them pushing their religion on others? Are religious institutions trying to outlaw birth control? No. Are religious institutions telling their employees they can’t use birth control? No. There is only one player here that is using force…liberals. You may be right about one thing though, religion is a problem in this situation. Only its the liberal NewAge religion that is forcing its beliefs on others, not the Christians.

    Let me guess Rmuse, you are way into some sort of newage religious nonsense right? Tell me I’m wrong. I know I’m right because all liberals are into newage nonsense because liberalism is a religion. Why don’t you write an article about the encroaching liberal newage theocracy?

  11. Thank you. We’ve got to call these people out. They are quoted as speaking for Christianity. This is not what Christianity is all about.

  12. …”I guess if you ignore the hundreds of millions murdered by atheist leftist regimes then this could be true…”

    I guess you ignore the fact that only in the 20th century did “regimes” that you term “leftist” committed atrocities. The later part of the 19th and into the 20th century saw the rise of communist dictatorships–and they were “helped” by right-wing capitalist to produce their weapons of destruction (enter Prescott Bush and the elder Koch for two examples). Prior to that, no atheist or “leftist” (Hitler was a good christian; he doesn’t count) had any political power or money structure by which to “conquer” as theocratic regimes after the fall of Rome…so your premise is just a silly. This the “you broke a window too” game…trying to lump atheist and, something you call, every other religion that is not “christian” New Age…what bunk!

    “…Only its the liberal NewAge religion that is forcing its beliefs on others, not the Christians.”

    Who and where are all these potential, up-coming “theocratic rulers” that follow “NewAge religion”?
    Name them. Point your finger at them. Provide one piece of “NewAge” religious-faith based proselyting that goes on openly everyday in life, politics and religion.

    “…Tell me I’m wrong. I know I’m right…”

    O certainty! Fundamentalist be thy middle name
    …You obviously are uneducated and ignorant of other people’s belief systems and how they operate or you wouldn’t say something so stupid.

  13. Oh, Hell, Singh, she’s been here before, and even if not, we’ve seen it before. They have this Reactionary Kaleidoscope, which looks just like a pair of buttocks, that they twirl and pull stock phrases out of. You can’t have an intelligent discussion with them, because they’re Hammerheads, whose sole technique is to repeat these phrases often enough to wear down anyone attempting to have an intelligent discussion. When everyone walks off in disgust, they think they’ve “won”.

    Erin, you’re a bigger fathead than a brick of Velveeta. That’s all.

  14. That’s the first thing I thought when I saw “Christians”. It should be in parentheses. These enemies of women can call themselves whatever but they’re not Christians. They’re evil.

  15. Thanks for exposing that stupid, ignorant post of Erin’s, SinghX.

    “New Age” religion? Is that like being your bother’s keeper, actually helping the poor, and not lying one’s hypocritical a$$ off for Jesus the Peacemaker?

  16. conservative christians have their ideology in the puritans, theyd kill u if u didnt join them or fund them and pay for all they want….they didnt even let people from other religions get into governing…..just like todays anti-muslim, woman, gay, and all other minorities they hate, and as a republic, minorities are not suppossed to be treated like second class citizens…..,but they always are under conservative christians.

  17. I omitted to add that this buttocks-shaped kaleidoscope, which reactionaries use to pull their stock phrases out of, is operated by means of a crank, which protrudes from its…

  18. Do you REALLY think coming here and talking like that is going to win respect for your idea of Christianity, or “draw people to Christ”??? Are you such a fool to think that “correcting” people like that will do good? (Never mind said “correction” is full of lies and misconceptions.) If you think you will earn brownie points with God by showing a complete lack of respect for others, think again.

    I’ve heard bullshit like yours many times… and that is what it is… you’re spewing bullshit. The fact is, when I finally got away from “Good Christians” like you and started hanging out with those “horrible” liberals, I finally discovered that there are people in this world who aren’t judgmental (as in passing false judgment) and cruel. That there were people who REALLY CARED. People who put their money where their mouth is. People who didn’t blow trumpets on street corners or required the best seats in the church.

    People still look at me funny at times when I say things like “I’m not used to having people listen to me.”, but it’s true. Or, “I’m not used to having people consider our needs when they make decisions affecting us.” The fact is, I’m still not used to that last one, and I’m 54 years old. That is directly laid at the feet of the churches and the “Good Christians” who fort up in them… starting with the dominionist and fundamentalist churches, and going through ALL of the mainstream churches as well.

    I reiterate – I had to leave the “Good Christians” (and the mainstream churches) and go around liberals to experience being treated like a human being, rather than a piece of dirt to be used and thrown away. So I’m used to hearing things like what you just “said”, and consider this – you drive people away from Christ (as people like you nearly did with me – and they DID drive me away from the churches.

    Want a real shock??? Maybe this will get you to understand reality a bit. Read the thread about the church punishing the pastor for having sex with a girl, and consider the responses (including mine). Our respect CAN be earned… by honesty and doing the right thing, and respecting others. Think about that!

  19. (Laugh) There IS a new age religion or movement – and they are a real headache for the real Native Americans.

    I’ve been to ceremony where a group of newagers had been invited (as guests) and they actually tried to take over because the hereditary medicine person “Isn’t doing it right” (their “spirit guides” had told them how to do things or some such rot). They, who had never been to any of our real ceremonies, were going to tell someone raised on the Square Ground and trained by his parents and grandparents how to do it. For the first time in the very long history of our religion, someone was asked to leave the square ground. It wasn’t pleasant.

    Funny… we have problems from newagers, and are persecuted by “Good Christians”. Sometimes I get the image of us standing in the center of a circle, with all types of troublemakers on the circumference pointing guns at us. The thing is, they don’t seem to realize that they all look the same to us!

  20. I guess we are ignoring Soviet Union, Red China, North Korea, Uganda, Cambodia, much of Africa. It would help if all of you guys actually read a book!

  21. This country was founded because people didnt want religion running the Government. It worked pretty weel until Ronald Reagan and the New conservatives took over in the 1980’s. Since that time the republican agenda has all but bankrupted the working class. They continue to practice Union busting, low wages, and basically making most of us a miserable as they can. Get involved, Help get these Nuts out of office.

  22. Before you call “TROLL,” please understand that I am trying to educate myself on the situation. All I know is my side of things. I want to see both sides. I was brought to this website from the Facebook page, “Too Informed To Vote Republican.” I want to be informed.

    Where in the Bill of Rights does it guarantee *free* medical care to women? As a Christian woman who is a small business owner, I don’t understand. Not having my taxes pay for someone else’s free health care is not depriving someone of their “rights.” Recent studies have shown that 50% of Americans aren’t paying any taxes at all. I think anyone who receives benefits should pay something in taxes.

    My husband works in a county hospital that offers low cost or free services to patients who are unable to pay for their medical care. Last week, a woman came in and complained that she no longer qualified for her free healthcare because her new raise made the Connections Card charge her $30 a month instead of nothing. She was complaining about this to her friend using her iPhone 4, speaking through a mouth full of gold front teeth, wearing the latest pair of $200+ tennis shoes and reeking of cigarette smoke. She was overheard saying that she might have to quit her job so that she could qualify for the free tier of medical coverage. And there are dozens of people like that coming in each week. It is THAT type of waste of resources that I fear will completely take over the medical system and bankrupt us all. Oh, wait. We’re already 3 trillion in debt!

    I believe there should be a two-tier healthcare system. For those that cannot pay, there should be a Medicaid-like system that is much broader than it is now, and all medical services will be provided free of charge in a government facility. Anyone who cannot pay or does not want to pay can get any medical services for free. Current military facilities could be the model for this system. For those that do not want to go to the state run facilities, they can have a choice to pay cash or have insurance to go to private medical centers. Everyone has access to healthcare – if you can’t pay or don’t want to pay, go to the county hospital or clinic. This would ensure free basic medical care, and would alleviate the problem of patients letting things get so bad that their health suffers before seeking treatment.

    I am a Christian. I am not against helping those who are in need. I just don’t trust the government to decide for me what it does with my taxes because I have seen such a waste of resources on people who are not willing to pull their own weight. I believe that if more Christians did what the Bible said to help their communities, the government wouldn’t have as much of a load to carry. I just think the gold-toothed, iPhone-using, gotta-have-the-latest fashions, cigarette-smoking-potential-lung-cancer-patients, gonna-quit-my-job-so-I-can-have-free-stuff losers out there should realize that those of us who actually pay taxes don’t want them wasting ours on people who can be productive members of society but choose not to.

    I pay for my healthcare and insurance out of pocket. As a small business owner, I do not qualify for a group insurance plan, so I pay more for a private plan with a $5000 deductible. I donate all our unneeded things to a local shelter. I buy twice the school supplies we need for our three kids every year, and take the kids with me to give them to the shelter. I tithe. I volunteer at an organization that helps women learn office skills. I donate dog food to a local rescue. Don’t tell me that I don’t care about people in need – I see them every week. I don’t have an iPhone, or a satellite dish, or $200 sneakers, or a 2 pack a day cigarette habit. I don’t want to help you pay for your iPhone, satellite, sneakers or cigarettes by footing the bill for your lung cancer treatment. I work hard for my money to support my family. I have made choices with my money. I just wish the government didn’t make me pay for everyone else’s wasteful choices.

  23. Everyone pays for everyone though the medical providers.

    If you want to live according to the constitution, get ready to lose many many things you take for granted daily

  24. No, the medical providers are not the ones benefiting now. It is the insurance companies that are reaping massive payouts while hospitals are bankrupt and closing. They just closed my husband’s last clinic (not gov’t funded) because it wasn’t able to pay for it’s costs with what the insurance companies and Medicare/Medicaid are reimbursing. That is why it costs $125 for an office visit. If they charge $125, the insurance company will pay $52. If they only charged the $75 that it should reasonably cost, they would only get pennies.

    Doctors don’t make $400k a year as business owners like they used to 20 years ago. The doctor in the clinic I spoke of only paid himself $150k a year, and he still had student loans to pay off for college and medical school. Lots of people with less education costs are earning $150k a year. If it costs $300k to put a student through college, medical school and residency, his job as a doctor should be able to pay him back for the 11 years of education where he earned no income or little income as well as his costs to get his education.

  25. Thank you…this image is now embedded within in several areas of my brain and I can now function much, much better…like new pair of reading glasses!

    There must have some colorful “Margie-wear”* down there in Florida to come up with THAT one!

    (I forgot about this troll…it’s been a while)

    *capri pants, anklet socks, fusha pink lip stick
    worn with various American flag t-shirts…Margies.

  26. You mean like Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Now?

    Geez, I hope he DOES take over, one Freakstorm at a time…

  27. You mean like Karen Armstrong’s “Battle for God”?
    Bet that one isn’t on your shelf…BTW, she’s nun,
    an educated nun…why don’t YOU read something before spouting off and not including christian “dictators” of the 20th century who committed atrocities…I guess you’d ignored Hitler…

  28. “…My husband works in a county hospital that offers low cost or free services to patients who are unable to pay for their medical care. Last week, a woman came in and complained that she no longer qualified for her free healthcare because her new raise made the Connections Card charge her $30 a month instead of nothing. She was complaining about this to her friend using her iPhone 4, speaking through a mouth full of gold front teeth, wearing the latest pair of $200+ tennis shoes and reeking of cigarette smoke. She was overheard saying that she might have to quit her job so that she could qualify for the free tier of medical coverage….

    Ahhh, we have a Mrs. Hockenwhackum, the doctor’s wife telling second-hand stories so that as a “good christain, can to spew her judgement about the life styles “Other-Americans” passed on by “someone” who said they over-heard a phone conversation…and for added value, claims “SHE” smelled bad…

    My, my…the doctors wife who sits back, roof over head, bed to shack up, refrigerator door that opens 24/7….she enjoys life playing the role of frugal christain who is persecuted by “Other-Americans”…Thoroughly Modern Millie.

  29. For the record, I’m not a doctor’s wife. Why did you infer that? His hospital has over 1500 employees. Do you think that they are ALL doctors?

    I’m trying to be civil here and educate myself. What sort of personal experience can you offer without name calling?

    Do you disagree that cigarettes cause lung cancer? Do you disagree that the cost of those cigarettes could be used in a different way? I’m not telling anyone to stop smoking. If you can afford to spend the money on two packs a day, fine. If you can’t feed your family because you spend money on two packs a day, well, there’s your problem.

    I have had to make hard choices in my life. Pay for school while working. Work to put my husband through nursing school to be an LVN. Quit work because day care was too expensive. Start a business that would accommodate my children’s schedules because my husband works such weird hours.

    The choices I made do not cause someone else to pay for things my family needs. My husband and I pay for things my family needs. When I hear that someone wants to quit their job to qualify for free money, I lose faith in the system. Does that not bother you?

  30. I wonder why the picture of the American muslima is on there when the article deals with Christians?

  31. I’d argue that the government is already in control of christian conservatives; my beef is that the national Dems don’t push back harder.

  32. The faux-religious (because if they really believed the Bible they’d throw their guns away, give at least half their money to the poor because rich people don’t go to heaven, and quit eating shellfish) love to squawk “religious freedom” like some Fred Phelps Tourette’s Syndrome. They’re missing the fact that, while they have the freedom to worship who or what they wish, they don’t have the right to force the country to do the same. Old Testament law, Sharia law….it’s the same thing (and spends the same amount of time screwing with women’s rights – last I heard an unwelcome ‘transvaginal ultrasound’ went by the simpler name of ‘rape’).

  33. Erin if you took a good look at history for the last 2000 years you would see it is religion that most definately caused the most suffering, read some books! Also the religious institutions were given a break in that they don’t have to pay for contraception, the insurance company does. And why should anyone beble to force their religious beliefs on me by denying what the vast majority consider basic healthcare? And you are wrong about a few other things. Arizona passed a law that an employer can FIRE a woman if they find they are using birth control for gasp…BIRTH CONTROL! Kansas passed a law that a pharmacist doesn’t have to fill a legal prescription for birth ccontrol, and can even keep that prescription, forcing a woman to return to her doctor to get another and then having to travel to the next town where she may run the same risk. Who is forcing their beliefson who?

  34. For every one of those “Losers” you hate so much, I can point out 999 poor people who can’t get shit because of people like you. People who went without medical care for years and hoped that they never got sick or hurt, because they couldn’t afford the help – because their damned bosses refused to pay them a living wage (they wanted it all for themselves). People who lived with things like leaky roofs and bad floors, because of their situation and because of the judgmental attitudes that seem to want poor people in miserable surroundings.

    There is, I admit, one class of people who bring their poverty on themselves. I can point out all sorts of people who have been brainwashed into giving money to their church – “Give until it HURTS!” is a sermon I remember well from my Assemblies of God cult days. People were being pressured into giving money they didn’t have. People were told that they’d loose God’s blessing if they didn’t give, and would get a miracle if they did – and those people would give away their food budget or their savings, in hopes of something breaking loose for them (it never happened). That’s the reality in churches. That’s what almost all of them are really about. I hear that story… sometimes from their grown children who hate Jesus and God because they were forced to do without and suffer for so much of their life. That’s the sort of Jesus and God you’ll hear in many churches… the angry, judgmental perfectionist who makes promises that are never kept (usually finding some tiny fault and using that as an excuse).

    If you think the churches will help people, don’t buy any bridges. I mean you are so gullible that it’s sad. The churches – I’ve seen their “help”. They blame the poor and abuse them, and tell them that their suffering is their own fault. They throw a penny at a poor person, and demand 10% of everything the poor person ever gets for the rest of his or her life as payment back (plus let’s not forget those love offerings and gifts and pledges and “help out with a new organ” and whatever else to feed their greed).

    I’m being serious. The churches… most cannot be trusted to help people and especially cannot be trusted to help people without being judgmental (like you’re so obviously doing). Even if they weren’t greedy and abusive, they still do not have the resources available to help the poor. The fact is, only the government has the proper structure and resources to help, and it’s because of a nice progressive tax that makes sure that the rich pay their fair share that those resources are present.

    As far as people sponging off of “the system”, while it does happen, it’s rare. You also don’t know the whole story behind the woman you’re ripping. The clothes… do you know if they were purchased new or came from a thrift store? Much of my clothing is from a thrift store, including the nice jackets I have and the decent pants. Lots of poor people buy from thrift stores, and are glad to have nice clothing even if it is used. The cell phone? They can be cheaper than having a regular phone and less of a headache. Indeed, I hear greedy twits deriding homeless people because they have cell phones – those stupid, and I mean STUPID (and selfish) holier-than-thous don’t realize that a cell phone is far far cheaper to buy than housing, and that often without a phone number, people cannot be contacted for employment. It makes good sense when you understand the economics of poverty. But all they “holier than thou” judges see is someone carrying what they consider a “toy”, rather than a necessary lifeline. Even if it’s the latest and greatest, you don’t know how she came by it, and it may not even really be hers (maybe it’s a loan from her job, and she’s allowed to use it on personal time).

    The gold teeth? What about having hereditary bad teeth, and replaced with something that won’t corrode? You also don’t know that story either. Maybe they were done back before Bush’s actions destroyed the economy?

    As far as making hard choices, have you ever had to choose between putting food on the table or gas in the car? We’ve done without eating quite a few times, and there were periods of time where I had to curtail all of my efforts to find decent employment as well as eating a cheap and poor diet. Have you ever had to choose between having decent food or needed medicines? Been there too (tuna mac five days a week or more is cheap and filling, but not a good diet). Have you ever had to beg for food? Believe me, it’s shaming and embarrassing, and usually you get more abuse than help. Wondering why and how I’m on a computer? Simple – my wife works from home (she cannot stand for any length of time or walk because of damaged, and now arthritic knees) and her work requires internet access. The computer I’m using now is six years old and has been repaired (by yours truly) using junk/used parts several times. The wiring for the internet was strung by yours truly, and the software I run is public domain or old.

    The computer was purchased because having one is required when you’re a student. That in itself is a long story (and the “Good Christians” come out being real villains in it), but the upshot is that I also have tens of thousands of dollars in student loans… taken just so we could barely survive. The thing is, with enough of a degree I can find work that I can do – in spite of my medical problems.

    I admit I splurged last week… purchased a couple of used books (to read for enjoyment). I had a rare few extra dollars in my pocket. It was the first “new” books I’ve had in months. BTW… we don’t even have TV, partially because our set (given to us) is pre-digital. (We were just given a small modern flat screen TV, and if I can fix the audio in it we may have TV again.)

    Funny thing is that people point at us with accusations of scamming the system because we have computers and a home (mobile home). They resent us getting food stamps, and expect us to sell off anything and everything and eat gruel three meals a day so they can feel vindicated (never mind that our health requires a relatively low carb diet). They do so while sitting in their comfortable houses while stuffing their fat cheeks with food that they can comfortably purchase, because they’re lucky enough to have good health and a job. They look at our 15 year old cars and say we should sell them and use the money to buy the things we need (so we can be taken off of what little aid we get) – but in this area, you cannot live without a car. When the nearest supermarket is 5 miles away and there is no public transportation… it just doesn’t work. A couple of thousand dollars (if that) also doesn’t go that far when it comes to food or other needs.

    So stop your whimpering and drop the blame game. You don’t have a clue as to how real poor people live.

  35. Who the Hell hasn’t made hard choices? Don’t puff yourself up, don’t come down with boohoo fever for our benefit, and above all, don’t wave that golliwog of a fake welfare queen in front of us. If she were indeed real, you’d have to admit that from your viewpoint, it would be far more cost-effective to the public to pay for her pills than her babies. She isn’t, though- not the way you presented her. What we have, instead, is a situation where necessities like food, housing, and medical care have gone up so astronomically that the absolute value of the minimum wage has plummeted. At the same time, requirements to qualify for any kind of aid at all have so tightened that someone who is making even the most meager of livings can’t qualify. When things reach that state, one has a better chance of survival unemployed…especially since taking care of one’s own kids is a lot safer for them than leaving them with the kind of day care one can afford on two McJobs.

    Following the Jesus way? I don’t think so. You’re a poor-hater, a weak-beater, a Pharisee with a vulva and no heart. You follow Cotton Mather, Jonathan Edwards, Herbert Spencer. Don’t call that any way but of your own mendacious viciousness.

  36. Did you know that the US is ranked 37th in its healthcare? We are the worst among “developed” countries in infant mortality, lower than alot of 3rd world countries. our life expectancy isn’t so good either. Nearly all of the countries above us have universal healthcare, the same hospitals and care for EVERYONE! France, with its socialized medicine is ranked #1. You sound like SCrooge. Also like the segregationists of the 60’s. Seperate healthcare for the poor. We also spend more of our GDP on healthcare than any other country, even Romney (ugh) was extolling Israels healthcare not realizing it is also a universal (socialized) medicine there. It sounds like if something catastrophic happened in your family it would b pretty tough, with a $5K deductible. Did you know the top reason families go bankrupt is due to unforseen medical expenses? Why does it need to be like that? One big reason, when you look at CEO and executive pay among all industries, health insuance executives are ranked near the very top!

  37. Typical reply from “a believer”. Religion has ALWAYS subjugated women, no matter which flavor you investigate THEY ALL demand females to be “subject to their master” (husband). No one can change your belief’s until YOU actually see for yourself how destructive that attitude is. Your life is destined to be miserable because no one will actually care for you or your desires, you can only force acceptance on the unwilling or infirm. Your passing will be of no regard to anyone.

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