Harry Reid Turns Put Up or Shut Up Challenge Into Romney’s Worst Nightmare

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  1. My understanding is that Reid even mooted this on the floor of the Senate. Of course, timing is everything. If too much macaroni hits the fan too soon, they could just replace him with a dark horse at the Convention. It needs to happen between then and October, when even a relacement candidate would be shadowed by the scandal.

  2. D’aww, it’s adorable of you to try and breathe new life into a non-story but this is still a dead issue, no matter how many “credible sources” Harry Reid imagines in his sleep. Responding to “who is your credible source?” with “I have a credible source, I SWEAR!” just makes Harry Reid look even more pathetic than his initial statement did. I wish you all the best of luck in 2012 because frankly, you’re going to need it.

  3. Perhaps. An alternate thought is that if it is a well known Republican like Jeb Bush, there could be a groundswell rise up and the Dems have no time to regroup and beat him.

  4. And here is a thought. The Mormon church requires each member to contribute 10% of all earnings. It is not a negotiable percentage.
    Perhaps Mr Romney has not only been cheating the United States, but also the Mormon church. That would kill all support from the Mormon base.

  5. I have often wondered what a democratic Mormon was like. Oh Harry!! Who knew?

    The best read in a long time. This is good.

  6. Harry Reid is a tax cheat. He purchased land in Nevada and never reported it to Congress when he sold it for twice the purchase price. This news was recently reported. Also reported, many think he’s becoming senile. So with that in mind, he just confused himself with Romney.

  7. Willard Mitt Romney Is A Crook…

    and A Fraud.

    Ann’s horse, when competing looks like it might be experiencing one of those Virgina style vaginal probes.

  8. A Correction; the highest ranking Mormon is the President of the Church.
    Senator Reid could be the highest elected official being a Mormon in history, by serving in the Senate.
    Please fact check statements concerning the LDS Church before publishing and embarrassing yourself, and misinforming others.

    Can’t wait to see what Romney comes up with next! LOL!

  9. Jason,
    We can always tell when a a democrat strikes a blow against Romney–the Romney supporters show up at PoliticusUSA to defend him. IMO, they’re wasting their time. Many Americans have grasped the fact that Romney wasn’t a job creator at Bain, he was a job destroyer, and the fact that several credible economists and organizations that specialize in analyzing economic plans have found his plan to be lacking, is not helping Romney at all. Add to all this the fact that Romney’s support among Hispanics is 22%, and the fact that even republicans in Congress can’t explain why Romney should be president, one gets the impression that Romney’s campaign is on the ropes. I discovered today that he plans to hire a lobbyist to repair his public image. I don’t think it will do any good. He showed in Europe and in Israel that diplomacy and foreign policy aren’t his strong suits, and neither is tact. Combine all of these things with his constant lying, and if one is honest, there’s very little that a lobbyist will be able to do to rehabilitate his image.


  10. Willard, the Pathological Liar, Romney needs to release his tax returns. What is that whiny bully afraid of?

  11. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Whatever you assert Harry Reid has done has no impact on whether romney needs to release his tax returns.

  12. Was that the same “lobbyist” who tried to clean up BP Oil’s image? How did that work out for them?

  13. Yes, Reid’s assertion is EXACTLY like the Romney assertion – I’ve paid all sort of taxes, I SWEAR.

    Of course Romney also swore that he left Bain on a particular date and swore that he was still employed by Bain after that date. Romney also swore that his residence was in Utah (by which he derived considerable financial benefit) and then later swore that he resided in Massachusetts during that same time.

    Romney wants us to trust him, but it looks to me as if Mr. Romney is the embodiment of the old saw – How can you tell when this guy’s lying? His lips are moving.

  14. If nothong else we found out where Mitt Rommey is creating jobs Switzerland and The Cayman Islands. Now, do we need that kind of President.

  15. Since you’re splitting hairs.
    My dictionary give the word “beautiful” as one synonym for “pretty.”
    Smells are often beautiful.
    Ergo, a smell can be pretty.
    Not the best grammatical construction, I admit, but not wrong per se.

    As my Father used to tell my Mom after she’d applied his favorite perfume – “You stink pretty.”

  16. Dead issue, huh? Did you happen to catch the skyrocketing number of people who now view Willard unfavorably?

    I’ll leave it at that. I actually feel sorry for you worshipers this time, because they gave you a Humpty Dumpty of a mess to try and fix. Which you can’t.

  17. Projection is a tried and true right wing trick, but it falls flat outside of the million or so of us who get “our” opinions from FOX “News.” I think it’s time for you to go shop this on one of their comment forums.

  18. Mittens the Liar Rmoney walked right into Harry Reid’s trap. My simple answer if I were Reid and heard Mittens say, “put up or shut up” would have been, “you first!”. Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC said last night something I heard two weeks ago: Mittens was caught cheating on his taxes and was granted “tax cheat amnesty”. There’s a severe condition to accepting this amnesty: if you accept, you’re permanently ineligible to run for federal public office which, in course, includes POTUS. In addition to the possibility of not paying taxes for a decade is another story I heard: Mittens lied on no fewer than 142 federal forms (IRS, SEC and FEC), which are all federal felonies and would result in Mittens serving 71 years in a federal prison. Majority Leader Reid was correct when he said, “with all that on your tax returns, would you release if you didn’t have to?” There’s so much shady about Mittens and his taxes that the FEC needs to investigate this; the FEC has the power to review Mittens’ tax returns and rule on his eligibility without releasing his tax returns to the public. If I were the FBI, IRS, the Justice Dept. and the FEC, I’d go to Mittens and say: “listen, Mr. Romney…it’s obvious you have many things to hide with your tax returns…we’re going to give you two choices: you can immediately and irrevocably retire from politics or continue on and face federal criminal charges…you have three days to decide. And, believe us, Mr. Romney, if you decide to continue, we’ll release everything we know about you and it’ll cripple your campaign, not to mention that you could spend the rest of your life in federal prison”. So, Mittens: YOU PUT UP OR SHUT UP! :( ssmdh

  19. Good try Mark…….we need to know regardless of what Reid has said. When I buy a home, my tax returns are required. He wants to be president, his tax returns are also required. A bank wants to know, just like we want to know, how we intend to do w/business w/the bank as a reliable borrower. Same applies to the presidency. I’m sure you knew that already. Cause I can’t imagine anyone w/the least bit of common sense wouldn’t understand that concept.

    Show us the money…….plain and simple!

  20. I don’t think the reporter was trying to be misleading so much as accidentally misframing the statement. Like you suggested yourself, that Sen. Reid, as Senator and Senate Majority Leader, has attained the highest US Governmental position that any Mormon has before, was most likely the intended statement.

  21. Rachel Maddow went pretty deep into the resume of this new Romney pr salvager in her show today. And yes, same person who put a smiley face on the BP Gulf disaster…

  22. When Romney loses the erection…….I mean the election, he should get a job as a grave digger! He has proven to be pretty good at digging his own! Lovin’ this! Whatever will we do for entertainment when all this is over?

  23. Reid probably is the highest-ranking *elected* public servant. Stuart Udall was Secretary of the Interior under Kennedy and Johnson, and his brother Morris was a Senator, though not Majority Leader, and a serious contender in 1976 for the Democratic Presdential candidacy. Notwithstanding the position of the Mormon church, both were progressives in matters of race and strong environmentalists. It’s too bad their memories are sullied by a man like Rott Mimney, who is not worthy to be a worm in their graves.

  24. If this happens, Obama will trounce them. The money will be spent. Sure he could raise some but the super pacs will have shot their wads…

  25. While I don’t think Reid’s comments were very wise, I am left wondering why Mitt Romney will not release his tax returns. I am not going for his weak excuse that Democrats will attempt to make hay with them, when what he has released (the 1.5 years) is already extremely troubling to me as an Independent voter.

    Romney has touted his Olympic tenure, yet he will not talk about any of the details around what actually took place in Salt Lake City. Romney wasn’t just the head of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee. Romney was also a registered lobbyist for the organization. Romney last worked as a lobbyist on Dec. 31, 2000. As a lobbyist and president of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee, Romney stabilized the balance sheet by bringing in a record $1.3 billion in federal dollars for Salt Lake City’s games and more from the state of Utah.

    Romney says that his experience at Bain gives him the experience to be President but he doesn’t want to talk about any specifics about his time at Bain.

    Romney talks about his experience as the Governor of Massachusetts but reportedly had all the hard drives and records destroyed when he left, and doesn’t want to talk about his record as Governor.

    He released a tax plan, and when he didn’t like the nonpartisan scoring, he claimed it was partisan, and went on to say his tax plan can not be scored.

    He has not offered a single detail about what he will do as President, and continues to speak in vague talking points, and generalities. I will not even consider a vote for Romney if he does not release his returns from 99′ when he left Bain to present. He can not even hope to become POTUS if he isn’t willing to level with the American people on any of these issues, or tell us any specifics as to what he intends to do as President. It is the job of the press to ask these questions for the American people. We can not afford to hire a man to be President, who hides and obfuscates on every aspect of his life he claims are his qualifications for the job.

  26. Mitt could easily set the record straight by releasing his tax returns. He chooses not to do so. He showed them to McCain when he wanted the VP nomination and McCain picked Palin.

    Mitt is hiding something that he doesn’t want the public to know.

  27. Perhaps Romney should also show us his birth certificate? It would only be fair. How funny it would be if it turned out that he was Canadian. :p

  28. I have noticed how every attempted defense of Mr. Romney’s actions always involves pointing a finger somewhere else. The burden of proof is on the affirmative. Since he seems to insist and believe that his tax returns are above board, let him show ANY complete return for any year. We do not yet have all the documents for any of his returns. You may think we have his complete 2010 tax return, but we do not. One document is missing. Why is that?

  29. Only crooks put there money in Swiss bank accounts and Cayman Islands. He has been hiding his money.
    I would like to know why someone with his money would even run for President.

  30. I can’t catch the scent of four o’clocks without picturing them, or of certain rose perfumes without getting an image of a half-blown Ena Harkness, or of nightblooming cestrum without thinking of a full moon over Miami as it was half a century ago, complete with an insomniac mockingbird singing his ardent heart out in the summit of a banyan. Scent is the most evocative of our senses, and that is how something can smell pretty…or ugly…or like hope, or fear, or despair, or the light of dawn.

  31. Certain things do feel red, like velveteen with a short, heavy votton pile, or morocco leather, or a supple satiin. But taffeta and shantung feel pale blue, and starched lace, regardless of its real color, always feels white.

  32. If Romney is telling the truth and wants to prove Harry Reid wrong, all he has to do is release his last ten years of tax returns, something that is expected of candidates, that run for the office of President. But Mark you know he won’t because he is a liar and a fraud. Even Republicans are stunned at his stupidity. Harry Reid did all he needed too, he put out a statement, that the only way it goes away, if Mitt Romney comes clean with the American People. His arrogance has made him completely un-electable.

  33. Nothing will kill Romney’s Mormon support, because Mormons are taught if they challege their leaders, they will go directly to hell, Romney could tell them to go stand on their heads in the middle of the road, and they would do it without question, If they question why? They are shunned from the church and their families turn their backs on them, most are to scared to face this so they follow like sheep, just the way Romney likes, He needs to know the American people are not the Mormon church, we will not follow this horrid man.

  34. Heard Romney say he would create 12 MILLION jobs his first year in office. Wonder if he got that confused with the 12 MILLION dollars he is spending on the garage and elevator for his cars at home.

    Still think a sales tax on purchases with a maybe 10% or less income tax across the board is the best idea. How about you, Mitt?

  35. after all of this chatter, can someone please tell me why Romney wants to be president? Why? What has he stated as his vision for this country? What is his passion? Why won’t he tell us why we should vote FOR him? What is he willing to do for US, in service to his country? Can someone please help me with this?

  36. After reading the posts, I question why instead of actually pondering the question of why Mitt won’t release his tax returns, the (apparent) Mitt supporters choose to instead attack Harry Reid through baseless accusations as if that somehow negates the question on the table.

    Why is it that when pinned in a corner by fact or reality, rather than being more concerned over the future of this country, there are those who do not engage their brains and instead resort to name-calling, projection and attempts to divert from the question?

    It’s like they become 6-year-olds, sticking their fingers in their ears and saying “blahblahblahblahblah”…

  37. Romney turned in two years worth of tax returns were only one year is required. Yet our so called president whose birth records, both in the United States and Kenya, are sealed by government order, whose academic records are sealed from kindergarten through law school, whose Law School Admission Test scores and grades at Columbia University are known to have been mediocre, but was admitted to Harvard Law School through the intervention of a Saudi named Khalid al -Mansour, A law review editor who never published an article in any law review, law-school grad who was turned down for a lowly job as an adjunct instructor, but who was then given a corner office and a minimal teaching load (one intro course) when an unidentified person leaned on the Dean, A man who speaks endlessly about helping the less fortunate, but gives almost none of his sizeable income to charity—not even to his half-brother, who is living in squalor in Kenya. Yet you all wont to grip about lies from reid and wanting Romney to release 10 years of tax returns when obama has paid millions to has all his records sealed that’s just flat BS!!!!

  38. Romney has only turned in one year so far, and that year was amended and didn’t include all of the documents it should have.

  39. I was listening and watching Stephanie Miller show this morning. A caller called in and said she use to work for Reid. She said that he was boring but he was very honest and would not lie about things. She said if he got that information about Mittens you can take it to the bank. He just won’t lie. So really it’s up to Mittens.

  40. Yes, of course, because when you purchase a piece of real estate it’s normally done on just a hand shake like in the old days . . . none of that confounded paperwork like a title deed or anything that might . . . you know, have to be recorded with the county Recorder of Deeds or anything. No nothing like that! Here’s a little secret, you can’t buy property and then go hide it in a Swiss bank account.

  41. Very little downside for Reid, if he is wrong he would have to apologize. Mittens will just fan the flames of credibility by continuing to deny and refusing to release his returns. Willard is the one under the spotlight and Reid knows exactly what he is doing.

  42. All of the dominionist and fundamentalist churches require that the followers never question or disbelieve their leaders. That is exactly what we can also expect from him if he wins.

    We will have to always accept him at his word, and obey him instantly. That would be true even if it were Bachmann, or Perry, or any of the other dominionists trying to take over the country.

    Me, I’d probably curse the bastard if he tried to order me around – to his face. I will never obey him or his hierarchy. (And by doing so, I would be AVOIDING hell.)

  43. I’m concerned that this all is moving too fast.

    If he is forced out before he gets the nomination, we may find JEB Bush running… and he is far more dangerous AND ELECTABLE than his brother ever was.

    As we learned, he’s a master at getting his agenda done – behind the scenes. While he was governor, things started going downhill in this state in a hurry. He is a firm believer in privatizing everything… and supports the 1% without even questioning them.

    I’d advise people to slow down a bit until he’s got the nomination, because then it WOULD wreck the Republicans, and we’d have a chance at saving freedom.

    That being said…

    Regarding the Tax Returns, if a poor person needs help, they are REQUIRED to turn over copies of their returns. If you apply for food stamps, it’s required. If you apply for medical help, it’s required. If you even apply for any form of financial aid – even apply for college, they’re required.

    He has no more right to keep them private than we do.

  44. Kathleen, before you embarrass *yourself*, please read the article more carefully: the “highest ranking Mormon” was a quote from a CBS Boston reporter, not Jason Easley.

  45. Terry,

    You live in a fantasy world, devoid of reality. Just because it is on the web, AM radio, or Fox News doesn’t make it true. My advice is to take the cheap door prize, sell it, and get yourself some help from a mental health professional. If you have any money left over, take a writing class.

  46. I am a person on disabilty and draw a check for social security and social security supplemental income and the two checks bring in close to $7,500.00 a year. Well with Mitt Romney in office with the cuts he is wanting to get I am scare that he will take away part of my check and it is hard enough to live on it now. One third goes for rent with Hud helping with the rest, renters ins. due to me having oxygen tank in apt., part of agreement, then pay on burial plan, then you have gro. and I get help from Ms.food stamps about a dollar a day to eat on, pay on ins. to help with med.,then a person has a few things to get for house hold needs so sometimes you are right to the bone.Now do you understand why Mitt Romney is a threat to me. Please listen to Harry Reid and make Mitt Romney show his income tax returns for the last 10 years.If he has nothing to hide then it won’t hurt anything for him.

  47. I believe if you choose to run for any office of government, nothing should hidden, with the exception of what you do in your own bedroom.(I just don’t want to know)When it comes to money management I DO WANT TO KNOW!

  48. Who cares whether or not Reid has a credible source. He’s pushing Rmoney’s buttons and I love it. Mittens is freaking out and making it even worse for himself. He is the one who needs to “put up or shut up”. I am assuming he paid SOME tax but what I want to know is why did he close his Swiss Bank account. Was it 2009 when, under an amnesty program, the IRS allowed taxpayers to avoid prosecution for having failed to report their overseas accounts? As a private citizen that would be OK but as a politician running for president, that’s a liability and just plain stupid.

  49. One of the biggest idiots to hit the congress in the history of our lives. Reid is an idiot. Anyone who folows this guy or Pelosi and believes in them…..well….ya got a screw loose….no 10 screws loose. If you don’t like the tax laws, change them. Even Romney’s proposal of lowering taxes across the board and getting rid of deductions will have more taxes being paid and a proposal currently in the house is to keep the home mortgage and charity deductions. The mortgage deduction accounts for most of the deductions for people making less than 200K.

  50. Andrew, I’m not sure it’s something as serious as “permanently ineligible to run for federal public office”. I have never been a John McCain fan but he did see 23 years of Rmoney’s return and if it were that bad, I think he would have said something by now.

  51. That’s entirely possible but do you think that Ron Paul has a better chance than Romney? I don’t think so but I do anticipate a crazy GOP convention.

  52. I hate to quote Dr. Phil but he likes to say:

    “Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing”

    Come on Mittens, show us your returns

  53. Obama is surrounded by appointees with off-shore accounts. This demand to see Romney taxes is just a ploy to have more access to his private life to find a new ways to attack him. The democratic party has gone red in the face, blowing their negative hot air every which direction prematurely. I hope Mittens refuses to give into these demands, and keeps on smiling.

    Move on; nothing to see here.

  54. But Clare remember that after John McCain had the opportunity to view Romney’s tax returns he opted to go with Sarah Palin as the VP candidate. If nthing else I think that speaks volumes.

  55. Don’t worry all of you O’Dipshit ass lickers your BOY is goning down in Nov,bye bye, so is that Asswipe Ried!!!Wadda ya think Lefties? ROTFLMAO!

  56. Jeb’s got the last name bush which the republicans are running fast away from. Plus let’s not forget his family problems with his druggie daughter and some unusual stories about his wife. They can’t put up Jeb. The bush name is mud.

  57. Obviously a lot of Mormon trolls are on this web defending the despicable rmoney. Hey Mormon trolls you get your matching order from the republican LDS branch? I’ll be slamming my door in your faces when you come knocking to ask me to endorse your flawed tax cheating candidate.

  58. when Mitt was being vetted for VP he provided McCain with 23 years of returns. After McCain’s camp carefully reviewed the returns they chose Palin as the VP running mate. That says it all!!!

  59. Betty,

    It makes me sad to read about all you have to go through just to survive, and I admire your focus on making do. It scares me that the Republicans have decided to go against helping people. It’s so self-centered. Not good for anybody.

    “No man [or woman] is an island entire of itself.”

    We are all in this together.

  60. Wed Aug 01, 2012 at 04:17 AM PDT
    Does Romney Have Alzheimer’s? Seriously, Does He?

    by TeamSarah4ChoiceFollow
    permalink 369 Comments

    Alzheimer’s is no laughing matter and this Diary is not meant to be funny. I seriously wonder if Romney has Alzheimer’s. In my opinion, he is showing the signs of a person who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or some other type of dementia.

    One of the early symptoms to Alzheimer’s is short-term memory loss, forgetting what you recently said or did. Confusion and poor judgment are also early signs. In the early stages, the patient can still function in society but lacks good judgment so usually family members will step in to correct any problem the poor judgment may have caused.

    For months, we have literally witnessed Romney say one thing, then within seconds tell the media he did not say it. Then we go back to the video, and sure enough, Romney said what we thought he said. Now, I know Romney is a pathological liar — but I think there is something more going on.

    I remember several, several times when Ann Romney has had to step in to correct comments Mitt has said and then the campaign puts Mitt on a Media Blackout.

    If you watch Romney’s face when he denies saying what he just said, Romney gets a confused and bewildered look in his eyes. It is the confusion on his face that makes me think he has Alzheimer’s. Reagan, and other patients of Alheimer’s would get that same look.

    Most Recent Example:
    Yesterday at 8:00pm, the day Romney got back from his Foreign Policy PR Tour, Romney had an Op-Ed published in the rightwinged blog, National Review online. In Romney’s Op-Ed, Romney doubled-down on saying the Palestinians are culturally inferior.

    But, just 10.5 hours before Romney published the Op-Ed, he ran to Fox and denied he ever compared the Israel culture to the Palestinian culture. But wait a minute! Romney’s Op-Ed does compare the Israel and Palestine cultures. (confused? is your head shaking?)

    — also —

    Before Romney wrote the Op-Ed, he said he would never run his campaign based on the comparison of the Israel and Palestian culture but his Op-Ed is part of his campaign and the Op-Ed does compare the Israeli and Palestinian culture.

    Here’s the timeline:
    Monday, July 30, 2012

    “If you can learn anything from the economic history of the world, it’s this: Culture makes all the difference.
    If you can learn anything from the economic history of the world, it’s this: culture makes all the difference. Culture makes all the difference. And as I come here and I look out over this city and consider the accomplishments of the people of this nation, I recognize the power of at least culture and a few other things.”
    As you come here and you see the GDP per capita, for instance, in Israel, which is about $21,000 dollars, and compare that with the GDP per capita just across the areas managed by the Palestinian Authority, which is more like $10,000 per capita, you notice such a dramatically stark difference in economic vitality.

    Next comes the denial
    Tuesday, July 31, 2012 (9:33 am)

    “I did not speak about the Palestinian culture or the decisions made in their economy. That’s an interesting topic that perhaps could deserve scholarly analysis, but I actually didn’t address that. I certainly don’t intend to address that during my campaign. Instead, I will point out that the choices a society makes have a profound impact on the economy and the vitality of that society.

    Next comes the Op-Ed doubling down on his insults to the Arab world.
    Tuesday, July 31, 2012 (8:00 pm)

    During my recent trip to Israel, I had suggested that the choices a society makes about its culture play a role in creating prosperity, and that the significant disparity between Israeli and Palestinian living standards was powerfully influenced by it [culture]. In some quarters, that comment became the subject of controversy.
    But what exactly accounts for prosperity if not culture?

    Romney’s Op-Ed shows very poor judgment for a candidate for U.S. President as Romney’s Op-Ed was inflammatory, bigoted toward the Arab World and could possibly put our troops stationed overseas in harms way.

    I know, Romney is a pathological liar – for sure – but he may also have Alzheimer. After reading Romney’s original comment (FLIP) then reading Romney’s denial (FLOP) and then his Op-Ed (FLIP) I was reminded of an article David Corn wrote in Mother Jones in January, 2012 titled “Did Mitt Romney Lie to Me?”

    In the article, Corn wrote about a speech Romney gave in Pinkerton Academy in Derry, New Hampshire where he said the European-style welfare society creates poverty. Moments after the speech, Romney denied, to David Corn, that he had ever said those things.

    Here’s the conversation between David Corn and Mitt Romney

    CORN: “Do you believe that there is more poverty in Europe than the United States?”

    ROMNEY: Is that before or after government payments, he responded.

    CORN: You can define it any way you want.

    ROMNEY: “Well, I’ll have to think about that,” he said, and started to shuffle away.

    CORN: (quickly) You just stated that European-style welfare creates poverty.

    ROMNEY: “No, I didn’t I said, look at Cuba, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union.”

    CORN: No, you said European-style welfare leads to poverty. That’s precisely what you said.

    ROMNEY: No, I was talking about Cuba, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union.

    Corn He hadn’t said anything about those countries. He hadn’t mentioned them once in his speech.

    Corn went on to write:

    Romney then said, “I have to go”—and returned to his fans. As one held out a copy of his recent book, looking for Romney’s John Hancock, Romney turned to an aide and asked, “Are we doing autographs?”

    Corn then opined on Romney’s mental state:

    So what to make of this exchange with Romney? Is his brain so fried by months (or years) of campaigning that he cannot recall what he said minutes earlier?

    Or, does Romney have Alzheimers?

    Other Examples:
    In November 2011:

    In less than 24 hours, Romney flip/flopped in less than 24 hours on Ohio’s Issue 2 that limits public employee union rights.

    In March 2012

    In less than 2 hours, Romney flip/flopped on The Blunt Amendment that would allow employers to block health insurance coverage that the boss considered objectionable on moral grounds.

    In May 2012,

    In less than 24 hours, Romney flip/flopped on adoption rights for gay parents

    At the time, we all chalked those instantaneous flip/flops up to Romney being a pathological liar — but I’m beginning to think maybe Romney is a Pathological Liar with Alzheimer’s.

    Another Sign Of Alzheimer’s: Confusing Fiction with Reality
    For instance, commentators over the years have noted how often President Reagan confused films he’d made with political reality, including telling people about concentration camps he’d helped to liberate in World War II, when the reality was he been in a movie about the topic.

    Remember the Campaign Ad where Romney used a picture of, what Romney claimed, was a picture him with his dad at the Detroit Auto Show — when, in fact, it was a picture of Mitt at the World’s Fair with his dad?

    At the time, we all chalked those lies of Romney’s as Romney being a pathological liar — but I’m beginning to think maybe Romney is a Pathological Liar with Alzheimer’s.

  61. Too bad you’re a mom… means there’s another generation of scvmbag mentality coming down the pike.

  62. Jack, right there his “accounting firm” already put together the necessary info. No new ground to cover. I’m sure if push came to shove, McCain can provide the info if Rmoney has a problem. (wouldn’t that be great?) So release the stupid returns, already.

  63. Okay, we all get that you’re a Republican and you want the guy who’s going to give you ridiculously low taxes.

    But let’s take an honest look at Mitt Romney. The following facts are all cross-verifiable:

    1) he was a bully as a prep school student
    2) he impersonated an officer of the law numerous times as a young adult
    3) he took a 12-hour roadtrip with his caged dog strapped to the roof of his car. Shortly after the press fallout from this, he gave the dog away
    4) he doesn’t have a sound economic plan. Every legitimate economist and tax expert has said that his plans would simply provide more tax breaks for the wealthy and increase taxes for the middle-class, and INCREASE the deficit.
    5) he won’t release his tax returns, which every Presidential aspirant has done since his father did it in 1964.

    Anyway, man, get with the program. This guy is massively unpopular even with his own party. NO ONE lies like this guy.

  64. At least Palin looks cute; until she opens her mouth and the flies come out. Romney may well be an even bigger disgrace than Bush Jr., and that is truly saying something!

  65. What a rancid POS you are! During Dubya’s administration if anyone disagreed with him, there were claims of treasonous behavior thrown at them. However, with President Obama, the rules have changed completely. The best revenge will be in years to come when your grandchildren read about one of the best Presidents this country has ever seen–President Barack Obama. You’ll either be worm food or too senile to argue the point.

  66. If Governor Romney wants Senator Reid to shut up, then he should show the American people his tax returns. If it isn’t true, let him prove it. He should be showing them to us anyway.

  67. It Mitt wants us to believe he’s just like the rest of us, then let him behave in the same manner. We had to supply four years of tax returns when we applied for a mortgage for a vacation home we were building in Cape Cod. We could have said that we were only going to give the mortgage company a single year’s return but that wasn’t negotiable. When you’re telling the people of this country that you have the experience to do the job but won’t reveal your plans to help the economy, won’t talk about your term as Governor, claim you worked for Bain for 25 years (Romney’s actual words) starting in 1977, then try to say you retroactively retired in 1999 while collecting a salary until 2002, you have a lot of explaining to do. Remember what you said about how nobody should get paid for doing nothing? What was that salary for if you weren’t doing anything?

    No, you don’t have to tell the people anything, but we don’t have to listen to your assinine excuses, either.

  68. Isn’t that basically what Romney is doing when he tells us to basically “trust me?”

    Romney is under no obligation to release any of his tax returns.

    I am under no obligation to trust him if he doesn’t, nor vote for him. I could care less how reliable Reid’s source is; I’m not voting for him nor is he asking me to vote for him. That is what is really important.

  69. Oh, I get it. Mittens isn’t playing the game the way Obama is use to. Obama is use to opponents that cave into the demands only to find every new release of information is picked apart and twisted for the masses. It’s okay. I’m sure Reid can stick to his current game plan, that is making stuff up as he goes along.
    How about we ask Obama why he secretly signed an executive order changing the rules of welfare reform? This new change excuses states from counting people receiving benefits as unemployed because HSS is no longer asking for the paper trail from the states, requiring recipients to look for work. This is the real story this month. Why ole Harry boy is making a huge fuss over here, Barry is over there artificially improving the unemployment figures. Nobody seems to want to talk about that. If next month there is sudden, unexpected improvement in those figures, Mittens is getting my vote whether or not he paid one dime in taxes. I have had it with the sleaze.

  70. I’m impressed by Senator Reid now. Just like Harry Truman tell the truth and they think it’s hell.

    Romneys taxes are a shiny shiny object.

  71. Maybe he has Dissociative Personality Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. His different personalities have different views, and every time he expresses a view and then flip-flops, it’s a different personality coming out. Or, he’s just an out-and-out bald-faced liar.

  72. You’re lack of intelligence, cultural experience and education is clear by the fact you would even visit that website, much less post it on this feed. You are not an American… you are obviously a trailer park tramp who sucks up to the right and racism but is on welfare because your multiple-men inseminations have left you watching only Fox News. Grab your Chick Filet coupon and feed your kids…

  73. I think I found a child left behind. Don’t worry, Spike… with a little independent thought, you can be weaned off the Faux Noise teat and learn to think for yourself too!

  74. The only idiots here are those that drank Mittens’s kool-aid about lowering taxes across the board.

    Read the actual proposal — it’s talking about lowering taxes for the 1% and RAISING them on the middle class. (AND it involves raising the deficit.)

    Sounds great, right? Maybe Romney can just skip the red tape and return everyone who isn’t of the 1% to their medieval role of serfs, with our benevolent overlords making sure that we do our work and that they get their share.

    Sorry, the past is gone — and for good reason. We need to move into the future, and Romney’s plans have no part of it.

  75. Why is every comment by a Romney supporter written in such poor English? I guess they are all in SPORT.

  76. When a cop says, “Move on, there’s nothing to see here”, there’s always something to see, he’s just trying to keep order and avoid the gathering of crowds.

  77. This situation has truly turned into a three ring circus. Harry Reid is like Obama, they love to hear their own voice more, than listening to the voice of the people. What a joke this has become!!

  78. say anything you like about Harry Reid but it doesn’t alter the fact that Mitty hasn’t released his tax returns.

  79. So basically now all someone has to do is say “I heard from a reliable source that . . . . ” and people should say “Well it must be true. The person has to prove that it is not true”

    So if someone said “I heard from a reliable source Romney eats children” it would be true?

    I am not voting for Romney at all but I do have an issue with how some think Reid should never have to name his source. If you want to use the “if you have nothing to hide” then if Reid has nothing to hide then he should name his source.

    Just a question. What if it was proved that Reid did not have a source. That he made it all up or his source made it up. What would your reaction be then? Regardless of what Romney has done with his taxes. Should the source not be verified?

    Are you going to support this same behavior when a republican does it to a democrat?

  80. “trailer park tramp”

    And that’s about the most bigoted thing I’ve seen come from someone claiming to be more liberal.

    It’s sexist, it’s elitist, and it’s WRONG.

    I suggest you learn what life is like for those, as you put it “Trailer Park” people. You might be surprised – at the level of discrimination they face, the way their lives are tracked, and how hard it becomes to try to escape poverty (and easy to give up).

  81. Many in the GOP support it when Bachmann does it. Boehner does it daily just doesnt say “source”. This has been normal in Washington since George Washington came to town. Is it right? Probably not. Is it done frequently? yes

  82. And I don’t like it when Bachmann does it.

    I don’t like it when anyone does it.

    Just saying people complain about it when the people they don’t like do it but when the people they like do it they cheer it. Instead of just saying it is wrong either way. Both sides.

  83. You can’t with any honesty equate Bachmann writing a government agency to call for an investigation of a person based on their ethnicity the same thing as Reid making a claim based on what he says is solid info on the Senate floor.

    Bachmann’s reputation for hysterical paranoia matters. There were the FEMA camps, the call to investigate the Democrats in Congress, the claim that Obama was coming for everone’s guns — none of these things had even a remote basis in fact, but they were all said on the floor or national TV. She’s proposed legislation based on NOTHING but her own imagination. To equate her claims with Reid’s is to ignore character, precedent, and history as well as the rather pertinent fact that Reid did not write to a govt agency to have Romney investigated.

  84. Romney is beginning to remind me more and more of Dan Quayle. I wonder if he knows how to spell tomato correctly?

  85. It has to be one of the Whales they had to get rid of Tricky Mitt and out of Bail Cap!…As sole owner of an LLP, LLC, or PP..all the benefits accrue to the partner..so the tax returns are where you find the IRR, carry-interest benefits, cash flows, tax liabilities…etc! Theses guys do not buy a pig in a poke like romney wants the American people to buy with him as President!

    Reid is a leader in our Highest House in the Congress..when given this info he has a MORAL and Legal obligation to inform the people! He is a good mormon not an insider titled mormon..They do not lie –like the titled hierarchy of the church steeped deep in dogma and the control of power!

    Romney gave 23 years of returns to Mccain but is giving the middle finger to the American people!
    Are there really Americans that think tax avoidance is a trait to be admired in a Presidential candidate?

  86. I would like to fill you in on an old saying, it is not the people within the church who are perfect, it is the church that is perfect. Will I be voting for Romney? Absolutely not. President Obama has my vote. Am I Mormon? Yes. Does this mean I will be shunned from my church or excommunicated? No. Your argument that we blindly follow our leaders is asinine. LDS members come from all walks of life and care about many very different political topics which we are free to support just as any other person. And for the record, if someone told me to stand on my head, I would look at them like they’re crazy, laugh, and go on about my business.

  87. I caught that one too and corrected it elsewhere. He’s the highest ranking US Government official in the history of the Mormon church. (I bet THAT get’s Mitt’s goat.)

    My personal opinion is that this “source” or the second “source” cited on CNN yesterday is Sarah Palin. She’s mighty unhappy that she wasn’t invited to the shindig in Florida. What did she expect after she overshadowed Mitt at every turn last summer?

  88. Actually, “Job Creator” at Bain is a simple typo. It’s meant to be “Job Cremator”. The man simply can’t even admit to a spelling error.

  89. RE Romney having Alzheimer’s; it’s worse than that.

    Little known history of Romney, he was the driver of a car involved in a fatal accident back when he was in France doing his Mormon mission gig (nice draft dodge). There were 5 or 6 people packed into a little Citroen and an oncoming car at high speed failed to negotiate a curve while passing a truck. The Romney car was hit head on, and the wife of the mission’s president was killed instantly. Mitt was declared dead at the scene by the first police officer on scene who wrote, ‘Il est mort’ in Mitt’s passport. Turns out he was in a coma for 2-3 days and took almost a year to recover (more draft dodging). When he finally returned to the States, his girlfriend Ann said of him, he ‘came back a different person.*’ Now apparently this was supposed to mean he no longer bullied children, impersonated a police officer or engaged in other ‘hijinks’ that would get most of us real jail time.

    The question remains. Coma means brain damage. There’s no way around that conclusion. Was he lying when he said he ‘didn’t remember’ cutting off that kid’s hair? Or does he have memory issues?

    Either way, he’s not fit for public office.

    * Heavy tin-foil here: Cmr. Bob Dean, who was very high up in NATO and with Cosmic Level Security Clearance, is on record as saying that we now have the ability to clone a human and make them any age we (meaning the CIA) might need them to be in a year’s time…

    Mitt the Clone? Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

  90. I am not equating. Shiva did. I responded.

    Why does no one want to answer the very simple question. What if there is no source. What if Reid is lying?

    Take democrat/republican out of the equation. Take how you feel about the people involved.

    Do you really think it is OK for someone to say “Well I have a source that says this but I am not going to name them. You have to prove that you didn’t do it”

    I someone did that to you would you say it is OK?

  91. Look at Reid’s history. Compare to Bachmann’s. Tell me why the conservative media still sells Bachmann’s clearly crazy charges with no proof (add Fox News to the list, on an hourly basis and they never retract even when clearly wrong) but suddenly now a Democrat can’t make a charge unless it’s proven. The hypocrisy is stunning and pathetic. What’s really going on here is the Right doesn’t like Reid playing their game of prove a negative because it’s exposing Romney’s unwillingness to defend himself the only way he can.

    What are the odds that two people went on the record but anonymously to say the same thing re Reid’s source?

    What are the odds that Romney did pay taxes? If you think he did, why is it that he won’t release his tax returns?

    No one here has said that Reid is right, by the way, but if you’re hunting down untruths, there’s a line of Republicans who have claimed this president isn’t a Christian (a far worse crime on the right than not paying taxes apparently), in spite of evidence that he has attended church his entire life. Also, no proof he is a Socialist, Marxist, or a Fascist for that matter but that doesn’t stop elected Republicans from saying those things in order to gin up hatred. When they play politics like that, they have no room to take moral high ground.

  92. OK. I will say it agaiun.

    When Republicans do it it is wrong.

    When Democrats do it it is also wrong.

    I also never even brought up Bachmann until someone else did.

    I also didn’t make this a left/right things.

    As for Reid being right. This whole article is that Reid was right to do it. I got here because friends of mine posted it because they thought Reid was right.

    This whole “Well you can’t criticize anyone on the left unless you go stop all the right from doing the same thing”. Well I have in the past and I am now. Don’t care a lick which side is doing it.

    Also, now the left can’t take the moral high ground when they are playing the same game.

  93. The article is about the politics, not the morality. Due to Romney’s refusal to show the public something that all candidates show the public, he has politically left himself vulnerable.

    You can argue morality all you want, though given the Republicans history, they’re foolish to try that. Interesting to me that some say it’s okay to call Reid a liar with no proof, even though two people say his source is reliable, but not okay to say Romney didn’t pay taxes without proof.

    See, Romney already lied about his taxes in 2002 to the public. He said “trust me” and then later it turned out he was lying. So, there’s a pattern of Romney being a blatant liar on this subject already established.

    Politically speaking, this is bad news for Romney, but it must that what is in the tax returns is worse news, or he would release them. AT this point, if he didn’t pay taxes, that is the generous conclusion. There are other conclusions being drawn, and when you choose to run for the highest office in the land but refuse to put yourself through the vetting process re transparency, you open yourself up to all kinds of scrutiny and supposition. Romney put himself here and I can’t say that he has much moral high ground in this position of entitlement.

    Closing this discussion on my end, but carry on:-)

  94. “just makes Harry Reid look even more pathetic than his initial statement did”

    Even if that were true, which of course it is not (all Republicans lie, all the time), Reid isn’t running for President, Romney is. As long as he doesn’t release his tax returns, this will go on. And if he does, he’s toast.

  95. Andrea, all Republicans lie and employ dishonest fallacies, their favorite being “tu quoque”, the one you used. But smearing Reid will do you no good with the non-sociopathic segment of society, because the fact remains that Mittens hasn’t released his tax returns like every Presidential candidate who doesn’t have something to hide has done for decades.

  96. Romney is attempting to put a spin on his tax filings, he is putting a spin on what he said on his European trip. If he’s putting a spin on everything now, there is no stopping to what he is going to be spinning if he should ever reach the White House. There will be no transparency to a Romney administration.

  97. Guys, this bipartisan crap has GOT to stop. This country is in jeopardy. It doesn’t matter at all as to who’s the President. Congress is the entity that needs to be replaced. Vote against ANY incumbant. Get some fresh faces in there.

  98. Is Romney serious? He wants Reid to put up or shut up? He must be joking because Reid isn’t the one hiding his taxes and his secret plan for creating jobs. He just accused Romney of paying ZERO taxes for ten years and this is all he can say or do about it. What is he afraid of? He wants to be president but he can’t even stand the fact that Obama might look at his tax returns and use them against him. How will he fight for the poor and middle class. (That’s right he won’t.) Reid doesn’t care what Romney says or thinks about him. He will keep talking until Romney puts up.

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