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Romney’s Middle Class Speech Bombs as He Never Mentions the Middle Class

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 11:25 am

Mitt Romney unveiled his plan for the middle class in Colorado today, but he only said the words middle class once.

The Romney campaign put out a statement ahead of the candidate’s remarks that showed what they thought of the middle class, “President Obama just can’t seem to get things right or improve the economy for middle-class Americans. After three and a half years, his disappointing record is clear: energy prices are up, young Americans are struggling, our trade policies aren’t working, deficits have soared, and small business owners are being over-taxed, over-regulated, and personally denigrated. The American people deserve better – they deserve a president who won’t let them down.”

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When Romney took the stage he never mentioned the middle class, but immediately launched an attack on President Obama that he called a report card. Over five minutes into his speech, and Romney still hasn’t mentioned the middle class. At the 12 minute mark of his middle class speech, Romney still hasn’t said the words middle class. At the 15 minute point of the speech, Romney claimed that building the Keystone XL pipeline would help the middle class.

At the nineteen minute mark of his speech, Romney has still only said the words middle class once. Mitt Romney reached the 25 minute mark, and only mentioned the middle class once. However, Romney did say middle income once.

Romney mentioned the Declaration of Independence the same number of times that he mentioned the middle class (1).

Since his speech didn’t tell us what Romney will do for the middle class, the candidate promised that we could find the details, so let’s look at the plan.

The Romney Middle Class Tax Plan:

So let me get this straight, the Romney plan for the middle class is never to mention the middle class.

The answer is found in a Brookings Institute/Tax Policy Center analysis of Romney’s overall tax plan that concluded, “We show that given the proposed tax rates and proscription against reducing tax expenditures aimed at saving and investment, cutting tax expenditures will result in a net tax cut for high-income taxpayers and a net tax increase for lower- and/or middle-income taxpayers—even if individual income tax expenditures could be eliminated in a way designed to make the resulting tax system as progressive as possible.”

Romney’s speech was some sort of absurd performance art where they promised to unveil a middle class tax plan, but instead delivered the same stump speech that was loaded with Obama attacks and scant on details.

Mitt Romney wants the middle class to know that he stands with them, but he isn’t ever going to talk about them or mention them by name.

In a nearly 30 minute speech Mitt Romney utter the words middle class once, which tells you all you need to know about Romney’s plan for the middle class.

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