Obama Passes Promises Kept Scorecard With Flying Colors

PolitiFact has just issued their Obama Scorecard and Obama is passing with flying colors. According to PolitiFact’s findings President Obama has kept 37% of his promises and compromised on 14%.

Considering we do not live in a monarchy and Obama is not a dictator, compromise is obviously part of the political game. I understand that many Democrats believe that he compromises to much, but 14% is not that bad. In fact he made 500 promises, that means he has kept 188 of them and broke only 80.

So overall, the scorecard reads,

Promises kept: 37%
Promises compromised: 14%
Promises Broken: 16%
Promises stalled: 10%
Promises in the works: 23%

The promises kept are here and they include expanding loan programs for small businesses, extending the Bush tax cuts for lower incomes, closing the “doughnut hole” in Medicare prescription drug plan, expanding Veterans Centers in rural areas and fully funding the Veterans Administration. These are just a few of the promises kept.

If you are concerned that he compromises too much, re-elect President Obama and give him a Congress that compliments him.

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  1. By this time in FDR’s first term, much of his policy was overturned by the Supreme Court, and his efforts stalled by massive over-reach. Those who say Obama should do…fill in the blank…need to go back to Civics 101 and determine whether any president CAN do whatever it is we all are demanding.

    Those who insist Johnson “pounded the bully pulpit” and got Dems to vote for the Civil Rights Act are really ignorant. Only one southern Dem voted FOR it – the CRA was carried entirely by northerners, Dem and GOP, who were an entirely different set of parties from now. Even Al Gore Senior voted AGAINST the CRA, and it was not remotely arm twisting that moved northern Republicans to do the right thing – in the day when “right” meant correct and not extremist.

    Obama has done more than anyone takes notice of – how did we just pass not only the Transportation Act and retain the lower rates for student loans but also the debt ceiling? Hmmmm? How’d we DO that when the GOP has said repeatedly that they would never vote for ANYTHING this administration wants.

    Well – no matter who you are, you might give the president a LITTLE credit. As he won the lame duck by giving the GOP 14% of that agreement but GETTING 86% of it for the rest of us, he has brought the GOP to line time and time again. They vote for what is essential even as they yell and bluster they won’t. How did that all happen? Fairy dust? Magic? What?

    Perhaps it comes at the hands of one of the most shrewd and careful political negotiators we’ve ever had. Clinton caved, but Obama gets results. So how did that all happen? Keeping 73% of his promises done or in play, is a record of amazing achievement.

    Now I will turn out and work for a better, more adult, and more assertive Congress. Think what we could achieve if we had bold and grown up people in the majority! Wow…

  2. Much of what Politifact claims is a broken promise stems from lack of Congressional action rather than deliberately going back on his word, which at least to me is what “promise broken” implies.

  3. Right. Case in point is Gitmo is not closed because of Obama’s failure, it’s Congress who voted against it. And, how can he lower unemployment much when Congress refuses to pass any of his jobs bills? The debt problem was caused by the Congress, not Obama. Now they want to get out of the sequester. If not for Congress, Obama might be batting 900. Give him a Congress who works to get things done for the people, and you will see more growth and jobs than Romney can dream of.

  4. I love the passion! In fact, I may “borrow” some of it when I post for the yahoos on yahoo.

  5. Thank you, Churchlady, for a profound and succinct lesson in civics and history, and especially for your initial comment that people who expect (not just Obama, but) *ANY PRESIDENT* to do x, y, or z really needs to look at history and to review their lessons in civics and American government to see how things work. Not to mention that they also need to keep a close eye out on current events to see what their Congresscritters are doing. It’s just as important to elect a Congress which will support the things that you want done as it is to elect a President who will do so.

  6. Thank you for this intelligent message! You are a good ambassador for President Obama and I agree with everything you’ve said.

    Wise people will vote for Obama and work for better representation in Congress. We definitely need a big change there so America can get moving again.

    Pray for America and for more peace, less contention in our government.

  7. Agree with all you said, but I MUST point out an error….please proofread before posting. I really think it’s important since usage errors with to-too-two create the appearance of a lack of intelligence.

    “.. . . I understand that many Democrats believe that he compromises to much, but 14%. . .”

    Can’t help it….the English teacher

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