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Obama Passes Promises Kept Scorecard With Flying Colors

PolitiFact has just issued their Obama Scorecard and Obama is passing with flying colors. According to PolitiFact’s findings President Obama has kept 37% of his promises and compromised on 14%.

Considering we do not live in a monarchy and Obama is not a dictator, compromise is obviously part of the political game. I understand that many Democrats believe that he compromises to much, but 14% is not that bad. In fact he made 500 promises, that means he has kept 188 of them and broke only 80.

So overall, the scorecard reads,

Promises kept: 37%
Promises compromised: 14%
Promises Broken: 16%
Promises stalled: 10%
Promises in the works: 23%

The promises kept are here and they include expanding loan programs for small businesses, extending the Bush tax cuts for lower incomes, closing the “doughnut hole” in Medicare prescription drug plan, expanding Veterans Centers in rural areas and fully funding the Veterans Administration. These are just a few of the promises kept.

If you are concerned that he compromises too much, re-elect President Obama and give him a Congress that compliments him.

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