Marriage Equality Verdict is In: God is a Whiny Little Bitch

O for a day to go buy in which we don’t have fundamentalist Christianity’s ideas about “God” shoved down our throats! I guess we asked for it, in a way, by standing up for what is right instead of what somebody says “God” wants. Specifically, I am referring to the Democratic Party’s endorsement of marriage equality on the party platform for 2012.

If you’re ready for a morning laugh I’ll tell you what NOM president Brian Brown said about this: the Democratic Party “has been captured by extremists…like Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi who are determined to redefine marriage” in America.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. If anybody knows about extremism it is NOM. Brown’s party, the Republican Party, has been in thrall to Christian extremists for decades and in thrall to Tea Party extremists since 2010. You begin to wonder of Republicans who they’re going to sell their souls to next.

Given the makeup of the GOP any Republican of every era before the 1990s is not only a leftist, but an extremist leftist, including Ronald Reagan, even if they steadfastly refuse to admit it.

Of course, Republicans don’t care about any of that – they’re facts after all and so therefore irrelevant to the discussion. If you bring up facts, they bring up Satan. You know in advance where that conversation is going to go.

What Republicans do care about is convincing themselves that the Democrats have sunk their own battleship.

Mike Huckabee – you remember the guy who said we all ought o be forced to listen to David Barton at gun-point – said that people are “not going to do is to sit back and assume that once a major political party and a president of the United States have now openly declared war on biblical marriage and the traditional concept of one man, one woman for life, they no longer are going to support that.”

We here so much from Christian fundamentalists about “traditional” marriage and “biblical” marriage but of course there is no such thing. There are all sorts of marriage in the Bible. For the authors of the Bible, anything that got a woman (or multiple women) into bed, even forcibly, was marriage. But then slavery is Biblical too, so go figure.

Choice is NOT biblical. No kind of choice. Do what you’re told.

That’s biblical.

And unsurprisingly that’s the GOP platform for 2012: know your role; do what you’re told.

Yesterday, OneNewsNow reported that Dr. Robert “Gay is Not OK” Jeffress of First Baptist Church Dallas told them that “the party is making the mistake that some civilizations have made in trying to ‘condone what God has condemned.’ He says it is a fact that homosexuality, like adultery and premarital sex, is contrary to God’s plan for human sexuality.”

He points out that the Bible and history both show how God deals with civilizations that reject His Word. The pastor goes on to acknowledge the criticism against his support for some Republican political candidates, but he asserts that he would vote for a Democrat over a Republican if the Democrat stood for godly principles.

“But here, once again, Democrats are showing their utter disdain for the traditional values of our country, but more importantly for the unchangeable principles of God’s word,” Jeffress declares.

This is what happens when people actually dare to think for themselves and reject the idea that one person’s religious beliefs should automatically be shared by them. Conservative Christians have never quite gotten over the idea that we should all have to be Christians too.

You might remember that Jeffress told Chris Matthews on Hardball last year, “But to your question, is there a higher authority than the Constitution for me as a Christian, as a Pastor, the answer is yes — it is the Bible.”

Bibles in hand, they tried everything in the old days, when everything was legal, like human bonfires and torture, trying to make the whole world Christian. It didn’t work. And even when they got people to be Christian they didn’t always end up being the “right kind” of Christian. So then conservative Christians are not only after heretics (wrong-thinkers), but Pagans (everybody else), trying to make us all think like they do.

Trying to make us all put the Bible above the Constitution.

If we reject their message for the message of the Constitution, that everybody is equal, we are automatically attacking them even if what we want is simply to be left alone to think for ourselves like the Constitution says.

That is what you’re seeing happen here. They can’t set fire to you anymore, or pour molten metal down your throat or torture you for Jesus. All they can do is rant and rave and spew, and they’ve gotten pretty good at all three with twenty centuries of practice, you betcha.

Like Jeffress, they threaten us with divine retribution. God will smite us all for daring to disagree with his self-proclaimed chosen people.

As a proud Heathen, I can only smile and say, “bring it on, baby”. Atheists will say “what God?” and progressive Christians will likely bristle at the idea of God being turned into a “whiny little bitch.”

And that is the beauty of the America fundamentalist Christians want to destroy. Thanks not to the Bible but to the Constitution they’re free to rant and rave and spew their hate-filled invective and sell anti-gay chicken and boycott Home Depot and JC Penney and GAP and Google and General Mills and Target for embracing all human beings and we’re free to point our fingers and laugh.

We’re also free, for now at least, to vote our consciences, to vote the Constitution as opposed to the Bible, and to stand up to hate and bigotry so that the promise of American can be fulfilled for all people, and not just the self-appointed few.

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  1. Two things:

    I believe it was John Quincy Adams who, when badgered about God’s law in the secular realm, said, “I swore on the Bible to uphold the Constitution; I did not swear on the Constitution to uphold the Bible.”

    Those who threaten to turn us into a theocracy have no business complaining about the supposed threat of Sharia Law to our legal system.

  2. What irritates the hell out of me is that I’m a fiscal conservative/social liberal. If I vote for a Republican, I get the impression that I’m also supporting their hateful right winge anti-female/gay/anyonewhoisn’tlikethem agenda. It’s infuriating. So I have a choice – vote dem (“we’ll take your money and decide where it goes, dear”) or repub (“thanks for your endorsement of the Tea Party! Now you go home and bake a cake, dear.”)

    And seriously, could you PLEASE move tghe “share this point” pop-up???

  3. Perhaps this may help. There isnt now, nor has there been for many years, a fiscal conservative republican. Your voting for something that doesnt exist

  4. I bristle every time I pass the yard sign 1/4 mi from my place that says “Vote the bible” in this ultra conservative, fundie religious county.

    Which, BTW, is right next door to a “pregnancy center” (not a medical one) where the only cars of any number seem to be there for their scheming “board” meetings. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s anything but a tax write-off.

    And these troglodytes think nothing of interrupting your personal time to knock on your door selling their version of “god”. I simply tell them, “not interested” and shut the door. The looks on their faces is priceless.

  5. The current generation of Republicans are masters of projectiion: they want to forbid gay people the right to marry or live openly, so clearly gay people are doing it to them; thay want to discriminate against people of other races, so the “others” are discriminating against them; they want to write their religious beliefs into law and force them on everyone else, so “others” are infringing on their religious freedom; they want to extend their imperium around the world, so “others” are planning Reconquistas and Caliphates against us; they covet every last bit of eartly prosperity that the “youpeople” have managed to retain, and therefore the “youpeople” are planning violent revolution and expropriation against them (though this last can become a self-fulfilling prophecy). Lately, there has been an upsurge in the so-called manosphere (a term I never heard till a year ago) claiming that women are beating and raping men in massive numbers, and I hate to think what this tells us of their state of miind. Psychologists and sociologists call this DARVO- Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender, and it’s a telltale of abusers and oppressors everywhere. It’s no accident we’re seeing lots of DARVO now.

  6. I must have looked like a fish sucking air when I read recently about some of that manosphere crap (there is no other word for it). I never knew human beings could be so stupid.

  7. Over at Hatewatch a few weeks ago, we had to fend off a massive assault by these insaniacs, and now that two or three men nobly gave their lives in Aurora by shielding women or children from bullets…they’re ba-a-a-ack. It’s all a plot by women and children (their agents) to make men’s lives cheap. Who is priming them? I have a feeling their mass derangement is being fostered by someone who doesn’t actually share it, but whose political objective it serves.

  8. And truly I say unto you, any god you can come up with is made in mans image and is capable of changing like Mittens Romney at any given moment to meet mans needs.

    god has been pwned by men

  9. For all of their proclamations about anything not-them being Communism, I can see these goobers staging their own Cultural Revolution, waving their Bibles and seeking out the impure of thought. Some seem to be just waiting for the opportunity.

    In that context, of course, the Bible would be referred to as the “Little-Read Book.”

  10. I remember when the “Tax and Spend Democrats” lie began. It was in the 70s when I first heard it (as a teen), and was widely accepted as truth by the early 80s.

    The problem was, when you analyzed what was being proposed by the two parties, you had Democrats trying to get the rich to pay their fair share, and the Republicans doing everything to make the poor and middle class bear the burden of financing government. Then you learned that they were trying to eliminate the protections that Democrats (and Republicans) had put in place to keep the rich and corporations from hurting people. Then you learned that the Democrats were proposing things that helped ordinary people, especially those who were unable to help themselves. The Republicans were fighting that tooth and nail.

    “Tax and spend” Democrats were trying to help ordinary people, Republicans were trying to help the rich. That’s the way it’s been since the 60s.

    I used to talk like you did in a way, and solidly bought the “Tax and Spend Democrats” lie. (It’s a long story of how I changed from “staunch” conservative Republican to far-left liberal Democrat – involving betrayal by the Republicans and getting an education.) I also thought I could help people better than a government – boy, was I wrong. Leaving charity up to individuals is an invitation for judgmental micromanaging of people’s lives. For instance, most conservatives today would prefer that not one penny of their money go to help someone who is gay, irregardless of what the need is or how it happened. That is what you’ll get if, for instance, charity is turned over to the churches.

    I’d suggest that you have bought into the same lie I did, and that the truth is far from what you said.

  11. The manosphere is a mix of stuff. It’s not ALL crap but there sure is a whole lot of it. The “massive” beatings and rape of men is a new one I hadn’t heard before though.

    There are plenty of guys only stuff out there that’s cool and funny, and that doesn’t delve into misogyny.

  12. “Not interested” often gets a rant around here (usually started with “How can you turn from free salvation?” or similar). I’ve finally learned that the only way to get them to leave us alone is to get really nasty and vicious with them – I generally tell them if they don’t immediately leave without any further comment, I will file trespassing charges against them (I have a No-Trespassing sign that HAS been ignored by proselytizers a few times).

    Then there are the ones who sneak onto our property to practice “‘Good Christian’ Sorcery”. They take oil and “anoint” things of ours while praying for misery, depression, and disaster – until we “repent and return to Jesus”. I’ve caught them doing that a couple of times… and now realize they’d been doing it (and weren’t caught) for some time – I thought I’d been leaving oily hand prints on cars and the end of our home after working on cars (and had to clean them off).

    When in public and they start trying to hit me up, I do use “Not interested” followed by turning my back on them and walking away. If they persist, then I follow up with “What part of NO don’t you understand?” and then if needed -once or twice- ask “Where is the nearest police officer?”. That’s worked pretty well so far.

  13. Of course. Any excuse don’t you know that by now Rey?

    That being said, in my experience guys like those brave men in Aurora are more of the rule rather than the exception. So in one sense, the criticism of some of the pop culture garbage that paints men in general as jerks or idiots, is appropriate.

  14. You should be able to imagine how I feel and what I think about it.

    The ultimate expression of patriarchy… which I despise. Their lies and ignorance is underwhelming. They don’t have a clue about reality.

  15. BTW… I got a snicker at your title, and my opinion is that their “God” is a reflection of them… a perfectionist, capricious bully who is a universe-level hypocrite and prefers the dishonest and wicked over decent people, as long as those crooks pay “God” lip service (and tithes and offerings and sacrifices and hurts anyone who doesn’t buy into their image of “God”).

    That’s not the God I believe in (who’d want to believe in a “God” like that?), and it’s not the God that Jesus taught.

  16. I agree. Most men are not jerks. The types I alluded to think they ought to be, though. They even think real men ought to leave cripples behind in a crisis, because those will never contribute to humanity. Reckon these guys go through life feeling Randy.

  17. It may not be what Jesus taught Walkaway ( the sermon on the mount is some great stuff ), but that is an accurate description of the God in the OT – he is jealous, petty, vengeful, a murderer, and akin to a 4 year old with cosmic powers. And these Right wing dominionist/fundies are ALL about the OT.

  18. The Old Testament god was clearly a human being: he walked in the garden in the cool of the evening, got in a pissing contest with the Moabite god, etc. Those gods were henotheistic, exerting their powers within perceived national boundaries. It seems reasonable, then that they were based on ancestral tribal chieftains elevated to godlike standards, and that is why they behave like common household tyrants blown up to cosmic proportions, and, like them, are concerned with “lineages” and what people are allowed to do with their crotches. In such a scheme, “love” is a menace, because it interferes with planned matings.

  19. The Bible I read has a sweet love story in Samuel I & II. The two people in love? David and Jonathan. I love how they do all they can to twist out of that.

    We can get caught up in throwing bible verses at each other, divining the meaning or we can simply live like Jesus said. Follow the top two commandments, love God and Love your neighbor as yourself. Only one side is actually following Jesus’ decree.

  20. Well said. Also, it honks these fundies off to no end when one tells them that the OT is a mish mosh that was heavily influenced ( or a rip off )of other Mesopotamian myths.

  21. Ya’ really want to see a “priceless” look on their face? When you answer the door yell out loud,

    “My prayers have been answered because you came to my door today! Just a second…here take my card and call because I know that you will…”

    The card should read “CULT COUNSELING SERVICE”…

    I have, I do and I’ve watched them run down the walk way throwing their canes in the air because my card has healed I tell ya’ HEALED!

    The look on my face…priceless.

  22. Wanted to share with you what i do when a religious fanatic shows at my door. I tell them to wait and i go get my bible and then i look up every word they say and every verse they list and i read it back to them, the whole verse and what comes before and after and then i point out that they took the verse out of context. Then if they still haven’t left, i get out my metaphysical books and start reading out of it (aloud) and thats what usually gets them way outside and they never come back. I get bored as you can tell, but its funny to see there faces.

  23. I did a “rant” on these “manly-men” back in Jan after Hatewatch published their in-depth article.

    I usually don’t link to my forum site as a way to “beat on my “breast” or jump up on my “tits and ass bandstand” (that took you back a few years, Reyn…) but I’m too lazy (not superior) on this hot Arizona afternoon to re-post all my diatribe.

    If my link doesn’t work, sigh, let me know. I’ll re-post only portions so as not to hog the bandstand here.

  24. The link works (in case your interested) but, you have to go to the very first post under the heading “Hating Women as a Birth Right” dated May 4th (I was wrong about the date of January…). There are 33 threads and I’m sure there is little interest in going through ALL of them…

  25. back in the mid-90s, a group of Jehovah Witness’ were doing the circuit in our neighborhood, and my husband, using his Goddess-given charisma and ability to make people think about things turned the tables on them, and made them curious about paganism. We were seeing the same guy every week, but he was bringing new people over to learn about Paganism.

    Also, about the same time, I had a native American friend in Alabama who I quote, “Pagans for Jerry Falwell, because he’s created more pagans than anyone!”

    For those whom need more convincing to turn them around, you could always show them this video from the Britsh Goth band “Inkubus Sukkubus”.

  26. I think it’s safe to say now, Hraf, that nothing should surprise us regarding the stupidity of those so-called human beings. I’ve given up being dumbfounded at the epidemic of stupid, and that in itself is a sad commentary on the state of the population.

  27. Followed your link. I recommend it.

    Over at Manboobz, they warn that the Hatewatch thread posted on Friday is about to come under another attack by the manniacs. For a most interesting time, join us there. At the end of the week, several of us decide on awards to be given both to the worst Hammerheads, and those who showed the greatest courage, ingenuity, cleverness, patience, etc. in resisting them, which awards appear the following Monday (yours truly initiated the practice, and is therefore not eligible for an award)

    BOHICA, and see ya!

  28. Hello All,
    After chasing windmills in the 3rd level of Dante’s hell that is Yahoo comments, I stumbled in here, and to my surprise, I have found not a single socialist libtard trying to ruin ‘merica by letting all those dayum foreigners marry gays and take our guns. I have to wonder, if this is still the internet, where is all the hate? Is it possible to have a discussion without vitriol? Is there a minimum IQ requirement to post?

    After fending off the dinosaur riders, I find this to be a quite refreshing place. It has inspired me to pose a few questions that may be off topic and possibly inappropriate, and if so, I will humbly retract. If there is a more suitable area, I will gladly take them there.
    Unfortunately, I have to log off and return to real life for now, and I won’t be able to comment back until tomorrow (Sunday) , but I do look forward to any feed back, and I’m not trying to troll (I do that on Yahoo without even trying, it seems).
    Well, here goes.

    Is there any evidence of people being paid (as in employed) to post far-right conservative viewpoints on major sites? I am not a conspiracy buff by any means, and I know there is a lot of parroting of conservative pundits, but some of the posts are too consistent across different authors. In some cases, they are too eloquent and rational to belong to the mind behind the keyboard. I am envisioning banks of college age kids typing away in sweat shop fashion reading from ‘talking points’ handouts. It could actually seem to be rather cost effective at first glance, but I think in the long run, opinions are not changed by ranting on Yahoo. It’s like winning the preseason, if you follow football, but wouldn’t surprise me if it was happening.

    Taking a right turn to religion, I had what I felt to be a relative good case for born again Christians violating the first commandment. I will gladly accept any input on this argument. It was something like this:

    If you take Jesus to be your personal savior, and pray to him for guidance and assistance, you are relegating God to a subservient role under Jesus, thus violating the commandment to have no other Gods before him. If Jesus is foremost in your mind, the go-to guy, if you will, then you are treating Gods blessing as a formality that Jesus can mediate for you. i.e. Jesus will work out the details and vouch for you. This just strikes me as getting around God, cuz you’ve got a good P.R. agent. The retort was (of course) the bible says that the trinity are all equals, so you can go to any one of them. (I didn’t know God needed staff, but apparently, he has outsourced some responsibilities.) After further questions about the trinity, it was agreed that no one really knows much about, or goes to the holy ghost. Apparently, he(?) runs more of an outreach program than being a personal rep. Kind of a holy enforcer, but they weren’t sure enough to be quoted on that.
    Thoughts, critiques, comments?

    Thank you all for your time, sorry for the long post, I just got excited finding a group that didn’t all breathe exclusively from the mouth.

  29. I left the Yahoo boards after over 10 years there. Thank goodness this place has mellowed me out some. However

    “Some of Christianity’s most important doctrines–the divinity of Christ, the Trinity, the doctrine of heaven and hell–were not found on the lips of Jesus or his earliest followers. They instead represent later developments, as Christianity moved out into the world and changed its overarching emphases. Where did these doctrines came from, and how did Jesus’ later followers modify his teachings to invent what we think of as Christianity today?”

    I dont need xtianity

    This may help you on the paid poster thingy,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=5f6f9e525258df09&biw=1730&bih=877

  30. Shivas got a good link just wanted to say that there are paid conservative trolls everywhere. They are paid to disrupt conversation but they don’t get away with that here from what I’ve seen. The shootings brought them out and lately there’s a ton of ” I’m not a republican but …” that’s even on their list as a tactic. They are so predictable.

    Clapping for shiva who keeps things sane here.

  31. Well Im working now so I only see part of the day. But thank you. please feed the tip jar on your way out

  32. Shiva has the paid posters question answered, and regarding Christianity… there are Unitarian Christians who follow Jesus’ teachings, but don’t believe that Jesus is God. I don’t have enough time to get into the topic enough, but you do have a valid complaint in some ways… and there are different ways to look at it. When I get back this afternoon I’ll try to mention more.

  33. Thank you all for taking the time to respond.
    I should have thought to do a google, duh.

    I’m sure I’m not the first to question the role of Jesus, but I haven’t run into anyone who actually has. I’m living in a bible buckle state, and one does not question such things here, at least if you want to avoid being ostracized. My line of reasoning has logical flaws and is not the most solid argument one could present, but that thought pops to mind every time a fundy tells me that all I have to do is find Jesus. When their eyes glaze over, I know that pushing the subject is futile.

    I guess I got carried away with my first post here, I’m not usually not that exuberant.
    Again, thanks all, I look forward to hanging around here.

  34. Now I have a bit more time.

    The role of Jesus is quite controversial in UU churches. While we’re a tiny denomination, there are churches all over the place (widely spread out, but even in fundamentalist/dominionist hellholes like this county). The general consensus is based on who Jesus really was – a Jewish Rabbi who opposed the power structure and some of the laws laid down in His religion. He was born a Jew, lived the life of a Jew of that age, and died a Jew. Son of God? Some (like myself) say that Jesus was far more than a prophet, but what He was… we won’t find out in this life. As for me, I tend to a more Arianist view, but that’s not even accurate. To me it’s not an issue… what is an issue is how people are treated (and that was His focus). The way I think, if you do think that Jesus is God, wouldn’t you be far more concerned about what He said and taught (by word and example) then about what others have said about him – or about God for that matter? Why then do they tend to ignore Jesus own words and focus on Paul and the OT?

    The Trinity… throughout history that has been a doctrine that people have had big problems with. Our church was formed by the joining of two groups… the Unitarians who reject the Trinity and believe that Jesus was a teacher and I guess you could say “spoke for God” (many just say teacher or Rabbi), and the Universalists who believe that all will be saved because of Jesus’ own teachings about the love of God. Our “spiritual forebears” as it were experienced a lot of persecution for rejecting the Trinity and asking the same questions you have… for instance, one of the most brilliant theologians and thinkers of his day, Michael Servetus was lured to Geneva with a guarantee of safe conduct, so he could debate Unitarianism with Calvin and the Trinitarians, but was arrested and burned alive for “heresy” when he arrived by the church authorities (Calvin himself is said to have arranged it). There are many other examples throughout history of people who have asked the same questions and had the same problems as you have brought up, and there are a lot of people who don’t accept the ways of the mainstream churches (that goes double-triple-multiple for the fundamentalist/dominionist ones).

    There is also strong evidence that the early church would have had the same problems with the doctrine of the Trinity, which postdates much of the early church.

    You’re in good company in the questions you raise and the problems you have. I mean that in more than saying that others have the same – the comparison of the attitudes and actual behavior of the people in the UU church with those in the mainstream churches… well, I still am not used to being treated with respect or as a human being – and I will not willingly enter a mainstream church again (except maybe on some sort of historic tour or to do archaeology).

    Oh, yeah… I suspect that some of the other smaller denominations may also have problems with the Trinity. Also I’d say that the United Pentecostal Church is also Unitarian in a way… “Jesus only” is the way one walkaway put it. They’re bad news, however. Highly coercive towards their own and very much a cult.

  35. I get all wild eyed, and scream ‘BLASPHEMY’ at the top of my voice.

    Or if they look pathetic, I ask about the 7 Deadly Sins (you know where this is going).

    If Wrath is a Deadly sin, is God a sinner when his Wrath descends on people?

    How about Pride, Envy and that 1st Commandment ‘It’s all about ME’ thing?

  36. The Trinity problem is a huge one that believers try hard to ignore.

    The problem is that if the Trinity (a Goddess rip off) is One, then God, pissed off at people, holds humanity hostage until he gets around to staging an elaborate charade where he pops out of a vagina to save us from himself.

    Because only he can save us from himself. Which is the only thing we need saving from. Because he’s pissed at us.

    Got it?

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