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With Zero Proof a Hypocritical Romney Blames Obama for Reid Allegations

Apparently oblivious to hypocrisy, the Romney campaign is offering zero proof but blaming President Obama for Harry Reid’s allegations that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid his taxes.

Here is the video from Fox News:

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John Sununu, who may go down in history as one of the worst campaign surrogates ever, told Fox News, “It’s not Harry Reid. It’s President Obama and the Obama campaign doing what they always do. They did it to Hillary Clinton, and she called them out. They tried to do it to John McCain with the complicity of The New York Times that printed that garbage about some kind of a marital infidelity, and they did it to Sarah Palin when she came on with that crazy allegation that her husband was involved in some kind of Alaska separatist thing, and marital problems that turned out to be equally false.”

Sununu continued to blame Obama, “The Obama campaign and President Obama are the ones that are behind this dishonesty and misrepresentation because they are trying to hide the failure of this abysmal presidency that we have had in office the last four years…All of the sudden they are going to find out that they are losing because of that, and not winning, because the public is beginning to understand how dishonest this president and his is. It is, in my opinion, eroding the only asset he ever had, and that was a general, likable feeling that the public had toward him.”

He also used the Harry Reid is lying line, “Look, Harry Reid is a bumbling Senate leader. He hasn’t been able to pass a budget, he hasn’t been able to do anything about entitlement reform, he’s done nothing worthwhile except the bidding of the Obama administration. They have pointed out that Harry is lying, and the public is beginning to understand that Harry is lying.”

The Romney surrogate then claimed that the Obama campaign is behind Reid’s allegations, “But the fact is, is that he was encouraged to do stuff like this by Axelrod, by the president, and by the White House. This is the way they operate. It is Chicago-style gutter politics trying to hide the failure that they have had for the last four years.”

When asked if he had any proof, Sununu admitted, “That’s my belief.”

The Romney campaign is accusing Harry Reid of offering no proof that Romney has not paid his taxes for ten years, but then the same campaign turns around and accuses Obama of being behind the Reid allegations while offering no proof.

The end result is that the Romney campaign spent 4 minutes of a 5:25 interview talking about Harry Reid on Fox News.

Romney and his surrogates continue to self-destruct by talking about this story. There is no allegation that they can level against Reid that will turn the tide on the issue on the issue of Romney’s tax returns.

If they are so certain that Harry Reid is lying, they could score a major political victory by releasing the tax returns.

Mitt Romney is playing a dangerous game with a lot of his public supporters because they are defending him on the basis of taking his word for it. They have no personal evidence that Romney has paid his taxes, but as we have seen in Massachusetts, the Romney people are skilled liars with a documented history of falsehoods on the issue of his tax returns.

If Romney is lying to his own party, he has no choice but to maintain the lie.

Calling Harry Reid a liar completely blew up in their faces, so the Romney campaign has moved on to blaming Obama, but dreaming if they think that this will hurt the president’s popularity. 61% of Americans want Romney to release his tax returns, so the Romney folks must be smoking the good stuff if they think that this will hurt Obama in any way.

The Romney response via Sununu was completely devoid of facts or evidence. Romney’s surrogate even managed to misinform about the jobs report, and Sarah Palin being involved with secessionists. (Sarah was involved with secessionists in Alaska, and you can watch her address them here.)

With each day that passes, the story of Mitt Romney’s tax returns grows larger. Confirmations are being whispered, and the story is dominating the news.

By feeding the story Mitt Romney is playing into the Democrats hands, and sowing the seeds of his own demise.

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