The Tea Party Doesn’t Care About Obama

The tea party may enable an Obama win. They just do not care about the presidency this time around, and for that matter neither do the Republicans.

The tea party took the House in 2010, and now they are targeting the Senate. This is the plan to make President Obama, if he wins, an ineffective president. They intend to continue stonewalling everything they can. Essentially creating policy on their own, and ignoring veto threats.

Just look at the calamity that they have caused since winning just the House in 2010. Imagine what they can do if both House of Congress are under their iron heel.

In Bloomberg today, “This year, Tea Party activists are winning Republican Senate primaries and are favored to win seats in the fall. They include Ted Cruz in Texas, Deb Fischer in Nebraska and Richard Mourdock in Indiana. Primaries over the next 10 days in Missouri and Wisconsin could catapult others.”

“He {Mourdock} has proposed spending cuts of $7.6 trillion over a decade, or more than double the amount recommended by the Bowles-Simpson deficit commission. As for bipartisanship, he says, “The problem is that we try to work together too much rather than stand for our convictions.”

This is not how democracy works! You find compromise. You work out difference and move forward. These tea partiers know nothing about governing at all.

The tea party candidates are scaring rational Republicans. McConnell will be up against DeMint for the leadership, most definitely and even McConnell is far from rational.

This is part of a larger plan by the fascist bankers and corporate heads to take over the entire country’s laws and government. These aren’t your average public servants; these are Ayn Rand, free market fascists. They are hell bent on making America a free for all in the market.

If you think 2008 financial collapse was bad, just wait! If these candidates win and they control both Houses of congress, they will deregulate everything, ensuring another financial collapse with no protections for the average American family.

Alan Greenspan, the former Fed Chair and Ayn Rand disciple, is one of the biggest culprits of enabling the near destruction of our economy. Now imagine if the Senate and House were filled with Ayn Rand disciples.

A Mitt Romney presidency would be icing on the cake, but that isn’t their goal. The stage is set for the Senate and they will fight to keep the House. The Democrats will be fighting Tea partiers again, hopefully this time, the Democratic Party is ready. America cannot withstand the fascist ideologues being in full control.

So let this be your warning to vote in November. Vote progressive or at least a Democrat. The Senate and House are much more important than President Obama that is where your effort must be this year.

Being disappointed in Obama is no reason to stomp your feet and cower in the corner! Remember he needs a congress to work with him to bring effective long lasting positive change to America, like FDR did in the 1930s and Teddy Roosevelt did in the 1900s.

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  1. 42 other parties in the US, plus the NPAs, pick a person, not a party. There is no logic to be found in the Tea Party, and a very merry un-birthday to you!
    Voter logic is all that is left. The gods gave you the ability to reason. This is supposed to be a temp job, so lets make it that way. Don’t vote red, or blue, just vote for what is in your heart and for what is correct.

  2. There actually is a website – name – Tea Party for Obama, I think sojme of them must have come to their senses. Google it!

  3. Thank you for this article, Ray. I hope there’s enough people who vote who realize The Corporate Take Over of America is Coming if they don’t use their Common Sense.

  4. There are many tea thugs who say if Scarah doodle palin isnt allowed to speak at the convention they wont vote for Romney. I feel real bad about that

  5. One thing you leave out… the fact that most of these people are dominionists and seek to take over the US.

    It all ties together, but leaving one aspect out of the picture makes for an inaccurate vision of what is going on.

  6. The tea party republicans and their bankster and corporatist masters wouldn’t know a fascist from a bolshevik and wouldn’t know a fascist even if they tripped over one. The political system they want here is Chinese style authoritarianism.

    They are really enablers of the worst kind. You have a cadre consisting of Rove, Romney, Ryan, Rand Paul, DeMint, etc., all spewing extreme right wing propaganda, belief in magical solutions to complex problems, (cut taxes and revenues magically increase)and using racism and socioeconomic classism to form a political movement. Reality is that what they really care about is sucking up to their corporate masters. This is inverted totalitarinism.

    The banksters and corporatists know nothing of politics. They only know supply and demand, buy low-sell high, and how to game the economic system for personal gain.

    If the tea party republicans gain a 60 to 40 split in the seante and succede in capturing the house by even 2 or 3 seats and think they will force President Obama to give in to their madness, they really need to think again. If this is their plan, they will be shooting themselves in the foot.

    Check out these videos by Chris Hedges

  7. I don’t — more votes for President Obama.

    I don’t know what effect the teabaggers think letting the Whore Of Babble-On create another word salad is supposed to have . . .


  8. Obama with a Republican House & Senate would be a terrible situation. They would spend the next two years screwing the country … which the uninformed public would likely blame on Obama and then make it even worse in 2014.

    The Democrats have to at least maintain control of the Senate.

  9. The most ironic part of this is that we have tried the Tea Party’s economic experiment before. It resulted in the Great Depression. Not only have Tea Partiers not read the Constitution; not only have they apparently not had a civics or government class that explains how the US government is supposed to function; but they apparently slept through the 20’s and 30’s in US History.

    I agree with the reference to them as fascists. They really are: militant,ultranationalist, authoritarian, etc. The only thing they don’t have in common with fascists is that unlike fascists, the Tea Party is only nominally hostile to plutocracy.

  10. All you have to do is look at the things he’s accomplished and the things he’s attempted (but has been blocked by the damned Republicans) to see that he’s not owned by them.

  11. Most Tea Party members have been brainwashed by preachers who decry and even make fun of education (I remember the comments and sermons well). They don’t WANT people to understand the political system or history, because said knowledge would lead to resistance to theocracy.

    I know there are some non-“Christian” Tea Party members from things I’ve read, but almost all of the politicians I know who are Tea Party (or connected to them) are dominionists – and there are a lot of them in all levels of politics.

  12. Reality check! We have one of the best president’s ever in Barack Obama. They have tried and are trying to make it seem fashionable to not like this man. The thing is, there aren’t any solid reasons for the hoopla about Pres. Obama. If people truly want to be honest, many of these folks simply think he should not be there, and no one else who looks like him should either. There is too much talk about Kenya and not enough talk about Kansas. It’s like they completely skip over and try not to talk about his mother, grandparents, his Uncle Charlie, etc. They want the American side forgotten about. Please, God, let President Obama win again. The other side does not have a plan. Everything they say is always negative and has been since 2008. So, there thoughts aren’t even legitimate. I am tired of it and will be voting for Pres. Obama again…he’s the only leader, the only adult in the room. He is serious and isn’t just lots of talk. Romney doesn’t look like he even believes what he says, seems very cardboard. Sorry, but that isn’t a president, not of the USA.

    Obama 2012!

  13. I, too, will proudly vote for Barack Obama, and a straight Progressive ticket, so that he will have more support this time around.

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