In Latest Verbal Disaster Romney Turns Sikhs into Sheiks

It’s all Greek to Romney. Sikh, sheik. What’s the diff, right?

In case you were wondering how the far right wing white supremacist might have confused Sikhs with Muslims, as apparently happens all too often in this country, Mitt Romney reminded us all yesterday when he used the Arab term “sheik temple” instead of the proper term “Sikh temple” when referencing the tragic Wisconsin shooting:

“We obviously have challenges around the country. I was in Chicago earlier today. We had a moment of silence in honor of the people who lost their lives at that sheik temple,” said Romney, speaking to a group of donors gathered at a fundraiser at a West Des Moines country club.
“I noted that it was a tragedy for many, many reasons. Among them are the fact that people, the sheik people are among the most peaceable and loving individuals you can imagine, as is their faith. And of course, the person who carried out this heinous act was a person motivated by racial hatred and religious intolerance. It’s really, really a tragedy,” he said.
Rick Gorka, a spokesman for Romney, later clarified that the candidate “misspoke” adding that it was the “end of the day.

So, at the end of the day, your President Romney just might stereotype a group of people in the same way that other Right wing groups do, which has led to them being the target of hate crimes – but see, it’s the end of the day.

In the beginning of the day, Romney insults our biggest allies on international TV, and at the end of the day, he puts a bull’s-eye on a religious group while trying to express condolences.

You people need to stop playing the race card though, ‘cuz see, Romney retroactively took that back, or he will if pressed on it. It was the end of the day! What do you want from him?

Accuracy? Care? Diplomacy? Sensitivity? Hello, have you met Mitt Romney?

He’s not playing any bigotry cards here, I mean, heck, just because he released an ad the very same day that the KKK would have been proud to put their name on doesn’t mean that he’s a racist. It’s not his fault that he believes that black American = welfare, even though statistically, the majority of welfare recipients are white.

And since corporations are people, technically speaking, we bail out and give a lot more financial assistance to oil companies than we do to welfare recipients. But we have to remember this is Mitt World, and so ‘corporations are people’ only applies to their freedom to spend money on Mitt’s campaign, not their entitlements, since hello, they are with Mitt and therefor entitled.

Does Mitt look Sikh, Muslim, or black to you? Apparently, they’re all the same at the end of the day and none of them are entitled to make mistakes like Mitt makes.

Mistakes are for the wealthy, entitled, and privileged elite. And it’s even better if you can reinforce a negative stereotype while making your end of the day mistake, cuz nothing says WINNER like a 2012 Southern Strategy going full blast ahead within hours of a mass shooting being called a hate crime by the targeted group.

Sheik, Sikh. Meh. What are you people so upset about?

Mitt the Twit strikes again, only this time, it really hurts. This is no shiny public relations debacle; this hits the bitter spot of one of the most shameful aspects of America right now – the incessant “otherism” that isn’t being called out by the ivory tower beltway media. Sadly, those on the ground in “real America” know all too well the ugly, heart-wrenching result of the deliberate targeting of others for the benefit of the Republican party’s electoral success.

A verbal mistake of ‘Sheik, Sikh’ might not have mattered so much, if only Republicans hadn’t made American Muslims enemy #1 by calling Obama a Muslim, constantly fear-mongering about Sharia law, screaming bloody murder about mosques being built, and Mitt Romney himself saying Glenn Beck’s Muslim caliphate against America is real.

Republicans have been targeting Muslims — not bothering to distinguish between the majority of peaceful Muslims and extremists, just as they seem to find it so difficult to distinguish among all brown skinned folks wearing any kind of head wrapping. Hence, Sikhs have reported being targeted post 9/11 by stunningly ignorant Americans who buy into the Right wing notion that all Muslims are terrorists and then don’t bother to distinguish between Sikh and Sheik.

The ignorance is stunning, the glib way it’s disregarded is disturbing, and the ramifications of it are all too heart-breaking. Mitt Romney needs to issue a personal apology, and he needs to use this build some moral fiber into his campaign. He could use his apology to call for an end to the ethnocentricity behind his party. Mitt Romney could man up, admit his mistake, and be an actual leader by inspiring us to be better Americans.

But Romney would have to end his welfare for work dog whistle then, and that lie is all he has. Romney lacks the moral character to risk anything for the sake of a better, more unified America.

Anyone can make a verbal slip up like Romney did, but not anyone could or would run a campaign that made that mistake appear like a Freudian slip by the Grand Imperial Poohbah of Southern Strategy on the very day he released an ad screaming “Don’t vote for Obama because he’s black and he’s giving lazy black people all your money!” In that context, Romney’s verbal faux pas is part of a pattern of utter disregard for nuance and for the results of his careless, cynical use otherisms.

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23 Replies to “In Latest Verbal Disaster Romney Turns Sikhs into Sheiks”

  1. Will someone put a muzzle on this jerk. He always has an excuse when he sticks his foot in his mouth.

  2. If Mitt is “tired” at 7pm, and the presidency is a 24/7 for 365 job, how the hee-bee jee-bies is he going to handle that 3am call?


  3. Mitt doesn’t need to know about other religions because his own religion is the only correct one. The rest of us are going to hell in a handbasket.

  4. This is further evidence of Romney’s sloppiness and of his arrogance. He makes no effort to get things right and feels that we should accept his excuses when he makes easily preventable mistakes. He insulted an entire group of Americans. Sheik is a term associated with Islam and Muslims. Sikhs are not Muslims, and they’re not Arabs. He should apologize to American Sikhs, but I won’t be holding my breath. He thinks the problem has been taken care of by having his spokesperson say that he was tired. It’s not, the insult still stands. I can imagine if PBO made a similar mistake and called a Mormon a Muslim, he and his buddies on the right would be outraged and calling for the president’s head on a platter.

  5. “Sheik”? Ugh! When discussing such a delicate and tragic topic, he could have at least looked up WHO the victims were.

  6. Properly, “Sheikh” sounds more like “shake” than “chic”, too. My sister and I suspect we got monitored, many years ago, when we used the then-primitive keyboards of our phones to compose a serial story about the sheikh who bought a dairy, so then he was a milk sheikh, but he had to flee ferment in Curdistan. About the time we got to describing how his vicious little golddigging wife, Mimolette, had previously taken Mr. Dolce Cannoli and sucked him dry so that although he was still a round, he was a shell of himself, somebody must have realized it was a joke, because the strange manifestations on our lines ceased.

  7. many people don’t know this but he was actually referring to shabby chic.

    How many people want this man representing us around the world? Or even just Washington DC?

  8. Yes you are absolutely correct. PBO’s one miss speak is sooo much worse than Romney’s 87 gaffes and insults. thank you for setting us straight.

  9. It’s stupefying that brain-dead Republicans still keep trotting out the 57 states thing as The Worst Thing Ever about Obama.

    That’s the best that they can come up with about a Socialist Communist Anti-American Kenyan Baby-killer?!

    Brain-dead Repugs truly are pathetic beyond belief – and they prove it everyday with their stupid-ass comments on websites.

  10. Romney’s gaffe showed he doesn’t know the whole story!! The “Sikhs” are a religious group of Asían Indians by nationality and descent. They have no relation to Muslims who live in Asia, Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East. “Sheik” is the word for leader in the Arab world. It is not a religion.

    The Wisconsin shooter mistook the Sikhs for Muslims because in both religions the men wear turbans. The Sikhs have been mistaken for Muslims ever since 9/11 for this reason. Right afer 9/11, a Sikh gas station owner was tragically killed in front of his wife, as he was thought to be Muslim.

    Absolutely awful for Romney to refer to the Wisconsin Sikhs as “sheiks” as their repeatedly having been repeatedly mistaken for a Muslim has led to so many of their murders since 9/11!!

    How ironic for Romney — a presidential candidate — to be so sloppy and mistake them as well in his attempt to, of all things, offer support!!

  11. Is this guy really the best the Repubs can come up with? Seems like their well has gone completely dry.

  12. I find it funny how the right are vilified all muslims as extremists and terrorists, while at the same time advocating for a religion that itself has extremists such as the creationist IDiots like the Westboro Baptist Church and terrorists like the shooter (which they are blaming us peaceful atheists for).

  13. Mittens’ defense of “it was the end of the day” reminds me of parents whose children aren’t behaving – “they’re tired, they’ve had a long day”. The leader of the free world doesn’t get to make gaffes like this. If our President said something like this, it could start an international incident but the fact is that our current President is one of the best-spoken men and is well admired by other leaders and citizens of the world alike. Romney’s one trip abroad earned him several enemies due to all the people that he insulted along the way. He is most definitely not ready for prime time.

  14. Pickles, Buckeye. Heinz makes lots of kinds of those. There are only a few variations you can make on ketchup.

  15. Some people say Willard Milhouse was overheard saying,” Sheik, Sikh, what is the difference, they are all towelheads”. We report you decide, fair and balanced indeed.

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