Rachel Maddow Hammers Rush Limbaugh for Not Knowing how Birth Control Works

Rachel Maddow stood up to Rush Limbaugh and took the right wing talker down by revealing to the world that behind the bluster, Limbaugh doesn’t understand birth control.

One of things that is rarely seen on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC program is any mention of Rush Limbaugh. After Maddow played Limbaugh’s sexist comments about Sandra Fluke and birth control she wondered if Rush Limbaugh understood how birth control pills actually work.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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Maddow said, “Mr. Limbaugh not only just being kind of disgusting there, but also putting on display the fact that apparently nobody ever explained to him how birth control works. Have you ever thought about not having sex so often? It’s like he thinks that each time you want to have sex, you have to go a birth control vending machine and buy a new pill for that sexual experience or something. Of all people, I am no expert on this, but dude, you can look it up. Anybody can look it up. More sex does not mean more birth control pills. You just take one a day and do whatever you want. You don’t understand how they work.”

For a variety of reasons it would surprise no one if Rush Limbaugh didn’t understand how birth control works, but Limbaugh does play a critical role spreading the faux outrage of the Republican Party. Maddow’s segment was dedicated to addressing the underlying sexism and racism of the GOP’s fake outrage.

Maddow also took on the not subtle at all underlying racism of Mitt Romney’s latest campaign ad that falsely claims that Obama ended welfare to work. This ad was supposed to be a big game changer for the Romney, and by game changer I mean topic shifter. As Maddow put it, Mitt Romney is feigning outrage over welfare to work in order to change the topic from his tax returns.

For decades when a Republican campaign has been in trouble, they have turned to economic racial resentment. The biggest sign that Mitt Romney’s campaign is going down the tubes fast is that they decided that being talked about as racist was more appealing then spending another second discussing his tax returns.

Romney is actually trying to change the course of the campaign by bringing more negative attention on himself for something other than his tax returns. The welfare to work ad also carries the advantage of appealing to his base, but the fact that he had to release an ad to court his base a few weeks before he becomes the official nominee is a signal of just how bad things really are.

Very few people outside of the Romney family and the Mormon church are going to vote for Mitt Romney, so the Romney campaign has to try to gin up a perpetual state of anger and outrage with the base. Without the anger and outrage, there is good chance that many Republicans stay home on Election Day.

Rush Limbaugh is the outrage dissemination system for the right, and it was refreshing to see Rachel Maddow step and take down the ignorant man-child hiding behind the fake outrage and bluster.

11 Replies to “Rachel Maddow Hammers Rush Limbaugh for Not Knowing how Birth Control Works”

  1. You might remember that, during the Sandra Fluke flap, Maddow mentioned that Rushie Righttard didn’t understand how birth control works. In fact, some other female media types mentioned it, too. So, in a way, what Maddow said tonight (it’s still Tuesday where I am) was “rehash”. Some political analysts have opined that, once Labor Day passes and school is largely back in session, the more casual voters will begin to take notice of all things political. This will require those of us with brains, including Maddow, to “rehash” or remind people of what’s been happening since those comedic performances the GOP generously called “debates” began. I began calling Michelle Bachmann “Batshit Crazy Bachmann” after the second debate. By the third debate, I had nicknames for the top 8 GOP “candidates”. Of those 8, only one has been changed: Mitt Romney had several nicknames before I came up with the current one, “Mittens the Liar Rmoney”. My latest discourse, “the GOP has been infected with a terminal virus of extremism, idiocy and ignorance” has only been around for about a month. I’ve been using the term “Reverse Robin Hood fiscal policies of the GOP” since July of last year; I’m glad to see that people, including the President, are starting to catch up with me LOL

  2. Rush thinks contraceptive pills work like Viagra…take only as needed. And has anyone ever asked why Viagra is and always has been, a COVERED medicine, while women are still fighting for a medicine that enables us to keep our jobs and space our families? How many faux wives has this man had? And no kids? He either has pre-nups that agree they won’t have to sleep with the boor, or someone is using birth control (and I bet the man has never used a condom in his life.)

  3. A few years ago, someone explained to me that Viagra is covered because it’s considered a “quality of life” medication. It’s intended use is to treat an affliction that affects the patient’s psyche and social relationships.

    Contraception couldn’t be covered because they weren’t intended to treat an actual affliction, although many physicians were prescribing them for unintended uses to treat actual afflictions (especially in cases where a woman needed a hysterectomy or other procedure in order to function without pain but were consistently denied them because others thought they might want to get pregnant some day). Contraception was considered an elective drug and politics kept it from being covered as a preventative drug. For the millions of women that were using it to treat problems, an unintended pregnancy could cause serious discomfort, damage their bodies or result in death for woman and/or fetus.

    So, it’s really disgusting that Rush gets a bigger hard on for his hard on than he cares about the healths and lives of millions of women.

  4. A guy like Rush, who shoots blanks, would never learn about something he doesn’t need. Viagra, on the other hand, is second only to penicillin in his pharmacopeia. OK maybe Oxy is in there, too.

  5. Actually, the only condom I wish could have been used the one his father didn’t use. How much hate could have been avoided if this blowhard didn’t exist?

  6. Rush is getting old and like the dying breed he belongs
    to he is doing his last stand ! He will do as much harm to the people he HATES(envys more than likely) Women,Children
    ,Elderly,Disabled,People of any color or ethnic background other other than White Anglo-Saxon Evangelical and the Pedophile
    branch of the Catholic Church and Boy Scouts plus any
    White Supremacist he can get or help with his drug supply!
    That Terrorist in Wisconsin most likely had Rush shouting
    in his ear when he wasn’t listening to his HATE music!
    Rush is part of the enemies within and the SAD,Sad thing
    is that the GOP has become the haven for the scum of the
    right wing as well as the chaos and actual haters of our

  7. I’m not that surprised he doesn’t understand how it works. Given who he likes in Costa Rica or wherever it is he goes, it’s really not an issue.

  8. Wouldn’t you think that since Rush is a lardass drug abuser that he is liable to drop dead soon? Maybe we’ll all get lucky and he will drop on Election day!

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