Romney’s Fail Causes Conservative Call to Vote for Ron Paul for Jesus

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As Romney’s Romney/ObamaCare debacle today demonstrates, Romney is in dire straits with the conservatives of his party.

After years of listening to conservatives pretend that rabid atheist Ayn Rand loved a very survival of the fittest Jesus, it should come as no surprise when, on the heels of Romney failing to consummate his relationship with them properly, they are calling on their fellow Republicans to vote third party for Jesus.

Who does Jesus love more than Mitt Romney? Ron Paul, of course.

If you love America, conservatives, you will vote for Ron Paul because Mitt Romney is an utter failure and will bring no change to this country.

After highlighting Romney’s failures, which range from his social issue flip flops to neoconservative interventionism, author Joe Walsh says Romney will not bring the radical change needed to save the nation from 40 years of liberal sexual revolution, destruction of religion and education. The author says that Obama is not the cause of this destruction, but rather the result.

(Again, President Obama is a Christian. He walks his talk, too, so any real conservatives out there who have the backbone to deal with reality need to start speaking up, unless they mean that half-black liberal Christians are not invited to the party, in which case I’d say Jesus had a bone to pick with them. Also Jesus had nothing kind to say about liars and gossips, but then, conservatives have build a movement on liars and gossips – that choice is killing them now.)

Comparing the modern day conservative party to the Civil Rights movement (irony apparently totally lost on this fellow as Ron Paul and Libertarians are against the accomplishments of the Civil Rights movement) and suggesting that they suffer the persecution of Jesus, writer Joe Walsh urges a vote for Virgil Goode or Ron Paul in the Baltimore Sun:

It’s true that this election, a third party has little hope. But when, in the course of American history, has any political party or worthwhile movement risen up overnight in one election? If leaders of the civil rights movement had the same attitude as many conservatives today, then blacks would still be sitting in the back of the bus.
We may endure some short term suffering and criticism. This should not upset us. Christ never promised us an easy road. In fact he said the exact opposite: “you will be arrested, persecuted, and killed. You will be hated all over the world because you are my followers” (Matthew 24:9). We must have the courage of our convictions. Otherwise, we risk damning ourselves and our children to misery because we lacked the fortitude to do what was the necessary in 2012.

Oh dear.

Ron Paul/Paul Ryan type Libertarians and Freedom Works folks might wish to read up on Rand before worshiping at the altar of Objectivism while serving fealty to the religious right. Although modern conservatives appreciate Rand’s class war in which she touts the privilege of accumulation of wealth and pleasure at the expense of all else and portrays her side as the Children of Light fighting the war against the Children of Dark (the “looters” – the liberals, statists, New Dealing monsters), thusly appealing to the more puerile mind with her simple blacks and whites, Ayn Rand was both an atheist and pro-choice.

Ayn Rand worshiped the strong and suggested that the weak were parasites. Clearly, this message is at great odds with Jesus’ message. Nor does touting the “worthlessness” of the “unproductive” have a great political track record (those of you who know your history know to what movement this alludes). Conservatives might benefit from digging beneath the surface glamor of their Fairy Tales.

It’s as if Ayn Rand were seeing into the future and pointing out the oxymoronic relationship between alleged Libertarians and Tea Party Christians. After all, Rand was deeply dismayed by organized religion, which she blamed for people’s failure to think logically and for the unnecessary conflict between reason and emotion.

But who am I to stop the conservatives from their Holy War against compromise? If indeed they are the last line of defense against evil liberals, women’s freedom and equal rights, by all means they should rise up and vote Third Party. That is, if they truly stand for something, even if that something is not exactly what they think it is.

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  1. Sarah J, could this 1964 again???

    Or 1976 in KC when Ford manage to hang on to win the nomination??

  2. A vote for Paul is as good as a vote for Obama. I say let them go for it!

    But then again when Sarah Palin announces her candidacy at the convention Paul may be out too!

    Conservatives. Filled with indecision and a total lack of knowledge of their own beliefs

  3. Hmm. In 1980 a vote for the Republican moderate John Anderson turned out to be as good as a vote for the GOP’s candidate, when all was said and done… and 50.8% of the electorate was sufficient for a thunderclap upset. Pray the Independent vote doesn’t gravitate toward Precious Paul in this unsettled cycle… and yes I know how unlikely that seems.

    Sanguinity can bleed out, you know.

  4. Ann Coulter was in a tear on Fox after Andrea Saul responded to the Priorities USA PAC’s ad and mentioned RomneyCare. The woman was outraged and calling for Saul to be fired. She even mentioned that donors shouldn’t give Romney another penny if he didn’t get rid of Saul. It was a sight to behold! Romney is running a very sloppy campaign. It seems to be filled with incompetent individuals who can’t stay on message. Romney went through all the trouble of alerting the media that he’d be releasing a new video, and it blew up in his face because of the Priorities USA PAC’s latest ad. I guess he and his team will be burning the midnight oil trying to create another strategy they think will keep us from wondering why he hasn’t released the two years’ worth of tax records he’s been promising since January.

  5. History does not repeat itself… although it sometimes rhymes.

    Am I repeating myself?

    Sure you all know that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it, but have you considered the inevitable corollary?

    Those who know history are doomed to watch it repeat.

  6. girl in prayer mode in photo….

    uh, isnt there something in the bible of these heavy jesus folk, about desecration of the body? i mean it is a sin to have tats, right? jews were mortified when the germans made them get numbers on their arms…. [beside barbecuing them] i remember camp survivors with faded numbers, that they would not like to show…… guess okay too eh???

    or that traif your eating at red lobster in sticksville???? mixing clothing fibers, sin…. and dont get me started on your not laying your seeds in a row…. big no……….

    these people are the enemy of the usa…. i hope they split their sicko vote…. magic undie willy aint a real xtian anyway….

  7. Dusty… yes, there is an OT scripture against tattoos or anything like that… and if I remember it right, it also says in the same line that men are not supposed to trim their beards.

    I’ve caught hell from “Good Christians” when I mentioned that I was considering getting tattoos. I’ve also caught hell from them because I refuse to cut my hair – and was denied employment one time because I wore a beard back then (“Good clean-shaven Christians only” – yes, they often go against the OT which they obviously worship). In that case… it was for a minimum-wage job and although the work would have been fun, it wasn’t worth the fight.

    If certain things ever come through, I will have two specific tattoos done… ones with special tribal meaning. Heaven help the damned “Good Christian” who harasses me about them!

  8. How is a vote for Paul as good as a vote for Obama?

    What states will the people voting Ron Paul show up in? Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming?

    Romney will carry those states anyway.

    Yet a big Ron Paul vote in those states might move the local GOPs even further to the right.

    How does that help anything?

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