Romney’s Surrogate Disaster Continues as Gingrich Debunks Welfare Ad

It just keeps getting worse for Mitt Romney. When pressed on CNN tonight, Newt Gingrich admitted that Romney has no proof that Obama will end welfare to work.

Here is the video from CNN:

Throughout the interview Anderson Cooper tried to get Newt Gingrich to answer questions about the wording of the ad, and whether or not it was accurate. At the very end of the interview, Cooper came back to the question and asked Gingrich if the ad was factually correct. Gingrich answered, “We have no proof today, but I would say to you under Obama’s ideology it is absolutely true that he would be comfortable sending a lot of people checks.”

It really can get worse, and for Mitt Romney when Newt Gingrich uttered the words we have no proof, it got a whole lot worse. The welfare to work ad was the big Romney attempt to change the course of the discussion of the campaign, and get people to stop talking about his tax returns. They alerted the media, sent out press releases, and even deployed Newt “the food stamp president” Gingrich to drive the point home.

Instead of defining Obama as a welfare loving socialist, Gingrich blew the whole thing by admitting that the Romney ad is factually baseless. It was something to watch Anderson Cooper work Gingrich. Cooper finally got Gingrich to tell the truth by playing to his ego, and asking him how he would have worded the ad. Ol’ Newt got carried away and let the truth slip that Romney’s ad is a pile of baloney.

In less than a day Mitt Romney has now seen his campaign spokesperson implicitly endorse Barack Obama and Obamacare, a rebellion breakout among paranoid conservatives who now don’t trust him as far as they could throw him, and his own surrogate torpedo his big initiative to put Obama on the defensive.

The Romney campaign is spiraling completely out of control, and there are still two and a half more weeks to go until the Republican convention. For Mitt Romney, things really couldn’t get much worse.

10 Replies to “Romney’s Surrogate Disaster Continues as Gingrich Debunks Welfare Ad”

  1. it just gets better and better.. soon the Obama camp won’t have to run ads at all, they can just let the Romney campaign run it mouth..carry on

  2. The worse surrogate for Romney is Newt…he loves to hear himself talk and spins so much you just know it’s all a lie…and then he finally puts his foot in his mouth and blows it up.

  3. I am waiting for Ron Paul to tackle Mittens at the altar and then watching as Palin stands on both of them to accept the nomination.

  4. Unfortunately there are too many people who want to believe that ad. Obama still need to debunk this ad; maybe using Newt’s own words would be one way to go.

  5. That & Romney’s signature on the letter (from his time as governor) requesting these same changes. Whoops.

  6. Th fact is that Mitt started his campaign on a fulty premise. He thought the American public was so tired of Obama that they would even elect “a dog” instead. Now he hs proved that he is not that “dog” and that he was thinking foolishly.

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