The Unlikeables: GOP Convention to Feature America’s Most Disliked Politicians

Even without Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney’s Republican convention is certain to feature some of America’s least liked politicians.


For the tenth straight month, Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s approval rating has seen more people disapprove than approve of him. Currently, Romney is at a (-9) net approval rating, as only 40% approve and 49% disapprove.

The 2012 GOP convention will be headlined by the least popular nominee in 28 years, but the RNC is also filling their speaking slots with many more unpopular Republicans.


Gov. Nikki Haley (SC) has been given a speaking slot even though her approval rating is 37%. Joining Haley on the national stage will be Ohio’s John Kasich. He has a 38% approval rating. Sen. Rand Paul does better than Haley and Kasich, but his approval rating is 42%. (Paul is still a better choice than Mitch McConnell, who has a 37% approval rating.)

Just in case any women were thinking about voting Republican, Gov. Bob McDonnell, who has seen his approval rating slide 9 points, will also be speaking.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who is the home state governor for the convention and thus had to be invited to speak, has a 40% approval to 51% disapproval rating. As bad as Rick Scott is, Rick Santorum and his 27% national approval rating are worse. On top of all of this, the Republican Party couldn’t resist trotting out at least one member of the family associated with two of the worst presidencies in recent history. Jeb Bush, who is popular with Republicans but tainted nationally, will also speak at the convention.


Speaking of the stench of failure, Sen. John McCain has been given a speaking slot, which will likely be dedicated to discussing Barack Obama’s failure to start more wars and bomb more countries.

There are a few bright spots for Republicans. Gov. Scott Walker has a net (+4) approval rating (51%/47%), and will be speaking at the convention. The very popular New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez has been given a speaking slot, and it certain that New Jersey’s Chris Christie will have a prominent role in the convention.

Beyond their lack of popularity, what stands out about the initial list of Republican speakers is that the Romney campaign will be attempting to court Hispanic voters.

Martinez, US Senate candidate Ted Cruz, and Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño will all be speaking at the convention. Obama leads Romney with Hispanic voters, 63%-27%.

The Republican convention is shaping up to be one of the least likeable political gatherings in decades. Scattered amongst the Republicans who are unpopular at home and nationally will be a few popular names, but overall the message coming out of this convention could be very ugly and negative. This will not be a convention that touts the virtues of Mitt Romney. It will be a four day attack on President Obama.

Even without the wildly unpopular Sarah Palin, the convention’s appeal should be limited to the Republican base. If things go as expected, Mitt Romney could actually be the first nominee to see his approval ratings go down after his convention.

In an election where it appears that 92%-95% of the electorate has already made up their minds, the 2012 Republican convention may serve as a reminder to voters of why they voted these guys out in 2008.

The biggest thing to come out of the Republican convention will be that the GOP will finally have to stand up in front of the world and take ownership of the damaged goods known as Mitt Romney, while reminding America of the price they continue to pay for having elected Republicans.

13 Replies to “The Unlikeables: GOP Convention to Feature America’s Most Disliked Politicians”

  1. My thought on hearing this list a couple of days ago was simply that if this was the best that the GOP has to offer then the GOP is falling down and falling down fast.

    I am still baffled why every time Rick Scott’s name comes up that it isn’t automatically linked to the fact that he was involved in what was at the time the biggest Medicare fraud in history. He’s literally should be in jail as he enriched himself by defrauding the government. And he is going to be speaking at a major political party’s convention. It’s just sickening. The GOP has lost all sense of shame.

  2. They have lost all shame because of over a decade’s worth of indoctrination of the public by the presstitute corps: IOKIYAR.

  3. I am from Ohio.and Kasich is a JOKE.
    He tried to crush public employees through an ALEC cookie cutter bill and got humiliated by the voters in a referendum vote big time.

    He is a Wall $treet Republican who sold bad investments during his time Lehman Brothers to the state of Ohio that blew a 400 million dollar hole in the states’ pension fund. Why the voters forgot about that, I can’t answer you.

    He waiting for the perfect time to sell the states’ turnpike to the highest bidder.

  4. And yet people will vote for these morally bankrupt scumbags in droves.A country this dumb deserves to fail.

  5. They didn’t lose their sense of shame… They’re proud of these people. They also have Fox to cover up the scandals. It’s amazing how if you watch Fox Business, you can’t count the blatantly incorrect statements of the hosts.

  6. The Unlikeables: GOP Convention to Feature America’s Most Disliked Politicians

    Wait, that can’t be — George W. Bush and Dick Cheney aren’t scheduled to attend . . .


  7. Jason,
    Are you going to watch this spectacle and report on it on behalf of your audience?

    I don’t think I have enough Listerine left to get the taste out of my mouth to do this…I used it all up during their mind-numbing debates.

  8. I plan on not watching as much as the GOP convention of idiots as possible; the author of this story is completely correct about the unpopularity of the speakers. It’ll be a bigger version of the constant CPAC gatherings, where the GOP idiots gather to get their BS, talking points, hypocrisy, deflections and distortions from the kingmakers of the party: Karl Rove, Frank Luntz, Grover Norquist (if he survives Batshit Crazy Bachmann’s attacks on him), etc. When they actually get down to having the delegates vote, it could get really interesting to see what happens. LMAO

  9. To buckeyewill – they’ve already tried to turn over some of the roads in Florida to corporations, and actually floated the idea of turning the interstates over to them. Make a profit for the state you know, plus relieve the state of the burden of maintaining them while allowing the corporations to charge tolls and make a profit.

    I think that’s in their plans for the country.


    The local news has been reporting on security efforts to “protect” the convention. With the way it’s been reported, I suspect they’re trying to put the idea that trouble is expected (you know how they slandered and harmed the reputation of the Occupy movement – which you never hear anything more about) and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that they have agent provocateurs set up so they can insist that liberals and anyone opposed to them are a threat to peace.

    I know I’m going to stay as far away from that nightmare in real life as I can. Shoot, they’re talking about security measures at the local airport – and we’re about 35 miles away! (I wonder if they’ll close the interstates so that the Republican elites will have it all to themselves.) Luckily I use back roads and rarely go near the airport or the interstate.

  10. He only gave suck up Rand a speaking slot because he has also heard the rumors of Paulbots storming the convention, the man makes me ill.

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