63% of Americans Demand That Mitt Romney Release His Tax Returns

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A new CNN poll released today found that 63% of respondents and 61% of registered voters thought that Mitt Romney should release his tax returns.

The CNN/ORC poll asked Americans and registered voters whether or not Mitt Romney should release more than two years of tax returns. By a margin of 63%-36%, those polled felt that Romney should release more tax returns. Among registered voters, the result was a similar 61%-37% split.

What is remarkable about popular opinion on Romney’s tax returns is the across the board agreement that he should release more years. Sixty four percent of men and 63% of women agree that Romney should release more tax returns. By a margin of 55%-43%, white voters think Romney should release more returns. Non-white voters overwhelmingly (81%-19%) want Romney to release more tax returns.

A majority of every age group polled, from 18-34 year olds (76%) to those 65+ (53%) want to see more tax returns released. Both college grads (62%) and non-college grads (64%) think Romney should release more tax returns. Every region of the country from the Northeast (71%) to South (59%) through the Midwest (63%) and West (59%) wants Romney to release more.

Even though Romney won the Republican nomination by convincing members of his party that he could capture Independents, Independent voters have largely turned against him, and they are especially interested in his tax returns. More than two thirds of Independents (67%) want Mitt Romney to release more tax returns.

The only groups standing with Romney and saying he should not release his tax returns are Republicans (70%), conservatives (53%), and tea partiers (71%). Democrats (86%), liberals (89%), and moderates (65%) all believe Romney should release more years of tax returns.

Mitt Romney’s I’ve released what’s legally required song and dance isn’t cutting it with voters. His refusal to release additional years tax returns is feeding into a perception that he is a candidate by, of, and for the rich. Sixty four percent of those polled thought that Romney favored the rich, while 76% of respondents thought Obama favored the middle class and the poor.

The Romney campaign keeps trying to ride out the storm to avoid releasing his tax returns, but the American people aren’t letting go of this issue. Democrats actually gain popularity when they talk about Romney’s tax returns. Despite Republicans calling him a liar, Sen. Harry Reid has gained a net 5 points in his approval rating since he began demanding that Romney release more years of tax returns.

Mitt Romney still hasn’t learned that he is not the CEO of this country. When the American people ask for more years of tax returns during the job interview process, you can’t say no if you really want to be president.

Romney is applying to work for the American people. We do not work for him. Voters want to see more than one year’s worth of tax returns, and if Romney won’t produce them, they’ll reelect Barack Obama instead of the guy who obviously doesn’t care about what they want.

14 Replies to “63% of Americans Demand That Mitt Romney Release His Tax Returns”

  1. Good! Clearly he won’t, because he can’t. See ya & it won’t be in the White House. With all of his wealth why not go buy an island & do nothing? Power, that is all that is left for him to claim. Sorry Willard, not this time!

  2. There is a legitimate reason to see Romney’s tax records, and anything else the nation feels is important about his character. He is essentially trying to get the highest security clearance and he needs to be put under the microscope. This is more than just another glee club popularity event for the rich Prince.

  3. Why would you write this and completely leave out any mention of Romney only releasing 1 year of taxes, 2010? And that year was missing an important financial form (Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts). 2011 has only been an estimate and promised, “when it’s complete”.
    Why muddy the water?

  4. the longer willy drags his heels over the taxes, the better. there is no winning argument, and will be a sword over his fathead…

    mr rMONEY, tear down this stonewall…..

  5. Romney’s recent interview with “Business Week” doesn’t do him any good, either, because, in it, he gives the excuse that he’s not a business as a reason not to release more of his tax returns. I must applaud Romney for keeping what he doesn’t want to be the focus of his campaign in the news.

  6. The numbers were sad, especially among republicans and conservatives in the South and West. These people are oblivious to the fact that Romney will screw them after he has screwed the rest of us out of what he can.

  7. In the morning…..waiting on the RobMe taxes……
    In the afternoon…waiting on the RobMe taxes……
    In the evening…..waiting on the RobMe taxes……
    At the end of day..waiting on the RobMe taxes……

  8. Romney will not release his taxes because he said he was not a business.

    I agree.

    If he is not a business, it follows that corporations are not people. Citizens United and the conservative majority of the Supreme Court to the contrary, people are not corporations and corporations are not people. Any other take on this is nonsensical.

    Reelect President Obama. Retake the House. Secure a 60 vote majority in the Senate (ignoring the fact that a supermajority of 60 votes is now “required” only because of Republican abuse of the filibuster rule) and then DEMAND CONGRESS PASS A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT TO REVERSE CITIZENS UNITED (and at same time, demand Congress pass a law requiring federal funding of all political campaigns.)

    The best kept secret is that voters still have the ultimate power. BUT we have to use it. Get mad. Then get out and vote.

  9. Please everyone vote this year, no more apathy and no more voting for a 3rd party, thats what got us into this mess. Vote democrat across the board and Obama2012

  10. Govenor Romney, you are applying for a job as the Leader of the Free world, however , you cloak yourself with secrecy. Why are you AFRAID of releasing a few undoctored tax returns, what are you HIDING from the American people?

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