Romney VP Paul Ryan Had People Arrested and Kicked out of Town Hall for Asking Questions

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney really are two peas in a pod. In September 2011, Ryan had 5 people kicked out and three others arrested at his town hall because he didn’t like their questions.

Last Fall, Paul Ryan adopted a novel approach to avoiding questions that he didn’t want to answer on his budget and the Bush tax cuts. He made his town halls PPV events. Rep. Ryan actually charged people to attend his town halls.

Ryan’s pay wall didn’t stop protesters from attending and asking him questions about how he was going to create jobs and the Bush tax cuts, but when Rep. Ryan didn’t like the questions, he had the questioners removed or in some cases arrested.

Here is the video:

As I reported in September 2011,

The protesters got involved when Rep. Ryan tried to claim that our job crisis is directly related to our debt crisis. One person stood up and asked, “Our debt is out of control because of the tax cuts you’re giving…Our unemployment in 2003 was 6.2% before the tax cuts went through. Now our unemployment rate is 9.1%. What are you doing to create jobs, Congressman?”

This lady was shown the door. She was soon followed by another gentleman. Another woman stood up while Ryan was speaking and said, “You won’t talk to us. How can we give our opinions when you refuse to talk to us?” I think you can probably guess what happened to her. When someone stood up in the back and asked, “Where are the jobs, Ryan?” He mentioned corporations, and was escorted out.

An older man got angry when Ryan mentioned entitlement programs, and said that he paid into unemployment, Medicare, and Social Security for 50 years, and got himself kicked out.

The people were not only kicked out of Paul Ryan’s town hall, but three people were also arrested. When turning his town halls into PPV events didn’t keep the protesters away, Rep. Ryan did the next best thing. He kicked them out, and in some cases, they were arrested. These people paid money to ask Paul Ryan a question, but when the Congressman didn’t like their questions, he had them kicked out.

This is why Mitt Romney liked Paul Ryan from the start. When Mitt looks at Ryan, he sees a young, poorer version of himself. Like Romney, Ryan can’t stand the heat, and has no tolerance for having to answer to the people.

The media will deliver their usual glowing personal portraits of Romney’s running mate, but the truth is already out there. Romney has chosen a junior elitist whose goal is to fundamentally and permanently redistribute the wealth to the richest Americans.

Dissent isn’t welcome, and if you disagree too loudly with Paul Ryan’s vision for America, you’ll find yourself expelled or arrested.

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  1. He would make a good leader of China or either of the Korea’s or even of the Conservative Parties here in the UK. I have been flung out of a Tory Party meeting for asking an awkward question.

  2. This is a perfect storm for Obama’s reelection assurances, as well as a routing of Gopers in Congress come November.

  3. The Obama team could make some great political commercials of the people that were arrested, sitting around talking about how the Romney/Ryan campaign had them arrested for exercising their 1st Admendment right to free speech, they could talk about which bail bondsman they had to use, what their future court dates will be like and their fines that they will have to pay. A commercial like that would open people’s eyes and make people see what real dirtbags, Romney and Ryan are. And Ryan is a Dirtbag just like Romney, Republicans call Ryan brave for putting forth a budget that ends Medicare, turns it into a voucher system, cuts funding for programs for the most needy, and gives a tax cut to the wealthy, and increases the national debt. That is not a budget that helps America at all. His budget is the opening to end Social security and Medicare, which has been the goal of the GOP since these programs were started. America needs to really pay attention, Romney/Ryan could be really bad news for America.

  4. Seems as though the GOP far right is having it’s way it suppressing free speech and voter rights.
    Allen West, the cancer from Florida, had peaceful individuals who asked about his stance on Gay marriage removed by his “goon squad” and use the pathetic excuse of the gatherings security to remove those people who asked him questions he was not interested in answering.
    This is the beginning of our civil rights to confront our politicians being trampled on, and it’s only going to get worse.

  5. He reminds me of Louis the 16th and Marie Antoinette. He needs to take a lesson from history or literally lose his head to the mob. Sad that history has to repeat itself.

  6. When Fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped as an Eddie Munster lookalike carrying a discredited program.

  7. I think that’s a terrific idea for an Obama ad, very much in the same vein as his latest, which I’ve also liked.

  8. The people who were removed were very rude and disrespectful, and disruptive. Had they behaved themselves and acted with civility, they wouldn’t have gotten thrown out. I’m so sick of loudmouthed, obnoxious hotheads that can’t control themselves and think it’s their sovereign right to be nasty at everyone else’s expense. Who in the room wanted to hear them rant and rave? I would have applauded their expulsion.

  9. Sad that history has to repeat itself.

    That wouldn’t be necessary, if the GOP ever learned from it . . .


  10. I’m so sick of loudmouthed, obnoxious hotheads that can’t control themselves and think it’s their sovereign right to be nasty at everyone else’s expense.

    Like Joe Wilson?


  11. … or like Rush Limbaugh, or Bill O’Reilly, or Glenn Beck, or Sean Hannity, or Ann Coulter… the list goes on and on, but THESE loudmouthed, obnoxious hotheads have the broadcast airwaves to spew their nastiness!

  12. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Chris Christie, who I also consider to be rude and obnoxious (thank God he wasn’t chosen; we’d have never heard the end of that). My point, which evidently was missed, is that no matter which party you’re affiliated with, you should conduct yourself with a modicum of
    respect at all times. For the record, I also think childlike potshots like the Eddie Munster comment above speak volumes as to character, or lack thereof.

  13. The “gospel” according to republicans:

    NO ONE but the right wing has a 1st ammendment right to ANY speech!

  14. He didn’t have them removed because he didn’t like their questions. They were removed because they were interrupting his presentation, yelling questions and expecting immediate answers.

  15. The difference is that these people don’t voice there opinions during an Obama speech. Or else they would be escorted out and allowed to voice their opinions in the street.

  16. “My point, which evidently was missed, is that no matter which party you’re affiliated with, you should conduct yourself with a modicum of
    respect at all times.”

    Like that Pittsburgh-area GOP chairman who saw an Obama bumper sticker on a car and directed the driver to a handicapped spot — because he thought the driver was “mentally retarded”?

    “For the record, I also think childlike potshots like the Eddie Munster comment above speak volumes as to character, or lack thereof.”

    For the record, I think Rush Limpballs referring to the First Lady as “the First Linebacker” and “Moochelle Obama”, also speak volumes as to character, or lack thereof — not to mention a startling lack of self-awareness . . .


  17. Barry, you are so right on. Permission to add your comment to my shares on facebook. It is time that everyone know Ryan for the dirty little coward he is. He can not even face his middle-class citizens. I remember this incident and I was appalled Ryan would have the gall to charge for a “town hall”. Town halls are a duty that comes with his job and he should feel confident he can face all his his constituents if he has done a good job. Compare his town halls to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and there is a vast difference. She has such grace, honesty and charm.

  18. The video edited out what happened to the last gentleman who spoke out. He was 71 years old at the time, and as security was taking the man to the ground Ryan said, “I hope he’s taken his blood pressure medication”.

    I did not find any humor in the joke.

  19. Seriously people? These people were causing a disruption to the speakers presentation. They were asked to keep all questions and concerns until the end of the speech.

    They DESERVED to be kicked out, because they can’t follow simple damn instructions.

  20. I’m not in favor of Ryan’s policies. However, if people get up and yell things – supportive or antagonistic – during anyone’s remarks in a meeting of this sort, it’s to be expected that they will be thrown out. It’s simply false to conclude that the speaker is elitist or opposed to listening to people.

    If you’re giving a speech at a business meeting and people interrupt, you wouldn’t be happy. A teacher giving a lecture would similarly want anyone disruptive to be quiet or leave.

    Hollering in the middle of a speech when there will be a question session at the end of it is disruptive, impatient, and counterproductive.

  21. I recall this town hall vividly; it came at the height of the MSM push for Ryan as a genius and savior: the NYT reporter FAILED to report this in his glowing account of the atmosphere of love in which Ryan was bathed at that town hall. The story had to be corrected, I believe.

    Obama’s ads aren’t emulating GOP strategies, which simply manufacture horrendous lies; the GOP can’t stand up to scrutiny, and Obama’s exceptionally good ads are providing that scrutiny as never before, and I for one am relieved they are here at last.

  22. The people are being Rude and disruptive. There is time for questions and a time to listen to Ryan. This is a late entry because I was curious what sort of SPIN the left has been giving him. All I can say is, WOW. They all deserved to be removed. Grow up and wait your tunr to talk.

  23. I can see it now:

    Security at the Republican Convention will be none other than the “Hell’s Angels”

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