When Religious Belief is Put Aside for Corporate Global Domination

Two of the oddest couples in election history were created this year when Mormon Governor Mitt RMoney picked multimillionaire Congressman Paul Ryan as his veep. Mormons and evangelicals have clashed over the years over their theological dogma, and verbal harassment to downright violence had broken out in the south between right winged evangelicals and bike-riding Mormons preaching the word of god. So why the new love affair?

Corporate global exploitation.

As Bain Capital’s history rears its ugly head, their objective is to exploit workers and make a profit. Meanwhile, under the Ryan budget plan, the Ryan bill would gut Pell Grants, Medicaid, food stamps and other social programs so that corporations can make a profit when these programs are privatized and no longer in the hands of We the people.

So who is RMoney? What about his global domination? According to the Huffington Post, RMoney’s was created by the right winged death squads in Central America. According to the Post:

“Romney was worried that the oligarchs might be tied to “illegal drug money, right-wing death squads, or left-wing terrorism,” Strachan later told a Boston Globe reporter, as quoted in the 2012 book “The Real Romney.” But, pressed for capital, Romney pushed his concerns aside and flew to Miami in mid-1984 to meet with the Salvadorans at a local bank.”

During the Reagan administration, an investigation into Iran/Contra exposed many shady deals, and a former PBS host, Bill Moyer, did a documentary called Guns, Drugs and the CIA. Funding for the death squads in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Columbia and Honduras. cash was flown to the right winged governments, and in exchange, drugs, weapons, exploited work force were part of the norm in Central America.

As more money was invested from the private sector, investments grew. And yes, Bain Capital and RMoney did make more money. The end result? Many of the people exploited by RMoney’s investment turned up here in the states to start a new life, while some became gang members or Mafia members, emulating what RMoney’s money wrought… destruction.

Ryan and RMoney make the perfect ticket: Destroy the USA while destroying the world. The likelihood of these two fascist hypocrites winning is zero to none, but then there is always cheating. If both RMoney and Ryan are willing to destroy the nation and the planet, honestly? Expect more pain and suffering…not just out in the world but here in the U.S.

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  1. This is hot. If Romney’s profiteering can be tied to the death squads and the problems in Central and South America… it might just blow his chances of winning.

    (I sometimes feel like one of the few people who strongly believes that he will win, even though it will mean suffering and disaster for the rest of us. I hope not, but after 2010…)

  2. I don’t believe in global conspiracy theories but I do understand the concept of global domination. It’s called totalitarianism and Hannah Arendt describes it best in her book, The Origins of Totalitarianism.

    Here in the US we have been living a lie that the US is a democratic nation. The seeds of totalitarianism were planted just after World War 2 with the cold war. Following September 11, 2001 the seeds germinated and blossomed. Now the totalitarians have the perfect movement to realize their goal. The tea parties and the hard core republicans in congress. The totalitarians are just using this movement like Hitler used the National Socialist Workers Party in the 1920’s to take power. After Hitler took power in 1933 the Weimar Republic still existed and was the nominal government in Germany all through World War 2. Here in the US our nominal government is the constitution but the corporate totalitarians do nothing with it except wipe their butts. Now the totalitarians are using the tea parties and hard core republicans in congress to enable the corporate takeover of every facet of our lives. The real problems will come when they try to privatize the civilian police forces.

  3. Oh so true,but the sad thing is,those who vote GOP/TEA will not care one WHIT.They will simply say”Well,it was Gods Will He did that,or he would never be where he is today to help lead America into a Christian nation”.At least He funded The GOOD Guys down there,Of course It was Drugs,but,God Works in Mysterious Ways sometimes,&considering The other People they were Fighting down there were Godless Communists,Romney did them a favor by giving them a chance at Freedom&Democracy under God.”..*Sigh*I WISH I were just pulling that outta my Arse,but I’m not.One of my OWN Family Members,a Loyal Dominionist&Die hard GOP/TEA voter(who REALLY wanted Santorum,as did most of them,but RMoney had The Koch backing&got it instead) said these exact words when I told her this.

    They simply.do.not.care,as long as they’re getting America(and the rest of The World)onboard their Timetable to make us all a Fascist Theocratic Regime,so that”they can help God make his Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth”.These are the people voting for Romney&Ryan,there is simply NO rationalizing or attempting to have a Conversation with them.It’s all”Gods will”,and for the Record,The Vast Majority of Them agree with The Pastor here in NC that wants to put Gays into Concentration camps,as well as what The American Family Council,aka Bryan Fisher want to do:Make an Underground Railroad so they can kidnap Children of Same-Sex Couples as well as Gay Single Parents.

    They have NO problems doing it whatsoever,because like the Extremist Muslims,they believe they CANNOT be defeated&anything THEY think is OK,no matter HOW heinous,is justified because”God is on our Side&we’re doing The Lords Work”.(Hm, WHERE have we heard THAT before in American History?WWII anyone???)They are a VERY Dangerous Bunch,the whole Lot of them.,They actually DID try to Kidnap my Son Twice, Succeeded Once,and only at the business End of a Bullet did they go slithering back to their caves.My OWN Family,&now,they’re at it again for my Grandaughter,hence,why after The election,we are all 4 Fleeing The Country for Good.We WON’T put her through what we’ve been through at the hands of these Insane whackos.

    Believe me,they have NO Compunction about doing it to Family,they have ZERO Conscience when doing such things to anyone else.Their”religion”is one of utter Domination no matter WHAT label it may look like,It’s Dominionism plain&Simple&it crosses ALL denominational Lines now.The GOP/TEAs Fascism is the Blueprint of The Nazi regime,no surprise considering they are the Families who help fund it to begin with.The final Joke is on them for like Ryan,they worship Any Randian Principles,an Atheist who is also the Inspiration for Satanism&The Satanic Bible,In the words of The Satanic Churches Founder himself,Anton Le Vey:”Satanism is merely nothing more than Ayn Rand Philosophy with Ritual&Costume thrown in”.So good to know that God’s Own Party is now Officially in League with Satan.Good Luck getting them to Listen though.

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