Lipstick Liberal Explains Republican Propaganda

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 01:11 pm

It’s Friday and that means another video by Lipstick Liberal!

This week, Natasha calls Karl Rove’s Crossroads what it really is:  a propaganda outlet for the Republican Party.  Natasha recognizes propaganda when she sees it or hears it.   She is here to explain why Karl Rove qualifies for Vladamir Putin’s prestigious propaganda award.

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The Republican Party spares no expense when it comes conditioning the hearts and minds of America to reject the President and the Democratic party. Their tactics fit the profile of propaganda, with dog whistles, comments taken out of context and just plain lies.  Examples include:

  • Raising questions about the President’s citizenship and his “real” agenda.  Creating images of fear about the “other” is a classic propaganda technique.  We saw it in Milosevic’s Yugoslavia, Hitler’s Germany, China and now, right here in the United States.
  • The lie that Obama is a socialist/ Nazi/ secret Muslim from Kenya who is coming after your guns, your bible and your constitution.  Of course, they don’t mention how they are coming after your voting rights.  They don’t want to discuss your right to a fair and living wage.  They do want to take away your right to choose if you will practice a religion and which one.
  • The dog whistles about lazy poor people and the President as “the food stamp president”.  They don’t mention that while they implement policies that would create a greater need for food stamps, they are simutaneosly cutting food stamps and other programs that benefit people in need.  They really don’t want to talk about Romney-hood.
  • While making voting harder or impossible for Democrats, Republicans claim that it is Obama who is after you right to vote.  Though they’re getting a little sloppy in Ohio

These and other examples are classic Karl Rove, and classic Republican.  They are also reminiscent of Soviet and other authoritarian regimes propaganda. No wonder Vladmir Putin is impressed! Natasha elaborates in the video: watch here.


KGB Karl Rove

Tea-partiers, Republican and Conservative American, Natasha is very impressed with way American KGB Man, use Russian KGB Tactic to destroy enemy with  Disinformation, Misinformation, could be true?

Propaganda, BLACK PROPAGANDA, Espionage, Mind control!

And best part, all these evil doings, were ALL American KGB Man doings!

Your KGB Man, remind me of my KGB Man! Except my Man no need Secret Billion Dollar smear campaign to destroy enemy.

I mean…Just look at him!!

Maybe your KGB Man better than my KGB Man? No, just look at him.

BUT, Natasha very impressed with how American KGB Man destroy enemy, just like my KGB Man!

Until next time, lipstick liberal says… Muuaaa!

End of Transcript.

Feeding the GOP propaganda machine is a necessity in the minds of the GOP.  Distraction, distortion and deceit are the only real tools they have at their disposal.  Then there is the GOP agenda that sounds so much like an Orwell novel.  “Jobs creators” actually create poverty. Corporations are people, except when it comes to certain presidential candidates releasing his corporate person’s tax records. Freedom is a privilege for the rich, but you are free to nod, smile and keep quiet.

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