Romney to Cement His Doomed Status by Picking Paul Ryan for VP

Multiple outlets are reporting that Mitt Romney will unveil Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate on the USS Wisconsin on Saturday morning. Thus cementing his status as doomed in November.

NBC, The Huffington Post, and The Weekly Standard are all reporting that Romney’s choice is Ryan. Unless the Romney campaign is out to throw the media a curve ball that would enrage the base, it looks like the choice will be Ryan. (So much for that highly touted Romney app that was going to scoop the media on the announcement.)

The Ryan choice would be symbolic of how desperate the Romney campaign has become. After claiming that they wouldn’t repeat John McCain’s mistakes of 2008, the Romney campaign is repeating one of McCain’s biggest errors. Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney’s game change. Much like McCain in 2008, the base is growing increasingly disgruntled and vocal about the direction of his campaign. Polls show Romney trailing Obama both nationally and in swing states. Romney needed to woo them. He needed a game changer. He apparently decided that he needed Paul Ryan.

Romney’s campaign has become a daily gaffe fest that is being undercut by his own staff and surrogates. It was all falling apart for Mitt, and after Andrea Saul’s endorsement of Obamacare this week, Romney had get the base back on his side.

Romney’s solution is Paul Ryan.

Republicans adore Ryan, but the Wisconsin Representative is one of the faces of the extremely unpopular Republican House. Ryan is a Washington insider, who defies the Romney narrative because like Obama he “has no private sector experience.” Ryan has zero foreign policy or executive experience. Back in 2000 Dick Cheney put himself on the ticket to balance concerns about W. In 2008, Obama picked Biden in part for his foreign policy chops, but much like Palin in ’08, Romney’s selection of Ryan raises more questions than it answers.

The choice of Ryan means that the Ryan budget and the privatization of Social Security and Medicare are going to be front and center this fall. By adding Ryan, Romney is going to have to also deal with the fact that Ryan’s budget is full of smoke and mirrors, and it actually raises the deficit.

The Ryan budget is a massive upward redistribution of wealth that actually plays into Obama’s characterization of Romney as the candidate of the rich.

If Romney has chosen Ryan, this choice was all about shoring up the base. This was a decision designed to help Romney now, not in November. Picking Ryan has revealed Romney to be a desperate candidate who sees his chance at the office he has been running for non-stop through three election cycles slipping away.

Romney urgently needs to change the narrative away from Bain, his tax returns, and his gaffes, but Paul Ryan actually reinforces that storyline. The Ryan budget gets people to stop talking about Romney’s tax returns and instead discuss how he just picked the guy who wants to kill Social Security and Medicare. This is like throwing yourself on a grenade only to have an atomic bomb land on you.

Democrats will be doing handstands of joy if Romney has indeed selected Paul Ryan. If he has done so, the GOP nominee has given Democrats the one running mate that they can use to define Romney from now until Election Day.

The base will rejoice over Paul Ryan. Democrats will be ecstatic to run against Paul Ryan, and by the time the campaign is over voters will be certain not elect Paul Ryan or the guy who chose him to the White House.

By picking Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney will cement his status as the man who lost the 2012 election before it even started. By not picking Paul Ryan, Romney just enraged the very voters he needs to show up in November. Either way, Mitt Romney has put himself in a classic lose/lose situation.

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  1. I disagree with you that Republicans love Paul Ryan. Only the far-right loves Ryan; the rest of the Republicans are scared sh!tless of him, and if he does turn out to be the VP pick, they also know they have lost the election.

  2. While his selection may drive the news cycles and Sunday talk shows for a short couple days, all Harry Reid has to do is talk more about his source for the tax returns and undercut the selection of Ryan.

    That’s even assuming that Mitt Romney remains the presumptive nominee until the RNC.

  3. If Paul Ryan is Romney’s pick for his running mate, he can expect to hear a lot from the Obama Campaign and the Catholic Church, especially Sister Campbell and the nuns who have been very outspoken about Ryan’s budget and Romney’s economic plan. MSNBC reported that Romney will announce his pick in VA at 9:00 AM this morning aboard the USS Wisconsin. At first, I thought it would be McDonnell, but after remembering an article Jonathan Chait wrote that stated why Romney has to pick Ryan, I’m thinking Paul Ryan will be his choice. You’re right, Jason, if Ryan is Romney’s choice, it will make the Ryan Budget a prime target for the Obama Campaign to expose to the American people just how horrible it is. It’s a wishlist of far-right economic goals that is focused on two things: destroying every bit of our existing social safety net and increasing the wealth of the 1%.


    If there’s someone in the GOP who knows more about money and budgets and how to ensure that the masses pay more in taxes and spend more on health care, schooling, groceries and life needs, it’s Paul Ryan!

    If there’s someone in the GOP who knows more about using the tax codes to ensure that the wealthiest job creators in the country get even more of their well deserved tax breaks so they can continue to grow the economy at the same exciting, amazing pace as they have in the past three years, it’s Paul Ryan!

    Things are definitely looking up for the wealthy–the REAL Americans!

  5. The real reason they don’t want to abandon Afghanistan is, because of Exxon Mobile’s pipeline pumping oil from Afghanistan. George Bush Jr. brags he went to Iraq for the oil, to show off to his affluent friends, where he was using the FOSAD Foundations of Security Analysis and Design of a mask of Benevolence. So instead of half the national deficit, we have it double, they want to build permanent bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, so big oil, and the Republican’s can get rich. So why do they want to make Afghanistan a permanent duty station so they can protect the interest’s of big oil and the Afghanistan Caspian Sea Oil Pipeline, before they started drilling and pumping oil out of Afghanistan, the country was considered the largest untapped oil resource in the world. They don’t talk much about the pipeline now because the Billionaire’s and corporations have silence everyone. I don’t vote and support neither party and will never be a registered voter, because I don’t register to vote and choose not to vote. George Bush Jr and the Republican party wanted to control the oil infrastructure of Iraq, and Afghanistan to enrich themselves, Billions traded for the corporations, while America accumulated Trillions in national debt, not such a good trade off, but it was for 1% of the population, back during the Vietnam area where George Bush was flying his jet airplane over TX and claiming the status of being a war Veteran, America depleted all their gold reserves on the war, and Fort Knox became nothing, but an empty vault, where they only maintain a front layer of gold to create an illusion that the U.S. has a vast of amount of wealth reserves, that is why the gold standard was dropped. George Bush Jr. wanted to further is own vanity and his place in the history books, and he was also motivated by revenge, because Saddam Hussein in the past wanted to assassinate his father George Bush Senior, people around Humble, TX, say the Bush’s brag about how they went to Irag for the oil to show off to their affluent friends at parties. The Republicans today want the U.S. to be involved in more regions of the world not only to satisfy their own ego’s and vanity, but because they think they can control the rest of the countries in the world, because the U.S. has lost it’s economic dominance over foreign countries, the Republican party wants to go to war with Iran so they can satisfy their own Napolean complexes, why would they use a bunker buster bomb that they developed for they developed for use in Iraq, because they wanted to drive Saddam Hussein out of hiding, and they never had to use a low yield Nuclear bunker buster, because it would have contaminated the land, so they developed a larger Non-Nuclear bunker buster bomb. The people of Afghanistan live simple lives as farmers and ranchers, living off of mountain goats, and sheep’s, and simple crops, too stupid to realize what they have an abundant source of natural resources that they do not benefit from, the Afhgan people, don’t know how to use their abundent natural resource to their own benefit, they only use Kerosene for cooking, that they air pump to create pressurized fuel used for cooking use similiar to natural gas, but by pressurizing kerosene, while Hamid Karzai hordes over 100 Billion in secret accounts for himself. The people of Afghanistan use horses and donkeys, and pick up trucks, as their main weapons, while military contractor’s keep building new weapon system’s for themselves and get richer, America goes down hill in debt. China owns 11% of the national debt, and Japan owns 10% and they are over 200% over GDP in national debt. 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Back in the Old days The Director of the CIA and Assistant Director of the CIA, a CIA field agent, 2 Dallas Police Officers, and their loaned uniforms to 2 Marine Snipers on the Lower Part of the Bridge, weapons provided by Jimmy Hoffa (The CIA had Jimmy Hoffa killed, by shooting him in the head, putting him in a car, and having the vehicle destroyed by a car crusher), plus lodging at his Dallas night club, and one Marine hiding in the Bushes, arranged to Kill John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson promised to keep the war going (more so to satifiy his own hatred and jeolousy of the President), but instead of two clean shots one from the front, and one from the back, they could not tell if Lee Harvey Oswald (A Scape Goat) made the shot, too many back up Snipers, the back ups, fired to many rounds they could not perfectly time it, because firing from the bottom side of the bridge, they mis-timed their Sniper shots and could not tell if Lee Harvey Oswald made the shot with his rifle, one step up from a BB gun. The public outcry and sloppy assassination of the U.S. President was so bad, because his head bounced around in different directions, Lyndon B. Johnson had no choice, but to end the war, instead of keeping the war going, because the CIA wanted the U.S. to win the war. The new Republican party, their association with the group of Billionaire’s they attend their annual meeting, where they are driven by hate and greed to influence their control over the global economy and further their own personal desire of blood lust and hatred.

  6. I agree. He’s a tea party sweetheart. They think his cut and slash approach is just peachy, until they realize it includes SS and Medicare. This is a match made for the Dems to take him to the cleaner on, although I don’t want any of us getting too complacent. Keep driving at him until it’s all over and done. NO MERCY!

    Well written article. I’m still boggled that they could make this huge of a blunder, and indeed it is exactly like McCain’s blunder of ’08. With every day that goes by, RmOney seems to pander more and more to the far right teabagger base, and farther and farther from the moderate base and any independents he ever had a chance of getting. Does he truly believe the tea party alone can elect him? Is he perhaps just trying to save some face and not have it be the biggest landslide in history by getting whatever teabagger votes he can get? Just makes no sense, but whatever his reason, he’s really really desperate now and is grasping at the last half-inflated lifesaving tube floating in the water.

    Do they have comprehension problems? I wonder. Two-thirds of voters have made it very clear….don’t ferk with their SS and Medicare, yet they seem oblivious to this fact. He’s been denounced loudly by the Catholic Church and various other religious outfits for his Ryan plan. His plan adds a crapload to the deficit; how are the teabaggers going to work that into their slash and cut mantra? oh, yeah….they hate Obama, that’s right. There are a number of voters out there who would absolutely screw themselves out of Medicare and SS for the chance to gig Obama. How hilarious is that?

  7. Oh did I mention….Ryan has never been higher than a Congressman? That he has ZERO foreign policy experience?

    I’m still boggled……….whoooooo advises Romney, for God’s sake?!?

  8. I’m not sure Ryan thinks he has anything to lose. It puts him palsy-walsy with the Establishment, unless the early returns show the pick to be disastrous. But even if it is, the onus is on Romney not Ryan.

    I’ve already seen a bit of journalistic support online for Ryan ( for one) which makes me more nervous than sanguine about this pick.

    The thing I really don’t understand (or maybe I do) is that I can’t imagine anyone thinking of this in terms of electoral potential, however it turns out. The GOP has capitulated to the TP, there’s no GO anymore, just a P.

    If there was one group Romney was still at parity with, it was seniors. So now the question is, will they vote their racism, or their pocketbooks?

  9. I think that yesterday Romney had reached such a low point (asking the pres not to talk about his business experience etc) that he was threatened by the repubs who are calling the shots to chose Ryan or else!!!!!
    Late night is a really strange time to announce, and to send his son to tell Pawlenty smacks of cowardice.

  10. Danny…wrong thread.

    This is chapter and verse from Stephan King’s book on the assassination “11/22/63 (as well as various others).

    I’m not dissing you, but, not now…stick to this year, this election and go to work with Derrik Jensen “campaign” if you feel the urge.

  11. So this is a sort of 2008 redo. Rmoney got threatened to put Ryan on the ticket byt the 1% Teabagger crowd owners, just like McCain got threatened to put Palin on his ticket or risk losing the evangenital vote.
    The result will be the same. Obama/Biden win but the GOP may never recover.

  12. “He’s been denounced loudly by the Catholic Church and various other religious outfits for his Ryan plan.”

    Oh, lordy, lordy, I can hardly wait for the busloads of nuns that will follow him around on the campaign trail and make his life a living hell.

  13. After a month or two of ryan’s insane rants, romney will still be getting attacked about his taxes and Bain. By then, the independents will all but be gone to Obama and romney will have to select another VP at the campaign. And, get this from our gutless wonder kind, he had his son Tagg call Pawlenty and Portman to cut them from the herd. couldn’t even give them the courtesy of a personal call. That’s who he is and is how he treats all of us. with disdain. Bye-bye romney and ryan in 2012. Hey, you dems who didn’t vote last time, if you don’t feel like voting for Obama, at least vote against ryan. After all, most republicans are not voting for romney. They are voting against Obama. Let’s fire up the base on this.

  14. Of course, if you squeeze his bottom really hard, you might actually get a little more light, along with a really shrill dog whstle.

  15. Gindy, I congragulate you. The vicious old Pruritan pantysniffers who went howling with deranged lust along a trail of Sarah Palin’s temptingly discarded minipads could not be better described than by your portmanteau, “Evangenital”. A solid gold epigrammy to you.

  16. Dems, including the WH, should now fully embrace single-payer health care. What starker contrast could be offered than between Medicare-for-all and Medicare-for-none?

  17. The best part of the news…if Ryan accepts…which he will…that takes his seat out of contention for his reelection bid. He’ll be out of the House no matter what and Willard loses…Ryan is out for at least two years if not longer than that.

  18. The Romney/Ryan budget plan:

    Higher taxes for you.
    Lower taxes for the 1%.
    Slashing every program that benefits children, the elderly, and the middle class.
    Increases military spending even though we already spend more than the next ten nations combined.
    Oh, and it actually increases the deficit.

    That’s fiscal responsibility, republican-style.

  19. It seems that the Republicans have written off winning the White House, but are looking to retain or increase control of the House, and win the Senate or at least not lose any seats there. Ryan is the hero of the party base, the so-called “tea party”, & he was chosen to fire up their base, bring out their volunteers, for Congressional races, & maybe even state races.

  20. For me, is hilarious. Obama re-elected just as surely as GB Jr. in 2004, and for the same reason: blind hatred + no regard for political center + The Republican John Kerry = 4 more years.

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