Women Are Already Mobilizing Against Romney/Ryan

It’s war. Nothing screams Lysistrata like Romney/Ryan.

Let’s face it, Romney/Ryan just isn’t sexy. Romney/Ryan evokes frigid patriarchy and sadistic economic policies enacted by cruel, punishing Oz — who is, of course, nothing but a teeny, tiny speck of a man behind the curtain. There isn’t even a big daddy behind the frozen mask. Just empty hearts, greedy fingers and many dissatisfied customers. There’s something not right in Romney Ryan land.

Luckily women know how to mobilize (we, too, are proud community and family organizers — no Palin sneer intended) in reaction to freedom destroyers; we’ve had a lot of practice. The National Organization for Women (NOW) is joining Nuns on the Bus and just about every other sane human with a beating heart in condemning Ryan’s cold-hearted, death panel budget. NOW isn’t going to take the assault that is Romney/Ryan lying down, they’re going to be “dogging Romney-Ryan on the campaign trail, mobilizing to expose the disproportionate impact on women of their positions on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the social programs they would slash.”

NOW President Terry O’Neill issued a statement this morning:

Republican Mitt Romney could not have picked a better running mate to telegraph the very essence of his campaign for president than Representative Paul Ryan. Together, these two candidates plan to lead the way in transferring even more wealth from the middle class, the working class and even the poor to the very rich in this country. Women should beware, because they are the targets or the disproportionate casualties in virtually every policy Romney and Ryan propose.

All we need to know about Ryan is written down in his infamous budget plan, which Romney has wholeheartedly embraced. Its most hated feature is that it converts Medicare to a private voucher system — something that would be particularly harsh for women because they rely on Medicare to a greater degree than men. But it only gets worse from there. The Romney-Ryan budget plan places future cuts to Social Security benefits on a fast track that Congress could not slow down; makes Medicaid a state block grant program; repeals Obamacare, which makes health insurance affordable to tens of millions of women and their families; and slashes a whole range of social programs that disproportionately serve and employ women.

Members of the media will tell you that Ryan is smart and “wonky.” But what he has in store for this nation is not smart — it’s doubling down on the disastrous policies of the Bush-Cheney years that not only wrecked the U.S. economy but pushed relentlessly to turn back the clock on women’s basic rights. A Romney-Ryan administration would support anti-abortion efforts like “personhood” amendments, totally defund Planned Parenthood and all federally-funded family planning services, and use government to sanction religious opposition to birth control. Their vision is a threat to women’s rights, public health and the economic security of the vast majority of people in the United States — all for the benefit of the most fortunate among us.

In the coming days and weeks, right up until November 6, NOW will reach out to voters to drive home the message that a Romney-Ryan administration would be truly devastating to our economy and to women in particular. We will be dogging Romney-Ryan on the campaign trail, mobilizing to expose the disproportionate impact on women of their positions on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the social programs they would slash. We will also shine a spotlight on Romney-Ryan’s threats to equal pay, reproductive justice, protecting women from violence, and other issues that deserve greater attention in this deeply consequential election.

Yes, religious opposition to birth control… Brought to us by Paul Ryan, who was been lambasted by his Catholic church for his cruel budget, proving that it was never about morality. It’s all about control. Sad, pathetic little men who need to control women because they can’t keep us any other way. Whose fault is that?

I say, if the boys can’t play in the big game, they shouldn’t expect us to hand them a handicap. It’s a free market. They need to learn to love us, or expect to lose us. And lose us they will this November. Those of us they didn’t lose at hello are gone by the time we read what they want to do to our parents and grandparents with Social Security and Medicare.

Hey Ryan Romney, guess who takes care of their parents in this country, boys? It’s us. The same people you don’t want making any tough decisions about our own medical care. The same people who take care of the babies, the children, and you.

We’re not going back to the dark ages. We’re just not. If we have to Lysistrata, we will. And nothing screams Lysistrata like Romney/Ryan.

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  1. LYSISTRATA: There are a lot of things about us women
    That sadden me, considering how men
    See us as rascals.
    CALONICE: As indeed we are!

  2. Ask Paul Ryan why the hold up? Why he voted NO on all or most occasions except recently which the House had to make changes to define rape and other ridiculous reasons to hold back progress to protect women and children? “…House votes on reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. This reauthorization has already passed the Senate with 68 votes, but the House version cancelled several protections Senate Democrats added, to apply domestic violence protections to Native Americans, undocumented immigrants and LGBT families. This has drawn a veto threat from the White House, a bold move in a time where Democrats have cited a “war on women” from Republicans…”

    H.R. 4970: Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2012 – http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/112/hr4970

  3. Romney by himself is a danger to women’s rights. Put him together with Ryan, and you’re talking about two men who would be perfectly happy to send women’s rights back to the 1800s – or further. They simply cannot be allowed into office; the results would be disastrous for women, their children, and to the men who love and care about them.

    These two men cannot be trusted by women – by anyone!

  4. Ayn Rand, as long ago as 1927, idolized William Hickman, who kidnapped a twelve-year-old little girl and sawed her in half, and villified the victim, her parents, and those who demanded justice for them. Ayn Rand, a poor-hater, a weak-beater, a misogynist: what’s for the Romney/Ryan ticket not to like about her?

  5. As President Kennedy said,Ask not what your country can do for you,ask what you can do for your country
    and that is….Save our country from these rightwing
    extremists……………Obama~Biden 2012′ People Power. Vote! because we are in a state of emergency for our democracy..

  6. Some media pundits have asked if Mittens “wants” to lose with his choice of Eddie Munster as his running mate….if you ask me, the pairing is more like a “shotgun wedding” than anything else …remember that the GOP have angered practically every voting bloc in this country, save for one and their offspring: angry, rich old white men. They’ve lost the Hispanic, African-American, Senior and women’s votes. It’s a crying shame that the Party of Abe, Teddy and Ike have come to this point, where a large political coffin awaits to be filled by an Elephant. Women should remember this: Republican women, especially Tea Party Militia women, are “tokens”; tokens are used to fool people into thinking that they (whoever they are) are not bigoted, hypercritical, etc. Women make up 55% of this country’s voting populace..the GOP should have realized that before embarking on their war against the fairer sex. As the co-host of The Young Turks, Ana Kasparian, has been quoted as saying before, “if you’re a woman who votes for the GOP, you’re a moron”. I don’t really agree with the term “moron”, but, she’s correct…Come on, Ladies! Go to the polls on 6 November, 2012 and show those bigoted fascist bastards the GOP that you’re not going to take their BS anymore…vote DEMOCRAT on 6 November, 2012! (This message brought to you by a Progressive Non-Affiliated voter, not a Democrat)

  7. Well the GOP has managed to alienate every minority in the U.S? There was another party in history that went after the white race vote and even they didn’t alienate white women. Obama 2012.

  8. Romney and Ryan to female voters: “The GOP has your back.”

    Meanwhile, Republican Senators vote against anti-domestic violence legislation,
    … the governor of Wisconsin repeals “equal pay for women” legislation,
    … conservative pundits and politicians claim that men deserve higher pay for equal work because “men need the added income more than do women” or because “men know more stuff than do women”,
    … Romney, Ryan, and the Congressional GOP leadership vow to “kill ObamaCare”, including all of the components within the ACA that provide affordable preventative health care for women and children,
    … Congressional and state Republican legislators strive to make affordable access to contraception and breast cancer screenings more difficult with their assault on PP and employee health insurance coverage,
    … female state legislators are shunned and silenced for uttering the word “vagina” (gasp) during an abortion debate,
    … and GOP-controlled state legislatures mandate that women seeking an abortion provide social conservative politicians with “a womb with a view”.
    So much for the tea party/conservative movement’s mantra: “small, non-intrusive government”.

    The 2012 GOP campaign slogan: A chicken in every pot and a spy-cam in every uterus.

    American women to Republican Party: “WE will decide whether or not our rights are being assaulted by conservative policies, thank you very much.”

  9. What a gigantic load of crap! Romney and Ryan have my vote. And yes, I am a woman and there are plenty more of us with common sense.

  10. Young women … Stand on your own two feet! Stop blaming and complaining about your “rights”! I’m 79 and used my skills and brains to succeed – not dependence on government regulations. In my 20’s I worked in television, in my 30’s I traveled internationally for my employer. Supported myself, paid for own health insurance! Married late, raised kids, widowed, and now use my energy volunteering to help others. I’ll be working for Romney/Rand and USA’s future.

  11. Since my comment is ‘awaiting moderation” – please correct my typo on last line which should dread RYAN not Rand. Thanks.

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