Texas A&M Shooting is More Blood of Innocent Victims on NRA and Right Wingers

Hey look at my pistol!

After a long Summer of shooting across the nation, news broke out at around 12:30 CST on August 13 at the Texas A&M University in College Station — a gunman shot several people and was taken into custody at 12:44 CST.

According to The Los Angeles Times:

“Texas A&M university issued a Code Maroon warning on its website just before 12:30 p.m. Monday stating that an “active shooter” was in the area. “Please avoid the area. Residents in the immediate area need to remain inside their residence,” the warning said.

About eight minutes later, the school issued another alert, once again urging people to avoid the area. At 12:44 p.m., a new update said, “The shooter is in custody. Continue to avoid the area.”

A school representative told The Times the gunman was not on campus.”

There has been a rash of shootings, like the: Sikh Temple shooting, Aurora Shooting as well as the shooting of former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Gifford by Jared Loughner. Many of these shootings, including the one near Texas A&M, were done in States with less-than-stringent regulation.

Loughner, according to gun nuts, said that he was a nut and there was no way that anyone would know he was crazy. Actually there was. The U.S. Army denied him access to boot camp because he was mentally unstable. Yet according to recent news, Loughner was mentally capable of standing trial and received life without parole. Hmmm.

More than just background checks, every shooting had large amount of victims, and with the exception of Aurora Colorado, everyone  had the opportunity to shoot the suspect, but failed to return fire. Loughner was within shooting distance but no one took aim to kill him. In Wisconsin, another Carry Conceal Weapon permit state, no one returned fire.

Kileen Texas: Luby Massacre, George Jo Hennard killed 22 people and injured 20
Palatine, Illinois: Brown’s Chicken massacre, Seven people dead
Littleton, Colorado: Columbine High School massacre, 15 dead
Seattle, Washington: Capitol Hill massacre, six dead
Blacksburg, Virginia: Virginia Tech Massacre, 32 Dead
Tucson, Arizona: Tucson supermarket massacre, 6 dead

The above-mentioned states allow for CCW, and those in bold were on campus. Yet with every shooting, every gun-carrying state, not one returned fire. Now the NRA would say that if everyone had a firearm…but these places had people with firearms. Who knows why they didn’t return fire. Were they frightened? Did they discharge their firearm and miss?

According to Police One, a website dedicated to law enforcement for news and opinion, most gun battles are within five feet and lasts about three seconds. The hit ratio? Quite low. That’s why most law enforcement officers are trained to shoot three rounds, assess the situation and return fire if there is a continual threat. The five-feet-three-second battle is based upon a target not moving.

And to quote an officer in the board who speaks from experience:

“Ninety percent of all police shootings are within 5 feet and over in 3 seconds. And police will miss more than connect.

Thus, we train, train, practice, and train. For an entire career.

For those 3 seconds in our lives we hope never come. “

Which leads to this question: How many CCW holders train, train, practice and train? Dare I say zero? Well maybe they may train with a buddy or at a gun range, but how many people are trained by a professional? By an expert? Theoretically, zero, therefore:

Every CCW holder must be certified to have a CCW. They must go through extensive training, practice and continue to train. They must learn every little detail of their firearm, safety and yes, cleaning of their firearm if they wish to carry concealed.

No, regulation like this does not mean we want to ban firearms. I had a rifle and I had to learn about my Mosin Nagant 91/30, too. I had to break down my rifle, know every part, even including the bolt, reassemble it and store it in a safe. I am NOT for banning, but if the NRA is pushing everyone to have firearms (including felons?), then the owners of the firearm better know every little detail of their tool.

The shooting in Texas A&M will be a tragedy. It always ends up being tragic. Three people have died including the gunman. I have a feeling the shooter legally purchased the firearm and because of the relaxed rules on firearm, especially from Governor Rick Perry, expect more death.

The irony of all this? As much as the NRA screams and yells from the top of their mountain of hate, they do NOT allow members to carry inside their meeting hall. Do they know something? Even more interesting, there is talk that the 2012 RNC will allow delegates to carry. Keep in mind that there are members within the RNC who don’t like Romney, and inside the hall will be men and women with enough firepower to start their own revolution…do they NOT know something?

4 Replies to “Texas A&M Shooting is More Blood of Innocent Victims on NRA and Right Wingers”

  1. There was someone present with a weapon at the Gifford’s shooting but he never pulled out his pistol. He didn’t have time or a clear shot. He helped wrestle the shooter to the ground.

  2. Funny, isn’t it, how they all have wet dreams thinking about how they will use it to “save the day” “protect themselves” (or worse, their replaceable insured property) yet…… it ain’t happening. THANKFULLY!! It would only worsen the situation.
    These people are delusional. Crossfire and more shooting is not the answer.

  3. Or maybe, as the first commenter stated, they are aware of the situation enough to know that pulling a loaded weapon in a group of panicked people with no clear line of sight to the target and in many of the cases, no clear target would be more detrimental to the situation. Officers and anyone who’s parents taught them about firearms growing up know that you don’t pull unless you have clear target.

    It worries me more that officers are missing more than hitting (what ARE they hitting) with all of their supposed training than level headed people with conceal carry are not pulling in every circumstance.

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