Bernie Sanders Slams Deficit Hawk Hypocrite Paul Ryan

Sen. Bernie Sanders put out a statement today calling Paul Ryan a deficit hawk hypocrite because he voted for unpaid for wars, tax cuts for rich, and Wall Street deregulation.

In a statement, Bernie Sanders pulled no punches on Paul Ryan,

What caused the country to blow a big budget surplus and end up with a $1 trillion deficit and $16 trillion national debt? Sen. Bernie Sanders says the major factors were unfunded wars, tax breaks for the rich, Wall Street deregulation and a prescription drug program that made it illegal for the government to bargain for lower prices. Rep. Paul Ryan, a self-styled deficit hawk, voted for all of them.

Ryan voted for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan without a way to pay for them. He supported tax cuts for the wealthy. He voted for the deregulation of Wall Street, which led to the recession and falling revenues. And Ryan backed the prescription drug program that House Republicans rigged to favor the pharmaceutical industry.

Because Mitt Romney elevated him to the eye of the 2012 storm, the Republican Party now has a Paul Ryan problem. Sanders hit on the exact issues that have Republicans so worried.

Rep. Ryan has become the belle of the tea party ball by talking the talk, but his record shows a man who has never walked the walk. Ryan didn’t have his come to Jesus moment on deficits until Barack Obama became president. While George W, Bush was in office, Ryan seemed to have no qualms about the deficit.

Judging from the man’s record, Ryan’s tough talk on deficits is his political schtick. The actual reality of record is, Republican deficits = good, and Democratic deficits = bad. This hypocrisy makes Paul Ryan nothing more the typical congressional Republican.

Sen. Sanders’ bigger beef with Ryan is on his desire to cut Social Security. Sanders also pointed out today that, “Despite Social Security’s overwhelming success, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan has been a proponent of privatizing the retirement program by putting seniors’ savings into risky Wall Street investments. Even before tapping Ryan as his running mate, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had said he wants to begin the process of privatizing Social Security. He also would gradually increase the retirement age to 68 or 69. And he favors slowing the growth of benefits for persons with “higher incomes.” Under a plan floated by Romney’s allies on Capitol Hill – Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) – someone making about $45,000 a year today who retires in 2050 would receive 32 percent less in annual Social Security benefits than under the current formula. By that definition, the top 60 percent of all wage earners would be considered “higher income.””

Ryan backs a plan that would cut the Social Security benefits of the middle class by 32%. Rep. Ryan favors more unpaid for tax cuts for the wealthy, but Sen. Sanders understands that Paul Ryan is doing the bidding of his billionaire conservative masters.

For Sanders, this isn’t about getting Obama reelected. It is about defending seniors, the middle class, the poor, the disabled, and beloved programs that millions of Americans depend on for their survival. Bernie Sanders has been warning us about Citizens United and the conservative billionaires who are trying to buy this election for over a year. Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are the embodiment of the quest of the wealthy to buy our government.

Bernie Sanders is sounding the alarm, and calling on all Americans to join the fight.

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    A. Remove Social Security Cap–Why should very rich pay 1/1000th and Middle Class pay 6.2%
    B. Increase Dividend Tax from 15 to 28%. Capital vs Labor. Be Fair.
    Coal Miner pays 28% and man sitting on butt pays 15% Labor is as important as capital.
    Try doing without either.
    C. Estate Tax Increase.
    D. Corporate Tax Adjustments.. Top Rate is 35% but they whine about paying an average of 16% on earnings. Get the 35%.
    E. Public Finance Elections.–Candidate cannot use any money except that given by the public.
    F. Wall Street—Revert back to selling stock to raise funds for corporations to create jobs.
    Want to raise money by selling stock is ok. Just do not allow selling it except back to owner. Eliminate the operations which are mere Gambling in a Rich Man’s Casino. Want to gamble go to Las Vegas.
    G. Restart Unions to get Labor a Fair share of earnings.

    Those suggestions will return us to Democratic Philosophy of PAY YOUR WAY.
    Go away from Republican philosophy of– SPEND AND BORROW LET KIDS PAY TOMORROW.

    1945 to 1981–Each percentile increased in Wealth and Income almost evenly in percentage.

    Reagan big tax cuts of 60% (70 to 28) for Richest, 40% to Big Corporations -Dividend Rate for Wall Street.
    Tax Increases of biggest in history the Social Security Tax Increase–A Tax on elderly on 50% of Social Security Income–Five cent tax on Gas.

    Bush Big Tax cuts for Very Rich.


    From 1980 to 2008

    Top 1% got 35.4% of Total Wealth Increase
    Top 1% got 44.1% of Total Income Growth

    In 2007 a not so pretty picture


    top 20% owned 85% of Total Wealth and bottom 80% owned 15%

    Of non-home wealth top 20% owned 93% and 80% owned 7%

    Top 20% got 60% of Total Income and 80% got 40%

    It is a disaster for the future of the huge Middle Class. A small few own the majority.

    Will we ever get a Congress and President willing to do what is FAIR.

    Redistribute the Income and Wealth.

    I fear for our future.

  3. I apologize for overloading your comments section. I am scared. I am serious.
    If the same crowd takes government that had power in 20 years of 1980—2009
    look at what they did to us:
    600 Budget to 3500—1000 debt to 10,000—surplus to `1400 deficit—
    218,000 jobs per month to 99,000—got us into 10 foreign conflicts—smashed wonderful local S&L Industry—Housing Industry—4 times crashed Stock Market—took us from a Heaven on earth to a Hell on earth
    At a time of extreme inequality – with the top 1 percent capturing a staggering 93 percent of all income gains in 2010 – Republicans would dramatically lower taxes on the wealthiest Americans, and by definition raise them on working families.They don’t actually admit to that, of course. But they lower top income tax rates and sustain lower rates on wealth (capital gains, dividends) while claiming their reforms will raise as much money (be revenue neutral) by eliminating unspecified loopholes and tax breaks. That means they must go after the biggest deductions – either limit the mortgage deduction for middle class homeowners or cut the tax benefits for employer provided health care, both reforms that would directly hit working families.
    With health care costs soaring and employers cutting back on health insurance benefits, the Republican budget would add millions to the rolls of the uninsured by eliminating the health care reforms, with no program in its place.
    With boomers headed into retirement and soaring Medicare and Medicaid the essential cause of projected deficits, Republicans address the problem not by limiting health care costs, but by requiring seniors to pay more. They would turn Medicare into a voucher or “premium support” program that would not keep up with health care costs, forcing seniors to pay thousands more out of their own pockets. Worse, they would cut Medicaid support drastically for the most vulnerable – the impoverished, the disabled, and the terminally ill.
    With the U.S. spending almost as much on its military as the rest of the world combined, Republicans demand that we raise, not pare, Pentagon spending.
    With our basic infrastructure – from roads to schools to sewage systems – in dangerous decline, the construction industry flat on its back, and interest rates near record lows, Republicans call for spending less, not more, on rebuilding America, rendering our economy less competitive and our streets less safe.
    With global corporations growing ever more adept at using transfer pricing and overseas tax havens to avoid taxes here at home, Republicans would make the entire world outside the U.S. a corporate tax haven, encouraging companies to move jobs and book profits abroad.
    With college tuition soaring and more and more being priced out of the education they have earned and need, Republicans solve the problem by cutting back on student loan programs.
    Today every element of the American dream – a secure job with American wages and benefits, an affordable home, a good education and affordable college for the kids, a secure retirement, health care for the family – is growing out of reach for more and more Americans

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