Paul Ryan: Walking the Party Line Against Women

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By now we’ve all had a few days to absorb Mitt Romney’s latest head scratching campaign move: the selection of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his Vice-Presidential running mate. It’s certainly a step that will unite the far right Republican base, a voting bloc that never would have pulled a lever for President Obama anyway yet has still struggled to summon proper enthusiasm for its presumptive nominee.

Folks, Mittens has taken to pandering to fish in a barrel. Somewhere in there lies good news for Team Obama/Biden. I watched top Democratic strategist David Axelrod discuss the opposition’s pick on last Sunday’s edition of “Meet the Press” and he could barely contain his glee. It’s hard to imagine a choice more alienating to the middle class than the old right wing social engineer himself. Were I Romney I might have gone Rubio or Jindal to at least try to appear palatable to minorities, or perhaps cozied up with a female GOP leader of the non-crazy variety (possibly an oxymoron), but hey! I suppose if you have enough problems shoring up those who are supposed to be reflexively in your corner, you don’t have much time to consider the bigger picture. Game on!

Speaking of females, 2012 witnessed a Spring Awakening of sorts for the half of the electorate who came to realize anew that the “compassionate conservatives” amongst them don’t appear to have a lot of respect for individual liberty when it comes to reproductive decision-making. But Ryan is a relatively young, new breed of Republican right? He’s only 42 years old and the father of an adolescent daughter. Surely he doesn’t want the government placing his child’s rights in a secondary class? That would stand in direct opposition to the principles of a Tea Party darling.


Per Democracy Now, in a post dated August 13, 2012: “Ryan opposes abortion in all situations, including cases of rape and incest, and opposes abortion in cases that endanger an expectant mother’s health. Planned Parenthood has also criticized his endorsement of a so-called ‘Personhood Amendment,’ which supports defining a fertilized egg as a human being. Ryan was a co-sponsor of the Sanctity of Human Life Act, which even the conservative state of Mississippi rejected last November, and is in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood.”

But ok, women are about more than just the question of whether or not to procreate. We care about jobs, equal pay, a stable and thriving economy and oh, oops…

What’s that you say Representative Ryan voted against equal pay for women, the enforcement of hate crime legislation and adjustments to employment discrimination law a total of six times during his tenure in the House? Well that is um, concerning.

In short, Ryan is for tax cuts, deregulation, cynical deficit hawking that starves the social safety net while fattening the pockets of big business and the one percent. Corporate entities are to be treated with more esteem and consideration than the bodies and minds of female Americans and even Romney doesn’t appear to want to associate himself with Ryan’s plans to reinvent Medicare as a voucher program that exposes seniors to the whims of the private sector.

Why was he selected for the ticket again? If I didn’t know better I would think Romney really wanted to lose.


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  1. I really don’t get the thing about opposing abortion in case of endangering a woman’s health. I mean, I know that so many women just love to get them some abortions, especially when they’re GOOD and pregnant. But when your life’s at stake? So, dead baby and dead mom, what does that get you?

    And for all of you idiot egg worshipers, let me tell you that hemorrhaging to the point that you have to get a D and C with no anesthesia in the emergency room is no picnic. In fact it’s a nightmare.

    Obama/Biden 2012

  2. I had a Facebook discussion with my niece, who is a working mom of one, marreid,a nd ahs no insurance and some woman I didn’t know. They started bashing Obama for not being transparent and went on about how Ryan’s plan would help the country. I pointed out some basic facts about how Ryan’s plan would help RYAN, and how the GOP is against all women’s decisions regarding children. Both of them disappeared as soon as I started laying out facts. They couldn’t even explain why Obama is so awful (they are in Texas, so I assume it’s due to his skin, but I didn’t bring that up.) Anyway, my niece insists that she is ‘an independent thinker,” so I encouraged her to keep reading and listening. The other woman just thinks Mitt and Paul are ‘decent men’ who would do what’s what’s right for the country. Unhuh. Wrong again.

  3. I heard a woman (senior) comment yesterday that Romney and Ryan wouldn’t put them out on the street, and would not leave them without medical care.
    I thought to myself “so that’s what handing you a voucher for say a few thousand bucks and saying good luck with getting insurance coverage for that amount mean.” They wouldn’t put you out on the street????? They’re intent on putting everyone that’s not like them out on the street. Then they’ll complain about the homeless population and probably start rounding them up and shipping them to some 3rd world country. Geez, I’m rambling and getting way out there, but give me a break.
    How can people be so ignorant?????
    I know my grandmother is going to be salivating over Paul Ryan (god bless her sweet catholic tootsie–can one say that about their 94 yr old grandmother?)…but this man is truly a devil in sheep’s clothing. PERSONHOOD amendments??? Forget about saving a mother’s life with an abortion–let her die???? Where do these men get off?
    Ugh. Now I’m all fired up. Got to go have a drink or something.
    Please let there be some rational people come November.

  4. “Then they’ll complain about the homeless population and probably start rounding them up and shipping them to some 3rd world country.”
    In some third world country, those with skills, but no college degree could find work, and have a stable life, plus the fact that some of these nations actually do have a single-payer health service. ship us off to a third world country? It might not be such a bad thing.

  5. Its truly beyond me why women would vote catholi….er republican. Its certainly not in their favor to do so

  6. I have to agree with the last line the most, I really don’t think Romney wants to win. I just can’t figure out what he is actually up to and why he did pick Ryan as his running mate. Makes no sense whatsoever to me, Ryan comes with such baggage. Again I don’t think Romney wants to win, but what is he really up to?

  7. Mr. Ryan. Just so we’re clear.

    Suppose your daughter, or your wife, or your sister was raped by a non-white, non-Christian, drug addicted illegal alien on welfare (and fraudulently registered Democrat), and the rape resulted in an ectopic pregnancy…

    … you’d let her die?

  8. In picking Ryan, Rmoney has shown his true intelligence of his knowledge of politics of what he believe would be best for the American people. Electing Rmoney would be as big a disaster as his pick in Ryan.

  9. Obviously not. He’d take them to a private doctor or they’d go for a vacation in Sweden. He’s only punishing sluts, after all.

  10. Well, on e might hope that one of the occuring things he voted for will happen to his daughter. perhaps then he will not be so quick to not protect woman right to healthcare. Perhaps she will nto be avle to produce him a grandchild or die because he voted to not allow MDs to save her life in the even she is bleeding when she is pregnant. Or she will be raped and have a child that is unwanted. All of these factors would seem to be poor in relation to the number of babies born each year that have no home. Or even worse the lack of premnatal care for their healthy birth.
    What are we as a society going to do with all these babies born that would have the potential of being mentally or physically handicapped. Witht he lack of healthcare and service..who is going to take care of them? Who will and how will we feed them, shelter them? Or will the new inititve be to kill them once they are alive? Now, abortion may be one thing, but not providing prenatal care is quite the other. We will have a rash of children with the odds against them. Poor prenatal care means mental deficiets, physical handicaps, slow learners, etc. Are we prepared to take care of their special needs? Or will we jsut let them die? He makes no sense at all, he is no christain, and certainly no good politician. He makes no sense,has o rhyme or reason. Paul Ryan is a hyocrite and a poor speciman of a man! Vote for him if you will, I could not. He is the lowest example of a Christian male there is!

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