Obama Campaign Calls Romney’s Bluff: Just Give Us Three More Years of Returns


After Angry Ann’s spectacle of haughty outrage over anyone asking to see their tax returns, the Obama campaign has kicked the Romney campaign in their persecution complex by kindly offering to knock the tax returns years down to just three more. Just three more.

Ann Romney tried to paint their refusal to release more returns as a result of being persecuted, “We have been very transparent to what’s legally required of us. But, the more we release, the more we get attacked. The more we get questioned. The more we get pushed. And so we’ve done what’s legally required. And there’s going to be no more tax releases given. There’s a reason for that. And that’s because how, what happens when we release anything.” She continued, “We don’t disclose anymore because we just become a bigger target… It will give them ammunition.”


What she meant was it would give the American people information and information on this topic is the same thing as ammunition, because obviously there is something worse in the returns than just paying a low rate and stashing money overseas and betting against America.

The Obama campaign are experts at dealing with professional victims. They handled Sarah Palin’s games with ease. So after Ann Romney told the world that the reason the poor Romney campaign wouldn’t be releasing any more tax returns was because the mean Obama people would just ask more questions and want more returns, sigh, it’s as if there isn’t a number on what’s expected but even the one year is so unfair! The Obama people called the Romney bluff by setting a limit of five years total, which is three more years than Romney promised. He has provided one partial year thus far.

The Miami Herald
reported this morning:

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina made the tax-disclosure offer to Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades in a letter Friday morning. Messina said he was taking the step because Romney “apparently fears the more he offers, the more our campaign will demand that he provide.”Romney’s wife, Ann, has repeatedly stated that concern in interviews, arguing that the more the couple releases, the more questions are asked.

Oh, you say you won’t release the returns because we’ll just ask for more? Here’s a limit in writing for you. Three years. Put up or shut up.

Come on, Romney, just three itty bitty more years. Less than everyone else gives. Surely you can do that, eh? What? We can’t hear you. You won’t release anymore because why?

Yesterday Romney told Americans that he always pays 13% but he’s not gonna show ya’ small minded people:

“I just have to say. Given the challenges that America faces — 23 million people out of work, Iran about to become nuclear, one out of six Americans in poverty, the fascination with the taxes I paid I find to be very small-minded compared to the broad issues we face, but I did go back and look at my taxes, and, over the past 10 years, I never paid less than 13 percent. I think the most recent year is 13.6%, or something like that. so I pay taxes every year. Harry Reid’s charge is totally false. I’m sure waiting for Harry to put up who it was who told him what he says they told him. I don’t believe him for a minute by the way, but every year, I paid at least 13 percent, and if you add in, in addition, the amount that goes to charity, the number gets well above 20 percent.”

We note that at no time does Romney ever say “income taxes” — just that he paid 13% in “taxes”. Although sadly, we can’t take Romney at his word on this either, as he has stood in front of the American people and asked them to believe him before, when he was running for Governor of Massachusetts, and he lied then about his taxes while giving the same denials we’re getting now.

Just three more years, Mr. Romney. What’s so hard about that?

The Obama campaign just put Ann Romney’s victim complex to rest. If the Romneys don’t put up some returns now, when the Obama campaign is making a huge concession for them — a handicap if you will since the Romneys can’t compete in the free market of tax returns and instead demand special privileges — they won’t be able to take wallow in their persecution complex without looking rather ungrateful.

This is a plum deal! Only three more years — special privileges for Mr. Romney. The Obama campaign must know that Romney can’t release his returns and won’t release his returns and it’s not because of any questions the Obama camp would ask. Obama just dared Romney to man up, and kicked him in the place Romney keeps his tax secrets.

Romney can’t do much except release the returns or keep blaming Obama for his failure to be transparent, but after Obama so kindly reduced the normal expectations for poor Mitt Romney (expectations ironically set by Mitt Romney’s father George Romney), that would be terribly bad form. Voters don’t like a victim. Romney’s going to need to find a way to appear strong while refusing to be honest with the voters. Blaming Obama isn’t going to cut it once he’s out of the right wing echo chamber.

Update: The Romney campaign has responded to Obama’s offer with a big, fat NO! They claim that they aren’t falling for Obama’s “political ploy” and that his tax returns aren’t the issue.

Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades wrote, “It is clear that President Obama wants nothing more than to talk about Governor Romney’s tax returns instead of the issues that matter to voters, like putting Americans back to work, fixing the economy and reining in spending.”

So the answer is that Romney is going to double down on playing the victim, while denying voters the right to vet him as he would any company he invested in.

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  1. gotta love when a person says that their taxes should not be an issue, question , you want to be president? you want us to trust you? you want to claim you can fix this nation?? prove it, put your money where your mouth is. you wanted to be a politician 10K but you don’t want to bet the presidency on it. something stinks on his 1040 and he knows it

  2. I hope the Obama campaign and all of the Democratic senators and representatives keep hammering Romney every day to release at least his 2007, 2008, and 2009 Federal Income Tax Returns in total- not just some partial information. They should also insist he release the additional 2010 data, and to honor his promise to release his total 2011 tax returns. If he does not, they should continue to speculate about the worst case scenario as to why he refuses to reveal this information. Chances are, the worst case scenario is exactly why he won’t comply. He’s a tax cheat, a liar, and very likely, a felon.

    I hope they put the same pressure and demands on Paul Ryan, because he’s probably just as guilty as Romney. What a pair they make! This is a huge issue that can’t be allowed to be diminished or to let it slowly fade away. These two jokers are patently unqualified to lead our country.

  3. But they’re Republican, and they’re WHITE! They get to make the rules; they don’t have to obey them (that’s so youpeople!)

  4. “We have been very transparent to what’s legally required of us.”

    Gee, Ann, aren’t you setting the bar a little too high?

  5. Mitt, we’re still waiting for you to at least release the rest of the 2010 returns, and by the way, where are those amended 2011 returns. Are you waiting for November to get those out to us?

    We want at least 3 more years including 2009. You see, we don’t trust you! A lot of us think you sought amnesty that year to avoid felony charges.

  6. Despite all these pressing domestic and international issues the Republicans via Donald Trump saw no problem with the pettiness of demanding that Pres. Obama provide proof of birth in the USA. Even after providing it, its validity was still questioned by some and the issue is still raised. Romney is only cementing the view there is plenty to hide in his unreleased tax returns.

  7. Prove it? Romney doesn’t have to prove anything!

    What about you illegal BO? Prove that you are qualified to be our president, prove that you acquired US citizenship from being Indonesian citizen, prove that you were NOT a foreign student studying in USA, prove and show us your travel documents, school documents, etc.


  8. I’m beginning to wonder if these people even hear what they are saying. If releasing more of your financial information will provide ammunition for attack, then maybe you shouldn’t be running for POTUS. If you’ve done things financially that you are ashamed of and believe would hurt your chances of being elected, then don’t run. You’re not being persecuted, and in fact, if you just quit now, nobody will ask to see your tax returns again. Are you really so dense that you can’t understand that being elected POTUS requires just a *little* more than “what’s legally required”?

    Look, it’s really simple… If the poor, poor Romneys want to stop being “persecuted”, all they have to do is stop running for public office. That’s it. Go back to venture capital. Go back to raping and pillaging, stashing your untold millions in off-shore tax havens. Go back to your yacht club or whatever ridiculous social circle you belong to. Continue paying as little taxes as you can legally get away with, and *nobody* will bother you again. Seriously. I couldn’t care less. I’d think you were a complete scum bag, but I’d think that about anyone who makes a living that way.

    And just to be clear: I’m not jealous of Mitt Romney, and I don’t resent success. I just don’t have any respect for the way he’s made his fortune. He didn’t create anything, and he doesn’t provide a service that benefits society in any way. I have a ton of respect for guys like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and others like them who created something, built a business, sold a product or service that people wanted, and became fabulously wealthy in the process. Guys like Mitt Romney who parlay tremendous privilege, power, and a small fortune into a much larger fortune all while producing nothing of real value, I surprisingly don’t respect too much. Frankly, the only people who do are either too stupid to understand the difference between him and a real entrepreneur, or they’re just hoping to latch on and grab a piece of his fortune. So, sorry Faux News – I dislike and distrust Mitt Romney for lots of reasons, but none of them have to do with my feelings about success or wealth. For the record, I’m in favor of both, but I have more respect for people who earn them.

  9. it would be in that time period that willy would have taken that amnesty, that would keep him from being charged with a felony, right? i know the DNC has seen abstracts of willy and queen ann’s taxes. the RNC, knows this too.

    and like all you working stiffs and independent contractors here, you are all paying out at least 30%, and if you are an ind. cont. you pay double fica…. i would love a 14% rate. i could buy a new car every year with just the savings from the taxes.

  10. Here you are again, Conservative Heart. You reject Obama’s proof, while claiming that Romney doesn’t need to offer any. You are a hypocrite.

  11. Thank you, CH, for providing our daily laugh. President Obama has already proven everything you cite, to the satisfaction of all sane people.

  12. Why are you people so full of hate? I feel compassion for you and your ilk and thank God every day that I wake up to express my gratitude to the universe and great leaders such as President Obama for not allowing us to enter into a WWIII that the cabalist war mongering machine that supports Romney/Ryan that would obliterate most of us off the planet.

    Conservative Heart-you don’t have a heart but maybe you can ask the tin man if he can help you create one. Why don’t you take your vitriol and hatred to the right-wing blogosphere and leave the happy liberals alone? I’m just saying…

  13. Here is Thom Hartmann on the defintion of “conservative”:

    First off, it was Conservatives who opposed the American Revolution, and many of them joined the British in fighting against George Washington’s army. Then, conservatives, at the birth of our nation, pushed to restrict voting rights at the federal level to only white men who owned property – although progressives like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison blocked those efforts – so conservatives at the state level picked up that cause.

    It was Conservatives who wanted to keep the “traditional American value” of slavery and fought progressive Abraham Lincoln so fiercely it led to an incredibly bloody and horrific Civil War. In the aftermath of the Civil War – Conservatives supported Jim Crow laws to keep freed slaves as second-class citizens.

    Conservatives opposed women’s suffrage all the way up until the 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920 – and some still to this day – oppose it.

    Wealthy Conservative elites opposed every advancement made by average working people – from the forty-hour work week – to child labor laws – to workplace safety laws.

    During the 1950’s – Conservatives embraced McCarthyism and the witchhunts that ruined the lives of thousands of Americans.

    In the 1960’s – Conservatives opposed the Civil Rights Act – which finally ended legal discrimination in America.

    Every single advancement our nation has made – came DESPITE Conservative efforts to block it. As famed Conservative think William F. Buckley said: “A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so.” At each turning point to give more rights to more Americans, to give more economic opportunity to more Americans, to make the workplace safer for more Americans – you name it – Conservatives have tried to stop it – while Progressives have fought, bled, and died to make sure it happens. And today – nothing has changed. Today – Conservatives are yelling “stop” when it comes to marriage equality.

    They’re yelling “stop” when it comes to climate change legislation.

    They’re yelling “stop” when it comes to equal pay for equal work for women.

    They’re yelling “stop” when it comes to critical, life-saving stem-cell research.

    They’re yelling “stop” when it comes to providing health insurance at an affordable cost to all Americans.

    They’re yelling “stop” when it comes to immigration reform.

    They’re yelling “stop” when it comes to ending the failed drug war.

    And not only are they yelling “stop” – but they’re actively trying to undo most of the progressive victories over the last century that they opposed from the start.

    That includes undoing a women’s right to choose – or even have access to contraceptives.

    It includes forcing women to submit to mandatory ultrasounds – like they’re children or wards of the state.

    It includes passing more and more right-to-work FOR LESS laws – further eroding the rights of working people in America.

    It includes gutting food safety programs, unemployment benefits, and food stamps.

    And it even includes sabotaging our economy recovery to achieve their ultimate political goal – kicking a black man out of the White House.

    This is what Conservativism has been all about in America – and continues to be about: fear, discrimination, and corporate domination.

    The Conservative principles of limited government and more freedom might sound good – but in practice it means less government to protect Americans from corporate abuses – and more freedom for people like the Koch brothers to pollute. It means less government to provide social services – and more freedom to die like a dog in the gutter without health insurance. That’s been the message of the Conservative movement since the onset of the nation – always taking us backward when we should be moving forward.

    So I’ll ask the question again…why the hell would anyone proudly call themselves a Conservative?

  14. I agree, Wes. Hypocrite and republican seem to go hand in hand. Romney WILL lose this election. With all the talk of the rate of unemployment over 8% for three years, Obama still holds a lead because the GOP could not find a suitable candidate to challenge Obama. Had they done so, Obama’s challenge would be much greater, but not with this transparent duo of Romney & Ryan who want to “take this country back.” Unfortunately for women and minorities, they are talking about taking this country back to the 19th century.

  15. Thank you for the enlightening post. Now I understand the naming of the beast.I’d like a copy if possible.

  16. I’m just going to address one of your repulsive, hypocritical claims:

    You say Obama is not a Christian, that he must prove it.

    First of all, he has proved it in how he lives – like a Christian. If you claim to be a Christian and cannot see that about Obama, you’ve obviously not paid attention to the teachings of the bible.

    If you really want to know the truth and stop behaving in a non-Christian manner by calling a Christian a non-Christian, please read ALL of this:


  17. Wes, conservative heart is sending up the whole thing and is quite funny when read with that in mind. He/she is a satirist.

  18. Don’t forget that Romney didn’t say he paid at least 13% in “federal income taxes” he just said “taxes”. Someone needs to ask for a clarification and verify he ment federal income taxes.

  19. I have one question; who among us go to an employer for a job then tell him/her what documents we are going to submit? Answer: None of us! If we expect to be hired, then we give the employer every document that’s requested from us. So, Mitt, you refuse to submit the required documents to the American people (employer), we WILL NOT HIRE YOU!!


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