Romney Answers Obama’s Tax Returns Challenge and Makes Things Much Much Worse

The Obama campaign challenged Romney to release more tax returns, and his campaign responded with answer that proved to everyone that they are hiding something.

In response to the Obama campaign’s offer to not press for more years, if Mitt Romney releases five years of tax returns, Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades gave the only possible answer that would make things worse.

Here is his reply to Obama campaign manager Jim Messina,

Hey Jim,
Thanks for the note.
It is clear that President Obama wants nothing more than to talk about Governor Romney’s tax returns instead of the issues that matter to voters, like putting Americans back to work, fixing the economy and reining in spending.
If Governor Romney’s tax returns are the core message of your campaign, there will be ample time for President Obama to discuss them over the next 81 days. In the meantime, Governor Romney will continue to lay out his plans for a stronger middle class, to save Medicare, to put work back into welfare, and help the 23 million Americans struggling to find work in the Obama economy.
See you in Denver.
Matt Rhoades Romney for President Campaign Manager

When challenged to release more tax returns, Mitt Romney’s official answer is tax returns? What tax returns? To make matters worse, his campaign manager brings up the the first presidential debate in October, which is inviting Romney’s tax returns to become an issue at the first presidential debate.

Just for good measure, he referenced Romney’s tax returns twice in the email, but never answered the Obama challenge. It’s pretty simple. If you are going to ignore the challenge to release more tax returns, don’t mention the returns in your reply. The Romney campaign gave more ammo to their opponent by talking about the tax returns, but not directly addressing the prospect of releasing more years.

Obama is successfully using the tax returns issue to destroy Romney’s credibility. How can voters trust Romney on the issues if he can’t even be honest about his tax returns? Mitt Romney doesn’t get is that the issue isn’t the returns themselves, but what his refusal to release them tells voters about his character.

I have a hunch that if it was up to the campaign, the tax returns would have been released long ago. The refusal to release the tax returns is probably coming from Ann and Mitt Romney themselves.

Political pros repeatedly suggest publicly and privately that Romney has to release the tax returns at some point. They are basing their presumption on the notion that if he doesn’t release them, he will lose the election. But Mitt Romney doesn’t have to release them, he can decide that he would rather lose an election than let people see them.

The only acceptable answer for Mitt Romney is to release his tax returns. Anything other than releasing the tax returns makes things worse.

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  1. Jason, you hit the nail on the head. Mitt doesn’t get it. He has such a sense of entitlement, he thinks voters will overlook how bad it looks that he’s hiding something.

    By the way Mitt, we’re still waiting for those amended 2011 returns, and the rest of 2010. Get busy and release them please!

  2. Prove it? Romney doesn’t have to prove anything!

    What about you illegal BO? Prove that you are qualified to be our president, prove that you acquired US citizenship from being Indonesian citizen, prove that you were NOT a foreign student studying in USA, prove and show us your travel documents, school documents, etc.


  3. You know what? I was ready to dismiss your post as the rantings of a lunatic.

    But then you wrote it in all caps and now I am thoroughly convinced of your argument.

    Please tell me where to send my fortune so that we can defeat this Muslim Socialist Fascist Alien Negro Elitist Scourge Who Has Hijacked Our Democracy And Faked Bin Laden’s Death and Staged the Aurora Massacre and Took Dirty Pictures of Your Daughter and Used the American Flag as Toilet Paper and Stuff.


  5. And, there are no religious tests for public office. So why should you care what someone says he is?

  6. There must be some devastating information in those Federal tax returns, considering the fact that the Romney’s are willing to lose the election rather than comply with the request for release of these documents. As I see it, they figure they will certainly lose the election, or be denied the nomination, if they release the returns. They have a chance of still winning the election if they stonewall on the issue, and the right wing idiots still vote for him anyway, so not releasing anything is the less deadly option. He must have been forced to accept a tax amnesty, in addition to not paying any income taxes for the past ten years. What a great American he is!!

  7. This is the second article today where you posted the exact same comment. We are all impressed that you have mastered the use of “copy and paste.”

  8. I just want to see ONE YEAR of Mittens return. The one for 2009. I think the American public has a right to know if Mittens took advantage of the Foreign Tax Amnesty program that was offered. The one that let you pay back taxes instead of being convicted of a Felony.

    Just 2009 – the rest doesn’t matter. And I don’t mean the one he filed in 2009, I mean his 2009 Tax Return.

    I believe he is guilty of felony tax evasion – and was offered the tax amnesty program to avoid the felony charge.

    If I’m wrong, let Mitt prove it. RELEASE the 2009 TAX RETURNS. The FEDERAL ones.

  9. I can’t decide…are you for real? Is this a joke? Could you possibly be sincere? Or just sincerely stupid? Or just goading for a CAPITALIZED RESPONSE? (Woofff, I got a true rush from pushing that shift key there.) There are 3 possibilities here:

    (1) This is fake bs – LOL! Funny! Good one! Got a half-hearted rise out of some people!! Woot!

    (2) This is fake real bs – meaning put there by right-wing asshat who knows all about the absurdity, but can’t resist flinging some s..t on a liberal website – not so funny. Get a life, fool.

    (3) This is sincere bs – hmmmm…arrogant, elitist, followed by stupid, followed by delusional paranoid raving all wrapped up with a massive keyboard malfunction showcasing all of the above.

    I’m hoping for (1).

  10. Mitt is a crook and you will most likely never see those returns even if it cost him the whitehouse. So many hate filled GOP will vote for him anyway. They know the entire GOP is corupt and they just don’t care.

  11. You got it. I would suggest putting your satire colored sunglasses on and re-reading con heart’s post.

  12. Does the Warden know that you have access to a computer?

    FWIW, capitalizing everything doesn’t make it seem any less of a lie.

  13. Do you get an extra penny a post hardship pay for the ALL CAPS post?

    If so you should do it more – you’ll never get invited to a GOP fundraiser if you stay at the 2c a post level…

  14. There are two issue here that the Obama campaign is cleverly employing and Romney has no clue about. These are the tax specifics and the less obvious but more powerful one of TRANSPARENCY which translates to TRUST. Together with those secretive offshore accs issues, lying, flip flopping, etch a sketching, what is a voter to think. If you’re sane you’d vote Obama because he’s betting on America. Romney proves by his actions the he’s betting against America. Actions do speak louder than words.

  15. Greg Sargent, a Romney adviser, flat-out confirmed that Romney has no intention of discussing specifics of the “issues” effecting Americans either. He thinks he can run a “just trust me” campaign, offering no specifics aboit what he and Ayn-Rand-Ryan intend to do to this country because, he says, it is political suicide to discuss specifics! For real??! Who does this guy think he is? He won’t reveal any specifics about anything he plans to do as President and honestly thinks people will vote for him? It’s not President Obama who doesn’t want to discuss issues. Apparently Romney feels we have no right to know what he thinks on any of the issues! Just trust him…like with whatever he says he’s not hiding in his tax returns.

  16. I agree tax year 2009 would be problematic for Willard “Mitt” Romney, especially since we already know his blind trust administrator (and personal attorney) closed the Swiss bank accounts in 2010. Why then?

    I think the TY 2008 returns would be equally damning — that was the year of the financial system meltdown. How did Romney survive the downturn? What shelters did he use that we mere mortals don’t even know about (let alone qualify for)? How active was Mitt in managing the “blind trust” once he was no longer running for President that year?

    The years before that were supposedly disclosed to John McCain’s campaign, so other than potential embarrassments like more foreign holdings, investments in companies with questional environmental or human rights records, or listing Utah residency prior to running for Massachusetts governor in 2002, those are less critical.

  17. Hmm… let me think…. Lose the election, or risk going to prison for tax evasion (that’s what they got Al Capone for)…

    I’ll take door number one.

  18. I would join in but no respect for the truth about Roomie and Ranny will be taken serous. I am one of those elitist that is very frighten of what these people would do to this country if elected. I have lived under 13 presidents and never been so disgusted with what the repubs have fielded. Is it possible that Bush and Chennie Boy was just a prelude to stealing the rest of what was saved ?…..

  19. Last time I checked, a baby is usually in some small proximity to the mother when born. As a Republican, I have not found in all these years anyone that can verify that Obama’s mother ever went to Kenya. No passport, no flight schedule…nothing.

    Let it go already!

  20. LOL Yeah. They’re so riled up that they’re not even reading the posts that are telling them it’s a con.

  21. Either you had too much caffeine before writing that or you are as crazy your post appears to be.

    I have an idea…if this is so important to you…release the same paperwork you want OUR President to release. Either put up or shut up. Baggers can’t have it either way.

  22. Rott claims never to have paid less than 13% in “taxes”, but he didn’t state what kind or to whom. Let me suggest the following:
    10% tithe to the Mormon Church
    2% in sales and gas taxes
    1% in state taxes, where he couldn’t get around them
    To the IRS: nothing.

  23. Here’s something no one has mentioned. His wife signed the returns as well. He goes…she heads off to a women’s prison. Of course…if Willard were really a real man…he would do everything he could to make sure she stays out…but from what I’ve learned about him…he’ll throw her under the bus in a heartbeat.

    Wonder if she’ll still be using “You People” there?

  24. “The only acceptable answer for Mitt Romney is to release his tax returns. Anything other than releasing the tax returns makes things worse.”

    Unless releasing his tax returns puts him in jail with Berney Madoff.

  25. A Xtian???? You Xtian’s are nothing but a delusional bunch of dirty CONservatives a**holes!!! Shove your sky fairy where the sun don’t shine you inbred racist piece of crap!

  26. It was almost hilarious listening to Rmoney say he paid 13% tax and added his 10% tithing saying that brought his tax payment up to 23% tax. lol Back up there Bucky.

    Doesn’t he realize that many of us actually know that his tithing helped ‘reduce’ his original tax liability? Further his religious deduction should be reduced by any amounts he received in ‘return’ from his ‘church’ in the form of political campaign donations. Pretty sure he and his squadron of tax attorneys were up late nights crafting a convenient little ‘work-around’.

  27. You are clearly insane and incapable of understanding any of the many answers one could give to the questions in your rant. So why don’t you just take your medication and go back to sleep.

  28. let us face it, a poor or elderly person in this country has to produce more documents than Mitt is willing to produce and he wants to be president.

    I want to see his tax returns, his birth certificate (hid dad was born in a Mexican Mormon commune), his college transcripts, and ALL of his charitable deductions, we all know that tithing to the mormon church is to help the mormons get more power in this country.

  29. Consertive Heart,

    Huh? What the heck are you talking about? Do you really believe the crap you’re spouting? President Obama did prove it – you refuse to believe it.

    Listen, Romster wants the job of President of the U.S. As with any job applicant, you have to provide your credentials to your potential employer. The birther argument has already been settled. Birthers lost. Get over it!

    The real issue is the fact that there is a black man in what was once an old white man’s job in the White House. He won the election in 2008 fair and square.

    This drives the RepubliCONs crazy. And the fact that he is an intelligent, handsome, popular black man makes it even worse for them.

    It will be quite a sight when Obama wins. I can…

  30. Wise words NebraskaNative. However, I think your wise words will fall on deaf ears and blind eyes.

    RepubliCONS have been yelling ever since they lost the election in 2008. Although they make no sense, they can’t help themselves. They are just rude, prejudicial, bullies and rude, prejudicial bullies always yell. Asking a RepubliCON to stop yelling is like asking an avalanche go to back up the mountain. Never gonna happen. They’ve been throwing these juvenile temper tandrums ever since President Obama won the election in 2008. They’ll never get over it.

    RepubliCONs – YOU LOST THE ELECTION IN 2008. GET OVER IT!!! Jeez! Enough already!

  31. Middle Class Standard Of Living at stake
    R&R=GWB retreaded
    Who Dug the Deep Hole? Who Fumbled the ball?
    Numbers rounded

    Clinton left Bush an 1800B Budget
    Bush Left Obama a 3500 Budget

    Clinton left Bush a 240B Surplus as far as the eye can see
    Bush left Obama a 1400B Deficit as far as the eye can see

    Clinton left Bush 5,700B of Debt
    Bush left Obama 11,800B of Debt

    Clinton left Bush a 237,000 net new jobs created per month
    Bush left Obama a 31,000 lowest number since Hoover.

    Clinton left Bush 17 Million Manufacturing Jobs
    Bush left Obama 11 Million Manufacturing Jobs

    Clinton left Bush a 10,800 Dow
    Bush left Obama an 8028 Dow

    Clinton left Bush Peace on Earth Good Will From Most…

  32. “Political pros repeatedly suggest publicly and privately that Romney has to release the tax returns at some point. They are basing their presumption on the notion that if he doesn’t release them, he will lose the election.”

    Willard will lose either way…

  33. I hope you don’t mind if I share these facts about how Clinton left things for Bush and what Obama had to walk into after Bush destroyed most of what he had been left!

  34. Romney can’t release his Tax Returns for 1 of 2 reasons:
    1. Romney accepted the IRS Amnesty offered to tax evaders hiding money in Tax Havens. He admitted a felony but was not sent to Prison. He was only required to declare the money, pay the tax and interest. He is a free Felon and can’t show that to the electorate.
    2. Romney like many of the ultr-rich lost money in their investment accounts during the Bush Financial Collapse. Romney used accounting tricks to spread those loses out over a number of years on his returns which enabled him to pay a mere $412 in 2008. His other Returns would reflect the same.
    Romney stonewalled his residency requirements manipulating his returns in the MA Governors race and expects to get away with it…

  35. Every Republican I know, including the conservatives, want to see what’s in these returns. They ALL think he’s hiding something, and not one of these people like nor trust Romney.

    In fact, some of them are voting for Obama, and others are starting to come over from the Dark Side…

  36. On Meet The Press Gov. McDonald a unabashed Surrogate for the GOP Ticket was asked about whether the candidate should release his taxes. McDonald stated without embarrassment “that the issue was not an issue the AMERICAN people cared about” Poll repeatedly show AMERICAN’s care about the issue by a resounding 75%. Including Dems, Reps and Independents. I ask: Mr McDonald, what AMERICANS are you talking about? I am so sick of these unashamed truth twister Surrogates who continually site AMERICANS. Where are these AMERICANS, Mr. McDonald. Do you have them hidden away somewhere with Romney’s Tax Returns? Please release these Good AMERICANS now.

  37. Conservative Heart…isn’t that an oxymoron? Conservative have no heart, they have money clips where their hearts should be….

  38. He is taking so long because they are “doctoring” them or completely rewriting them all over…duh…he is a jerk and not trustworthy at all!

  39. I fear for the American people if Romney wins for president. When i see people cheering for him, people on soc sec, medicare, medicaid the women and so many more,don’t they realize there will be no more medicare, soc sec, no help for womens rights medicare and he will destroy the poor but also the rest of this country. I do not trust this man or Ryan, with their plans that 716 billion will go to the millionaires and billionaires, and ths will take from the peoples benefits. it will also give the middle income a large tax and a tax cut for the rich. There is so many more things, hard to get them all in in this comment. check on line to compare both plans and people will be shocked, they will make sure Romney won’t be president. pls…

  40. Lies are justified lies, That’s what Romney wants, On rant’s to the presidential race, He is blind, On racial profiling matters, Can’t You of all, Good people, See that, He is rigged all the voter’s, And apparently lies, All the time!!

    I would never, Ever, Vote him, As president!!!

    He would be a walking disater, Everywhere he goes, He will ruin all of the econmies, In The U.S., Where, Ever, You see this guy, Throw him eggs and tomtatos, All over him, His wife, His supportes, And chidren and grandchildren, Never, Ever, Support Romney!!! Always be Supporting Obama, Romney is a ratty liar!!!!

  41. the reason people like this make me laugh is that my youngest daughter was born in germany and she was automatically a us citizen. has anyone questioned his mothers citizenship?

    1. What are the various ways to become a US citizen?

    There are three primary ways to become an American citizen:

    • Naturalization: The conferring, by any means, of Citizenship upon a person after birth

    • Jus soli, or right of birthplace: Any child born in the U.S. automatically acquires U.S. Citizenship, even if the child’s mother was in the U.S. illegally. This provision does not apply to a child whose parent was a foreign diplomat at the time of birth

    • Jus sanguinis, or right of blood: Even though a child is born…

  42. Hi. You’re Profile pic reminded me of someone i use to know at an online forum called (if this is you, you’ll know what the P stands for) I’m hoping you’re who i think you are.


  43. SMH…”Illegal Obama”, huh? Wow, are you sadly misinformed…but, the word “Conservative” is in your name, so we can’t be surprised. Have you ever tried actually READING the Constitution, etc.? Have you ever considered doing your own research on the truth instead of watching Fox “News”, and/or listening to Limbaugh, etc. on the radio? How incredibly sad it is that the GOP constantly fool you into voting against your own best interests. Bigotry, Hypocrisy, Elitism, Fascism, Greed, Corruption, Incompetence and Arrogance, despite what you say, ARE Conservative values…who read the article to you, anyway?!?

  44. LMAO…you hit the nail on the head…and, there’s more than tax evasion at stake…we’re talking about the high possibility that Mittens is guilty of nearly 150 federal felonies, which would result in a 70+year federal prison term if convicted. Oh, there’s something else that’s even worse for Mittens and Mrs. Mittens: the IGG law. In the late 70’s, in order to combat drug kingpins and corrupt organizations, the Feds passed the IGG law. IGG stands for “Ill-Gotten Gains”. The law allows the Feds to freeze all of the defendants’ financial assets on the premise that they were gained through illegal means. Yeah: if I were Mittens, I’d take the electoral spanking and stay out of prison, too LMAO

  45. Regarding Mittens the Liar Rmoney’s unwillingess to release more of his tax returns: we keep on hearing that there’s “nothing illegal” in them, according to Mittens himself and Ol’ Johnny Mac, who’s been curiously quiet since giving a cursory statement of “there’s nothing illegal in them; that’s a ridiculous charge”. So, here’s the quote you should use:
    “An innocent man does not withhold the evidence of his innocence”. Use that when you talk about this, especially with GOPers…their heads will explode with its simplicity and the fact that nothing they can say can render it untrue… LMAO ;)

  46. Hey, tone down the hatred and bigotry just a notch, okay? We all know how you feel. You’re wrong, but we all know.

  47. Really? After even the long form and you still think he is not a US Citizen? Wow, stupid is as stupid does.

  48. I just would like to know, no shouting or anything, you guys keep talking about transparency and trust but can you actually show me a link to a news article where we actually confirmed obamas birth cert? Just wondering..

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