Obama Obliterates Romney and Ryan’s Medicare Lies

President Obama responded to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s rash of Medicare lies by setting record straight on what a Romney presidency would mean for Medicare.

Here is the video:

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Obama said,

Now, you know the truth is I think they know it’s not a very popular idea. Now they are being dishonest about my plans, since they can’t sell their plans. I mean they are trying to throw everything at the wall just to see what will stick. The latest thing they’ve been trying is to talk about Medicare. Now, you’d think they’d avoid talking about Medicare given the fact that both of them have proposed to voucherize the Medicare system. But I guess they figure the best defense is to try to go on offense.

So New Hampshire, here is what you need to know. Since I’ve been in office, I have strengthened Medicare. I’ve made reforms that have extended the life of the program, that have saved millions of seniors with Medicare hundreds of dollars on prescription drugs. The only changes to your benefits that I’ve made on Medicare is that Medicare now covers new preventive services like cancer screening and wellness visits for free.

Gov. Romney and Congressman Ryan have a very different plan. What they want to do is that they want seniors to get a voucher to buy their own insurance, which could force seniors to pay an extra $6,400 a year for their healthcare. Again, this is not my estimate. Remember those guys who analyze these things for a living? That’s their assessment. That doesn’t strengthen Medicare. That undoes the very guarantee of Medicare. That’s the core of the plan written by Congressman Ryan and endorsed by Gov. Romney.

So here’s the bottom line. My plan saves money in Medicare by cracking down on fraud, and waste and insurance company subsidies, and their plan makes seniors pay more so they can give another tax cut to millionaires and billionaires. My plan’s already extended the life of Medicare by nearly a decade. Their plan would put Medicare on track to be ended as we know it. It would be an entirely different plan. A plan in which you could not count on healthcare because it would have to be coming out of your pocket. That’s the real difference between our plans on Medicare.

Obama’s comments bring up a great point. Romney and Ryan are trying to win on the Medicare issue by denying nearly five decades of political history by claiming that Obama is the one who wants to kill Medicare. Obama’s attitude of I don’t know why they want to talk about Medicare, but you asked for it, shows just how dangerous this issue is. Talking about Medicare is a suicide mission for almost every Republican, but it is especially filled with danger for a Republican ticket that until last week was vocal about their desire to kill the program.

Obama gave Romney and Ryan a little taste of what they can expect if they continue to push this Medicare issue. Paul Ryan is still the guy who wants to kill Medicare, and Mitt Romney is the man who has endorsed his plan.

Democrats created Medicare. Democrats have fought for and protected Medicare, and if Mitt Romney wants to make this election about Medicare, Barack Obama will defeat him on Medicare.

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  1. Republicans have ALWAYS hated Medicare. They want to destroy it, and turn it over to the insurance companies.

  2. Politico confirmed today that republican strategists have advised their politicians to project their own positions about Medicare onto the president and the democrats. It’s a technique they’ve used successfully for many years, but they haven’t been opposed by PBO, who refuses to let their lies stand. President Johnson signed the Medicare bill into law. Democrats have always fought to protect and preserve Medicare, so it makes no sense that Romney/Ryan are now claiming that a democratic president would want to destroy one of the crowning achievements of another democratic president.

  3. This is another reason I no longer vote for republicans. There desire to eliminate Medicare is an evil on humanity for the people of this country.

    Furthermore what kind of idiot could believe that handing our hard earned medicare dollars over to greedy insurance companies is going to “protect” seniors anyway?

  4. their supporters can not explain their plan because, the Romney/Ryan ticket doesn’t know what it is… so they can not explain it where people understand it. And have you noticed, that the supporters that try to make an attmept to respond, they can not defend the plan because Romney/Ryan keep changing it when the etch a sketch messes up.

    There plan changes with the wind. Their position changes depending on the group they are speaking to.. And usually the first thing out of their mouth is: Obama is sstealing frojm medicare, or Obama has made no jobs. Aren’t we all getting sick of hearing that? One might think as I have said since it looked like Romeny was going to be the nominee, Romney has no clear cut plan!

  5. I always had the feeling that those wildfires in Texas might have something to do with the shade of LBJ chasing Gov Perry around with a flamethrower. And now, may said shade advance on Capitol Hill…

  6. What do all of you smart people going to use to pay for it? Never mind… the 1% right? You could confiscate all the wealth in the United States and it would only last about a week.
    What’s wrong with you people?

  7. You pay for it with jobs. This country is worth well over 81 trillion dollars with 80% of that in the 1%’s hands. Your example is a laugh.

  8. You know where I saw it? On Fox News, live, the entire speech. I didn’t stick around to see the rebuttals, but they did show the President and no one was making snarky comments over it.

  9. We all pay for it, and when the ACA really kicks in, costs will go down and
    the premiums we pay WILL cover it. What’s the alternative? Let seniors who live on $24,000 a year pay a quarter of their income and take their little vouchers to the ncie insurance man and tell him about their heart problems and their brain tumor? he’ll laugh in their face. America is better than this. And the GOP lies are not doing anything but delaying the bipartisan effort that is needed to make this work. It can work. It will work.

  10. Medicare will be paid for like it always has. If those 1% “job creators” would bring the jobs back and put this country back to work even more money would go into medicare. At least it will get paid for unlike Medicare part D that Bush implemented and NEVER paid for. Democrats don’t just spend without figuring out how it’s going to be paid for. That is a Republican trait.
    History has shown for the last 80 years it has been the democratic party that balances budgets and reduces the countries debt. The war mongers and spenders are on the right side of the isle.

  11. Since the policys of the great traitor Ronald Reagan jobs have been going down hill as have the taxes of the rich. History proves that this is a monster part of our problem

  12. I don’t know why/how I can be, but I am always amazed when the working people wo are hurt the most believe the lies that Ryan and other Republicans tell them. These guys stroke the egos of hardworking Americans by pitting them against each other, whites against blacks, everyone against Latinos, forget about gay people or anyone not attending vacation Bible school. A co worker told me this week that Romney had proved that President Obama was cutting out Medicare. All I could say was “Please research when people tell your these things. Please read past the first paragraph. Republicans have been funneling money upward since Ronald Reagan. Sad and scarey.

  13. President Obama sets the record straight…Don’t fall for the GOP B.S.!!! The Platzner Post Facebook, and Twitter

  14. Has anyone noticed that Romeny & Ryan are not discussing their plans for Medicare ie vouchers, $716 billion that they intend to remove from the plan to supposedely pay down the deficit? Instead they attack PO’s plan which actually benefits seniors by expanding services, lowering prescription costs etc. Boener told them to go on the offense on PO’s plan because they know if they discussed theirs, they would loose the election in November. Wish the Dems would highlight their own positive plan while outlining R & R’s destructive plan in more detail. PO is doing a good job in this video but more info needs to be broadcast across the country.

  15. Suicide mission indeed. Republicans mistakenly count on people believing a lie if it is repeated enough. The echo chamber that is their base is being recognized as exactly that and the lies they echo resonate less and less until they fall flat causing the GOP to either find new lies or to repeat old ones.

    This tactic isn’t going to win them elections and come November, voters will remember Romney’s unwillingness to comply with releasing his tax returns, his offshore accounts, the destruction of businesses by Bain Capital and Ryan’s Medicare-destroying budget.

  16. We have been paying for medicare and social security out of our paychecks for all of our working life. All that is needed is to remove the payroll ceiling on both and they both last forever. Under Obamas plan, the costs are controlled by getting the medicare advantage and facilitys and pharm costs down, whereas under romney/ryan the same amount of money is ‘saved’ by cuttin from the benefits and no cost control at all, which by the way will make medicare insolvent in about 8 years so obama, benefits same and ryan cut benefit

  17. The Mitt-Rayan ticket now realise that the Obama Team have defeated them in the game of articulating the true issues facing this election. So the Mitt Team says. “Let’s spread asome lie that Obama ‘stole’ 716$ from Medicare to fund his Obamacare” It cant wash. If anything Medicare and Obamacare are two sides of the same coin. No, this is not some third-world electioneering where people do not have access to information. Already the truth is out that the non-partisan CBO has confirmed what Obama said. Sorry Mitt and Co. You are losing!!

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