A Win for Planned Parenthood with Kansas Prosecutor’s Decision to Drop Remaining Charges


There was good news for women and men in Kansas on Friday.  As reported by midwestdemocracy.com

Prosecutors in Kansas dropped the remaining 32 charges against Planned Parenthood bringing an end to, anti-choice zealot’s, Phill Kline witch-hunt masquerading as a prosecution. Originally, Kline filed 107 counts against Planned Parenthood, all of which have now been dropped.


As reported by the Chicago Tribune:

Last year, 49 counts against Planned Parenthood were dismissed because state health department records they were based on had been destroyed, prosecutors said. Another 26 misdemeanor counts were dismissed recently for falling outside the statute of limitations.

Planned Parenthood is understandably satisfied with the decision.

This is a good day for women in Kansas,” said Peter Brownlie, president of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri.

“We are grateful that the taxpayers and citizens of Kansas are not going to have to waste their precious resources and time on a case that shouldn’t have come in the first place.

It is worth emphasizing that there never was merit to these charges. Rather, this was an attempt by Phill Kline to further a political agenda by any means necessary.  Some of those means resulted in Kline’s disbarment.

Kline had a history of using the law … creatively, in his efforts to prosecute the late Dr. George Tiller,   and of course, Planned Parenthood

Kline, who believes it’s okay to lie and deceive if it’s in the name of ending access to abortion is less than thrilled with the decision.

Kline expressed his disappointment in the decision, in a statement which included this comment:

 It is not surprising the district attorney does not understand the charges as, to my knowledge, his office did not contact any of these witnesses …,

Actually, this decision proves that the District Attorney did understand Kline’s charges were politically motivated, not to mention the ethical issues that come with using deceit and manipulation.

As reported by NPR

 The remaining charges dealt with allegations that the clinic had violated a state law that restricted late-term abortions after a fetus was viable, or could survive outside the womb. The clinic was accused of not properly determining whether a fetus was viable, but Howe said “extensive research” by his office led it to conclude the clinic had met the tests spelled out in the law.

According to the Washington Post,

 District Attorney Steve Howe made the decision after investigating Kline’s claims and  consulting with Kansas Attorney General, Derek Schmidt.

It is worth noting that both Howe and Schmidt are also Republicans.  Unlike Kline, they recognize that the ends do not justify the means. Howe’s office did a proper investigation to see where the evidence led.  He not only relied on his own assessment of the evidence, he consulted with the State’s Attorney-General.

The evidence proved that Planned Parenthood acted within the law.  Sometimes the truth hurts, especially if you are so blinded by ideology that anything and all things are justified to realize your preferred outcome.

Without question, Friday’s decision was a good day for the women of Kansas and of course, Planned Parenthood.  However, it also proved how dangerous ideological zealots with power can be.  It showed that when blinded by ideology, power can and will be abused.

The majority of services provided by Planned Parenthood provides saves lives with cancer screenings, detection and treatment of STD’s, and yes, legal abortions.

Despite the fact that Planned Parenthood’s primary services save lives, Republicans have used all possible means to destroy the organization.  This includes Mittens who intends to “get rid of”  Planned Parenthood.

Image from KNSS Radio

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  1. this is a awesome win for womens health now if all cases went this way fair and ballanced this country could get back on track.

  2. Its up to all of us(american woman) to vote this year and to make sure that we vote in progressive democrats that believe in choice for all people, and to vote the remaining (american taliban) out of office Obama 2012

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