The Obama Campaign Declares Sarah Palin Mentally Incompetent


Obama campaign spokesperson Stephanie Cutter defended Vice President Biden from Republican attacks about his competency by reminding them that they chose mentally incompetent Sarah Palin.

While responding to Rudy Giuliani’s that Vice President Biden is mentally incompetent and a joke, Stephanie Cutter shut down all vice presidential behavior talk by reminding Republicans what real mental incompetence looks like.

Here is the video from ABC News:


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TAPPER: But isn’t the fact that these remarks are being attacked by both Democrats and Republicans, doesn’t that suggest that Vice President Biden to a degree has become something of a liability?

CUTTER: Absolutely not. And, you know, on Mr. Giuliani’s remarks, I would like to point back to his glowing introduction of Sarah Palin during the 2008 convention. So if he wants to criticize the capacity of a vice president to take hold of this country, he should go back and look at those remarks and whether he still believes that they’re true.

The vice president is a critical partner to the president of the United States. Joe Biden is out there every single day talking about our vision of where we want to take this country.

Now, let’s address that remark. You know, I’ll say what the president said. They’re using that one word as a distraction, but the larger point is an important point. You know, Kevin was talking about believing in free-enterprise system. The president absolutely believes in the free-enterprise system, but we also believe that everybody should play by the same set of rules.

And what Mitt Romney has promised is the deregulation of Wall Street, the deregulation of the private sector. We saw how that turned out. Taxpayers ended up having to bail out the private sector because of the reckless behavior. So we don’t want to go back there.

But that’s what Mr. Romney’s promising to do. People like Speaker Boehner and even Paul Ryan talk all the time about unshackling the private sector, unshackling the financial industry. So the vice president was playing off of that word.

But the central point of what the vice president was saying is absolutely critical in this election: Do we want to have everybody playing by the same set of rules, whether you’re on Main Street or Wall Street? Or do we want to unshackle the financial sector and let them do what they did in the last decade and have taxpayers spend billions of dollars bailing them out again?

If Republicans want to talk about Biden for the rest of the campaign, the Obama campaign will be more than happy to mention how they rallied around Sarah Palin in 2008.

Here is Giuliani gushing about Palin at the 2008 Republican convention:

Giuliani called Sarah Palin a pick for the future, touted her executive experience and how she took on corruption. When are Republicans going to learn? The Sarah Palin disaster has barred them from criticizing anyone’s running mate choices for at least a generation. But if they want to talk about Joe Biden, that’s fantastic. Democrats will be happy to discuss Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan.

Palin has fallen so far so fast that four years after being the star of the convention, she isn’t even invited to 2012. Sarah Palin is such a joke no that she is the gold standard for candidate mental incompetence. She is so tarnished that her name defines incompetence, and both parties use her as political shorthand to define ineptitude.

This is the second time this week that the Obama team has shut Republicans up by invoking Palin. The White House shut down John McCain’s ramblings about Obama dumping Biden by reminding him that he chose Palin.

Sarah Palin has turned into a weapon to be used against her own party, and the Obama campaign has no qualms about reminding the country that it was the Republican Party who unleashed the Palin Plague upon us all.

39 Replies to “The Obama Campaign Declares Sarah Palin Mentally Incompetent”

  1. Yeah, and by the way Republicans, Biden had been in the Senate proving he was not “mentally incompetent” for many years, long before Sarah Palin managed to wink her way into a 2 year governorship.

    Kudos to using Democrats own concern troll nervous nellies reaction of stabbing their own in the back against them,though. Democrats attacking their own is hardly proof that something is amiss. It’s what Democrats do best.

  2. Not only the GOP, but the media (with a few exceptions), is just plain old silly at this point.

    At least the Obama campaign isn’t playing along with the silliness, but I wish that the gop and American media would grow up.

  3. Besides Wilder, how many Democrats have complained about Biden? Besides Wilder, how many African Americans have complained about Biden?

    Concern troll is a good name for the likes of Wilder.

  4. I’m hoping that by playing somewhat from the GOP playbook and sticking to the TRUTH, Democrats can prevail. Joe Biden is a statesman and a patriot. Palin and Ryan are greedy hypocrites.

  5. The only thing Sarah Palin was EVER qualified to run for… was that order of chicken wings and a side of fries…

  6. The only vetting Palin ever actually got came from editors at the National Review and the Weekly Standard. After two Alaskan cruises, they came back singing her praises. Later Fred Barnes sheepishly said:

    I thought she was a brilliant choice as McCain’s vice presidential running mate in 2008.

    As if he suddenly forgot that the main duty of any vp is to be qualified to be president on short notice.
    And in the end, this problem became McCain’s biggest problem with Palin. That and her mouth.

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! Words aren´t delicious—-but you will have to eat them—-!!!!!

  8. Seriously, where are all these people allegedly panicking about having VP Biden on the ticket? Other than media people themselves and finger pointing republicans, who and where are these people?

    And why did we not get the same reaction and dog with a bone reaction from the media to Romney’s most assuredly racist remarks during and after the NAACP meeting at which he spoke?

    I especially liked stupid Ed Henry’s demanding a yes or no answer regarding “all the speculation” about replacing VP Biden. “All the speculation” as far as I could tell was by media people. They weren’t reporting anything. They were just making up an oh my god the campaign is in disarray story all by their little selves out of well, nothing.

  9. Jason —

    I absolutely agree with what you’ve written about Palin.

    But please, please change the title of your post. It’s fodder for the right and just gives them fuel to the “fire Stephanie Cutter” and “Obama is a big ol’ sexist meanie” memes.


  10. i would gladley take biden over palin any day of the year period.she is such a hatefilled person who has only succeeded in spreadeding devision and hate speaches where ever she goes.

  11. I was not a Georgian that day.

    Nor do I want old sour puss talking for me

    The more they can show Palin for the idiot she is the better

  12. I’m a Black American,I’m not complaining about VP Biden. I’ve been a fan of Mr. Biden for over 30 years because of his tendency to say what is on his mind, the fact that when he was in the Senate, he didn’t use the job to enrich himself and he always put the people first, and because he is one of the smartest politicians on the planet. These republicans know what the VP meant, if they don’t, they need to take a course in reading comprehension. If the GOP is trying to say that Ryan would make a more competent VP than VP Biden, they need to think again. Stephanie Cutter was right to remind republicans of Palin’s incompetency. Ryan is a GOP created creature that doesn’t have the skills they say he has, but VP Biden is the real deal.

  13. I’d bet that if she were to dump and abandon dominionism and not listen to their lies, her intelligence would rise and people might even notice.

    She comes across as stupid, but a lot of the stupidity is in dogwhistle. I’ve long argued that being in a dominionist cult tends to diminish sapience, and that may be true for her as well… I occasionally see signs that there COULD be more to her, if she’s start thinking for herself and avoid the NAR poison for a while.

    I don’t know how long she’s been in dominionist churches but it shows.

  14. Thats who got her started in politics. I’m sure Sarah or someone can point you to her beginnings

  15. Missing words in the 2nd paragraph. That’s as far as I’ve read so far. Dare I go any farther?

    I’m just saying . . . .

  16. Headly, most of us come here to read and most of us can fill in whatever is missing. There is really no need to constantly critique the author’s posts. Thanks

  17. There was plenty of caterwauling by the usual suspects immediately post. Most were not African Americans.

  18. I totally missed any dems complaining about VP Biden but leave it to Jake Tapper to try and stir up some shite.

    Stepanie Cutter’s take down was a thing of beauty..thank you, Jason!

  19. Guiliani, the man who ‘thanked god GWB was our president.’ The man who foisted Bernie Kierk on us and just where is Bernie these days, and the man who brought his mistress to the home his wife and children were living in. Gotta love Rudy, the world’s biggest opportunist.

  20. The teahags will come out on fockSnooze,ain’t gonna take these words…I wish I could see it,but….I don’t watch the channel that deceives and THEY believe but it’s on like popcorn.. somebody tell me about it..

  21. This is the first time I ever heard Giuliani’s speech about Palin. Wow! They really piled on the b.s. from day one because if they told the truth, nobody would have thought twice about her. More executive experience simply because she was Mayor? They don’t know that her title was ceremonial at best while her city administrator did all the work for her! McCain was clueless about how to run the country and so was Palin but in her world, she was going to tell him what to do, not the other way around. We dodged such a bullet with these two. What a shame that McCain wasn’t man enough to apologize and admit he fucked up royally in selecting her, taking the wind out of her sails long ago!!

  22. Biden has been a bumbling idiot for 35 years.

    He was forced out of the 1988 Presidential Campaign for plagiarism. He has been a blowhard career politician with little accomplishments.

    The level of Gaffes are truly astounding in their lack of situational awareness. He has been the Billy Carter of Vice Presidents and never was CEO of anything.

    “..Stand up Chuck, let ’em see ya. Oh my, what am I saying..”

    “..You cannot go to a 7/11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking…”

    “..Put y’all back in chains?..”

    Governor Palin (3 fiscal yrs), Oil Regulator (1 fiscal yrs), Mayor (6 fiscal yrs), City Council (4 fiscal yrs), Commercial Fisherman (18 fiscal yrs)

    Biden? …not so much

  23. Jason,
    According to ABC News, Stephanie Cutter did not call Sarah Palin incompetent.

    “Rudy Giuliani this morning after the former New York City mayor questioned Vice President Joe Biden’s “mental capacity” to be president”

    “I would like to point back to his glowing introduction of Sarah Palin during the 2008 Convention,” Cutter said. “So if he wants to criticize the capacity of the vice president to take hold of this country, he should go back and look at those remarks and whether he still believes that they’re true.”

    She inferred. He implied (and so did you.)

    Had she explicitly said “Sarah Palin is mentally incompetent” then you would have been correct. She did not. She cannot control what other people interpret.

  24. About the chains comment by Joe Biden, why did not one make a big fuss about Boehner using the term “shackles” –
    “Boehner: Government has shackled the economy
    By Josh Lederman – 10/07/11 09:20 AM ET”
    As far as shackles and chains, I check the meaning – they both stop the forward movement. And I could be wrong but I think shackles and chains go hand in hand. Aren’t shackles the cuffs on the legs and chains the connection part. Any corrections here?

  25. And still Palin is one of the most incompetent people on this planet.

    You dont have to be a CEO to be a politician.

    Lets not forget she was so bad as mayor they had to hire a city planner to do her job for her.

  26. “…Name-calling is thus a substitute for rational, fact-based arguments against the idea or belief on its own merits. This idea is consistent with the principle of classical conditioning as well as the idea of “Staying on Message…”
    – Propaganda Technique, Wikipedia

    1st, Her record is unassailable
    2nd, She was “re-elected” city council twice
    3rd, She received 93% bipartisan support as governor
    4th, “You don’t have to be a CEO to be a politician”? You actually said that? That shows a glaring ignorance of the type we see in Biden.

    Pretend all you want, “Palin’s career path” was UP all the way since day one in “Leadership” positions.

  27. LOL, Shiva said palin was incompetent, that’s not name calling that is stating a fact. Now if I, for instance, said you were a dolt and a member of the proudly ignorant I suppose you could say I was name calling…

  28. Yeah, boy that recall campaign they launched against her as mayor said leadership, as did her quitting after two years. Palin was accused of “thinking she was coronated instead of elected” due to her “unassailable” record. She blacked out the press as mayor. Nice transparency there. How about how she got huge amount of pork as Mayor and used federal money to get publicity for herself, left the town in debt after the Wasilla Sport Complex was built with pork money on ground they didn’t own?

    Maybe you’re talking about how she used taxpayer money to pay for her staff to leave anonymous comments supporting her and writing “opinion pieces” from citizens that she then made friends sign.

    Or the record of “most socialist governor” with her oil shares to the people.

    Or the failed pipeline that cost the taxpayers tons of money, whether it was ever built or not.

    I don’t know — her record looks assailable to me.

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