Fox News Freaks Out Over Todd Akin’s Refusal to Quit MO Senate Race

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Fox News is starting to freak out over Todd ‘Legitimate Rape’ Akin’s refusal to quit the Missouri Senate race.

Fox News has been putting pressure on Akin all day.

Brian Kilmeade called the Missouri Senate race lost if Akin stays in:

When Brian Kilmeade calls you a moron, you’re doomed.

Sean Hannity begged Akin to quit and drop out of the race:

Hannity worried that the entire state of Missouri will go Democratic and said, “I think it could be harmful to the whole party, to the whole state, to the whole idea of capturing the Senate, to the whole idea of Mitt Romney doing well in a state he has to win.”

Akin told Hannity that he will not be dropping out, “I was told that there is a decision has to be made by 5 o’clock tomorrow but I was calling you and letting you know that I’m announcing today that we’re (staying) in.”

Back on Fox News’ The Five the right wing pressure campaign continued:

Former Bush Press Secretary Dana Perino told Akin that he should get out and give a Republican another chance. All Five panelists on the show thought that Akin should quit.

Akin knows that there isn’t anything that Fox News and the Republican Party can actually do to get rid of him. Fox is so freaked out that Dana Perino blamed Akin’s primary opponents for not doing good enough opposition research to defeat him. This is all up to Todd Akin if he wants to leave, he can leave. Earlier reports about Akin getting out of the race have had to be corrected as the Republican is adamant that he is staying in.

Mitt Romney already damaged the Republican odds of keeping the House when he selected Paul Ryan. Now, Todd Akin has put the GOP’s War on Women on the ballot. The tea party House has done serious damage to the Republican brand, and now they are out to ruin any chances that the party has in 2012.

The Koch funded tea party that Fox News championed in 2010 has come back to bite them in the backsides in 2012. In all three of the clips above, you can hear the panic setting in on Fox News. If Todd Akin stays in the Senate race, he is going to be the fall guy for the Republican Party’s latest electoral failure.

Things were already looking bad for the Republicans before teabag Todd ever opened his mouth, but the power of the Fox News narcotic is strong with the right. The reality that the Republican Party is now mostly composed of incompetents and extremists might finally be hitting home.

The tea party monster is storming through the village, and not even the Fox News torches and pitchforks can stop the Republican Party’s destruction.

19 Replies to “Fox News Freaks Out Over Todd Akin’s Refusal to Quit MO Senate Race”

  1. WELL, then — if FAUX NEWS wants him to drop out, I’m almost motivated to contribute to his campaign (won’t lose any more than I did on that foolish bet as a young man; *Holmes/Cooney, **headslap/facepalm** *)

  2. I don’t understand why Fox is calling for Akin to resign since the network has endorsed every anti-women bill the republicans have introduced since winning the 2010 midterm elections. The only reason Fox wants Akin to resign is because he’s become a political liability. The last thing republicans wanted was for people to connect the dots between Akin and Ryan. Sorry, but the cat is out of the bag.

  3. Please stay in the race. Everyone need to know that the GOP stands for something…even if that something is completely idiotic.

  4. Birds of a feather always flock together when it comes to republicans. Tomorrow they will come up with some off the wall excuse for what is apparently began to settle in… this younger generation has all but X’ed them out as far as politics are concern…. I am independent at heart but a liberal in mindset…. Everything about the republican party mindset during these days and times disgust me. Going are the days of a good republican that got our nation best interest in their mindset…. It is all about power and the almighty dollar with these current republicans and that is frightening….. Thank God there are angels watching out for us… If not they would sell all of us for a pound of gold each…

  5. Yeah, you’re right, majii, but, Todd Akins is the dumbfuck who said it out loud..and for that he must pay dearly. Even from racist, misogynist, Lying foxheads.

  6. “forcible rape” – Reps. Paul Ryan & Todd Akin

    “legitimate rape” – Rep. Todd Akin

    And Fox says Rep. Akin should step aside… oh, snap.

  7. Oh yes, most definitely stay in the race. Claire McCaskill needs to keep on being the Democratic Senator from Missouri.

  8. I’ll write this again: it’s half-amusing and half-annoying that people are finally realizing the extremism, idiocy and ignorance of the Republican Party, especially the Tea Party Militia members. I’ve only been writing about these things on Facebook and Twitter for about a year now. For nearly 14 months, I’ve written about the GOP’s “Reverse Robin Hood” fiscal policies. For nearly a year, I’ve been predicting a huge electoral smackdown against the GOP, which may rival 1936 (look it up and you’ll see what I mean). Anybody with a brain knows that the GOP have pissed off every voting bloc in this country except for angry rich old white men and GOP idiots…there’s not enough of them to get Mittens or anybody else in the GOP elected…

  9. Who knew Jeremy Geifer was such a prophet? The daughter he’d been raping wasn’t actually the result of raping her mother. She obviously cheated on Jeremy, because all that uterine control really does beside render a woman infertile is clamp down on things. After all, as any rapist knows, panic makes a girl tighter!

  10. Oh my word. Fox might just be getting their comeuppance. I can only say about time. Aiken or Ryan can deny or try to cover up what was said but those of us who are aware of just how extreme this party has become will out them everytime. My guess is that Aiken is a dominionist and I am going to go find out.

  11. The Republicans have created a monster (tea baggers) and they have no way to control them, I guess you really do reap what you sow.

  12. I so want you to be right. I keep hoping that people in this country will see what is happening, and it isn’t good for anyone or for the country!

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