Virginia Republicans Call for Armed Revolution if Obama Wins in November

The author of the Declaration of Independence is often quoted by opposing groups to support their own agenda, but there are few who accurately apply some of his oft-repeated statements. During the healthcare reform debate, angry teabaggers cited Jefferson’s line that “a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing,” as proof that revolution against government tyranny was advocated by a Founding Father as an option in 2009, and that sentiment has not diminished three years later heading into a general election. The groups claiming President Obama is a tyrannical leader have never given one example of tyranny, but they, with the GOP’s assistance, have whipped themselves into frenzy and openly called for armed insurrection against the United States government.  One may be inclined to excuse talk of rebellion as angry rhetoric from a fringe element in the tea party, but a Virginia Republican Committee newsletter has called for armed revolution if President Obama is re-elected in November.

First, it is important to put Jefferson’s statement that “a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing” in its proper context.  Jefferson was showing support for the French who were rebelling against the wealthy elite and church that was keeping the population poor and hungry. In fact, Jefferson hated the wealthy and their banks, and in the same letter to Edward Carrington wrote that “man is the only animal which devours his own kind, and I can apply no milder term to the general prey of the rich on the poor.”

In the Virginia Republican Committee newsletter, there is nothing to imply that protecting Americans from the “prey of the rich on the poor” is the reason for calling for armed rebellion. According to the newsletter, President Obama, is a “political socialist ideologue unlike anything world history has ever witnessed or recognized,” and that the only option is “armed revolution should we fail with the power of the vote in November:” If one is confused as to what Republicans consider is a “political socialist ideologue,”  the newsletter claims President Obama “shuns biblical praise, handicaps economic ability, disrespects the honor of earned military might,” and that under Obama, “the government is out of control, and this opportunity, must not be forsaken for we shall not have any coarse (sic) but armed revolution.

Republicans calling for armed insurrection against the government is nothing new, and few are apt to forget congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) sayingI want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax because we need to fight back,” and went on to specifically cite Jefferson’s quote from 1787.  Bachmann continued that, “we the people are going to have to fight back hard if we’re not going to lose our country,” and encouraged Americans “to do everything we can to thwart the Democrats at every turn,” and apparently that included armed rebellion.

Another Republican, Sharon Angle, said in a radio interview that it may come to the point that the public would bring down an out-of-control Congress with “Second Amendment remedies.” Angle repeated her warning when she called for “Second Amendment remedies” to deal with the “ever-growing tyrannical U.S. government,” and to replace her election opponent Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Conservative entertainers have spent no small amount of energy demonizing President Obama over the past three years and although their rants may be just publicity stunts, all it takes are a few crazy people with guns to take their tirades to heart and begin shooting. On Friday, country musician Hank Williams Jr. waited until the end of his show to impugn the President for being “a Muslim who hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S. and we hate him!” Williams incited the audience to cheer his invective not unlike washed-up rocker Ted Nugent who earned a visit from the Secret Service earlier this year for saying, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year” insinuating he will take matters into his own hands with gun play if the President wins re-election. At a 2008 concert, Nugent said while holding a gun in each hand, “Hey, Obama, you might wanna suck on one of these, you punk” and extended the threat to now-Secretary of State Clinton saying,  ”Hillary, you might wanna ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless bitch.”

Throughout all of the violent rhetoric, there has not been any condemnation by leading Republicans, and after the Virginia Republican Committee newsletter, it is easy to see why. Apparently, they are serious about armed rebellion against the United States government with an African American man as President. In fact, leading Republicans have been complicit in stirring up resentment against President Obama by accusing him of promoting “European-style socialism” and not being an American. Willard Romney and his campaign have used the “not an American” meme to portray the President as “not one of us” and “foreign to American principles.

All of the threats of armed revolution have as their basis one simple fact; the President is not a white man. Republicans cannot condemn the President’s record of saving the economy, or creating over 4-million jobs despite Republican’s obstruction, or accuse him of being weak on defense, so they portray him as a foreigner who supplanted a “white man” who should be in the White House. The truth is that it does not matter which white man should be president, it just cannot be an African American, and if voters elect President Obama to a second term, they are seriously considering an armed rebellion. Every Republican who has failed to condemn talk of armed revolution is just as guilty as those calling for “second amendment remedies” or imploring their constituents to be “armed and dangerous.” It is likely that Republican leaders are not serious about a civil war or revolution, but their approval is evident in their silence.

The Virginia Republican Committee newsletter was published in March, and the media or Republican leadership have been silent, and regardless if they support the overthrow of the government if the President wins a second term or not, they are guilty of inciting rebellion by allowing their candidates, spokespersons, and members of Congress to openly call for armed rebellion against the government of the United States. Thomas Jefferson did, indeed, say that revolution is sometimes necessary, but only against wealthy bankers “who prey on the poor” and religious leaders who have the full support of every Republican in the United States. If the people were intelligent enough to actually read why Jefferson said rebellion is necessary, they would rise up and send the GOP to the only place they would be secure; counting their dirty money in their offshore tax havens.

Editor’s Note:

Here is the original newsletter.


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199 Replies to “Virginia Republicans Call for Armed Revolution if Obama Wins in November”

  1. 18USC§§ 2383, 2384, et seq: these bastards are over the line for sedition, and, if any ciitizen acts on it, treason as well. There may be prudential reasons for not busting these bastards before the election, but they can be. Meanwhile, where are our presstitutes, who nodded so approvingly at the persecution of the Dixie Chicks?

  2. Disgusting fact…I wanted to revolt for 10 years under GW Bush….but I love my country and these people are greedy racist low lifes.

  3. i have been saying this for months. the gun show rejects will have a meltdown, if the prez wins, and dems take control of both houses…. i hope they do go off. just look at the white older obese, cowboy hat, yahoos, for rMONEY. its time to clear the air one way or another. maybe we want to return the Louisiana purchase, back….

    and the reichwing calls progressives, treasonous…..

  4. and they’re hygienically challenged!

    cant wait to see the wonder white inbred confab later this week. the optics will be a complete contrast to what the USA is now.

  5. The truth is that we the real patriots of this country must stand up against the koch brothers and The rove machine buying the election for the 1%. We the patriots have been pushed to our limits by the destrution of the middle class and the daily spewing of hatred from the teahaters.I fear it will take bloodshed to hold on to our democracy.

  6. There is no newsletter to be found anymore.

    Each person involved with this should be arrested and thrown in jail for treason – directly. This is clearly a violation of the law. I don’t understand why the federal government continues to allow clear calls for violence & revolt against the USA.

    Republicans should be ashamed of themselves, but they know no shame. The GOP is a radical party of hate filled bigots who use the bible as a crutch, money as their true God, the poor as the excuse for everything that’s wrong, and the government as a tool to get whatever they want.

    I’m sick to death of the GOP / Teabaggers.

  7. Republican are good at instilling fear in terror or Debt or the fact that a black man is in charge.
    Shallow bunch of rebels that distort the facts and entertainers that instill mis information just to have a following…. unchecked and unbalancec

  8. Increasingly, I have thought it likely that I will not see my seventieth year, but not because I exect, like my mother, to have lung cancer. That I do not. It is because, regardless of the election results, I expect post-election violence, and even harmless, obscure old pinkos like me could be targeted, either for being who we are or for opposing someone who doesn’t like being opposed.

  9. The way I see their insurrection progressing: Obama wins, they start attacking and trying to kill the “hated” among them… liberals, LGBT folks, atheists, pagans, etc.. Then when the government steps in to try to quell the violence, they’ll attack the government “in self-defense”.

    That is, if the military doesn’t go dominionist on us and try it themselves – at the same time.

    This tells me that we’re in for a world of hurt, unless something happens to make them see themselves in the mirror – and whatever that is has to be so obvious and blatant that they cannot help BUT see.

    I might add that the much-despised second amendment may be the only thing that keeps people like us alive.

  10. “paid for by the stop this insanity inc”, all u republicans who believe this really should try and do some armed revolution because you need to die, plain and simple. you should all go to a tea party convention and kill yourselves because it is people like you who are bringing this country down. ALL THE FACTS SHOW YOU ARE THE ONES FUCKING EVERYTHING UP. again all the FACTS, not opinions im talking FACTS show it was your party who are fucking things up. if ur republican/believe obama is the anti christ and the devil because he believes everyone should be able to get medicine if your sick lol, KILL YOURSELF ASAP

  11. The links for the newsletter go to a 404 error message, & I don’t find a newsletter on their website. Do you have a copy of their newsletter?

  12. I in no way agree with a tea-party revolution from wack jobs. Where I have to disagree is proof of a tyrannical leader. President Obama, extended the Patriot Act, signed the NDAA and has a kill list. He even targeted US citizens.

    I don’t know how democrats can just forget about these facts

  13. Once again, Republicans showing just how patriotic they really are and just how much they really do love our Constitution by ignoring a democratically elected president and calling for revolution.

  14. The newsletter and column have been scrubbed, but not before recipients got the message. In fact, there are similar alerts going out around the country. I’ve seen them for myself in California, especially at gun shows and shooting ranges. Some so-called moderate Republicans are attempting to distance themselves from rebellion talk, but they are remiss to publicly expose and condemn the crazies for fear of retaliation.

  15. I would re-check the link to the newsletter. They might have moved or removed it. provide a scanned copy. Also, a reference to the letter Jefferson wrote would be handy. I added it to my Facebook reply.

  16. I don’t want to start some sort of flame war, but when does something like this become a real threat or considered treason? What am I missing here? I would love a little honest information if I am missing something but it seems like these conservatives have no problems threatening “revolution” and such, and I feel like if the tables were turned, Democrats would be considered traitors and terrorists. Like I said, I am just throwing out my two cents and am not trying to rile anybody up.

  17. “we shall not have any coarse (sic) but armed revolution.”

    I”ve been hearing this crap for decades now. It’s still a crock of shit.

    Nobody is going to “rise up” against shit because even when things suck in the US, things are pretty damned good.

    So, as long as these buttcrack guys have their giant pickup trucks, big screen TV, bank-owned Harleys and all the processed cheez they can eat…nobody will dare risk it.

    Of course, these empty threats are easy to make and look great on bumper stickers…

  18. Personally, I think the Repugs would be doing this no matter what color the Democrat in the WH is. Remember how they went after Clinton? But having a black man in the WH has certainly brought out the racist wackjobs as well.

  19. Re the NDAA — it was drafted by the war hawk Senate Armed Services Committee as it is every year. Obama in fact was the only person to force them to change the language before he signed it. Were you taken by the breitbarted Levin video? The full video is available at CSPAN and on this site, where he makes it clear that Obama threatened not to sign it if they didn’t change the language to not apply to us citizens. And then Obama signed a signing statement to clarify that his admin interprets it as not applying to US citizens, which is more than you’re going to get from a Republican, since their war strategy is how we got the NDAA and the Patriot Act.

  20. Ridiculous nut jobs, but it may finally provide the U.S. government the excuse it needs to round up large pockets of these private militia crazies that think they are the sole hope of saving America.

  21. ‘The long range penetration strain.”

    The art of subjecting a very large group of people to continued long range penetration strain was developed by scientists working out of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and their U. S. subsidiaries, Stanford Research and Rand Corporation, and at least another 150 research institutions here in the U.S.

    Dr. Kurt Lewin, the scientist who developed this fiendish warfare, has caused the average American patriot to fret over various conspiracy theories, leaving him or her with a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity, isolated and perhaps even afraid, as he searches, but fails to understand the decay and rot caused by “THE CHANGING IMAGES OF MANKIND,” unable to identify or combat the…

  22. Re: the targeted US citizen. As far as I recall this was a citizen who joined the ranks of al Quaida and actually participated in their efforts. Since the US are in war with al Quaida, what is wrong with taking military action against him? If he would have been in the US they could (and should) have treated him as criminal and captured if possible. But he wasn’t.

  23. ‘The long range penetration strain.”

    The art of subjecting a very large group of people to continued long range penetration strain was developed by scientists working out of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and their U. S. subsidiaries, Stanford Research and Rand Corporation, and at least another 150 research institutions here in the U.S.

  24. My God do these people listen to themselves? No wonder republicans talk crap and want to get violent. I think one dude said “all republicans must die”. Are your pretty little words keeping us safe? Or are you hate filled rhetorists breeding divisiveness? I’m a neutral party, but criminy this is the must vulgar, spite filled blog I think I’ve ever seen. You guys are worse than the football rivalry commentaries. Calm the hell down

  25. The Justice Dept should be investigating each and every member that received or sent that letter. The Secret service too. If that letter threatens the President should he be elected again, that is out and out treason, and technically those convicted of such a crime could be put to death. It’s a sad day when a mainstream political party would resort to such a hostile and obvious racist stunt, the Republican party knows no shame, now they are toying with the idea of treason. Every Republican needs to be voted out of office.

  26. The Nuge is inciting crowds to assassinate the president, huh? Repeat after me, kids: “that’s pretty tough talk for a draft dodger”. I always like Motörhead better, anyway.

  27. These GOP committemen should be arrested for treason against the United States. To flat out tell people to rebel if Obama wins is just sickening. We are a civilized society not Somolia where the winds of government change with gun battles.

  28. “Live Free or Die” has nothing to do with voting for a black dude, you ignorant c**ts.

    — Everyone in New Hampshire

  29. If the people currently occupying the ground in Arlington National Cemetery and other places like it all over the world who gave their lives in places like Mt. Suribachi, Antiedam, Getteysburg, Inchon, Quang Tri, Naples, Luzon and in the air over Europe, Asia and the Pacific could hear the kind of degenerate filth that these people are broadcasting, it’s a sure bet that they’d regard these people in the same light as the enemies that took their lives in service to their nation.

    To the fundie anarchists who dare to threaten the lives and property of the rest of us because of your bigotry and intolerance for change: go ahead – have at it. And may the Creator have mercy on your souls.

  30. Isn’t it funny how people from the SLA, Weathermen, NRA, GOA, McVeigh, just to name a few, believe that with a few truck bombs and AK-47’s they can go up against the most well trained, well equiped military the world has ever seen. What do they think, that a cabal of generals will join in with a handful of shitkickers running around in the woods on weekends, playing paintball? Give me a break.

    These people make no sense at all. This is why if Romney-Ryan is elected in November with congressional majorities, we will be one step further along the road to totalitarianism.

    Instead of playing paintball on weekends, these people should be reading a book like Hannah Arendt’s, The Origins of Totalitarianism. They also need to get a life.


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  32. Oh My Goodness! I moved from Wisconsin in the early 80’s to be as far away from the “Posse”. It was during a time when their (Posse) members were shooting randomly in a shopping mall and killed/wounded several people. Now here in 2012 there’s a regression back? If it was any ethnicity group making such “threats” they would have been dealt with already. Why are we allowing this temptuous people speak/write and insite threats against our country?

  33. Horrifically irresponsible. These folks are hoping to goad the less well adjusted into behaving as ‘lone wolf’ terrorists.

  34. ….cause threatening to use your guns simply because you don’t “like” what your government is doing (not because it is threatening you, simply because it doesn’t fit your ideology) is a great way to show the government that the 2nd amendment does not, itself, need to be amended.

  35. Not to put too fine a point on it but the “a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing” quote is from Jefferson’s letter to James Madison on January 30, 1787 referring to Shay’s Rebellion. The rebellion protested extreme austerity measures and the screwing of revolutionary war veterans. The rebellion was defeated but influenced state laws and ultimately the Constitution.

    The quote is timely again but not by faux deficit-reduction, off-the-books war-of-choice, VA-gutting Republicans. Quite the opposite.,_1787

  36. Wow all I can say is this…. The right to free speech…. You can say what you want without threat of prosecution. If you act on it then maybe I can see action being takin. But then I don’t like the president anyway. Because he has not been fare to the people of the us. Giving away welfare money without having to look for or train for a job. Taking over 700,000,000 out of Medicare to fund medical reform. Just two things on a big list of crap he has done.One more thing the president is only a figure head anyway for the people really in control. Sorry one more thing in the constitution the right to bare arms.

  37. I’d like to point out that this is article is completely biased against republicans. “Republicans cannot condemn the President’s record…so they portray him as a foreigner who supplanted a ‘white man’ who should be in the White House.” “have never given one example of tyranny” “Apparently, they [the entire GOP party; implied] are serious about armed rebellion against the United States government with an African American man as President.” Along with the numerous quotes picture the republicans as racist fearmongers which is simply not true. The author, while with good intentions, should be ashamed of the unabashed bias (and dare I say hatred?) towards the entire conservative population

  38. Seriously, you lay out all this evidence and then totally undermine the whole article by pulling the race card. Simple people always have simple explanations.

  39. The far right has gone absolute kookkoo bananas. George Bush started this depression with his wars and bank handouts. And now they are trying to tie Obama’s hands so he can’t do anything to fix it. Not that Obama is perfect. But this started with Bush. I think what needs to happen to end this madness is for America to finally look deep into 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing and all of these domestic shootings. What you are going to find is an extreme reichwing network of fascist kookks. Time to yank this beast up by the roots and deal with it.

  40. I do agree with the right wing on one thing. There are some offenses for which capital punishment is necessary. Treason is one of them. Can I watch while they swing?

  41. It was not long ago that these same GOP teabaggers were voicing against the occupy wallstreet movement. They seemed quite happy with the police response. Now that the tables are on them, they see it OK to fight the government with deadly force, not just protests. They hypocrisy kills me.

  42. all this makes me want to do is buy some ted nugent and hank williams records! they couldnt have said it better! and really obama fixed the economy? have you looked at our national debt recently?

  43. I’m an evangelical Christian — the kind that thinks all of the Bible is inspired, including the parts condemning greed, not just the parts condemning homosexuality, which seems to be the only parts that idiot Republicans read.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your statements, Facts.

  44. President George Washington personally led the troops sent by the federal government to put down Shay’s Rebellion against federal taxes. Perhaps Obama will do the same in Virginia.

    The second amendment states that citizens have the right to arms in order to provide for citizen militias. It also states that these militias are directly under the authority of the President. Any refusal of an armed group to obey orders from the President is treason.

  45. I don’t see a hint of hate, only someone (maybe) stating (biased) facts (facts, nonetheless) and timelines…

    Again, a misunderstanding turning into actual hate.

    Not good. Not nice.

  46. What exactly does, or is, “shuns biblical praise” supposed to mean? And a “political socialist ideologue unlike anything world history has ever witnessed or recognized,” Really? People can’t see through rhetoric so ridiculous as this? If they can’t, they really need to go to school and learn some world history…or are they all “home schooled” with one book now…

  47. As soon as someone says Obama is a socialist I know they are really just upset because he’s black. He’s not a socialist. We should be so lucky! He’s a corporatist. He serves the corporations at every turn. All his policies are shaped by corporate interests.

    Is Obama a horror as president? Absolutely! He is just the latest puppet of the moneyed; no ethics, no integrity, uber capitalist, certainly not a socialist. If you think he’s a socialist go look up “socialist” in the dictionary. Really.

  48. Zach, Zach, Zach…the comments here are passionate, opinionated, robust and written because people are already “riled” up! Don’t apologies because of any disagreement; you are allowed disagree here.

    However, you are correct–Reyn state the statue on what constitutes treason and there should be federal marshals surrounding the homes of the ring leaders.

    I agree with whomever wrote that it would be devastating to make arrest of these traitors before the election, however, it might also set an example; the rest of the morons would think twice before shooting off their mouth/guns in public; we all know that they are cowards who talk trash just because they can, and, see it as “patriotic”.

  49. I agree completely with you.These people are so blind sided with hate they will let America go up in flames.

  50. First off, Obama did not remove the work for welfare requirement, or weaken it in any way! all he did was gave more power concerning welfare to state governors, to adjust the requirement either to require more work or less work. If a respective governor goes too far away from the base work for welfare that is in place, the president retains the right to remove that power. In which way would this be removing the work requirement for welfare? Also, the 700,000,000 billion taken out of medicare. All that is happening is that the projected size of medicare is going to be that much smaller, he is not removing any money from medicare as we know it.

  51. This is radical on steroids, there is truly something wrong with these folks.They are so consumed with hate and bigotry it’s like trying to reason with a newborn baby.It almost feels like a civil war coming on which would be so bad for America.

  52. sedition
    se·di·tion[ sə dísh’n ]NOUN
    1. rebellion or incitement: actions or words intended to provoke or incite rebellion against government authority, or actual rebellion against government authority

  53. I remember history class, something about pro-slavery states seceding from the Union, if Lincoln was elected.

  54. Ah, such silly children. I’ll check back with you when you’ve managed to look past the surface of the issues.

  55. The president’s race has nothing to do with it. He saved the economy? What world is this author in? Almost all of my friends are out of work. The economy is worse than it has ever been. Plus, he is driving our country into debt, also with his proposed socialized medicine plan it will ruin and destroy America. I can’t believe people think like this. To be honest, its because he’s a terrible president!

  56. I’m pretty sure Jefferson was actually showing support for Shay’s rebellion. The French revolution hadn’t started quite yet.

  57. Exactly.

    Add to that the fact that most of these tea-nuts are a bunch of chickenshit chickenhawks who’ve never served a day in uniform and never fired a weapon outside their compounds; the first time these so-called “patriots” come face-to-face with a law-enforcement or military M-15 A4 carbine, they’ll shit themselves and run like rabbits . . .

  58. The hot-linked newsletter the article refers to as evidence has been taken down. Lots of hyperbole here. The fascistic Teatards will not attempt armed revolution. They are just talking trash.

  59. Harris, don’t forget about the VETERANS, those of us who already did our part, but STILL know “how to f*** sh** up”….. Personally, if Virginia’s Repubs want to go to war, I have a few tricks left to show them. And, also: I don’t shoot quite as well as a good Marine, but I can make some holes in the right places.

    I’m not worried; THEY oughta be.

  60. If this is the most vile, etc., thing that you’ve read, you must be avoiding anything read or said by Akin, Ryan, or any of the other Republicans.

  61. Why not? Congressional Republicans think it’s OK to destroy the country financially if they don’t get their way. This is different only in degree. The Republicans are already at war with the United States government.

  62. I guess they didn’t learn anything from the civil war. Some are still flying the Confederate flag waiting for further orders.

  63. Just wanted to stop by, as a Republican, to promise you that we’re not all like this and to apologize on behalf of the ignorant, unpatriotic people who support this ad. I’m not here on any social agenda, I just ask that we all recognize that there is ignorance and bigotry on both sides of the aisle, and to focus on the goal: the advancement of the United States. We all want to see this country become a better place. Let’s not let this kind of stupidity distract us from the mission at hand.

  64. Hahaha, what idiots I swear.. Who would be so dumb to put a sign up, a billboard to boot.. Do you think they don’t know who you are… People crack me up.. where is the FBI when you need them, oh that’s right, they’re watching you… Hahaha

  65. well that’s okay, if me and mine have our way, these teapublicans won’t be in office any longer so they won’t have to worry about it. yeah….

  66. Repubs and dems commit treason daily.. it’s “trending”.

    But THIS matters.. OHHH, AHHH. Pandering pandemonium.

  67. America is going further and further in debt because of the incompetent leadership. We have wasted millions or billions of dollars on war. There is no evidence of nuclear weapons. Wise up people dont you think that they would have found the nuclear weapons after 10 years or more. well i made my point good day fellow citizens of america.

  68. Nick, the apology was thoughtful of you. But what I beg of you and our Republican brethren who still believe in America is…take back your party! The party of Dwight Eisenhower and Pete McCloskey and Chuck Hagel and Charlie Crist has a lot to offer this country. The party of Joe McCarthy and Dick Cheney and Karl Rove can offer us nothing but ruin. Get together whoever is still sane and fair and *take back your party!*

  69. Oh, they aren’t gonna do shit! Just a bunch of hot air! The election will end, Obama will be re-elected and the Repugnicants and tea baggers are gonna have to deal with him for another four years! LMFAO! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  70. So these supposed patriots would overthrow the very government that lets them make such vile statements and threats. If President Obama is reelected as President it will be the will of the American People. Maybe these thugs should look at Russia and see what happens when people simply sing a protest song against their president and are sentenced to two years in prison.

  71. Paul,you are VERY incorrect,they have already started.Since 2008,there have been over 1000 Right wing Attacks,Militias have swollen from 500+change to almost 1300,just since Obama took Office.Religion has become their Reason.In the last Month,we had The Sikh Temple Shooting,several Mosques burned,5 Gay people in a 2 week span who were firebombed on their OWN porch,their Property Vandalized,kidnapped,brutalized,raped&slurs carved into their FLESH,another shooting at TexasA&M that killed a Police Officer,in ONE month,ALL at the hands of card carrying GOP/TEA.Add to that Animal Mutilations of Democratic Challengers,the word “Liberal”carved into it.It’s endless.For them it IS a REAL Holy War&we Liberals&nonbelievers MUST be killed…

  72. Amen to that. Just becUSE THEY CAN SHHOT a deer they think that’s a way to MANHOOD…Send each of the rebel rousers to Afghanistan for aweek,

  73. We might just see a chunk of the military joining in with the nutcases.

    The Military Religious Freedom Foundation exists for a reason, a very GOOD reason.

    (They’ve badly invaded the US armed forces.)

  74. the last time virginians had this great idea, it worked for them well, so why not give it a try. oh, the president then was from il as well….

  75. Anyone who thinks that calling for revolution is an act of treason needs to more closely examine the definition. Article 3 Section 3 of the United States constitution is the only recognized federal document defining trason, and defines it thusly: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”
    Levying, in regards to war, means to declare and wage a war. These tea-party members might be skirting the line, they may even be planning for a war, but they have not officially declared or engaged in it.

  76. iSN’T IT UNLAWFUL TO INCITE VIOLENCE? Aren’t there any Federal or State laws governing this type of threat?

  77. I don’t especially care for our modern politicians either. By modern I mean since the American and French revolutions. That includes Jefferson and Jackson, the supposed founders of the Democratic Party.

    But when it comes to Romney-Ryan, I know a pig in a poke when I see one.

  78. You make a good point. I have to admit I don’t know when dissent becomes treason. Clearly words are not necessarily treason. But armed revolution against a government that has become hopelessly corrupt? If Romney were elected and the oligarchs overtly take over and impoverish the entire “middle class”, is it treason to join a revolution to throw them out? Excellent question.

  79. THANK YOU, Rmuse.

    It is essential for Americans to finally comprehend what is behind the code and piffle about “Liberty”.

    One question…..How did you find this, and congratulations for doing so !

    This should not be ignored by large media.

  80. Jefferson warned us about banks, one good example is his letter to John Taylor, that is where he made the widely misquoted remark about banks being more dangerous then standing armies. The other founding fathers also warned us about the power of faction or political parties. My take on their thoughts is they were worried about political parties subverting the political process for their own gain. Our ancestors left the old country (the ones who had a choice) to escape the landed gentry who controlled political, social, and economic life. It seems we are right back to square one they have taken over again and our political process ha been subverted by racist hate filled wackos.

  81. I welcome them to try and “take” back their country forcibly. Then they will find that Democrats and Independents are willing and able to exercise our 2nd amendment rights just fine.

  82. Inez, near the top of this thread, you will see where I cited a couple of provisions of the U.S. Code. Those cover sedition, which is basically advocating change of government by violence, such as insurrection or assassiination. To actually engage in insurrection, to aid those who are already doing so, or to aid a foreign power in doing so, is treason (if one is a citizen), whether “war” is declared by the United States or not. It requires a higher standard of proof, but could conceivably cover situations like cyber war, which don’t fall within the purview of seditiion.

  83. Wow. I cant believe how meny people have commented and yet nothing to the fact that BOTH parties are messed up!!! People crying to take back this country are not crazy. They are angry to have watched all our manufacturing jobs go away, our country be invaded by illegals who rant wanting their fair share, the lack of respect given to our veterans,simple freedoms taken away in the name of safety, and the lack of concern to what really matters to the American people. Our government has became an elite society in the last 200 years and is grossly out of touch with reality. When are people going to stop blaming party lines and blame the ones voting to destroy our great nation?

  84. This time if they try to secede, lets let them. They can make their own country, and we can have ours. I think it would improve things.

  85. The national debt isn’t the economy. The debt doesn’t really matter all that much, as long as we are paying on it.
    When W was acting president, we were losing jobs every month, by the millions. Now, we are gaining jobs every month. It may not be fast enough, but we are heading in the right direction. When Obama became president, the stock market was down around 6,000, now it’s twice that. Considering that the Republicans in congress are doing everything they can to stop Obama from improving the economy, he’s doing very well with it.

  86. Obama is not horrible. He’s a pragmatist — he has had to make compromises with the wing-nuts at every turn just to get anything done, so he has. He’s gotten more done than any of the less pragmatic before him, under more and stronger opposition. What we need to do is re-elect him but with super-majorities in both houses so he isn’t obstructed at every turn.

  87. ” . . .criminy this is the must vulgar, spite filled blog I think I’ve ever seen.”


    You’ve obviously never been to FoxNation . . .


  88. “Simple people always have simple explanations.”

    Yeah — like advocating armed resistance to a democratically-elected president . . .


  89. “all this makes me want to do is buy some ted nugent and hank williams records!”

    So you want to line the pockets of two redneck chickenhawks. Good for you.

    “have you looked at our national debt recently?”

    I’ve been looking at it — go up — ever since Ronnie Raygun quadrupled it during his term . . .


  90. “People crying to take back this country are not crazy.”

    People who advocated armed resistance to the lawfully elected gov’t in order to do so, are.


  91. Lawfully elected, thats funny shit! Do you know how meny dead folks voted and continue to do so? Why do we require proof of citizenship in almost every other aspect of life in this country, exept voting & walfare? Check out some videos on utube. Voter fraud. Turn off the main stream media and wake up! This whole article was written with such slant it was sicking.

  92. Don’t jump to the race card. While that element is certainly present, and they are happy to take advantage of it, all they are really trying to do is put a friend of the rich in the White House to help the wealthy and their industries. Appealing to fundamentalists and other fears is simply a means to an end.

  93. if you folks really think that either party really gives a damn about you, try reading a book. there will be no revolution, and there will be no change, the banks are quite happy with how things are, hence the stock market being at such highs. obama and mitt are bought and paid for by goldman sachs and their ilk. THOSE are facts, documented by countless authors and books if people would only take the time to read.

  94. Hey, now. Remember, they may be stupid and violent, but they’re only stupid and violent because they’ve been taught by their stupid and violent parents and FOX News to be stupid and violent.

    Tradition is passed down from generation to generation, and the Republican hate machine is just one big “traditional” mindset.

    (Also, telling them to kill themselves? That seems awfully Republican of you.)

  95. Yes, Good Goyim Author. Calm your cattle before they rise against our puppet!

    Good Goyim Good GOOOOD Goyim. Yes just go back to sleep, everything is fine. Hehehehehe

  96. Tell me just one thing, how is it that Brandon Raub, a Marine that served his country faithfully so that we can have our rights is arrested for excercising his right to free speech and forcibly psychoanalyzed for supposedly “terroristic threats” by the FBI….yet, a newsletter can publish what to some people might as well be a call to arms, and of course, let’s not forget the PARTY MEMBERS that are condoning “second amendment resolutions” to their opposing candidates…and NOT be arrested in the same manner as him? Congress has done nothing for our people, yet we repay our service members by incarcerating them for using the rights they fight and die for…we’ve lost our way and very soon, we’re going to lose our country.

  97. You should know about dead people voting, Kersandra. You appear to be one of them, at least from the ears up.

  98. I’m not sure where you idiots want to take us back TO? The 1950s? Or maybe the 1920s? Oh, you mean pre-1864 I imagine, right? I think you all need to get real cozy with your guns…give them a big kiss right on the tip of the barrel, and do us all a favor – pull the trigger.

  99. Sounds like “Do what I say or I’ll hurt you”! Isn’t this a call to TREASON? Is this the only way that a stomping child AKA the GOP get’s their way? “If we don’t win, we are gonna stomp our feet and shoot guns” IDIOTS!

  100. True…the Bubbas and their Klan keep the myth alive and say “it ain’t over”!, as if they were a “conquered/enslaved” people while all along, they live off their SS checks, medicare, disability (I dun shot ma’foot off cleanin’ my ____),and/or drive American made vehicles to work in whenever they want to…we all know the hypocrisy here.

    But, “the unknown we know” is that the GOP is now stepping forward to offer actual leadership to commit political treason; prior to the neo-con war on the rest of us, the Bubba Klan has’nt had any real leadership with real clout; now they do…or do they?

    This may be another moment where Karl Rove has to step in and disavow, just like the order to drop Akin went down…we know the unknown…

  101. “…Romney were elected and the oligarchs overtly take over and impoverish the entire “middle class”, is it treason to join a revolution to throw them out?…”

    This is probably their entire long-term strategy; it appears that they are playing their hand and it may be premature. In their minds, it is now or never and I agree with them; they loose this one, they don’t have a future unless they can take territory and resources for their personal use, not the nations…”you people” don’t count.

    However, revolution on ANY account/side will devastate our economy as well as damage the rest of the world’s economy…but, yet another “war” can solve everything, right? (the rest of the world won’t put up with us and would “isolate”…

  102. “…Dr. Kurt Lewin, the scientist who developed this fiendish warfare, has caused the average American patriot to fret over various conspiracy theories, leaving him or her with a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity…”

    Really? Lewin was a psychologist. He is considered the originator of Social Psychology/Behaviorism.

    I think you are confusing the circumstance; it appears, according to you (link/source as to his personal hand in warfare) that Lewin’s theory was “used” by the unscrupulous war mongers? This holds the same for the NLP theory and how it’s techniques have been abused by predators to date-rape women, cult recruiters, etc.

    This is sounds like deconstructing Freud as a woman-hater..


  103. That’s called dogwhistle. Those are terms that dominionists know, but are opaque (and often crazy and strange) to non-dominionists.

    What they’re saying is that President Obama wasn’t being submissive to the proper order of things… in other words, a black man being president, and not trying to force theocracy on the rest of us.

    The other phrases mean “President Obama openly supports helping poor people and regulating businesses” – the things abhorrent to dominionists (unless they’re doing the “helping” – abusing and exploiting the poor).

    They have alternate meanings for many words, and to see something like that is terrifying because it means the very thing I escaped over 30 years ago is trying to take over.

  104. Most Americans, even those “homeschooled” with such filth as “A Beka” and so on can read.

    Learning to think critically about what was read, on the other hand, is a different story. That’s why you think President Obama is in the pockets of the banks and rich.

    Try a little critical analysis for once. Read President Obama’s words and compare them to the Republicans’ own statements. Look at the voting records and the deliberate blocking of anything that would help the 99% (vs the 1%). You’ll find that the two parties are not the same at all, and that President Obama has been hamstrung by voters who sat out the last election, and in spite of being blocked throughout his term, actually had some success against the elites.

  105. Why isn’t Eric Ryan being arrested for inciting people to violent behavior and treason? We shouldn’t take any chances which would allow traitors to take us back to 1860.

  106. There is a big difference between the military and civilian laws. Members of the military don’t have nearly as many freedoms as experienced by the general population – for instance, their freedom of speech is curtailed.

  107. It sounds more to me like “Let us win or we’ll KILL you!”… and from past experience, I think they’d try.

  108. @Ford, you are just another idiot who relies on the crappy, dishonest ads you see on TV against President Obama. Why don’t you actually READ the policies put forth before commenting on them? You are exactly the type of person that gives America as a whole a really bad name. Tell you what though, this IS America and the good thing about being an American is that you don’t have to stay here. Since you are unhappy with how this country is being run under President Obama, you have the right to LEAVE! Renounce your US Citizenship and move to a country where you would be more happy. C Ya!

  109. Who do you all expect to stop an armed rebellion? You have precious few armed liberals, and the military will be split similar to the Civil War – with a very conservative military asking themselves who to side with, and for many if they should fight for or against their home state. My bet is most go with the rebels! So who is going to take to the streets in counter-revolution?

  110. I have heard first hand of a catholic group in the south that is giving it’s members shooting lessons in the event that Obama wins again… AND I was warned that the first group that will be targeted is gays . This was a REAL threat. Does anyone know how to report a terrorist group planning an attack to the FBI?!

  111. I thought about writing a novel about the attempted to over throw the US Government. Wall Street Banks and corporations fund a private Army with 300 million,appoint a “Leader”, the VP would be called the Chief of Staff, the Congress abolish, the Senate appointed by the rich ,end free elections,unions disbanded,all social programs would be abolished. Hows that for a story. The problem is I would be accused of plagiarism. This happen in 1933 with the attempt by the GOP and the above with an attempted Coup FDR and the US Government. It was called the “Business Plot” and this can be found on Google. Thanks to USMC General and 2 time CMH winner Smedly D Butler this country came within a hairs breath of being a Fascist dictatorship in 1934.

  112. Well, like it or not, there is a large group of citizens that agree with this. And it has nothing to do with race, it is about individual liberties. Race is the excuse used when they don’t want to look at the heart of the matter.

    And also regretfully, for many here, they may be “crazy” or whatever you want to call them, but they have the guns. If 3% fought (as in the Revolutionary War) that would be about about 9 MILLION armed fighters. Nearly double the LEO’s and military in this country. And you will have a LARGE portion of the military siding with the revolutionaries. That gives them heavy weapons.

    Just something to think about……

  113. Have to agree 100% Mary. The utter stupidity of these inbred rednecks to think they are the only Americans who are armed. I swore to defend this nation and the Constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic. If someone starts a fight to overthrow our Constitutional vote, I will be there to prevent their treason.

  114. The military leadership is very aware of the problem and is taking steps to deal with this. However people just like Wade Page are out there waiting for their 15 minutes of fame.|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)&__utmv=14933801.|8=Earned%20By=msnbc%7Ccover=1^12=Landing%20Content=Mixed=1^^30=Visit%20Type%20to%20Content=Earned%20to%20Mixed=1&__utmk=139622067

  115. same here.

    it’s not so much that i fear for myself, but my grandkids.

    my heart actually hurts sometimes.

  116. Saw a billboard while on vacation in Northern Michigan and stated with clarity for me at lease, it read:


    All I can say is Amen, can I hear an amen!

  117. I have only one thing to say to the Virginia Republicans. You dodo’s couldn’t win a war with a nuclear weapon. You are all nothing but Circus Barkers trying to stir the crowd of rubes. Let me assure everyone there will be no revolution, just the whimper of Teabaggers whining. For one anything of this sort would disrupt Hank Jr and Teddie Nugents already meager concert and cd income. They couldn’t afford the ammo. Hell they couldn’t afford the moonshine. These people and their followers are sheep not men and they are all pathetic blowhards spouting their bigotry and racism. You cannot be a warrior by proxy, it takes guts and balls which Teabaggers don’t have. I give these idiots less than 1 iota of credence. Love it or leave it…

  118. The only voter fraud I can see happenig is you voting Kersandra because you are defrauding yourself. Propaganda is not fact or for that matter statistics. U-tube videos are not always factual or are you one of those dodos who believe if it’s on a big web site that it must be true. You are delusional

  119. Baruch is that why Corporations, Wall Street and the Billionaires are supporting Romney. Because Obama is a Corporate Puppet? Your ignorance is astounding if it wasn’t so self-searving for your part time job as a Troll for the Koch Bros. Loser

  120. I am so tired of being called a racist because I disagree with a man’s policies. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin and everything to do with his agenda. I don’t care which side of the aisle you sit on, can we please all refrain from name calling and focus on the issues?
    (And for those who are going to turn on me, because I know you will, Yes I do say this to those calling Democrats names.) Let’s all grow up please.

  121. You’re not looking at the bigger picture.

    First, they yapped up the “liberal media.” Then, they made the media so conservative that it might as well be a wholly-owned subsidiary. The yap silenced the critics.

    First, they threatened to change the rules of Congress to do away with the filibuster…THEN, they abused the filibuster in ways that no one ever previously did.

    Now, they’re calling for armed rebellion.

    If they come to power…what are the chances that they’ll try to run this country so far into the ground that only armed insurrection could save it? And what are the chances that, by sounding this ridiculous call, they’ll have people laughing at anyone who suggests it?

  122. Worse still would be if anybody tried to prosecute any of these Republicans, and then the Republicans came back to power.

    The Bush Regime used the law as an excuse to attack their political opponents. These people would use prosecutions as an excuse to criminalize any dissent, arrest any protesters. They’re doing it on the down-low now. If we prosecute them for this, they wouldn’t be on the down-low any more.

    Do ***NOT*** put it past these people to be truly evil–and I don’t care the least how many people laugh at me for using the word “evil” as it should be used. They ARE evil.

  123. Some ten year old got on the family computer again. Wants to start civil war. All this is taking place, while Romney is got his scissors ready, to take out those trashy rednecks with long hair. The IRS auditor he bribed to turn his head while he put in 100 MILLION INTO AN IRA!!!!!! Think about that one. An INDIVIDUAL retirement account. Jamaica, Bahama, Cayman, and those wonderful SWISS BANK ACCOUNTS. They gave him an autographed photo of Hitler to open those accounts. Fruition will happen the day after the election. People will wake up to Romney having won a rigged election. De Javu BUSH. And another couple wars. Maybe even civil.

  124. Not saying lone idiots like Loughner and Wade Michael Page don’t start violence; whackjobs like them have always been around and always will be.

    What we’re referring to are LARGE ORGANIZED movements of armed rebellion against the US gov’t that the Virgina GOP is calling for . . . these teabagging wingnuts talk a good game, but couldn’t organize their heads out of their own asses — not without Koch money . . .


  125. “The economy is worse than it has ever been.”

    You mean even worse than during the 1930s, when the unemployment rate was nearly 25%?

    I’d like to know what world YOU’RE in . . .


  126. What are they all meth heads there?
    Has anyone bothered to explain to them how an electoral system works. One party wins and one loses… and the loser is expected to take it in stride and wait for the next cycle.
    Nah, I get it. Most of the GOP is so saturated with teatard extremists who don’t understand what ‘socialist’ actually is… that Obama is black is reason enough for them to get collective panties in a twist.

  127. I am not ashamed, I am no bigot, I do not own a bible, I am middle class and I do NOT hate the poor. Only the unwilling. I pass by the unwilling every day sitting on the front porch drinking 40’s and smoking blunts. White, black or purple, I do not give a shit. Get your ass up and seek gainful employment. Do not classify us us hateful, homophobic, racist or any of that other shit. Those bastards are in the minority of true Republicans. Do not play into the Liberal media bullshit that we are all illiterate rednecks who do nothing more than shoot ourselves in the foot, spit on homosexuals and hate all non whites. How about you actually befriend a few and keep the “better than you”, shit under wrapper. Peace my fellow Americans, I’m…

  128. Please quit playing the race card. Every time a white person plays the race card when it obviously isn’t it hurts all races.

    John Stewart isn’t news, caring doesn’t help anyone. actually getting off your but does. So I don’t care about your apparently over privileged life or your soccer mom bumper stickers. Or your overly played race cards.

    This is a bit disturbing, but not racial.

  129. Bigots,racists and sore losers is what the GOP has turned in to.I’ll bet the commies and all the other dictators in the world are loving these radicals.

  130. From what I’ve read at the MRFF (I admit I haven’t gone to their site in the last few weeks), the military leadership is only doing the very minimum necessary to try to get Mickey Weinstein and his organization off their backs, and changes only happen when they’re forced.

  131. Then why don’t the leaders of your party come out and condemn this stuff. They are SILENT. They pretend that this stuff is not happening but it is. You have classified everyone you see “sitting around, every day” as the unwilling. How do you know they are the unwilling. Maybe they just gave up over time. Do they have some kind of mental illness? Are they not getting the treatment they need? Who made you judge and jury? Who made you God? How did you get to be so full of contempt for those you really know nothing about?

  132. Define poor the statement “… general prey of the rich on the poor…”.

    Do you mean those that continue to steal government (our monies) welfare when they are able-bodied with some ability to contribute to society in the form of a working job?

    Than yes, I will prey on them.

  133. karl rove is a known traitor. It’s not unreasonable that he’d encourage the trait in his ignorant.

  134. Maybe you’d feel better if you knew how little support goes 2 the poor:

    Have you been conned into thinking mythical people who buy lobster w/foodstamps are why you haven’t had a raise in years and can’t afford to go to the dentist? I hope you’ll read this article containing actual relevant facts:

    Most people who resent the poor have no idea how easy it would be to join them. Just 1 health crisis could drain everything, even w/insurance. Or you could wind up working multiple low-paying jobs that don’t make up for the loss of 1 good job, & not sure how you’re gonna pay the mortgage. And if the RW hasn’t abolished what’s left of the safety net, I hope it’s there to help you…

  135. Easily squashed if we send notices out to all the Iraq war veterans saying: “Come meet the people who sent you over there but then voted down your rights and benefits. The armory opens at 0700. Transport leaves at 0900”

  136. Do you have any proof of your comment or is this yet another misological theory you picked up from your favorite radio talk shows? Do you know anyone who is on welfare, who collects the unemployment THEY paid into? You have no real knowledge about it or them. But keep supping on the meal of propaganda and see where it takes you in the end.

  137. Fear is the goal of these veiled threats. Not a single one of these people will jeopardize their gated homes to start a civil war. But they will instigate the notion among those whose minds are easily bent into the shape of unlawful behavior, and will step back, feigning clean hands in the process, while these gullible people become a part of the privatized prison population.

  138. Typical conservative greedy blindness.

    (1) Not everyone who looks able-bodied really is, and there are a lot of people with severe limitations that are hidden.

    (2) Most of the time, those limitations are not self-inflicted.

    (3) Almost all poor people want to earn their own way. We WANT to work.

    (4) Jobs are generally not easy to find any more.

    (5) Those that are available require that the worker will have to put up with an abusive and horrible environment for minimum wage and no benefits.

    (6) Minimum wage doesn’t pay the bills – it is NOT POSSIBLE to live on minimum wage for most of the country.

  139. (continued)

    (7) Poor people aren’t dumb. For the most part, they’ve gotten a raw deal (such as their jobs shipped overseas). The reason why many urban people refuse to “get a job” is because they know they’ll be treated the worst sort of abuse by their employer for a pittance, while said employer laughs all the way to the bank. That boat doesn’t float.

    (8) The cost of housing is so high now that a person working at minimum wage in many areas has to work two full time jobs just to afford a one bedroom apartment – if that.

    “Get a Job!” assholes like you are a dime a dozen… I used to see and hear you all the time in the churches. I’m GLAD to be away from jerks like you.

  140. “I’ll check back with you when you’ve managed to look past the surface of the issues.”

    Sure, El — ’cause there’s such a deep, hidden meaning behind this statement:

    “A citizens guide to REVOLUTION of a corrupt government”


  141. Are these folks aware that Virginia includes National Guard bases, a major Marine base and training unit, several Army posts, a large naval base in Norfolk, and the Pentagon? At which one of these do they intend to go waving their little guns first?

  142. The newsletter was published in March. Apparently none of the Virginia Republican leaders commented on it, and few people noticed it. It has now resurfaced to the extent that it has attracted attention.

  143. Are you aware that the NG bases, and soldiers belong to the Governor of that state, and NOT the US Army? If the Governor ordered the troops to stand up and fight, they are under the same legal obligation as US Army personnel being deployed down range. And you will see a huge number of defections from conventional Military forces. Obama has really cut himself off from the military, there is not a lot of love there for him.

  144. Could it be that people are just tired of loosing what they perceive as personal freedoms, and seeing the States rights be eroded away? TX refines 85% of the oil for the US, if they did the federal governments war machine wouldn’t be able to drive to TX and fight. And IF TX did, there would be a lot of western states that would follow. TX has talked about this before, and several of their state reps are very serious about it. People are very afraid of what Obama may do to what is left of this country if he gets a second term in office. With his executive orders allowing him to declare peace time Martial Law, and in that case placing all utilities, food production and transportation under government control…. There is a large and growing population base that sees Obama using these Exec Orders if he looses the election. And those people are willing to leave the union to preserve their way of life.

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