Legitimate Rape is the Tip of the Republican War on Women Iceberg

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A broad, overall view or perspective of an issue is often referred to as “the big picture,” and it typically has several related facets that individually contribute to a larger agenda. If one steps back and takes an overall view of the 112th Congress, it is impossible to miss the big picture that Republicans have used a multi-faceted approach in their war on women, and especially their right to choose their own reproductive health. For the past couple of days, there has been a firestorm over comments made by Representative Todd Akin regarding what he calls “legitimate rape,” and although it is a big story, it is just a microcosm of the entire GOP’s overall view of women.

Akin’s remark that in the case of “legitimate rape,” a woman’s body mysteriously blocks conception sparked outrage and disbelief for more than one reason. Many were stunned at Akin’s lack of understanding of human biology and the reproductive process, and many more were dumbfounded that he differentiated between “legitimate rape” and an insane notion that there is something called “illegitimate rape.” However, it is unfair to single out Akin when his comments have been part and parcel of the entire Republican Party’s opinion of women and their right to choose their own reproductive health. It was curious to watch Republicans abandon and condemn Akin over his remarks on legitimate rape and conception, especially when they have voted with him to eliminate women’s right to choose throughout the 112th Congress.

The Romney campaign team issued a statement that a “Romney-Ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape,” but as critics began connecting Paul Ryan to Akin it became glaringly obvious that Ryan and Romney share his twisted pro-life position. This column has pointed out that Paul Ryan co-sponsored, with Akin, a national personhood bill that defines a single-celled zygote as having all the rights of an American citizen ever since Romney tapped him for vice-president. However, Ryan’s history of support for anti-choice legislation goes back farther than his support for a personhood bill. Last year, Ryan co-sponsored the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” that redefined rape to limit access to abortion services, and his Path to Prosperity budget slashes funding for Medicaid and Title X that provides low-income women with contraception and family planning counseling. Last year, Ryan supported amending Title X to prohibit grants from being awarded to groups like Planned Parenthood, and Romney said he would scrap the Title X program entirely to cut costs. However, according to the Guttmacher Institute, every dollar spent helping women avoid pregnancy saves $3.74 in Medicaid spending so the issue is not cutting costs, but ending women’s right to choose when they give birth.

The prescient question is; what is the basis of Ryan, Romney, Akin, and the rest of the Republicans’ pro-life stance? It is based entirely on the Christian bible and not fiscal conservatism. In 2010 Ryan wrote that “I cannot believe any official or citizen can still defend the notion that an unborn human being has no rights” and it explains his attempt at legislation granting personhood to a zygote. In fact, while Republicans were condemning Akin, Tony Perkins, president of the conservative Family Research Council (FRC) and staunch pro-life advocate stood by him and voiced their unwavering support. Perkins claimed the controversy was a “gotcha political” moment, and issued a stern warning to Republicans who considered criticizing Akin, and said the controversy was to divert attention from Akin’s Senate opponent Claire McCaskill.  FRC’s Action PAC president Connie Mackey issued a statement that “We know who Todd Akin is. He’s a defender of life. He’s a defender of families and this is just a controversy built up,” but like Ryan, Romney, and Republican Party, Akin is not a defender of families.

Republicans love a zygote, but they hate babies and families based on their attempts and promises to slash spending on safety net spending that provide food, shelter, and healthcare for 10-million people. As mentioned above, Ryan and Romney plan to make drastic cuts to Medicaid and Title X, and slash food stamps and housing and heating assistance that poor women with children depend on to avoid falling into dire poverty. It is the ultimate hypocrisy for so-called pro-life conservatives to claim their agenda is protecting the life of the unborn, but their protection that starts at the moment of conception comes to a screeching halt the second the unborn exits the womb and breathes oxygen without assistance.

If any woman in America has not yet figured out that Republicans, all Republicans, hold them in contempt and believe their place is on the birthing table, then they better take a better look at more than just Todd Akin. It is true that Akin follows misogynistic principles like those of his mentor, Reverend D. James Kennedy, who believes women are responsible for being raped, the bible should set laws about rape and abortion, or that they are hysterical for choosing to abort a pregnancy resulting from rape, and has no qualms forcing rape victims give birth to their rapist’s child. Romney and Ryan claimed their administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape, but their record tells an entirely different story. Ryan opposes abortion in all cases except if the mother’s life is in danger, and Romney promised if elected president, he will “get rid of Planned Parenthood,” eliminate Title X, make Draconian cuts to Medicaid that forces women to give birth with no option for aborting an unwanted pregnancy whether it is the result of rape or not.

Todd Akin deserves every bit of criticism he is getting, but he represents Willard Romney, Paul Ryan, and the entire Republican Party who have voted consistently to eliminate a woman’s right to choose. It is hypocritical of Romney and Ryan to distance themselves from Akin because his stance on women’s rights is their stance. Ryan has stood shoulder to shoulder with Akin in the House attempts at redefining rape, defunding Planned Parenthood, and giving a zygote the same rights as every living breathing American citizen, except women. Akin IS the Republican Party, and the Republican Party IS Todd Akin and they represent the dire circumstances every woman in America will face if they are victorious in November. It is impossible to isolate Akin from the rest of Republicans in Congress and GOP-controlled states because their voting records, plans for the future, and lowlife opinion of a woman’s right to choose all stem from the same source; the Christian bible. Maybe Willard Romney adheres to an extra phony religious book, but his beliefs, upbringing, and campaign promises spell the same dire results as bible-thumping Republicans that relegate women to the same place every other religious fanatic believes they belong; at home, giving birth, and desperately attempting to prevent Republicans from taking away their rights.


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  1. Yup, more white babies is what the GOP has ordered. Somehow I wonder what will happen when they ban contraception and the country explodes with not only cute white babies, but those questionable ‘others?’ How will we feed and educate this onslaught? And by the way, boys, 20% of pregnancies result in miscarriages, spontaneous miscarriages. Is God pro-abortion, ya think maybe?

  2. Mitt forced a women to give away child after mormon soft rape ! Mitt is a lifetime Mormon cult servant, Sunday teacher , priest. This RAPE language also contained in a abortion bill Ryan co-sponsored last year.

    Mitt can never separate religion form politics. religions was business life for Mitt. President Mitt the priest is middle east age like…just many more crusades…

    Mitt doesn”t fit.

  3. I think there still is a bigger picture. They worked hard for voter suppression of the elderly, youth and black vote. I also think they are looking to take away womens rights and people who don’t own property rights away from voting.

  4. It is most interesting that this wing (further I say not) proposes extending the Equal Protection clause to every zygote, 2-cell, 4-cell, morula, blastula, gastrula, embryo, and fetus in the nation, and then withdrawing it the instant the fetus becomes a living baby. Most of these pols then believe the 14th Amendment protections should then be withdrawn (left to the states), so that those babies destined to be well-heeled white Christian males can enjoy their “birthright” advantage over the others. Only if their daddies let them, though, because a *man’s* home is his castle, especially if it’s really a castle. If a boy survives an upbringing of domestic violence, he’ll get to have his own castle, so long as he remembers his place in

  5. the feudal hierarchy, with his own private set of domestic victims. As for the less privileged…collateral damage.

    Please get rid of this fucking number of characters limit, or enlarge it. This has no fucking dignity.

  6. It’s really kind of a ” Spartan” system and we’re all helots. The only difference is they don’t toss the unwanted babies out to die but insist they be born so that they can be properly made to suffer under Republican auspices: “You’ll be born by God but we’re gonna punish you for it!”

  7. Mitt forced a women to give away child after Mormon soft rape !
    Mitt is a lifetime Mormon cult servant, Sunday teacher , priest.
    This RAPE language also contained in a abortion bill Ryan co-sponsored last year.

    Mitt can never separate religion form politics. religions was business life for Mitt. President Mitt the priest is middle east age like…just many more crusades…

  8. Thank you. I couldn’t have said this better. As angered as people, including Republicans, are about Mr. Aikin’s statement, the root of his argument is about abortion, contraception, and fetal viability which is conventional Republican thought. You don’t have to stray very far from this mainstream Republican ideology to get to the place where Aikin is coming from. That, in and of itself, should make every woman, not to mention every American, shocked, outraged, and mobilized.

  9. Good analysis. Except that the Spartans weren’t pussies. Could you even picture some of these pampered weaklings and cowards excelling under the Spartan system of training?

  10. Thank you. Often, I have to read a blog and its comments a number of times before I can decide if it has anything of value to say.
    You bunch of Kool-Aid-drinking idealogues wear blinders so large, you can’t even see in front of you — much less any side.
    Nothing here for me. There are morons right here in my neighborhood who can tell me the same thing.

  11. Ryan has stood shoulder to shoulder with Akin in the House attempts at redefining rape, defunding Planned Parenthood, and giving a zygote the same rights as every living breathing American citizen, accept women.

    Typo “except’ women….

  12. Pal, I don’t jump on band wagons or play “group think” with anything. If you don’t see that Christian fundamentalists have a disproportionate amount of influence over the Republican party then YOU are the one with blinders on.

  13. I’ve watched that interview – Akin was at ease, he wasn’t searching for the right word or second-guessing himself. He said exactly what he was thinking. I’m guessing that the reason all of this garbage slipped out uncensored is because he’s a little dumber than his cohorts, and what he’s been hearing and thinking just flowed out naturally. He forgot that his words weren’t being heard solely by his wholly (‘holy’?) groupthink TPers. Makes me shudder to think about the rest of the agenda implicit in that casual admission.

  14. I’m sorry..this party got caught in public saying what they say and believe in behind closed doors. This is their plan for you ladies. TO THE RW WOMEN WTF IS YOUR COURAGE? TELL THESE MEN WHERE TO GO! sheeze!

  15. Republicans aren’t upset about what Akin said. They agree with him 120%.

    What they’re really upset about is he blabbed the GOP’s policy plans before the election.

  16. Rep. Akin is being honest in saying what the other GOPers won’t say. They want to take away a womans right to chose.

  17. “Legitimate” rape??
    If the Republicans win, the rich will abort Medicare and Social Security,
    as they rape this COUNTRY….”legitimately”.
    Lyin’ Ryan and More-mon-ey Romney are the Conservative Caviar Candidates.
    They’re the DREAM team for the super-rich – they want it ALL!
    But they’re the NIGHTMARE team for seniors, the middle-class , women’s rights, students receiving Pell grants, and the rest of us who are struggling …. while the big corporations send jobs and profits overseas, and the super-rich like Romney avoid paying their fair share.
    Romney-Ryan can fool some of the people some of the time.
    But no more – we’re ON to you guys!

  18. Now, now…the little old fundie ladies who read here will be offended by your use of “fuck” in your rant but, don’t worry because they are not offended by “patriots” like Akin who obsess over the word “rape” and what it is, what it isn’t, who does it, when and where, how…you know, that’s OK to use the word “fuck” legitimately in legal terms–it’s patriotic when it comes out of their mouth, but foul from “the other”

    …and why is it that as we become more “mature” in chronological years, cursing like the proverbial sailor becomes common place?

    (I call the dog “SOB” and he comes…maybe that’s how Mittens got Ryan on the ticket…magic dog whistle).

  19. “…There are morons right here in my neighborhood who can tell me the same thing…”

    Liar. They don’t talk to you. They don’t talk politics to ANYONE who doesn’t go to their Temple, let alone say much of anything but “Nice day” and show you all their teeth. Please…if you live in “Mo-Mo-Town” and you aren’t one of them, they don’t talk, period…so don’t come here and use weasel words like “CAN tell me the same thing”. Snake.

  20. Rep’s reasoning go back to 2th-century when philosopher William of Conches, “prostitutes who have sexual relations for money alone, and who take no pleasure during the sex act, do not conceive.” They would, however, get pregnant from sex with a lover.

    Yeeeaaah those guys must know all about women , so they must know how to fix the economy too. Or comes this wisdom from Afghanistan or Mormon cult ?

  21. The current GOP doesn’t care about women, children or babies. They only care about fetuses. After the child is born, they are lined up to starve it to death – or deny it health care.

    Human aren’t they?

  22. I may be wrong, but wasn’t Mitt a Bishop?
    He had a lot more power in the Mormon Cult than he is taking credit for.
    He’s all packed and ready to ship himself off to Planet Kolob.

  23. Of course they are. They want to take away voting rights, healthcare, birth control, and not just from women, they want to exploit anyone who is not an elderly impotent white man.
    Their power is threatened.
    And let’s face it, the evangelicals have totally overtaken the Party – and unless we wake up, our country is headed to a redo of the Spanish Inquisition – the burnings will start soon.

  24. Republicans are definitely pussies. They abuse the elderly, sick, the poor, children – they take away food, healthcare. They literally want anyone who disagrees with them to die…and do it fast.

    I find our country a very sad place to be at this time. I am not proud. I am ashamed and I see no exceptionalism – and I do not know why anyone would want to immigrate here to be abused.

  25. Mormon soft rape? Would that be any time a Mormon man rapes his wife or daughters because he has the legal right to do it in the eyes of the cult?

    It’s kind of like legitimate rape? But more marital and familial.

    Just think of it as “she says no but she doesn’t have the right to say it to a Mormon husband”?

  26. We have the character limit because some people have been leaving pages long manifestos as comments, but I think 750 characters is way too short, so you will notice that I have nearly tripled the limit

    We’ll see how that works for everybody.

  27. I agree – let’s face it, Akin said what they all think. While they agree with him, they don’t want anyone talking about what they really WANT to happen to this country.
    I hope the GOP recognizes that bringing a Mormon Cult Leader into the White House with his White Horse Prophecy and combining it with Weasel Ryan’s plan to kill Seniors is not really a good political move.
    The GOP is not going to be able to pair Romney with evangelicalism. It doesn’t work. Neither side will give. Romney is not godly – he lies every time he opens his mouth. Ryan is stupid – he can’t even crunch numbers.
    The GOP has elevated two elitist rich white boys – and we are all going to pay the price if we don’t vote against them. Neither of these men care or give a damn about anyone but themselves and their money.

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