Todd Akin Claims He’s the Real Victim and Raises Money Off Legitimate Rape

Todd Akin is claiming that he is the victim of his legitimate rape scandal, and now he is circulating a petition of support and trying to raise money off his comments.

Hours after the deadline passed for him to withdraw from the Missouri Senate race, Todd Akin tweeted:

The link in the tweet takes you to a website that contains a fundraising plea disguised as a petition.

Here’s the fundraising pitch,

The people from Missouri who elected me know I’m not perfect. They don’t make perfect people. We all make mistakes. When you make a mistake you tell people you’re sorry, you don’t try and hide it. I made a mistake and I’m sorry.

Unlike Claire McCaskill, I believe that working to protect the most vulnerable in our society is one of my most important responsibilities, and that includes protecting both the unborn and victims of sexual assault. We must move forward and work together to replace Claire McCaskill in the Senate.

But I can’t do this alone… I need your help

The real victims here aren’t the raped women who Todd Akin’s legitimate rape fantasy would force to carry their rapists’ babies. The real victims aren’t every woman who in Todd Akin’s America would lose the right to make the choice about whether or not to have a child. The real victim is Todd Akin, the entitled white man who believes it is his birthright to tell women want to do with their bodies.

Akin’s plea is right out of Republican politics 101. Screw up, blame the liberal media, then cash in off your idiotic base who has been trained for decades to believe that the “liberal media” is out to get them. However, Akin has added his own unique twist to the playbook.

The liberal media who is trying to force him out is none other than Fox News. The “liberals” who are calling for him to quit are people like Karl Rove, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, John Ashcroft, and just about every other Republican out there not named Mike Huckabee and the Family Research Council.

Rep. Akin can do this because he is a six term House incumbent who has his fundraising and base in the state of Missouri. Akin thinks he doesn’t need the Republican Party, and the his first big masterstroke as a lone wolf is to try to fundraise off the junk science idea of legitimate rape.

Todd Akin has moved from insulting and threatening women to trying to exploit rape victims for political financial gain.

This man has no shame, and if elected would be a disgrace to the United States Senate.

If you want to make sure that Akin’s political career is finished, here is a link to his Democratic opponent, Sen. Claire McCaskill’s donate page.

19 Replies to “Todd Akin Claims He’s the Real Victim and Raises Money Off Legitimate Rape”

  1. As a so called “liberal(I’m not really, but anyone who is not part of the extreme right is considered one nowadays),” I hope he does run. The Republican Party will have a hard time winning the Senate race in Missouri with this guy as their standard bearer.

  2. Akins is dodging everything. He claims he misused one word and dodges the fact her said women dont get preggie from rape.

    Akins and his kin take away the choice a woman should enjoy as an American. By making the fight about abortion and rape they slip around the constitution and peoples rights

  3. i have some questions: Why does Todd Akin wants to protect the unborn, but abolish the Voting Rights Act??? Why isn’t there Any media criticism of his opinion concerning VRA??? Akin says the VRA is “outdated”,where did he get the idea about that??

    Just some questions. Thanks.

  4. “Jeez, I SAID I was SORRY – what’s WRONG with you people? Buncha liberal freaks.”

    This fellow just hurts others in his party. Hell, even Scott Brown in Mass. said he needs to step down.

    The sad thing is, he’ll probably get voted in. I’m losing my faith in humanity.

  5. Akin’s real complaint is that he VOTED THE SAME as Paul Ryan on every meaningful bill … but Ryan’s not getting the heat. Sure, Akin’s WORDS are aweful, but when it comes to DEEDS, there’s no difference between Ryan and Akin. And Ryan will be the GOP nominee in 2016.

  6. the Republican Party platform contains a “no abortions, no exceptions” passage…they’re hypocrites…all GOP politicians, at one time or another, have supported the idea of abortion bans, either directly or “backdoor”…it’s pathetic…Roe V. Wade was nearly four decades ago and these asshats still think they can get these idiotic laws passed and sneak them by the courts. Akin just simply parroted the party line…the reason that most of the rest of the GOP are against him is he’s a Teabagger; Teabaggers are going to insure that the GOP lose the US House and many other political offices because the Teabaggers poisoned the well in 2010. Teabaggers, go away! LMAO

  7. Laughably, Mike Huckabee, in trying to “defend” Akin, ended up actually refuting his Legitimate Rape theory by using examples of great people who were born from forcible rape i.e. Ethel Waters, James Robison (his pick, not mine). So he’s either saying pregnancy CAN result from forcible rape (negating what Akins says) or the rapes of the mothers of his two examples weren’t ‘legitimate’ rapes.

    Akin (in his head): “Yeah, uh, don’t help me Mikey…”

  8. Huckabee is one confused person that I am so glad never made it to winning the candidacy or an election for Pres. Nothing more than a common fundie

  9. Akin is a victim of his own ignorance. He needs to go home but I’m grateful he didn’t. I hope Claire McCaskill wipes the floor with him.

  10. This man claiming that HE is the victim here is absurd. He said what the GOP as a whole really thinks. You have fright wingers trying to *defend* this moron – that tells you all you need to know about this party.

  11. all of this that has been happening is really also about boosting up the sick twisted crazy winguts who hate women and actually only care about zygots. It is their last desperate push to gain control over women like it was 40 years ago.

  12. It makes sense in the sick delusional world of the teahaters and crazy wingnuts.This scum is the victim. The true victims who endured an horrific attack deserve to be forced to bear their rapists child.The haters seem to be saying that it is ok for a women or child to be raped by a family member.You have to wonder what goes on behind closed doors of these sicko’s

  13. Can anyone explain to me what is the difference between legitimate and illegitimate rape. Like the President said, rape is rape, no ands, ifs or buts!

  14. “I apologized but the liberal media is trying to make me drop out.” sad Congressman (R- MO) Todd Akin

    “Romney on Tuesday pointed to a statement from a group of current and former Missouri legislators who urged Akin to drop his bid…”

    “I think he should accept their counsel and exit the Senate race.” – Mitt Romney (Not a member of the “liberal media.”)

    Cry me a drought relieving rain, Republican bully and ignorant extraordinaire, Congressman Todd Akin.

  15. Your probably right Kathy. Those folks in Missouri are very conservative and don’t know anything else. Conservative middle class women will wonder what happened to the ACA when Rommney/Ryan are voted in. All that is made available to them now with Planned Parenthood etal. is gone. I hope those fine folks down there think of the consequences of what is at stake before they vote for Rommney/Ryan ticket.

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