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An 18 Point Swing in Economic Optimism Powers Obama Over Romney

Delving into the results of the Wall Street journal poll where Obama takes a 4 point lead over Mitt Romney reveals that voters are becoming more optimistic about the economy.

The question: “Now, thinking about what you have seen, read, and heard in the last few weeks about our country’s economy, in general, would you say it has made you feel more optimistic or less optimistic about the direction of the economy?”

46% of respondents are more optimistic in August. This is up from a July poll that showed only 37% were optimistic about the economy.

Those who are less optimistic have dropped almost equally, from 55% in July to 46% in August. This is almost an 18 point swing into Obama’s direction in a month.

This is great news for Obama going into the last three months of the election cycle.

Another point is the answer to this question, if Romney “has the right set of goals and policies to improve the economy.” 42 percent said they were “not at all confident.” President Obama has the same outcome also, which is not good for Romney — considering the economy is the entire basis of his campaign.

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