Newsweek Isn’t That Into Customers, Doesn’t Apologize for Coat Hanger Cursor

Yesterday, Sarah Jones reported on Newsweek’s day of the coathanger cursor.


Apparently some moron at Newsweek was reacting to the Huffington Post’s use for the coat hanger which was intended to illustrated the inevitable results of the Republican Party’s inclusion of a constitutional ban on abortion in their Party Platform. According to Mashable:

The front page of The Huffington Post was taken up by a large image of a coat hanger late Tuesday morning to illustrate two stories — first this, then this one — related to the proposed ban.

“We thought it was powerful,” founding editor Roy Sekoff said of the decision to use the stock image. “It’s saying that this is the inevitable consequence of this kind of policy.”

Newsweek reacted to Huff Post by changing their moustache cursor to a coat hanger because nothing is funnier than sending women back to the days of back alley abortions and coat hangers right.   Obviously, someone’s intelligence and compassion quotients measure in single digits.


There was an understandable backlash to Newsweek’s twisted idea of humor.

“I hope this guy gets fired,” one follower wrote. “Tasteless,” wrote another. “Congratulations: you’ve insulted, offended, and devalued half the human population with your pathetic attempt to be clever,” chimed a third.

The problem, said many, was Newsweek‘s attempt to transform the coat-hanger from a disturbing image (HuffPo‘s use) to a humorous one (Newsweek‘s).

So what does Newsweek do?  Well, I’ll give you a hint: they didn’t fire the person responsible.  They decided against apologizing to their customers, let alone women in general.  They didn’t even off an apology of the “if we offended anyone variety”.  In short, they didn’t do a thing.  It seems they are even denser when it comes to back alley abortions and coat hangers than the Republican Party. And that isn’t saying much.

There is something interesting about Newsweek’s approach to customer service  One would think that an American publication would make subscribing to the publication easy, such as doing so on line, such as including the United States in the “choose your country” section on its subscription page. Okay, it may not be the smartest marketing move, but here’s the weird part about customer service for U.S. customers at Newsweek’s website.

If you somehow saw something resembling humor or good taste in celebrating coat hangers, good luck subscribing or for that matter, if you wish to manage your subscription in any way, like perhaps unsubscribing.

Upon seeing that the United States is excluded, someone who may want to subscribe would take the take the natural next step which is to follow the link for if your country isn’t listed here leading to the link for the U.S. and Canada.


One would think that will send you to another page, to subscribe as they do for Asia or Latin America But, Newsweek has a special treat for its U.S. and Canadian customers,  instead you’ll find yourself staring at Niall Ferguson’s widely debunked anti-Obama article on the Daily Beast.

Newsweek – US & Canada ….

Is this more Newsweek “humor”?

Newsweek admits that they don’t even have a factchecking department and now we know that they also aren’t that into customer service, feedback or women’s lives.

14 Replies to “Newsweek Isn’t That Into Customers, Doesn’t Apologize for Coat Hanger Cursor”

  1. So I’ve just added Newsweek to the list of hack Corporate (aka Republican) rags like National Review.

  2. Didn’t Newsweek just get bought out? I think I heard that a few months ago.

    I’m wondering if these blatantly offensive and frustrating moves aren’t the staff’s reaction and protest to the fox-news-like turn they’re undergoing. If you can’t do what you want, do what the other person wants so poorly that it hurts type of thing.

    Had a horse that did that once. If she didn’t want to be ridden, and you refused to let her have her way, she might go in the direction you wanted, but she’d make your ride as uncomfortable as hell.

  3. In any case, the GOP has reduced the use of an “Apology” to little more than a “get out of my way” statement. Do as you want, make a joke of apologizing so everyone knows you arnt serious

  4. I refuse to call them, click on them or anything else. I haven’t subscribed for years, and that horrible cover article of lies would make me drop them if I had them. I’m sure whomever passes for editors over there does think this is funny. After all, when have men ever been truly responsible for rape and its aftermath? many men are never even reported, and if they are, they are often let go, after the woman is put through hell again for daring to say that she was attacked. Attacked? By that nice young white rich college student? Are you sure you didn’t lead him on, dress provacatively, say yes, say no but didn’t really mean it, have a drink? Rape is a crime of hate. And until this society holds men to some standard of decency we are…

  5. They were bought out in 2010, they have repeatedly attempted to reinvent themselves into something — and they haven’t a clue what. They should really change their name to: NOT the Newsweek you know!

  6. Thank you, Newsweek. One less magazine to recycle. I stand for women’s health I willl figure out how to unsubscribe if it takes me all day.

  7. I used to subscribe – dropped them years ago.
    Incidentally, I believe they now own The Daily Beast – or vice versa. I have un-bookmarked them – they are so repulsive.

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