Romney Campaign Admits Oil and Gas Industry Wrote Their Energy Plan

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 02:31 am

Not even trying to fool anyone anymore, the Romney campaign has admitted that their energy policy was written by the oil and gas industry.

Mitt Romney has unveiled his energy policy, and it looks like this:

Doesn’t it seem like the Romney campaign has taken to throwing random numbers on to a pretty chart, and then proclaiming look at our plan!!!!

Here is the Romney energy plan boiled down to it’s simplest terms.

1). Let the oil and gas industry do whatever it pleases.

2). ??????????????

3). Woo-hoo!!! Energy independence by 2020.

This plan looks oddly familiar. In fact, we saw this same plan in 2008 when it was called drill, baby drill. The Romney plan looks like it would be a dream deal for the gas and oil industries, and it should, because they wrote it.

According to The New York Times, ” An individual close to the Romney campaign said that Mr. Romney’s staff drafted the proposal in consultation with industry executives, including Harold Hamm, an Oklahoma billionaire who is the chairman of the campaign’s energy advisory committee and chief executive of Continental Resources, an oil and gas driller. Just this week, the oil and gas industry gave nearly $10 million toward the Romney election effort in two fund-raisers.”

You have got to hand it to Mitt Romney. He isn’t even trying to fool people anymore. Mitt Romney’s ideas for energy will make George W. Bush and Dick Cheney look like environmentalists.

Romney’s plan is based on the outright lie that the oil and natural gas drilled for in this country belongs to the United States.

The is the Republican Party’s big lie.

Any oil or natural gas drilled for in the United States belongs to the oil and natural gas companies, and those companies are free to sell American resources on the global market. Before the debate can even be held on Romney’s plan for energy independence by 2020, it needs to be understood that the entire Republican premise is built on a lie.

Let’s say Romney let’s the oil and gas companies drill anywhere and everywhere. Whatever they increase production by isn’t going to help the United States become energy independent. That increased production would be profit for the oil and natural gas industry.

But, what else would you expect from a candidate who allowed the oil and natural gas industry to write his energy plan?

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