Ohio’s Former SOS obliterates Husted’s Uniformity and Fairness Claim

Perhaps Jon Husted doesn’t understand that uniformity and fairness are not interchangeable when it comes voting rights.  Jennifer Brunner,Ohio’s former Secretary of State, sets things straight on The Ed Show.

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Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner, explained the purpose of Husted’s edict succinctly:

“This is nothing more than uniform voter suppression, make no mistake about it,”

“I’m gonna tell you something, Ed,” she went on. “If you are poor, working-class, middle-class, elderly, African-American, Hispanic, or a woman, you are SOL when it comes to Republicans. They are making it very clear that they don’t care, that they are here to oppress and suppress, and they don’t care how they steal the vote.”

A few days ago, I wrote  about Husted’s decision to suspend Montgomery County BOE members, Dennis Lieberman and Thomas Richie.  His reason?  Lieberman submitted a motion for the Board’s consideration to maintain weekend and early voting hours in Montgomery, which both he and Richie supported. Richie was suspended because he voted for the motion which defies the almighty Husted’s directive.

The suspension came because Lieberman refused to rescind his motion to maintain weekend early voting hours in Montgomery county, in contradiction to Husted’s “let’s not contort the system to accommodate Urban read black voters” directive.

How dare they attempt to “contort” the election system to accommodate “Urban read Black voters”?  How dare Lieberman refuse to obey the almighty Husted’s order?

The suspension was pending a final decision by Husted, following a hearing held on Monday.

Wednesday, Husted reinstated Montgomery County BOE members, Dennis Lieberman and Thomas Richie “for now.”

NBC affiliate wdtn,  reports Dennie Lieberman’s reaction to the news.

Lieberman told 2 NEWS,  “I think he’s cognizant of that and wants us to get the business done. I want to get the business done. I have no problems with this and Tom and I will appear tomorrow and we will go through the agenda and we will make sure nobody in Montgomery County is hurt by our dispute.”

At issue is the board must meet a legal deadline to certify the results of an August 7 election .

Lieberman also told 2 NEWs that if Husted removes him from the board he will challenge that decision in court.

As is the case in all of Ohio’s counties, the BOE in Medina County is comprised of 2 members  each, from the Democratic and Republican Parties.  On Monday and by unanimous agreement, the Board members of Medina County, sent Jon Husted a letter asking him to reconsider his edict against Saturday voting.

The Chronicle Telegram reports Husted denied the request, via the media because gosh darn it, if you keep telling people that blocking the vote is about fairness sooner or later they’ll believe it.

“The rules are set and are not going to change,” Husted stated in a prepared statement.

Husted’s edict calls for voting on weekdays between 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p,m and no voting on weekends, during the last two weeks of October.

As I said previously:

Elections in Ohio are typically decided by 2% of the vote.

According to NOVA’s study, African-Americans disproportionately voted early in 2008, meaning Husted’s directive will have a disproportionately negative effect on African-Americans’ ability to exercise their vote in the 2012 election.

The latest poll conducted by the University of Cincinnati finds:

President Barack Obama (49%) and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (46%) in a tight battle for president in Ohio. The race is within the survey’s margin of error.

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