Romney Ryan 2012 Win Would Give Corporations Olympic Gold Medals!

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 02:05 am

Romney Ryan 2012 win would give Corporations Olympic Gold Medals!

In today’s episode, Lipstick Liberal goes to the scary scenario of a Romney/Ryan election victory.

“A Corporation is a person my friend!”, Mitt Romney.

All Big Corporations would be Olympic Gold Medal Winners with a Romney Ryan 2012 Presidential Election win! Watch how these dedicated athletes used their strength (money) and endurance (money) to avoid injuries (unions/regulations) to have record breaking years (profits) for 2011 & 2012. What future records will be broken with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as their new Olympic Coaches? Watch and see!




Today we honor the real winner of the World Wide Games

These dedicated athletes began their training at the age of 14, after watching their more privileged neighbors play first.

Throwing themselves into their sport they gained strength and endurance, only to be sidelined suddenly by injuries.

Realizing they needed a different training style to be successful, these warriors began competing internationally. Where they proved to be the best at what they do!

It wasn’t long before they made a strong comeback in the United States

But, since, injury seemed to be inevitable, they made sure to THIS TIME work with only the best coaches, best trainers, and the best sport Psychologists, money could buy.

These specialists not only knew how to keep those injuries at bay, but made sure they would NEVER return again! Making 2011 their record-breaking year.

Which brings us to today, where they continue to their record-breaking ways, doing what they have always did best, using the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

All agree, these elite athletes will not only be talked about for generations to come.

But if things keep going there way, they way create a legacy that could never be out done.

Until next time lipstick liberal says… (blows kiss) mmmmuuuuuuaaaa!!!!)

End of Transcript

A Romney presidency would bring radical change from yester century – perhaps the time of the first Olympic games.

Aside from awarding the biggest corporations gold medals, Romney would go back to the gold standard.

It would mean taxation without representation for most of us, and representation without taxation for the elite.  Corporations (and zygotes) would be people with rights.

Unlike the corporation, once the zygote’s personhood status would cease upon birth.

While privacy would apply to Romney’s tax returns, women’s medical decisions would be regulated by the state.

After handing corporate America gold medals, Romney would take America back to a previous century.

If Romney’s campaign is an indicator; the press would be reduced to a megaphone of his talking points.

Science, as we know it, would be none existent.

Education would be a privilege for the wealthy.


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