Todd Akin Tells the GOP to Kiss The Missouri Senate Seat Goodbye

In a brief statement, Todd Akin essentially told the Republican Party to forget about defeating Claire McCaskill because he is going to be in the race until November.

Rep. Akin made it clear to the entire Republican Party that he isn’t going anywhere. He said negotations may be happening, but they have nothing to do with him. Akin also reminded Republicans that the voters chose him, and he lobbed a few attacks in Claire McCaskill’s direction.

Akin claimed that threats have been made against him, and that the FBI is investigating. What he didn’t say was who made those threats. We are supposed to assume that it was the left, but it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if his fellow Republicans were threatening him in order to get him out of the race.

When asked how he was going to campaign without party support, Rep. Akin said that campaigning is campaigning and that he would run a “normal” campaign.

Rep. Akin’s press conference was designed to do nothing more than stick a thumb in the eye of Mitt Romney and the Republican Party. Akin isn’t going anywhere, and there is nothing the GOP can do to remove him.

Todd Akin may be delivering a death blow to the Republican hopes of retaking the Senate, and he could care less, which makes him the perfect poster child for the modern GOP. The Republican Party has been increasingly preaching selfishness and self interest to the nation for years, so why are they surprised when one of their own isn’t swayed by their take one for the team and get out of the race arguments?

Akin is the epitome of the arrogant, selfish, ideologues that now make up the Republican Party. It is hard to understand why Republicans are angry at Todd Akin. He is only practicing what they preach.

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